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Photographing everyday life is where I get to appreciate the things many others take for granted. It allows me to shade light on areas where others over look or even don’t see importance. I find beauty in the simpliest forms by photographing images in a way that gives my subject a new life. I want to be able to bring to light events and topics where others don’t see or want to go. Throughout the semester I’ve focused my artwork on my life through taking photographs from personal views on social and urban issues that have been enter-tangled into my everyday life. While I want to continue this work in dealing with social and urban issues I find it hard not to compare these themes to how it relates to my everyday life of a college student. Through curiosity I wanted to focus my theme on the American college student,the price of an education versus the work behind it. Having switched majors halfway into my college career I find that there is a different view on students who spend their time in studios rather than in the books. I find it that every time I was to tell someone I was an VPA major the common response would be “cool, you get to make art. At least you get to have fun.” It was as if making art wasn’t as hard as others majors at this school. This is where I drew my focus for my final project. While originally I wanted to photograph students doing their various majors, I found it hard to compare the art majors verus non-art majors when being viewed side to side. Instead I looked to shade light on the process of creating art. I wanted to show the process of making art thru photographing 2 “so-called” easy majors. In the end so that my viewer can conclude is making art easier or are we as artists missing the bigger picture of what constitutes hard work?

Laura Morris  

The Process.