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Ann Christopher for Answers from Ann: Ann Christopher who’s maiden name is Owens is married to Pastor George Christopher of Rossville GA. She is the first lady of Midway Independent Christian church and is also the creative talent behind “Divine Manna”, and also a contributing writer for “Tools for living”.

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Reverend George Christopher is the Pastor of the Midway Independent Christian Church in Chickamauga GA. Retired from Eureka Foundry of Chattanooga TN as a machinist, he has ministered at Midway Independent Christian Church for 23 years now. His Wife is Ann from ‘Answers from Ann’ and his daughter is the E-Editor of this e-zine and owner of

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Revered Larry Owens is the pastor of Mt. Cavalry Baptist Church in Wildwood Georgia. He has three kids and is retired. He has been a welcomed guest speaker at Midway Church for almost a decade and a few of his sermons can be viewed on Circle of believers YouTube channel. © February 2013. Created at From the Desk Creations™; Wallaceville Road Chickamauga, Ga. Direct all inquires to Issue ™ website publication tool used to create publications. All the information herein has been checked for accuracy. No responsibility is accepted for deletions, omissions, errors and/or inaccuracies. Publisher reserves the right to place any ad on first come first serve basis. No materials contained herein may be reproduced without the exclusive written permission of the original creator of the material. All information, images or references contained has been acquired by permission or general search and is cited, noted or referenced as required by source. Copyright 2012 by From the Desk Creations ™. Created in the U.S.A


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-A letter from the e-Editor:

All that glitters From the moment we start developing a topic to the last keystroke, we try our hardest to keep focus on the chosen theme of the magazine. Each one we try to bring you something different. Whether it be the tone of the magazine in general to layout and form. Even if we don’t get it right all the time, just know we try! This issue however, carries an obvious tone. We wanted to be able to teach you. We imagine ourselves the teachers on this one. Success is something everyone wants, yet the idea of what that really means differ from person to person, class to class and generation to generation. We want to help you see what God’s definition of success is. We also provided success blocking behaviors in many of our features and we also outline strategies for setting goals in Tools for Everyday Life. We brought back “Around the web” and tackled the tough issue of prosperity preaching. We haven’t lost sight of the fun stuff as usual. You’ll find our favorite storage pins in “Everything in it’s place” and of course there are the fashion forward “Eye Catchers”. We also introduction to a new spotlight member on page 37! I truly hope that you find this issue inspiring and motivating. I pray that you find answers, ideas and help to make your spiritual and physical goals happen. In all things and above all things, the key to true success lies in Christ. We did our best not to forget that in this issue, and I truly pray that it shows.






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the better if we were to reach our

often, when people hear the

ideal of success, our livelihood an

word “success”, a few images come

ability to be successful lies in Him.

to mind. There are usually images of

Isaiah 48:17 says “thus says the

the job of their dreams, not working

Lord, your redeemer, the Holy one

at all, cars, money, houses,

of Israel; “I am the Lord you God,

diplomas, powerful

who teaches you to profit, who

positions…basically champagne

leads you by the way you should

wishes and caviar dreams or at least


rib eye steak.

Joshua 1:8 further maintains that “This book of the law shall not No matter what the image, mans

depart form you mouth but you

standard of success lies in what he

shall meditate in it day and night,

is able to accomplish, obtain, and

that you may observe to do

achieve. Truly success is selfish.

according to all that is written in it

Even if it the intent of it is to

for then you will make your way

provide for our families, the weight

prosperous and then you will have

of that burden rests squarely upon

good success.”

our shoulders. It relies heavily upon

By Gods standards, success is

us fulfilling our dreams.

obtainable not only in the future but now. He not only defines success simply through Paul in 1 Timothy

Now in God’s eyes success looks

4:8, He also tells us how to obtain

completely different. Success looks not like us, but like Christ. You see, just like we feel ourselves and our families livelihood would change for



it; “ For bodily exercise profiteth

Kingdom of God and its

little, but godliness is profitable unto

righteousness, all these things will be

all things, having promise of the life

added (Matthew 6:33). We don’t

that now is, an of that which is to

need to be millionaires; we only


need to be successful.

True success is wisdom. Wisdom comes by experience and experience

Scriptures to read:

by walking in faith. Proverbs tells us

3 John 2

that wisdom builds a house, understanding makes it strong, and

Deuteronomy 8:18

knowledge fills the rooms. We don’t

Proverbs 3:5-10

have to be poor to serve God; we

1 Chronicles 22:13

only need to be rich in spirit.

