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Colors of the Rainbow Green are the vines monkeys grasp and swing on, Shades of Orange appear in the sky at dawn. Red makes the sun look hot, Yellow daffodils sway a lot. Purple birds fly right by Blue is the sea blue sky.

Steel Strong Type of magnet Everyone knows it’s strong Edge is very hard Levitates if near other magnets

Domestic Animals Hurry  if  you  can’t  4ind  your  hamster  in  the  cage. A  hamster  could  run  and  hide  in  your  house. Makes  burrows  so  you  can’t  see  him/her. Sun4lower  seeds  make  them  happy. They  run  around,  trying  to  get  out  of  the  cage. Evidence  of  your  hamster  escaping  could  be  if  the   door  of  the  cage  is  open.

Rodent is  a  type  of  name  people  call  them.

Dogs My dog pouncing all around, like a bunny bouncing without a sound. His tongue keeps licking me, Feeling similar to a rough piece of sandpaper. Nudging my side,he wants me to pat his head. My dog pouncing all around.

Sun Sun shines down on me, Popsicle melts from my hand, Perfect day for me.

Sunflowers Sunflowers love sun, Petals fall gently to ground, Sunflower seeds good.

Goldfish Goldfish Graceful, pretty Gliding, swimming, resting Good for being a pet at home Pet

Scared teeth falling legs melting hands burning eyes turning red heart beating fast can’t stop shivering There’s a monster at my bedroom door and its coming towards me…

Elaine Enthusiastic Learner Awesome Intelligent Not mean Elaine is my name

Elaine's Poetry  

My Excellent Poetry

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