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l u o S & t r He a Volume 1, Issue 4

March 18, 2008


Juanita Hilliard is very proud of her son, 6th grader Khamron Hilliard, who has been on the honor roll often. His thoughts often jump from one thing to another, and he has a very creative side which makes his mom think that he might be a scientist some day. He and his friend Ethan Flores are always talking about things they are going to invent. While he would like to be on the student council some day, he is unable to do so because band practice happens at the same time. The saxophone is his favorite instrument. That student government desire may have come from his meeting and talking to the mayor of the Village of Phoenix where he used to live (near Harvey). Khamron and Juanita practice soccer moves in their yard and play memory type games on the computer. Juanita is not a video gamer, although she says Khamron is quite handy with his

thumbs on the video game controls. He is looking forward to getting a Nintendo Wii system to go with the Wii game he got for Christmas from a family member.

Juanita began her college education at Eastern Illinois University and got her degree from what is now National Lewis University. Her job as a social worker at the Access Community Health Network allows her to listen to people and be supportive as she helps people with health and housing issues. She is also quite a talker. It’s a generational thing that she got from her mother. Grandma Linnes would always talk to strangers everywhere she went, much to her children’s chagrin. Neither one of them are great at cooking. They are glad for the invention of the microwave oven.

The Hilliards enjoy going to parks, spending days at a lake in the summer, and especially having a season pass to Great America. Recently, they helped Grandma Linnes celebrate her 80th birthday at a big party of over 100 guests.

THREE GIRLS AND A GUY Having an unusually spelled name caused Rebekah Ball to choose uncommon names for her daughters, names beginning with the seldom used letter “I.” Hence, their names are India and Ivana. Although they are 9 years apart in age, the girls still get along pretty well with each other and are inseparable. Ivana, a pre-schooler, loves to tag along with her big sis who is in the 5th grade. India sometimes includes her but sometimes likes to have just

Khamron is very close to his grandmother as he goes to her house every day after school while his mother is at work.

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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1:7 “Heart & Soul” is a monthly publication of Roseland Christian School focusing on the heart and soul of the school. The students, parents and teachers are what make RCS a great place to learn and grow!

friend time. The two girls are totally opposite in personality. India is outgoing and friendly, and Ivana is strong and can be a little feisty. She had to be a fighter as her entry into the world outside the womb came 2 months early. Her birth weight was just 2 lbs. 10 oz., and she spent her first 2 months in an incubator.

India loves school, has learned to dance tap and ballet and wants to swim a lot this summer. She also has lots of

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friends, some from her Girl Scout troop. She persuaded her mom to buy 10 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, 5 of her favorites, the new sugar free chocolate chip, and 5 of her mom’s favorites, the Samoas. Ivana loves to pretend “read” to her parents after looking at the pictures in books. She is very into shopping with her mom and sister for shoes, clothes, etc., but the two girls are often told, “You have to wait for the sale!”

Besides shopping, Rebekah’s passions are traveling and eating, with her favorite restaurant being Papadoux’s in Westmont where they serve wonderful seafood. While being unemployed for over a year, she worked as a substitute teacher at RCS. That experience was great! She was blessed to have been given the privilege and opportunity, with much thanks to Mrs. Waddy. Her new job as a supervisor for the Board of Education offers a lot of flexibility and being on the go. She travels to and supervises custodians in 20 schools to assure that they are doing their jobs thoroughly.

“Stuff About Staff” STAFF RETREAT Living Out Virtue Everyday (LOVE) was the theme of the RCS staff retreat in February. Food and fun (playing arcade games) at Dave and Buster’s in downtown Chicago put everyone in a lighthearted mood. Trying to write a love poem using the names of about 40 different kinds of memorized candy items was a fun challenge. The next day the group gathered at Calvin Christian Reformed Church in Oak Lawn to continue building on the theme. Ms. Jacquelyn Jones encouraged us with scripture verses written on hearts that circulated the room after we wrote down pet peeves, and good and bad things about ourselves. Mrs. Dorothy Gill and Mrs. Cheryl Flory led us in some jubilant praise singing to God. We created homemade valentines for each other using a variety of art supplies supplied by Mrs. Krista Rakochy. Before lunch there was a discussion on ways to improve school management along with recognition of good things. Rev. Terrell Wheat then led us in a concert of prayer (in both large and small groups) for RCS people and events that was both inspiring and at times emotional. He also gave a 7-point message on how to live a virtuous life every day.

Richard Ball is used to being around girls as he is the middle child between 2 sisters. He did get bossed around a little, but being the only boy got him some special parental treatment too. He is currently a cosmetologist and barber and shares a shop with his cousin. He cuts hair for everyone in the extended family. Together Rebekah and Richard like to go to plays and movies and on vacation when Richard can get away and finances allow.

BIBLICAL ADVICE FOR LIFE “ all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:6

It’s not about the candy and the new clothes. Celebrate Jesus this Easter! Why not share the good news about him and his resurrection while you pass around the Easter candy to holiday guests?

March 2008 Heart and Soul  

March 2008 issue of Roseland Christian School's newsletter, Heart and Soul

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