Proverbs 16:3

His definition of success is not

Isaiah 42:7, 21

measured by physical possession. It is measured by the characteristics of

1 Peter 2:5,9

Christ centered attributes. If we are

2 Chronicles 5:13-14

fruitful in the spirit, God will supply all of our needs.

Need a Study Map?

As we continue to seek the Lord as

Click Here

our source of needs, we will find that by seeking him we will have found all we really ever need. Love unconditional, peace unsurpassable and joy unspeakable. By seeking the



Blessing Blocking Behaviors -

Power trips don’t always come attached to prenumps and promotions. Many times, it’s our attitude, personality and bad habits that block our blessings. Below you will find blessing blocking profiles…do you fall into any of them?

The Guilt Trip All your friends and family know that you have the best dirt and juiciest secret and have the best memory. But gossip is not your game. No, your game is manipulation. You have a way of dangling things in people’s faces every time you want something from them. Your favorite phrases are “I remember when…” and “Don’t you owe me?” and the all time favorite “After all I’ve done for you…” This type of power trip does many negative things. First and foremost, it displeases God because you aren’t being a good servant. God’s idea of serving is helping others without expecting anything in return. This type of power trip is not the same as not letting someone walk over you. You are doing the walking. It also causes bitterness and resentment and makes you look vindictive. Not only will people not come to you for help, they will be less likely to help you positively. This type of manipulation is a dangerous thing because you put yourself in a position to be played in the worst possible way.


R. Christopher


The Pity Party

The Dancer:

Well aren’t you the victim? There is no way you

You’ve got more moves than anyone could

do anything bad to anyone. You are the nicest,

imagine. You know maneuvers that make the

sweetest and kindest person you know and you

professionals on dancing with the stars look

just taken advantage of all the time. Please

like amateurs. Before someone can think they

stop! Every time someone gets an inch close of

saw you in a crowd, you disappear. You owe

finding out the truth, you turn on the

them money, you promised to do something for

waterworks, like your best friend just died.

them, you gave them another

People can’t mention your name without the

excuse…whatever the situation you avoid it

phrases “Bless their heart”, or “Poor thing”,

and your good at it. You can dance your way

following after.

out of and around any valid accusation without a thought to it.

People usually always find you out. When the revelation hits its usually messy. You’ll end up turning on the tears to an empty theater and that time will usually come when you truly need the help.

Power Player: You only play one game…the lying game. If it’s not that you swore you paid that bill, you know it was someone else’s’ fault…because the whole country is out to get you! It is one thing to try and get knocked down. Some people take a few tries to get it right, but they actually try, you however put in little efforts so you can get maximum hand out. Monthly expenses are just that…monthly. Many of them are consistent in amount and some are not. But there is no way that you forget to pay the same bill three months in a

You may want to change that behavior. Why?

row. And since when was getting gas such a

While it may be working now, you are also the


type of person who’s name travels around as a

At some point, you’ll lose track of which lie you

person not to help, trust or believe. And when

told to which person you told it too and your

you get found out, you don’t just get confronted

stories won’t match up. The best thing to do is

by one person. Bringing you down is a group

fly right and fast, because if you don’t, you will

effort with very a very willing posse hot on

find that you will have no one left to use. The

your heels. Your best bet is to stop making

truth is that the only thing that travels faster

promises you can’t nor have any intention of

than a lie is the name of the one who told it!



Tools for everyday life: Setting and Reaching Goals -Mia James

(2 Corinthians 12) but he knew that God had given him what he needed to go forward with no further need to be haunted by his past. No man can say no when God gives you the go.

When it comes to setting goals, people are quick to spout off what they wish or hope to obtain, but then, getting it becomes the challenge. As we learn to set obtainable goals, there is no better teacher than Apostle Paul. By studying his path, we can learn effective goal setting strategies for everyday life. 1.

3. Stay committed: Paul knew it was easy to get distracted. That is why he sought the Lord often for guidance and wrote to so many churches and so many of his sons in the apostleship words of encouragement and wisdom.

Be realistic about the time frame: The truth is, none of us know how long it will take to obtain a goal, dream or wish. We often think that giving ourselves a time frame will make us work harder to achieve our goal.

