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Innovative Varicose Vein Treatments Sclerotherapy Maple Grove sealing veins, radiofrequency, and laser treatments at Hogue Vein Institute Although mainly women suffer from varicose veins, this condition affects both genders throughout the world. This condition is not only a cosmetic issue, veins such as these are a nuisance as they tend to itch and scratching them can cause ulcers. These veins also make it painful to walk, or simply stand. Doctors who treat these types of conditions are called Phlebologists, and can help to determine which type of treatment is best for a patient. There are invasive and non-invasive procedures, as well as traditional and alternative methods. Alternative treatments include Sclerotherapy Maple Grove, sealing veins, radiofrequency, and laser treatments. The most traditional and invasive procedure is vein stripping, however, concerns have been raised due to possible allergic reactions, infection, deep vein thrombosis, and other serious complications such as bleeding. Ultrasound-based treatments include Endovenous Laser Ablation Minneapolis, which involves treating blood vessels, and other lymphatic malformations. It is often used not only to treat varicose veins

but also hemorrhoids in some cases. There are different types of methods of Sclerotherapy Eden Prairie that involve liquid injections. The dangers of varicose vein being untreated can also pose a threat to health, and lower quality of life for those who suffer from it. It is a problem that is mostly common in North America, and Western Europe. Although it mostly affects women over 40, men also suffer from this condition. It is estimated that between, 20 to 25 million Americans suffer from this condition. Ambulatory Phlebectomy Maple Grove is another treatment used to treat this condition. It is a treatment that involves small incisions of the skin. Often, patients have to wear compression stockings after undergoing this procedure. Patients should always have a proper vein examination before going through this procedure. Varicose veins are often undermined, however, without the proper treatment this condition can lead to some more serious health issues. It is a condition that is not only visually displeasing, but can affect the everyday lives of many people. About the Author: Laser, Varicose, and Spider Vein Treatments at Hogue Vein Institute treats patients throughout Minnesota who have varicose and spider veins. For those who have already developed varicose veins and aren’t looking for preventative treatments, Vein Treatments Minneapolis is the way to go for immediate treatment. For more information visit:

Sclerotherapy Maple Grove, sealing veins, radiofrequency, and laser treatments  

Sclerotherapy Maple Grove sealing veins, radiofrequency, and laser treatments at Hogue Vein Institute Alternative treatments include Sclerot...

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