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SAH Joins Shared Service Organization November 2016 Edition

IN THIS ISSUE SAH Receives Silver Wellness Award…2

Max Liedke, VP and Chief Financial Officer

We recently hosted an event to announce SAH’s new partnership with the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN), the Northern Supply Chain (NSC) and 23 other hospitals across the North East to create a shared service organization.

iDi an Overwhelming Success…4 Allied Health Week...8

The NSC provides strategic sourcing, transactional procurement, distribution services, data management, and clinical product consultation and education, as well as post contract administration. “We expect to see substantial savings buying goods through NSC,” says SAH vice president and chief financial officer, Max Liedke. “By joining NSC, we will get access to more vendors in a group buying setting.” SAH can also tap contract and data management resources. NSC began with 12 hospitals in the North West in 2011. Lady Dunn Health Centre and Hornepayne Community Hospital are also joining NSC in this partnership.

Shared Service Organization Event at SAH

“This will not change our process,” says Max. “We're still going to be assured of having the quality products that we want. This just gives us better access to a wider variety of products at a price advantage.” Hospitals have to find efficiencies year after year to be able to continue to live within their financial means. “This will help us to achieve efficiencies so that we don't have to make reductions in patient services.” Thank you to everyone at SAH and to our partners for their work in making this partnership a reality!

iCcare Development Institute (iDi)

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OUTSTANDING CARE SAH Receives Silver Wellness Award

For the second consecutive year, we have received a Silver Canada's Safest Employer Award in the Wellness category - This award recognizes our ongoing efforts in advancing the health and safety of our employees. Congratulations to our Wellness Committee and everyone who supports employee health and wellness at SAH!

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Employee Engagement (Quarterly Pulse Survey) The survey closed on November 21. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete it. Stay tuned for a summary of the results. Page ď‚ž 2

OUTSTANDING CARE SAH Marks Nurse Practitioner Week

We recently celebrated National Nurse Practitioner Week. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) work in a variety of inpatient and ambulatory care settings including the Emergency Department, the 2A Follow up Care Clinic, the Algoma Geriatric Clinic and the inpatient units (Rehab and Complex Continuing Care). NPs provide direct oversight for patients in collaboration with physicians and other health care providers. They provide timely access to comprehensive assessment, treatment and evaluation of care for our patients. Our NPs also provide compassion, information, choices and reassurance to people at their most vulnerable time. Acting as a liaison for our patients, they follow up with partners in the community, primary care and social agencies to help patients make a transition to the next phase of their recovery. We committed to their education and development, so that they can continue to provide the advanced level care to patients in varied settings. On behalf of SAH and the Board of Directors, we appreciate and thank all of our dedicated NPs for their commitment to patient care excellence and we recognize our physician partners who provide support and collaboration to our NP team!

Award Nomination Process Now Open All Year Due to staff feedback and ongoing efforts to improve the process, nominations for both the Dr. William Hutchinson Award and SAH iCcare Awards are now accepted all year! What does this mean? Nominators now have even more time to prepare their submissions so start thinking about that deserving candidate today. Awards are presented annually in the spring. Stay tuned for ongoing updates. Nomination forms are available online at and For more information, contact Patricia Lachowsky, Executive Assistant to the CEO at ext. 3601. Page ď‚ž 3

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE iDi an Overwhelming Success!

Liz Jazwiec, Guest Presenter

SAH Crowd at Grand Gardens North

The second iCcare Development Institute (iDi) was a huge success! Over 650 people came out to support this event. Attendees included staff, volunteers and community partners who enjoyed one of three sessions that were held at Northern Grand Gardens. Partner agencies such as the LHIN, GHC, Davey Home, etc. also attended. Ron Gagnon, CEO, opened each session with an inspirational message to each group, leading into a tongue-in-cheek video on the importance to our patients of having a Plan of Care. The video featured staff and physicians as well as a member of our PFAC. The highlight of the session was an entertaining, straightforward and sincere presentation from Liz Jazwiec, RN. She is a nationally renowned speaker, strategist and author who has shared her passion for leadership, engagement and service with audiences across the country. She has also been a longtime hospital officer who helped raise service scores at Chicago, Illinois’ Holy Cross Hospital from the 5th to the 99th percentile in just a few years. Her work as vice president of patient care and as the director of emergency services was one of the key reasons Holy Cross won Fortune Magazine’s Enterprise Award for Best Business Practices. She spoke about how each of us can do our part to drive out negativity and judgment in our workplace and the import role that positivity plays in all of our work. Her stories offered an interesting look at her journey in health care, how she learned to see the value in service to our patients and each other. She offered a glimpse of what each of us can do to make every day feel like…YIPPEE! Another Day in Paradise!