When it comes to achieving your goals, treat them like your favorite T.V show. You know, the one you get so caught up in that you don’t even hear the other person in the room talking to you! Yeah, like that.

While this can be a good thing for time sensitive tasks, such as taking a course to become certified or begin training for a marathon is a great thing, saying that you need to open a business before you’re 35 when you are already 33 may not be the best thing. Life happens and there is a lot of work involved.

No matter what anyone says or does or tries to remind you of, the only one who can ensure you get discouraged is you! In Luke chapter 9:62, Christ put the power to succeed or fail squarely on us and our belief in his will.

When you look at Paul, you see that once God converted him, he set out on a mission to carry the word of God to the Gentile people. He had spent the better years of his life a scholar turned persecutor of the Christians. Yet, he was steadfast and unhurried as he began and carried out his ministry. He knew that writing to the Churches, training other Apostles and doing his own work for Christ was worth the time and dedication.

4. Be consistent: With the Church of Corinth under his charge, being a consistent example and presence was key for Paul. There will be numerous setbacks, but we can’t give up. So you have low page views on your blog, you can’t pay for advertising, you don’t think anyone is listening, no one will give you a chance, you just can’t win for losing! No matter what, you HAVE TO KEEP GETTING UP! You can’t be K.O’d every time life punches you in the face. Stay the course and keep trusting God.

Take a note from him and keep your time frame adjusted and flexible or you will be rushing through the most important steps, sabotaging yourself as you run.


5. Don’t freak out when you have to change course: In Acts 22 Paul tells his story to Jerusalem, who had him captive. While he certainly planned on visiting Jerusalem, he didn’t intend to be detained there, even though he had been warned. Along our journey, we too will encounter unpleasant circumstances and even changes in the route to the finish line. But as we see in Acts 23:11 that even as he was in trouble for carrying out God’s will, the Lord was still with him!

Forget the past: You already know where we’re going to go if we are using Paul, or should I say Saul, as an example. He was the badest man in the business of persecuting Christians. He was feared and he knew it. However, he was confident in the change that God had made in him. He tells us in Philippians 3 that he is not trying to reach his own goal, but rather obtain what Christ himself had set fourth for him (we will explain more about this later).

6. Never lose sight of the ultimate goal: Paul knew what God had told him to do and no matter what he kept his eyes on that. He encourages us with the words he wrote to the Church of the Ephesians. In Ephesians 1:11-14 he assures us that what God has for us will be ours if only we set our sights on God’s will and not our own.

He referred to the memory of his past and his constant struggle between flesh and spirit as being a thorn in his flesh


Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honor the one who serves me. John 12: 26

“As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. 1 Peter 1:14

For He will give His angels [especial] charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways [of obedience and service]. Psalm 91: 11

Father, we thank You that You we are guided, not in our own strength or wisdom, but in the knowledge and wisdom of our omniscient God. It is not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit that we can stand against the tactics of the enemy as we build our foundation of faith, one brick at a time. Like Nehemiah, may our first impulse be that that of prayer and our second impulse be that of obedience. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen. 15

Written by R. Christopher with Reverend Larry Owens, Reverend George Christopher Contributors



Further explaining, “God will provide our

Everything about it says danger, it’s

needs, but we have to put him first. Mans

a trap! Even still millions of Americans fall

own ambition doesn’t earn you favor with

for it every year. They get pulled into the


words that sound sweet. Words that make

One of the many problems with

“tithe” sound like a four letter word. The

prosperity preaching is that it focuses very

tone, the look of surety, and the honey

little on obedience to God for the benefit of

spilling from the lips of a person that is

the spirit which enhances our lives in all

supposed to tell you how to gain eternal life.

aspects. Instead, it focuses on the promises

Instead, for the small price of today’s item,

of provision from God in false context.

they’ll tell you how God can give you

Christ himself addresses this very issue in


Matthew 6:19-21. Christ clearly teaches us We have a slew of people basically

that we should not obtain riches, things and

a nation that believe that in order to serve

wealth just to squander it. Things and

God you have to be dirt poor, straight faced

possessions can be destroyed but work

and fearful. This is as far from the truth as it

done for the benefit of the kingdom is a

is that God will make you a millionaire if you

treasure stored in Heaven.

buy this

Another mislead on


behalf of these preachers is


the discrediting of the true

prayer rug.

nature of God, which is

While God

selfless, not selfish. They tell

does wish that

us that if we obey God that

we prosper in

he will satisfy us with things.

