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Banana Banana Sweet, healthy smooth  Peeling eating happy  A sweet healthy delicious fruit  Yummy!

Magnets Magical is what people used to think Awesome is what I think Great North Electromagnet Trusting South

Lazy Watching TV, Sleeping all day, Nothing to do, Nothing to say, I’m having a lazy day.

Birds sit in the trees They sing, they sit, they fly around Birds are amazing

PINEAPPLE! Perfect fruit for me I love them Never enough Everyone wants one A super sweet fruit Pineapples grow in many places Poisonous before ripe Lots of bumps Eat while you can!

P leasing O pinion E pic M ysteries

Lizzy L I Z Z Y

izzy has a sister named Emma.

ntelligent second grader student

ebras are one of her favorite animals.

is a letter found in pizza, which Lizzy loves.

ou know, her mom is a ďŹ fth grade teacher.

My view The world Yellow is the sun so big and bright, looks like a candle nice and light. Grey is the pollution of the big city, such a pity to block the colors of the city. Orange is the sand on a hot summer day, burning your toes as you run and play. Black is the storm clouds saying go away, its not safe to play today.

My peotry  

My woderful poetry

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