Thank you for all who supported this event. Stay tuned for more upcoming events like this one!

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EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Our Shining Stars SHINING STAR RECIPIENT Sara Ryan Dr. David Berry Monique Dion Karen Megaert Jason Guay Cara Stephen x 2 Ryan Hankinson Cathy Belanger x 2 Margery Ash Maryanna Stumpo Sheena Dr. John Beduhn Paul Grimard Donna Kauppi Lesley Guay x 2 Christine Purvis Rachel Grandinetti

DEPARTMENT Rehab Nephrologist Ambulatory Care SPD Housekeeping ICU SPD Logistics Pharmacy Purchasing Housekeeping Emergency Department Housekeeping Purchasing Purchasing Pharmacy SPD

Random Draw Winner

iCcare Wear Update

A big thank you goes to Northern Reflections and Congratulations to Hollywood in the Station Mall for their generous Rachel Grandinetti, donations of a display head and a bust to our the Shining Stars iCcare Store. random draw winner for the The store looks great and the volunteers take month of October. great pride in using these items to display our brand and our values. This truly represents a Rachel won a Tim’s “display” of Collaboration and Partnership. card and a gift card to Marek’s. New stock is coming in all the time and a new order is arriving soon. Stop into the store on Way to go Rachel! Mondays or Fridays from 9 am - 3 pm to or email Angie Gervasi at if the store hours are outside of your work hours as alternative arrangements can be made to open the store.

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OUTSTANDING CARE Featuring Sandy Byvank

Sandy Byvank has worked as a Registered Nurse at SAH for 31 years. She worked in a nursing role in oncology, surgery and ICU for the first part of her career. In 2007, Sandy moved into the role of case management and over the last 9 years, has witnessed many changes to this vital role. Over the last 7 months, Sandy has worked in a new role as Case Manager in the Emergency Department (ED). As the ED Case Manager, Sandy works with patients and families to develop a plan for their discharge. “If a patient cannot manage alone at home, I access community resources to develop a realistic discharge plan that will ensure the patient has appropriate support,” says Sandy. “Our goal is to ensure that we are providing the help the patient needs, to develop a plan that works for the patient and to ensure that the patient is safe following discharge.” Sandy works closely with a number of SAH team members including physicians, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and the Geriatric Emergency Medicine nurses. She also works cooperatively with community agencies such as the Community Care Access Centre, the Red Cross and the Ontario March of Dimes to develop a coordinated and comprehensive patient discharge plan. “Ideally, we recommend that geriatric patients or those with chronic conditions have a power of attorney in place and that they plan for their future care needs,” says Sandy. “Patients can self-refer and access care through the Northeast Community Care Access Centre.” SAH salutes Sandy for her perseverance and hard work in developing safe, patient-centred discharge care plans for our patients! Page  6

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Volunteer Feature: Co-op Students

Gabrielle Godin-Drolet Kyra Meakin

We welcome our co-op students! Gabrielle Godin-Drolet is a White Pines High School student who is interested in pursuing a health care career. She is completing her co-op placement in the Hand Clinic to gain experience interacting with patients and observing staff. “I really enjoy meeting and speaking with the patients. There have been new patients come to the clinic since I started, and I have been able to witness the progress that they have made over the last couple months. It is really interesting to see a variety of patients at different points in their healing journey and learn their stories.” Kyra Meakin is a student from St. Mary’s High School. She has been placed in numerous areas of the hospital including the emergency department, cancer clinic, diagnostic imaging and wayfinding to name a few. When asked about her experience so far as a co-op student she stated, “Being a co-op student at SAH is an incredible experience. It has shaped new friendships and it has given me an opportunity to explore various career choices in the medical field. By volunteering I have attained more confidence in my dream of helping other and by becoming a midwife. It is a great place to learn and to thrive in one’s endeavours. I love being a part of the hospital and seeing how an ordinary person can make an extraordinary difference.” We thank or wonderful co-op students for their positive attitude, enthusiasm and many valuable contributions!