all things;

While many preachers tell


the truth about Gods

mentally and

provision of our every need


in season, the teachings of

those things

the prosperity preacher

are within

almost make it sound as if


God owes us this in return for

When you look at passages of

our praise, loyalty and obedience. “They

scripture such as 3 John 2, Joshua 1:8,

deliberately plant the seed of entitlement in

Deuteronomy 8:18 and the most telling of all

a believer, “explains Rev. George

Proverbs 3:5-10, you find a clear picture of

Christopher, pastor of Midway Church in

what God is telling us. As pastor of the

Chickamauga GA. “When you look at the

Mount Cavalry Baptist Church in Wildwood,

early teachings of the Apostles you see that

GA would tell you, “God cannot be bought.”

they talked often of God providing a need,



being something or someone to a saint.

bought, and that remains true. But, the

God’s provision was that of a father to a

provision of needs both spiritual and

child. Not because the child deserves (or

physical hinges on our obedience to God.

earns it), but because the child is loved.

The prayer cloth, prayer chain or Adopt a

He’s our father and it is his promise to keep

tribe bookmark is not the prize to be won.

us. We can’t earn that. That is freely given.

The prizes we get, the real benefits are

Being entitled to something that is freely

more than tangible.

given is not an achievement. It’s a sound

Looking back at Proverbs 3:5-10 in

proof that we have forgotten that we are the

detail, you see that God ‘requires’ us to be

created, not the creator.”

obedient. “Again you have to work out your

This sense of entitlement shifts to

souls salvation. The things these preachers

the very caretakers of the Church itself. The

are telling you to do for money, God has

“blessing” is being perceived to come from

already told you to do to gain eternal life.

the item you or being sold or you’re showing

The thing is, God cut out the middle man

your belief by helping this ministry out with a

when he came as Christ,” explains Rev.

donation. Yes, while your money may very

Christopher. In essence, these people are

well fund a mission trip in Cambodia, it

telling you that if you buy my product, or

emphasizes the ‘this-for –that” mentality a

support my ministry, God will bless you. Not

prosperity preacher needs you to have in

so fast! Really look at the passage in

order for you to buy into, literally, what he or

Proverbs. You will see a whole slew of

she is saying.

things that we are expected to do as children of God.

The function of the early churches was to provide for the poor and the widows

Again, the parent child relationship

in the areas around them. The saints of the

comes up here. We are expected to trust in

church, the deacons and apostles, gave

the Lord;

what they had. They did not beg it. They


gave of themselves and in doing so; others

ge him,

gave seeing that this was good and right in

fear him

the sight of God, not the sight of the priest.


Reverend Owens explains “God’s joy

him) and

doesn’t come from us putting on programs

honor him

and raising money. But it comes by seeing a


soul repent. You’ll find that in Luke 15:7”

word, thought and deed.) As a result, just as a

Even so, the biggest and most

child with nurturing parents, we grow. The

damaging pitfall is that you can gain the

blessings of being an obedient child (far

prize without doing the work! Yes at the

from the tangible this-for-that) are not only

beginning of this we said that God can’t be

physical but spiritual. God will reward the



fruits of our own labor and honor our own good intent. “Now if you truly want to support that mans ministry, then go ahead” contends Reverend Christopher. “Just do it from the heart. Don’t expect anything in return from that man. He can’t give you what really matters anyway. He can’t give you eternal life.” As Reverend Owens concludes, “God does not honor the selfish intent of man’s heart. There is no way around that.” God is a spirit. He requires that we worship him in spirit and in truth. With that being said, yes, alongside your house, transportation and dwindling bank account, God will provide first and foremost for you spiritually, then, as you require physical need he will fulfill those as well. To end, consider this passage from Deuteronomy 8. “And you shall remember the Lord you God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant which he swore to your fathers as it is this day.” In other words, what you do for yourself will surely pass away, but what you do for God will last. God is not a get rich quick kind of god. He is a get life eternal God.



God may allow His servant to succeed when He has disciplined him to a point where he does not need to succeed to be happy. The man who is elated by success and is cast down by failure is still a carnal man. At best his fruit will have a worm in it. A.W. Tozer

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Albert Schweitzer

A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up. Albert Schweitzer


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Forget knocking the devil out, I’m ‘bout to knock the fear of GAWWWWD in!


