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The Rosedale Review Hear ye, Hear, ye, Hear ye…

Published by the Rosedale Citizens Alliance

Read all about it… Rosedale  The Rosedale­Review is currently in  Recreation Center  search of volunteer Community  and Field (home of  Journalist or enthusiast.   the Tigers)

“Rosedale Reporters and Jr. Rosedale  Reporters”.  We will be looking to cover news  stories such as community event,  highlights, headlines, newsmakers,  trailblazers, and social and political  gatherings, History makers as well as  the cake bakers.   If interesting in writing for the  Rosedale Review please contact  Necothia “Nikki” Bowens  or Ken Granata at  or call 202­486­4296

Rosedale/Kingman Park Community  Garden

New Anacostia  River Trail  comes by  Rosedale/  Kingman Park Kingman Island  (site of future  environmental  center)

Heritage Island  (slated for  protection as  wetlands)

The Rosedale Review  

Rosedale Review is a quarterly Newsletter for the Rosedale Community located in the NE Quadrant of Washington DC