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Turning TU into a Bicycle Friendly University

Presented Sept 29th, 2011 by Marc Santos 1

About Myself • Growing knowledge in the field – Undergraduate degree focus on alternative transportation – League of American Bicyclists- Certified Instructor Apprentice

• Working knowledge of city – Thomasville Landmarks Multi-Use Path proposal – Locating community support (City Planning Dept., Rose City Cyclists, local businesses)

• Huge passion for cycling and alternative transportation in general


Bicycle Friendly Universities • Component of the League of American Bicyclists’ “Bike Friendly America” program • Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze • Nationally recognized achievement • League support on further development • Benefit from League promotion and allows University to present additional marketing points


Benefits of becoming a BFU • Reach sustainability goals – Enhances air quality – Reduces noise pollution via decreased traffic congestion – Keeps surfaces and groundwater clean

• Reach health and fitness goals – Increases physical health – Fosters stronger mental and emotional health – Fosters a healthier sense of community

• Gain promotional spotlight with other BFU’s including Emory University in Atlanta


The 5 E’s of Becoming a BFU • Engineering • Education • Encouragement • Enforcement • Evaluation and Planning


5 E’s- Engineering • Engineering – Complete Streets, lanes/signs, parking, networks

Source: Peyton Chung. “New 9th Ave Bike Lane.” Oct 27, 2007. Online Image.


5 E’s- Education • Education – Safety for bicyclists, motorists, maintenance courses

Source: Richard Masoner. “Road Ride Description.” Jun 28, 2007. Online Image.


5 E’s- Encouragement • Encouragement – Sports team, bike events, freshman orientations, student bike shop, bike share programs, marketing

Source: Spyderella. “Bicycle Rodeo.” Jan 1, 2004. Online Image.


5 E’s- Enforcement • Enforcement – Liaison with city police, campus security, bike registries

Source: Joeduty. “Bridgeport_police_bicycle_training018.” Aug 21, 2008. Online Image.


5 E’s- Evaluation and Planning • Evaluation and Planning – Mode share, crash data, bike plan, benchmarking

Source: Waltarrrrr. “Northeast Los Angeles Bicycle Plan Workshop.” Nov 4, 2009. Online Image.


Thomas University- Academics & Bikes • Potential Class Integration (taken from ‘10-’11 catalog) – UNV103: Personal Wellness for freshmen – PSY351: Sports Psychology – PSY370: Health Psychology – GEO201. -302, -303: Geography courses involving GIS or relating to introductory coursework – SWK344: Human Behavior in the Social Environment 11

Potential Partnership Opportunities • Potential partners in Thomasville – City of Thomasville – Rose City Cyclists – Local businesses (Bookshelf, Grassroots) – Archbold Hospitals

• National, Federal & State Opportunities – SRAM – GA-DOT – Federal Government- TIGER-II Grants 12

Generating Widespread Support • On Thomas University campus • Within the city planning department • With local businesses (big and small) • With local residents and student body


Potential TU Bike Path Routes

West Campus to Main Campus via Junius St or Pine Tree, then to rest of Thomasville Trail 14

Final Questions or Comments? Marc Santos 732-779-7036 ~ Rose City Cyclists Thanks for the opportunity to speak! 15

Bike Presentation for Thomas University  

An introductory presentation on the components and benefits of becoming a Bicycle Friendly University; includes list of potential partners,...

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