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• Rosemarie Vania • 2019 •

Rosemarie Vania’s portfolio 2019

This portfolio contains Rosemarie Vania’s art and design works from 2017 to early 2019. Information, data, images, and works in this portfolio belongs to the owner and should not be distributed, modified, reproduced, used, duplicated, or any other activities without the owner’s permission.

/ introduction /

Working Experience • Company Branding & Identity Design for : Empat Pintu Creative Agency (2019) CUCIINN Laundry (2019)

• Founder & Graphic Designer of : Dance Print Indonesia (2019) Carrington Flowers (2017)

• Official Photographer for Lucy Ballet School’s Annual Performance : Swan Lake 2017 Classical Musical 2018

• Graphic Designer & Public Relations of : Koma Creative Studio (2018)

Personal Skills Communication Teamwork Leadership

Art and Design Skills Achievements • First place in poster design competiton SuperCamp Package OMK St. Yakobus

• First place in photo competiton : Sister net Sister in frame

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Adobe Dream Weaver Layout Illustration Photography Hand Crafting Microsoft Word Microsoft Power Point

Organizational Experience 2011 • OSIS SMP Don Bosco I Bidang Keterampilan

2012 • OSIS SMP Don Bosco I Bidang Keterampilan • Panitia Pentas Seni SMP Don Bosco I

2013 • Seksi Dekorasi Pentas Seni SMA DB1 “Allantide” • Anggota Palang Merah Remaja SMA DB1

2014 • Seksi Dekorasi Pentas Seni SMA DB1 “Ellemenart” • Seksi Acara Outbond PMR 2014

2015 • Bendahara Umum dan Seksi Dekorasi Pentas Seni & Olahraga SMA DB1 “The Pledge Reborn” • Seksi Acara Outbond PMR 2015 • Wakil Ketua, Bendahara, dan Seksi Dokumentasi Donor Darah I PMR 2015 • Ketua Donor Darah II PMR 2015

2016 • Seksi Dokumentasi & Medis LDK OSIS 2016 • Koordinator Bidang Publikasi & Dokumentasi WE18 Antiokhia St. Yakobus • Seksi Design dan Publikasi PacaRun 2016

/ introduction /

2017 • Wakil Ketua BEM UMN Generasi VIII Masa Jabatan 2017-2018 • Divisi Acara Orientasi Mahasiswa Baru UMN • MC Utama Kegiatan Orientasi Mhs. Baru UMN • Divisi Acara Festival Ultigraph Rupavikara (Festival Desain Universitas Multimedia Nusantara) • Ketua (Bulu) WE19 Antiokhia St. Yakobus

2018 • Wakil Ketua BEM UMN Generasi VIII Masa Jabatan 2017-2018 • MC Closing Ceremony of IMAGO 2018 • Seksi Dokumentasi Visualisasi Jalan Salib OMK

2019 • Koordinator Paroki Antiokhia St. Yakobus • Koordinator Divisi Liturgi FFWE10 Antiokhia Distrik Jakarta






Rosemarie Vania /

empat pintu empat pintu is a creative agency based in Gading Serpong, Tangerang. empat pintu creates creative insight through storytelling and content perspective for their customers.

/ branding /

CUCIINN Cuciinn is a local business that provides one price laundry service based in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. The business brings a new style of laundry system to their customers.

/ branding /

Dance Print Indonesia Dance






business, ranging from the content design, product design, illustration, layout, branding, promotion, marketing, to the use of social media. Dance Print Indonesia sells prints, such as planner book, postcards, greeting cards,




customizable prints, made for dancers.


/ book design /

/ illustration /

Paper Cutting Paper cutting is a craft that I use most often in my art and design works. I cut paper and made





ornaments, and works. However, There are other crafts I do, such as finishing my digital work with my own hands, making book covers, and hand bindings.

/ crafts /

Lucy Ballet School’s Annual Performance Lucy Ballet School is a dance school located in Jakarta. Lucy Ballet held their annual performance at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta on October 2018.

/ photography /

Dance Print Indonesia’s Instagram Profile Dance Print Indonesia’s instagram profile was created as a promotional media for the products selling, marketing, collaboration, business, and interaction to customers.

/ social media /

Family Tech Hour Social Media Campaign Design Family Tech Hour is a movement that invites families to spare time and surf the internet together daily. This movement is intended to engage parents to company their kids while using the internet.

/ social media /

Visualisasi Jalan Salib A Theatrical Performance of Catholic Youth Community poster, memorial of the Good Friday. Also in digital version for instagram’s post and story.

/ poster /

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Profile for Rosemarie Vania

Graphic Design Portfolio 2019  

Graphic Design Portfolio 2019