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OUTSTANDING CARE National Allied Health Professionals Week! November 6 -12 2016 marked National Allied Health Professionals week. There are over 300 Allied Health Professionals at SAH who work in nearly all departments and specialties at SAH. They provide invaluable care to our patients and are an integral part of our health care team. On Thursday November 10, SAH hosted an event to celebrate Allied Health Professionals with an awards ceremony and a cake and coffee social. Congratulations to those who were nominated and selected! L to R: Kelli-Ann Lemieux, Director of Clinical Support Programs, along with this year’s recipients: Laura Bjorklund (Excellence), Susan Colizza (Respect), Elaine Angelic Compassion), Nancy Fleming Accountability), Marianne Cuglietta (Collaboration), and Emily Adams, manager who accepted the award on behalf of Tuula Jodoin (Integrity).

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Patricia Harper Anastasia Van Wieren Genevieve Bibeau Katrina Freistatter Stephanie Gouliaras Mary Lou Barone Dana Corsi Karina Orazietti Meggan McLeod Lianne Sloss Kori Wickstrom Jennifer Hartgrove Marsha Nicholas Enza Barone Darlene Mosley

iCcare Certificate Free Lunch from Ventures iCcare mug and Courtyard Café certificate iCcare Certificate Free Lunch from Ventures iCcare mug and Courtyard Café certificate iCcare Certificate Free Lunch from Ventures iCcare mug and Courtyard Café certificate iCcare Certificate Free Lunch from Ventures iCcare mug and Courtyard Café certificate iCcare Certificate Free Lunch from Ventures iCcare mug and Courtyard Café certificate

Congratulations to all draw winners.

If you have not yet collected your prize, please call ext. 5294.

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OUTSTANDING CARE National Allied Health Professionals Week! A few words from our managers… Respiratory Therapy and Rehabilitation Services Happy Allied Health Professionals week to the Respiratory Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Communicative Disorder Assistant and Physiotherapy Assistants who provide highly skilled care for the people in our beds and in our clinics, while working hard to foster teamwork across disciplines. I witness the energy, compassion and respect that you provide your patients daily to help them meet their full potential - whether it be breath on their own, talk with their grandchild, make a cup of tea or walk to the bathroom. Your dedication to helping your patients reach their personal care goals is essential to our hospitals mission of providing ‘outstanding’ care. Our community is extremely fortunate to have this group of exceptional professionals working with them to achieve the best possible outcomes! - Emily Adams Food Services Dietitians I am truly thankful to work with such a wonderful group of professionals who are very committed in providing outstanding care to our patient’s every single day! Dietitians are allied health professionals that play an important role in our primary health care system here at SAH. Dietitians assess nutritional status, develop, implement and evaluate food and nutrition strategies and interventions to promote health and treat wellness. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! - Suzanne Robinson Pharmacy Every day the pharmacy team positively impacts patient care in our hospital. Our team of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists has an invaluable role in managing drug distribution and ensuring safe and effective medication use. They work diligently to ensure patient safety. All team members work collaboratively with other members of the healthcare team. Our pharmacists also work directly with patients, educating them about their medication, improving their quality of life and being their advocate. I am truly grateful to be a part of this amazing team of health professionals. You all inspire me to be my best daily! Celebrate your profession and celebrate your awesomeness! - Maria Coccimiglio Diagnostic Imaging A “thank you” to all of the dedicated professionals in Diagnostic Imaging including Medical Radiation, Cardiac, Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound Technologists. This professional group provides an essential link from patients to physicians and others in the healthcare team. They are highly trained and their skills, knowledge and experience provide a quality service to each of our patients in a wide variety of modalities. Their dedication and focus on patient care truly represents our iCcare values! - Nancy Chapman and Joe D’Angelo Laboratory Thank you to the Laboratory staff who are a vital part of the health care team, working with the physicians to assist them in guiding diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and lab utilization in providing the best care to our patients. They are a diverse group of individuals consisting of medical laboratory technologists, pathologists’ assistants, medical laboratory assistants, phlebotomists, and administrative staff who are all trained and qualified in the work they do. In their work they directly affect all patients in our hospital and sooner or later in our community, district and region. You may never see them but their impact on patient care is broader than you know. It is with much gratitude and respect that they are recognized. I would like to thank you all for your dedication to the work that you do and your commitment to our patients. - Betty Currie Page  9

