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Beauty Defined Allison Evelyn Paap

Many young women have a narrow view of what is beautiful and assume they must mirror the images of women they see in the media around them. They think the only definition of beauty is the one that is displayed on magazine racks, billboards, and their television sets. Women know that they are always being looked at and so they look for beauty everywhere but not in their own reflections. Many women rely on culture to guide them to have society’s approval. As I moved onto the collegiate level of cheering and adopted sorority culture into my life I experienced a greater influence of having to present myself and needing to fit certain standards. I have worked with documenting young adults for the past month and my understanding and knowledge as well as ideas of womanhood have grown. I have come to realize that the reason my interest in this topic is because I find myself confused and struggling with the concept of beauty. How one is seen is not necessarily how they think they are being seen or hope to be seen. I have captured this struggle between image and perception as well and providing the influences of culture onto women.

Allison Paap - Beauty Defined  

I explored the influences of cultural standards, self-perception, and how it relates to our definition of beauty.

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