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Vox Pop ‘What Does Fashion Mean to You? Southampton’s fashion followers spoke about their style inspirations in the city centre today. “The way you dress is how people view you. You show yourself through your clothes,” said part-time model Maddie Hobbs, of Arthur Road, Southampton. Individual style is something that can be achieved in an area filled with diverse shops. However, it quickly became apparent which places were the most popular. Elliot Whitehead, a 22-year-old student from London, shops at Topman. Maddie is also a fan of its female counterpart, Topshop. One of the 17-year-old’s other favourite shops is Zara. This view was shared by 16-year-old student Lucy Sanderson, of Atherley Road. She said: “If I could buy everything from Zara I would; it looks expensive and lasts a long time”. Nevertheless, the high street wasn’t the only place to shop. Elliot said that he buys vintage items from Brick Lane, and Maddie also commented that she spends “a lot in charity shops”. In the current economic climate, then, the amount of money people spend on clothes a month can fluctuate. For Maddie, her guess was £120, whereas Lucy and Elliot both stated around £50. Barman George Collings, 26, from Stafford Road, didn’t know how much he spent, but said it was “not much really”. Georgina Rickatson, 21, of Devonshire Road said the same. “I tend to use vouchers that I get for my birthday and things,” she explained. With a restraint on the amount that can be spent, personal style is something that can sometimes be quite difficult to achieve. For Georgina, from high street boutique M. Butterfly – she prefers items that suit her. She said that her denim shorts are her favourite piece as they’re “really comfortable”. For Lucy, then, it was a different story. The item that she adores is a pair of brown leather Topshop shoes that were “the most money I’ve ever spent on shoes, but I love them”. With masses of fashion designers and celebrities who are style icons, people draw their inspiration from

many different areas. The boys in particular were hugely influenced by music, with Elliot saying that he loved Pete Doherty’s style and attitude and George a big fan of wearing t-shirts of his favourite bands ‘Enter Shikari’ and ‘You Me at Six’. The Olsen twins are Maddie’s fashion symbols as she especially likes how their style is “kind of understated, yet it looks perfectly put together”. It was only Maddie and Lucy who looked to high-end designers for inspiration. Lucy said that Miu Miu is where she gains a lot of her influences, as they’re “like Prada but fun”, whereas Maddie was more in awe of design house Chanel, noting their classic style. Lifestyles are changeable, and not everyone can afford to dress in high fashion. Mixing and creating your own styles is something young people are doing increasingly. Lucy commented: “It’s too expensive to buy new clothes every season. I see what trends are and work them into my wardrobe.”

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News article, asking 'What does fashion mean to you?'

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