OUTSTANDING CARE Call for PFAC Members for Mental Health and Addictions Our Mental Health and Addictions Program is launching a new Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Patient and Family Advisors share their experiences, ideas and suggestions about new or existing initiatives to ensure the needs and priorities of patient and families are considered and included in our planning and decision making for the department. We are looking for individuals or families who have accessed care through SAH’s Mental Health and Addictions Program in the past 18 months to submit an application to become a Patient or Family Advisor. If you know someone who may be interested in becoming a Patient or Family Advisor, please share this link - The application deadline is December 8, 2016. If you have additional questions about Patient and Family Advisory Councils at SAH, please contact Christina Jobst, Coordinator of Patient and Family Advisory Councils at ext. 5326 or via email at

Another Major Kronos Milestone All SAH employees are now using the Kronos system and centralized workforce planning! This represents the culmination of approximately 18 months of hard work by a very dedicated and committed team. Congratulations to the entire Kronos and Workforce Planning teams! A big thank you also goes to IT, the payroll team and all of the leaders and employees who that have been part of the implementation over the last many months. This group has consistently demonstrated collaboration, partnership, accountability and excellence in their journey to making Kronos a reality. As with any major project, our transition to the new system and a new way of managing workforce planning will continue to evolve over time and we will use our philosophy of “plan-do-check-act” to consistently review and improve our processes. What is the next milestone? For next several months, we will be focused on finding our “new normal” and ensuring we address any system or process issues that arise. We will also start delivering regular communication to leaders and staff about the new system and processes. Look out for upcoming FAQs, emails, posters and articles in Vital Links! Are there more milestones after that? Yes! Once we have settled in our new routine and feel comfortable moving on, we will be focusing on the implementation of the Workforce Analytics module, as well as finalizing the Attendance and Leave Module in Kronos. We will continue to update everyone along the way and as we achieve further milestones. Congratulations to everyone!

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OUTSTANDING CARE Highlights from Recent 20-Minute Workups Thank you to everyone who attended one of the recent 20-minute workup sessions. To view the full presentation materials, go to G:\20-Minute Workups\November 2016. The following is a short summary:

Strategic Plan Update Our Strategic Plan has recently been updated. Click here to link to our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan. The following is a summary of the changes: Exceptional People: highlighting the need for focused efforts on physician leadership and augmentation of clinical education and research capability. Working Together: widening our partnership scope to explicitly focus at the regional level, which aligns with the evolution of the HIS strategy and Hub/sub-LHIN activities. Outstanding Care: adding the explicit choice of focusing on opportunities to leverage our assets to support successful execution of the strategy.

Corporate Goals Corporate goals flow from our Strategic Plan. They have recently been revised as follows: 1. Improve employee engagement - target is 64% 2. Improve physician engagement – target is 62% 3. Improve patient flow - target is no more than 5 patients admitted to the ED and no patients waiting longer than 24 hours to get to a bed (90th Percentile ED LOS for admitted patients) 4. Balance the budget – target is $0.0M What can you do to impact our corporate goals?  Be informed about the goals for the hospital and your department and know why  Use our corporate goals to understand why we choose to focus on certain initiatives  Complete our Employee and Physician Engagement Surveys  Participate in project work happening in your area and throughout the hospital  Help improvement happen  Ask questions!

Pillar Boards Check out your departmental pillar board which has recently be revamped! As a direct result of feedback from the Employee Engagement Survey, we are ensuring you have access to the corporate goal results monthly. Your pillar board will now contain both the corporate and departmental goals.

Flow Update Much work has taken place with the Patient Flow Redesign initiative at SAH including the recent launch of the ED Wait Time Clock, weekend supervisor coverage, a dedicated FLOW extension (FLOW or 3569), plan of care, bedded level of care, bed board tools/standard work, etc.