Answers from Ann! Jealousy, envy and false ambition…don’t mind if I do! mothers tone for them, your relationship with them may begin to heal. They will see that you don’t feel the same way about them as your mom does. This situation is one of those “talk less and do more” types. Once you clue her in, don’t say it anymore. Just show your support for your sisters. Whether you mom likes it or not.

Dear Ann: I’ve always been the favorite of my mom. I have two other sisters and I’m actually the middle child. As we got into high school, my mom started to see that I was excelling well and staying out of trouble. My oldest sister never finished school and got pregnant at a young age but she is a great mom and a good person. No matter what my little sister does, she can’t please my mom and she ends up hanging with the wrong people. My mom will blatantly tell them I’m her favorite. I am always trying to help my sisters but my mom gets in the way. I tell my mom to stop telling them that and help them. She won’t listen and I’m losing my sisters. Help!

Dear Ann: I am a single mom of one wonderful little boy. I run my own sweet shop and I cater as well. His father, as the story is, wasn’t ready for a child so our relationship didn’t last. He does however try to stay in contact with his son. Recently he expressed that he’d like to give it one more try. I do still love him, but I am sure this won’t work. I say that because, in conversations about the situation, he says that he isn’t interested in a full time job yet and doesn’t want to stop hanging out at clubs. He works for a temp agency and often gets jobs he doesn’t last long in. He is trying to provide for himself, but as a single parent I know that it takes so much more to provide for a family. Secondly, because I know it won’t work out, it will only hurt our son. He is threatening to stay out of our son’s life it I won’t consider us getting back together. How do I tell him no without hurting my child?

Sadly gaining distance, Seattle WA Dear Distance: Wow. I almost don’t know where to begin. My advice will seemingly cause you a bit more pain at first. Don’t be afraid. You first need to talk to your mother again. Tell her that you are glad she is proud of you, but instead of throwing up your hard work and character to her other two children, she should tell them that she loves them instead. Tell her how much it hurts you.Tell her, in great detail, how it affects you. Do you lose sleep or appetite thinking about how she treats them? If so tell her. If you tell her at length that it is hurting you, she may stop. You are her jewel and if she is at risk of damaging you, she may be willing to give not bashing her daughters a try.

What do I do? Hollywood FL Dear what do I do: He has a lot of nerve and very little smarts. You need to let him know that as the sole caretaker of his child, you will not run the risk of hurting said child. He either has to man up, or forget about a second chance…period. You don’t use your son as a pawn and you’re the one taking care of him. If you don’t do it, he can’t either and that’s the bottom line. He has been an attentive father so far. Not being with you hasn’t changed that and it shouldn’t change anything now. He is using fatherhood as a meal ticket. He wants you to cater the party and him! Don’t do it. If he truly loves the child your relationship status won’t matter. If not, your son isn’t losing much of anything.

If that doesn’t seem to sway her, tell her that you are often afraid that if you make a mistake she will hate you like she does your sisters. (For our readers, I personally spoke to this reader before publishing this article. This is a fact I received from her myself!) Then you will need to tell her, that if she is going to bash your sisters in front of you, that you are going to take up for them…whether she likes it or not. This will probably make her angry. I won’t lie about it. But if she sees that you are trying to have a positive relationship with them and they see you correct your


Every time Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured ice water over his head.

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

Fortune cookies were actually invented in America, in 1918, by Charles Jung.


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What happens when filling your wallet becomes more important than filling a heart? -Charity Whitfield



Basking in the glow of success is a wonderful

started talking to him. I and my husband were across the sanctuary chatting with my brother.

feeling. Knowing that you have access to all of

At first we barley paid attention but we were

your needs and plenty of your wants is

quickly drawn to my father’s discussion, or

empowering. It’s even better when you create a

should I say argument. Our friend was upset

successful family of your own. It feels like there

with my dad for turning his medical bill

are no limits and everyone knows you. It’s like

account over to a collections agency. “You’ve

being a superstar of sorts. Money means you

taken too long to pay me. I have a family to take

have a powerful hand, you can build or you can

care of too,” exclaimed my father. My brother


and I were grown and successful with our own

Growing up in a house with two doctors as

families. I had no idea what family my dad was

parents, we never had the same car for more

taking care of, but I just looked on in shock as

than two years. With private school, ownership

the argument kept going.

of all the latest fashion trends and a self professed sports addicted foodies, I guess you

“What do you think I’m doing Greg? I’m trying

could say I had the picturesque American life.

