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Tremain and Andrea seau-Dockery are the parents of Tiana who is in the RCS first grade and Tremain, Jr., The fear of the Lord is the age 10 months. Tremain is a brick layer who enjoys watchbeginning of knowledge. ing sports on television. Years ago he enjoyed playing Proverbs 1:7 sports. He comes by his construction interest naturally as “Heart & Soul” is a his mom, age 50, works in monthly publication of road construction.

Roseland Christian School focusing on the heart and soul of the school. The students, parents and teachers are what make RCS a great place to learn and grow!

December 18, 2007

Andrea cares for her family and prefers watching cooking shows on TV and tries new recipes out on her family. The family participates in dinner time prayers and Bible reading at bedtime. Tiana has a ton of books and enjoys being read to nightly.

At all the holidays, Tiana loves large family get togethers with both sets of grandparents who all live near the family home. Her dad says she has a real heart for people. She also loves to run and he says that running track might be in her future. The family looked at a lot of schools before settling on RCS. As a student at a Montessori school previously, Tiana was in a very stimulating environment and her parents felt that would continue at RCS. They also liked the fact that it is a Christian school. The family is very involved in the Assembly of God Church where Andrea

has attended all her life.

The Dockerys haven’t met many people yet from RCS and recently moved back into the neighborhood after their home caught on fire and had to be repaired. They hope to meet more people from the school and neighborhood.

RAISING GODLY CHILDREN: A 3-WAY PARTNERSHIP Damaria Neals is a sanitation engineer (or in laymen’s terms garbage collector). Her husband Bryant has worked nights for the last 13 years for the post office. Married for 21 years, they have formed a close and loving union that is raising 5 children to be people of faith. To manage a busy large family, the family has set some rules. Bryant and the boys are heavy into sports,

anything that uses a bat or a ball. They love to play and watch sports. Nyajia loves teaching Sunday School. But there is no active participation in any sport or extracurricular activities unless the children retain a B average in school. No video games and no phone calls are allowed Monday through Thursday, and homework is completed immediately after school. They have learned to

share one computer. There are 4 honor roll students in the family.

The oldest two children, BJ and Dominique are RCS graduates and currently attend Fenger High School. The younger three, Latrell, Shaquille, and Nyajia attend RCS. Damaria is an adamant believer in a Christian elementary day school education for children and is particularly happy with

RCS. “Having your kids in a Christian school at a young age helps them carry the light of Jesus into the public high school and later on in life,” she said. “If you were to ask Latrell what his favorite book is, he would say ‘The Bible.’ He has been greatly helped with his stuttering problem by having wonderful teachers at RCS work with him.” (Cont. on next page.)

THOMAS MURIITHI DREAMS Our Coins for a Cause fundraiser continues. Our coins are paying for education for Thomas Muriithi who is an orphan living with his very old grandmother. Before receiving a mattress, sheets, and blankets from Matanya’s Hope, he was sleeping on the dirt floor without a single covering. Thomas is an amazing child. He hardly ever attended school about 2-1/2 years ago due to assisting at home with farming. From the moment he received these gifts, Thomas has gone to school and done very well. He arrives early (no one asks him to do this) and cleans the surroundings. He is a dedicated student and now dreams of becoming a teacher himself. A letter from Thomas to Michelle Stark of Matanya’s Hope is in the right column.

“Stuff about Staff” GOD’S SENSE OF HUMOR RCS teacher Kim Goodwin never wanted to marry a pastor. When she asked God for a mate she asked for a farmer or other profession but said, “Please God, not a pastor.” In the 9th grade this didn’t seem to be a problem when she began dating Mike Goodwin because she didn’t think she would be marrying him anyway. But in 10th grade, Mike shared with her that he was thinking about being a pastor. She figured he’d eventually change his mind. As they dated throughout high school and became serious about each other, Kim knew that God must indeed have a sense of humor as Mike’s path was definitely heading for the ministry. Now, with his final assessment completed by the Presbytery and final exams at McCormick Seminary in Hyde Park in progress, Mike is approved for a call to a church. Kim will be leaving the RCS family in June of 2008 for a year long sabbatical which will include a move to wherever God calls them. They would love it to be Minnesota where they are both from originally, but who knows, maybe God will show his humorous side again and give them a place where it never snowsArizona? Florida? Africa?

Dear Michelle,

How are you, I hope you are fine. First and foremost is to thank our heavenly father for giving me this opportunity to communicate with you. I received your letter and I was so grateful and happy when I read it.

I would like to answer the question you asked me about whether I would like to go to boarding school. Michelle, I would be very very happy to go to boarding school where I have never been. You also asked me would I like to have a sponsor. I will be so grateful to you and to my Lord for giving me someone [who] cares about me. May God bless you. I know my Lord will hear my prayer. I am still working hard in my studies so that I can attain my goal of being a teacher in the future time. And I know I will make it-with God everything is possible.

My grandmother is alright and in good health and taking care of me day and night. She told me to say hello to you and she always keeps you in prayers. She was very happy about the good thing you’ve been preparing for me. She advises me that I must work hard since I have someone to assist me in my education and I tell her that I will never let Michelle down. And I just told my grandmother if God wished I will help my family which is poor to be rich once.

My friend, we will talk more when you come to visit us in Kenya. Yours faithfully, Thomas Muriithi Mungo akubariki (God bless you), Michelle


Damaria prays every day for her kids. They know they need to keep their ears open for the voice of Jesus and never be ashamed to say they are Christians. Their parents expect them to take on leadership roles some day after they have first learned to listen well and follow direction.

That godly training helped BJ overcome a dangerous situation. As a freshman in high school, a group of boys approached him to rob him of his gym shoes. He ignored their taunts, kept on walking, and handled his fear in the only way he knew how. Though other words wouldn’t come, he kept calling out the name of Jesus to help him. Miraculously, the boys ceased their mission and he was able to leave safely. There has never been another incident. Damaria is recovering now from shoulder surgery and is currently taking classes in business administration and theology to become ordained as an evangelist in her church. She and Bryant are raising their kids to be the same no matter where their career paths take them. This family is truly an example of how the home, church, and RCS form a partnership to raise “godly children.”

Remember... to always read your Bible for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!

December 2007 Heart and Soul  

December 2007 issue of Roseland Christian School's newsletter, Heart and Soul

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