What’s Happening Next Oculys Performance Tool Launch, FLOW care enhancement practices, Hospital Information System (HIS) approval from MOHLTC, PCI approval by MOHLTC, Workplace violence program being enhanced (violence flagging). Page  11

WORKING TOGETHER Telemedicine Tidbit Barriers to Telemedicine The challenges of having a successful telemedicine program have been well documented in the past. Over the last ten years, many of these obstacles have been met head on, resulting in reaching goals and staggering statistics that have even surprised the virtual health care community. Some challenges however, remain. Over 90% of physicians would recommend telemedicine. Despite this, some health care professionals remain reluctant to visit some of their district patients over video. More times than not, they are so pleasantly surprised at how well the virtual appointment/assessment goes, that they become advocates for their patients. Other barriers may include technical difficulties with equipment, potential scheduling issues, staff competency at each site, poor internet connection (mostly when trying to connect to patients in very remote areas), technical incompatibilities when viewing diagnostics, and health team member or patient not being punctual for the appointment. These issues are usually corrected in a timely manner. The goal is to ensure that the experience for both the health care team and the patient is a success. Telemedicine really works, especially with a committed team who work together to break the barriers!

Purchasing Corner Did you know that ... SAH and an additional 23 member hospitals of the North East LHIN have recently selected the Northern Supply Chain group as their Shared Service Organization? Northern Supply Chain is based in Thunder Bay, and with the addition of the NE LHIN hospitals, will have a membership of 36 hospitals, covering the largest geographic area of any Shared Service Organization in Ontario. Several of the benefits of being a member of the Northern Supply Chain include strategic sourcing, contract management, data management, clinical resources, and product standardization. As a member of the Steering Committee, we now have an equal vote. Did you know that Signing an invoice from a vendor does not automatically get it paid? There must be a valid and approved Purchase Order in Meditech for that to occur - and that begins with a purchase requisition! Page ď‚ž 12

WORKING TOGETHER Oncology News: Systemic Cancer Therapies at SAH Did you know that our Algoma District Cancer Program (ADCP) uses Personalized Therapies and Immuno-oncology Therapies to treat certain types of cancers? What are Personalized Therapies? Personalized medicine is used to learn about a person’s genetic makeup and how their tumour grows. Using this data, our oncologists determine prevention, screening, and treatment strategies that may be more effective. They also identify treatments that cause fewer side effects than the standard options. By performing genetic tests on the cancer cells and on normal cells, our oncologists are able to customize treatment to each patient’s needs.

What are Immuno-Oncology Therapies? Immuno-oncology therapies are medicines that use the body’s immune system to fight cancer. Since cancer cells are very different from normal cells in the body, the immune system attacks them when it is able to recognize them. However, cancer cells often find ways to disguise themselves as normal cells, so that the immune system does not always recognize them as dangerous. In addition, similar to viruses, they can change over time (mutate) and therefore escape from the immune response. Also, the natural immune response to cancer cells is often not strong enough to fight off cancer cells. Immuno-oncology therapies activate or “wake up” our immune system, making it able to recognize cancer cells and destroy them. They also give long-lasting memory to the immune system, so that it can continually adapt to the cancer over time and provide durable, long-term response to the cancer. These types of therapies have shown to more than double life expectancy!

Oncology News

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Mary Muio has worked in Housekeeping at SAH for 28 years. She began at the former Plummer Hospital site on a part-time basis and now works full-time. For the last 10 years, she has worked in discharge cleaning. Mary, along with a team of housekeepers, is called to clean and prepare inpatient rooms following patient discharges. “I have always enjoyed my work,” she says. “I work across the organization so I have the opportunity to meet many staff members and to interact with patients.” What’s important to Mary? Getting patients from the Emergency Department (ED) to an inpatient bed is very important to Mary. “I understand that sometimes patients and families are waiting long periods in the ED so I work hard to assist in getting patients from the ED into a bed as soon as possible.” Patient privacy and confidentiality are also important to Mary. “If I can put a smile on someone’s face, that’s great but I respect that patients are here to recover and some may wish to engage in conversation, while others prefer quiet,” she says. “I take my cues from the patient and I respect their boundaries.” Mary has been married for 34 years and recently had her first grandchild. She also loves to travel. We salute Mary for providing a valuable service to our patients and for consistently living our values of Page  14