to take care of my family. I’m laid off, I’m only

We wanted for nothing. Even when I went

drawing unemployment. I pay you what I can

away to college my parents helped to keep up

barely afford to already. I can only give you ten

my lifestyle. My brother, who is older than me,

a month. At least I’m paying you something. I

became a lawyer and got married just as I

hate for my wife to have to hear these collection

started pursing my bachelors’ degree. He had

agency calls. It’s embarrassing to her and me

no problems creating the family life for his wife

and I’m trying to do the best I can. Greg please

and three kids that he had growing up.

just let me keep doing what I’m doing just a while longer. When I get on at this next job I’ll

As for myself, after becoming a successful buyer

start paying you more.”

for a major retailer I married as well. My husband, a doctor and I have a wonderful life

I almost passed out when my dad exclaimed

for our two little girls. We are very successful in

“No! You’ll pay what the agency is asking. I’m

our own right and have a bit of prestige in our

not talking about this anymore.” My mom was

community. Now no where along the lines

floored. She looked at my father and just shook

have I yet mentioned any sort of religious

her head. She had tears in her eyes. She was

background. Well my parents raised us Baptist.

appalled. So were my brother and I. “Greg” my

And I and my own family are as well. But, this

mother started, “how could you…how…?” She

time around with my own family, I’m not just a

couldn’t finish. As all the members looked on in

high society church member. I have found that

disbelief, my mom just clenched her fist and

faith plays a major role in what my success

stormed out.

actually looks like.

My father looked at my brother and I we were

You’re probably expecting the violin music to

standing with our children who wanted to

start and a sad story of losing it all will roll

know what was happening. I looked down at

down the rest of this page. Not quite.

my daughter and said loud enough for my

Surprisingly enough there is no tragedy at all.

father to hear “Papa has seemed to forget

Just a rude and I do mean rude, awakening.

why we come here.” My dad’s face turned even redder than it already was. He opened his

After church service one morning, a friend of

mouth to speak and then he caught my

ours, Jeremy, walked up to my father and

brother’s eyes. They were piercing him to his



very soul. As he hung his head we left the

of the king, Baal? They couldn’t answer.


(1Kings Chapter 18)

Needless to say we didn’t go back for a while.

What happens next is of great importance.

My dad never did stop the agency calls. Mom

Wanting to prove a point, they cut themselves,

asked me and my brother to go with her to talk

cried out with loud voices and danced. They did

to Jeremy. He could see that we were

a lot. They spent six hours ‘doing’ things to get

embarrassed by the behavior my father

something from a God that didn’t exist. Blind

exhibited. Fortunately he had a heart of

faith. It was blind because the children of Israel

forgiveness. He had indeed gotten a new better

had already seen the presence of a God that

paying job and he tried to hand my mom a

they couldn’t see either, but he showed himself

check for $75. My mom gave it back and told

through His works….not the works of the

him that she had paid his account. He broke

Children of Israel.

down and cried. She asked him not to tell

Elijah had active faith. Just by know that God

anyone and he obliged. He was so grateful. I

was able, he then acted physically upon that

don’t know if my dad ever found out.

faith. Baal hadn’t given the children of Israel

The point is, just because you are successful, it

any real reason to follow him. But God had. He

doesn’t mean that you can step on anyone you

protected them, delivered them, fed them, and

want too. My father seemed to have forgotten

the list goes on and on. Elijah believed, and God

that God calls us to give rather than receive. Of

honored that. Faith plus works equals belief. But

course my dad is running a private practice.

that faith has to be in the power of God and

That is his livelihood and he can’t let people

those works have to be willed by and done for

take advantage of him. But he was so blinded by

Him, not selfishly.

keeping up with his own lifestyle that he forgot

Now it’s time to ask the question. Who or what

what it meant to have compassion. He forgot

is the God of your house? Is it the car you

what it meant to show love and kindness.

won’t let anyone ride in? Maybe it’s the house

Greed gets you no where with God. You must

that is so clean and polished that it makes

have faith and works in order to please Him

people afraid to even sit down? It could be the

and your works can’t be with selfish intent. I’m

paycheck that you throw around, buying

trying to show my children that. They know

expensive things that you really can’t afford

what it means to tithe and they know what it

and not caring to help anyone out with even a

means to volunteer and just smile so other

dollar? It could be that spouse or those children

people can cheer up. Living for God is not about

that you think hung the moon, because they are

getting all the earthly possessions you want or


think you need. It’s about feeding your soul and

I’m not saying that it’s evil to be prosperous.

