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16 ! March 24, 2011

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Pilots deal with tsunami, Hawaii sends Pilots packing early, Rainbows in Hawaii team looks to young players, recruits Pilot baseball goes 2-2 against the Hawaii Rainbows after a tsunami scare evacuated their hotel Bruce Garlinghouse Staff Writer When senior Matt Mardesich’s class was asked who had the most exciting spring break story, his hand quickly shot up. “I survived a tsunami,” Mardesich said. While the baseball team was in Hawaii facing the University of Hawaii in a four-game series, a 9.0 earthquake hit the coast of Japan, sending Pacific coastlines into a panic. After news of the quake reached Hawaii, state officials forced residents on the coast to head to higher ground. The Pilots were staying in a hotel on Waikiki Beach. They left the hotel after being there for only hours

and headed to sophomore J.R. Bunda’s house, located further inland. The Pilots found out about the quake after their first game, a 5-1 win as sophomore right-handed pitcher (RHP) Chris Johnson allowed only two hits in seven innings. “We started hearing about the earthquake from the parents after the game but didn’t realize how serious it was until we got back to the hotel,” Johnson said. “Then we started hearing police sirens and were soon told we had to leave the hotel and head to higher ground.” Many of the players had to sleep in a nearby church and and had to improvise their sleeping arrangements. “I used pew cushions as a bed, an old couch cushion as a pillow and a cushion as a blanket,” sophomore Jeff Melby said. “Needless to say, I didn’t get a very good night sleep.” While no physical damage came of the warnings, Johnson, See Tsunami, page 15

PJ Marcello Staff Writer

After reaching their school record 3rd straight 20-win season, the men’s basketball team lost to Hawaii in the opening round of the Postseason Tournament. The men’s team traveled to Oahu for the tournament where they faced the University of Hawaii in the opening round. The Pilots led for much of the first half, but a late 25-12 run put the Warriors up 38-32 at half. From there, the Warriors kept the lead, ending the game in a 76-64 loss for UP. “It was a learning experience. As a team it was nice to go to Hawaii but we are disappointed with the end result and we have to use it to grow and get better for next year,” junior Nem Mitrovic said. Coming into the game, the Pilots were shooting an impressive 41 percent from beyond the arc. However, against the Warriors the Pilots struggled and only hit 35 percent from three point range.

According to the Pilots, though they came home with a loss, they have a lot of great memories from the season and a lesson from the tournament that will leave them hungry for next year. “This is the third year in a row that we have made it to the postseason and the third straight year that we lost in the first round of a tournament,” junior guard Eric Waterford said. “We want another opportunity and a different outcome.” Overall, the Pilots believe they overachieved this season and are happy with the progress they have made over the past few years. “A lot of people thought this would be a rebuilding year for us. We take pride in the fact that we aren’t just a team with a couple good seasons,” Mitrovic said. “It’s nice to see the program getting some respect. When I was a freshman, this was a considered a small school without much tradition. It’s changing, and I’ve been able to witness that change.” Next year’s seniors are looking to make history by being the most successful class ever for Pi-

lots basketball. “If we have a good fourth year we’ll be the first class with no losing seasons,” Waterford said. “The program has come a long way and we want to work hard our last year because we have big goals.” The accomplishments of the past three seasons have re-defined Portland’s basketball reputation which has garnered the attention of both media and recruits. The Pilots will be losing seniors Jared Stohl, Luke Sikma, Kramer Knutson and Jasonn Hannibal this year. To replace them the Pilots have a strong recruiting class this year led by three star prospect Kevin Bailey (whose highlight video is mustsee material), three point specialist David Carr and power-forward Dorian Cason. “We have some key pieces to fill next year and we’re excited about the freshman class from this year and the new incoming class,” Mitrovic said. “Whether it is a freshman or a returner, we’re going to need people to step up and we’ll find out who those people will be.”

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