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Featuring Dana Beaulieu

Dana began working at SAH five years ago and held positions as a porter and a personal support worker before moving into Admitting and Patient Registration. Contributing to the overall flow of patients in the hospital, as an Accommodations Clerk, Dana works both to assign beds to patients who have been admitted, and to register patients in the Emergency Department. “I work in alliance with a team, including nurses, to place patients in beds in a timely and safe manner,” says Dana. “In addition, I register patients and ambulances in the Emergency Department.” What’s important to Dana? “I love working in busy environment with people and making patients happy,” she says. “Placing a patient into a bed as soon as possible is very important to me but sometimes it’s also the little things we do as health care workers that make a meaningful difference to our patients and their families.” Dana supports the hospital’s efforts to improve patient flow, including the recent addition of the ED Wait Time Clock. “Patients really like this tool because they can check our website for wait times to see a health care professional and make informed decisions.” In her spare time, Dana and her husband are avid car show participants and own a classic truck. We salute Dana for her dedication to patient care, positive energy and eagerness to help whenever needed! Page  15

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Plan to Attend the SAH 2016 Christmas Party!

Medical Director/Chief Appointment Dr. Emmalee Marshall has been appointed Interim Medical Director and Chief of Department for the Mental Health Program. Dr. Marshall has been a member of the SAH professional staff in the Department of Psychiatry since 2004 and has served in a number of leadership roles. She was Vice President of Medical Affairs from October 2008 until 2011. Dr. Marshall is also Clinical Director of the Mental Health Inpatient Units and the Day Treatment program. She brings both skill and enthusiasm to this role and we are confident that her commitment to patient-centred quality care, combined with her experience and personal attributes will make her an effective leader. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Lino Pistor who has served as Medical Director of the Mental Health Program since November 2001. Dr. Pistor has made many contributions to developing services in the Mental Health and Additions Program in addition to supporting many local organizations and community service providers. We acknowledge his long-standing commitment to high quality patient-centred care and look forward to his continued clinical role in the Mental Health Program.

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EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE SAH Participates in Best of Oncology East Conference The Best of Oncology Conference was held on November 25 in Toronto. SAH participated through an Oncology Education (OE) link (live web stream) and the local session was moderated by oncologist, Dr. Silvana Spadafora. Topics included lung cancer, GI colorectal cancer, melanoma, breast cancer and much more. Thank you to all participants who attended.

Buy Your Holiday Baking from Ventures Once again this year, the friendly team at Ventures will be selling Holiday baking! Baked goods will include mini butter tarts, shortbread, gingersnaps, snickerdoodles, Russian tea balls, peanut butter M&M balls, snowballs and church windows. All cookies are $8/dozen and mini butter tarts are $10/dozen. Make sure you order by December 7.

Order your baking today and check this task off your holiday “to do” list! Remember that Ventures will be open on December 28, 29 and 30 from 8 am to 3 pm and closed on December 26 and 27.

For more information or to place an order, contact Flora Nott at ext. 4626 or at Page  17

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Psychiatry Program to Host Resident Matching Interviews

Dr. Manar Elbohy, Academic Coordinator, Psychiatry Residency Program, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Dr. Hesham Desouky, SAH Site Director, Psychiatry Residency Program, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

SAH is pleased to announce that for the first time, our Psychiatry Department is hosting the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) Psychiatry CaRMs (Canadian Resident Matching Service) interviews in January 2017! The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) is a not-for-profit, fee-for-service organization that works in close cooperation with the medical education community, medical schools and residents/students to provide an electronic application service and match for entry into postgraduate medical training throughout Canada. NOSM interviews candidates for three psychiatry residency positions annually. The role of our psychiatrists’ as file reviewers/interviewers will be to:  Carefully review and follow all CaRMS agreements and policies  Access and review applicant files with the guidance of the program  Ensure procedures are in place to destroy, delete, erase or convert applicant information into an anonymous form SAH’s Psychiatry Department currently has the staff and the infrastructure to support the event and our psychiatrists are excited for the opportunity to host the CaRMs interviews. They have also agreed to also host the Northern Ontario School of Medicine OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) for psychiatry residents in January 2017. OSCEs are a form of performance-based testing used to measure candidates’ clinical competence. During an OSCE, candidates are observed and evaluated as they go through a series of stations in which they interview, examine and treat standardized patients who present with some type of medical problem. In addition, in September 2016, the NOSM Psychiatry Department received full accreditation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. The SAH Psychiatry Department was one of several in the North to participate in this great achievement! We send a huge “congratulations” to our psychiatry team! This exciting news is the result of years of dedicated hard work by many people within the department. Page  18

EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Patient Flow Redesign Scorecard Highlights Did you know…

Staff Education Sessions

The goal of getting our patients to the appropriate level of care bed within 24 hours of admission has had some name discrepancies/ changes over the last few months. The official name of the goal is “Admitted Patient Wait Time”. The various phases of work that are being done to achieve this goal are collectively referred to as Patient Centred Flow Redesign.