helping to bring people back to the God who

Even God wants that for us. What I am saying is

misses them so much.

that you should never put anything before the will of God. He should be first in all things. As

Think now to a familiar Bible passage. It concerns the prophet Elijah. When he asked the

my father found out that day, having

children of Israel, King Ahab and the prophets

everything means nothing If you aren’t

of Baal, how long they would play both sides of

willing to give something.

service. Would they serve the God that brought them out of Egypt or would they serve the God



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Don’t surround yourself with mess and clutter. Organize your work space in a way that fits you the best. If it’s not a desk that you work at, but a trade environment, try listening to music that makes you productive, or spend at least 5-10 minutes a day looking at pictures or scriptures that inspire you so you can reflect on them throughout the day.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. Let go of past mistakes, failures and setbacks. It’s entirely up to you whether you fight for the starring role in your life or settle for the scars of the past directing your life. Take control and realize your worth. So what if you don’t succeed this time, this time it wasn’t meant to be. Keep trying and you will succeed.

You have to, you must and it’s imperative that you have a stress busting activity. You need one or two physical activities that help you manage your stress level, such as exercise or a sport. You also need a few instant stress busters, like pictures, brief meditation or mantras. Being able to reduce abnormal amounts of stress is key to staying focused and making clear decisions.

There is a big difference between a realistic yet supportive friend and a negative defeating person. Yes, we all need someone to remind us that “we are spontaneous and if we choose to do something that we need to stick with it”. This is definitely not the same as saying “You can’t do that! What are you thinking?” Negative people who defeat, belittle and bash every single idea you have are not ‘friends’.


Organize your make up courtesy of and make getting ready in the morning a bit easier.

Small kid’s rooms are easy to organize thanks to this MDF workstation HGTV trick shared by

Here’s a clever idea found on ankhvintage.blogspot. com. Try putting your wet shoes on a try with pebbles in it.

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Thanks to, comfortable seating can also double as functional storage




The Name Is…. Tricia Brock

We first met… Through my Christian group named Superchick’s back in 1997

After which… I launched my solo project of worship music in 2011 called “The Road”

The most important lesson you’ve learned is… “This world isn’t about me.”

And you’ve found your purpose to be… “to bring someone closer to God through the love and compassion he’s given me”

The people you reach the most with your music are… “[Someone] who is longing with a passion for justice, an authenticity of faith, or a reconstructing of a hearts foundation.

Your hopes are… “that [no one] walks away unchanged”

Answer taken from Click here to read the full bio



“I’m an Evangelist anyway….With Mary Kay being God first, family second, career third I go ahead an share my experience with them.”

Lori Traudt Mary Kay Consultant 1-800-MARYKAY

Learn More about Lori and her Mary Kay business by clicking here!



Feng Shui Chicken The Common Ingredient:

But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I be not afraid.

It can be hard to find calm in the hustle and bustle of life. But ever so often we find that few minutes of peace. What do you do with it? Do you call a friend or cross off items from you to do list? Do you take those few moments to recharge with Christ? Only he can be the peace in the midst of the storm.

-Matthew 14:27

The hardware: One deep baking dish large enough to accommodate your roasting chicken A Dutch oven is perfectly fine. Ingredients: Salt to taste Pepper to taste, course ground preferred Garlic powder or 2 cloves of garlic minced (2 tsp) 1/2 stick of butter One whole lemon halved 1/4 cup of buttermilk, yes buttermilk! 2 tsp of spicy brown mustard or Dijon 1 tbsp of honey 2 onions halved 3 sticks of celery cut in half Oh yeah one whole chicken cleaned!!

Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: About 35-45 mins Serves: 4 Notes:

Take the halved onions and celery and one halve of the lemon and stuff your bird!! Then tie the legs together and then tuck the wings under the bird. That way they can cook evenly and brown nicely. Melt the butter and combine the other ingredients in it. Rub the bird in this mixture, cover with foil and refrigerate for NO LONGER THAN 15 MINS. Any longer will cross contaminate the stuffed veggies inside. Uncover and bake on 350 for 30-35 mins until bird is done. If you find the chicken getting too brown but is not cooked all the way through, loosely tent it until done. Let stand for 15 mins and enjoy!!!


“Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.� Proverbs 24:3-4


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