The Bedded Level of Care team and Assess & Restore Collaborative (ARC) are working together to help ensure our frail medically complex senior population are being placed in the bed that is best for their care needs. The focus being on the patients access to rehabilitative care (Complex Continuing Care, Rehab, Convalescent Care Program) based on their care needs while bypassing the Emergency Department.

A fun and educational video highlighting Best Flow Practices was shown at the iDi on Wednesday, November 16.

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OUTSTANDING CARE A Story of Hope to Kick off SAHF Tree of Hope Campaign

The McLean Family place the first ‘because iCcare ornament’ on the Foundation’s Tree of Hope.

The Tree of Hope is currently standing tall in the SAH lobby. In honour of our holiday tradition, we would like to share a story of hope: In November 2015, Kassandra went into labour several weeks earlier than expected due to a complication in her pregnancy. She gave birth to Kade, a beautiful baby boy. He was premature and needed the assistance of medical equipment in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, so he could grow strong enough to go home with his family. The equipment he needed was available at our hospital because of the generosity of donors from our community. Donations to our Foundation help purchase medical equipment. Kassandra has thanked the staff for doing everything they could to help her son and make their family's experience at SAH a comfortable one, but now wants to thank this community for supporting the purchase of equipment that ultimately saved her son's life and kept him in our community for care. The McLean family made a visit to SAH to place the first ornament on the Tree of Hope, in honour of their son and the excellent health care provided in our community. Consider a gift for your health care. Spread hope this holiday season and help patients receive care close to home

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OUTSTANDING CARE BDO Helps Future of Gift Shop

Jim Aquino and Lillian Faubert of the SAHVA present the BDO representatives with a plaque of thank s for their donation of service.

Recently, the Sault Area Hospital Volunteer Association (SAHVA) received a kind and generous act from the local BDO office. Employees spent their time to help improve the already successful Gift Shop. They have donated a business plan to help increase sales and generate a greater profit. The Gift Shop, operated by the SAHVA, is located in the main lobby of SAH. Profits from the Gift Shop, as well as all other SAHVA fundraisers, are donated to the SAH Foundation to help purchase medical equipment. The Volunteer Association pledged $200,000 towards the CT scanner last winter and they have just reached the halfway mark.

Subway Supports Health Care

The Jones Family presents cheque of the proceeds from their 25th anniversary celebration.

Subway's 25th Anniversary in Sault Ste. Marie was an incredible success! The Jones family coordinated this fundraiser to have 7 Subway successfully raise $5,420 toward our local health care. Local Subways donated $2 from every sandwich and salad sold that day. This was an incredibly generous and thoughtful fundraiser that will help purchase medical equipment needed to serve local patients and ensure our community has access to the best possible care. Thank you to the Subway owners as well as each and every patron who supported this effort!

Check out the Gift Shop next time you are in the lobby. Whether you purchase a book, clothing, a gift or just a snack, you are helping ensure our community has the best possible health care. Thank you to BDO for their assistance in helping make the SAHVA’s fundraising efforts an even greater success.

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OUTSTANDING CARE 5 Tips for Healthier Holidays

With a few simple tips, you can enjoy your favourite holiday foods and still keep your commitment to eating well. Most importantly, enjoy the holiday spirit. If you happen to overindulge, have lighter meals the next day and find time for fun activities. Tip 1: Eat regularly  Skipping meals can lead to overeating  Get a burst of energy in the morning by eating breakfast  Keep your energy levels up and curb your hunger by eating small meals and snacks every three to four hours Tip 2: Load up with colour Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit - this is a great way to balance out calorie-rich foods.  Choose fresh cut veggies, leafy green salads, and fruit  Hosting a meal? Start off with a steaming bowl of squash soup Tip 3: Enjoy your favourite holiday foods  Enjoy special holiday foods like shortbread cookies, latkes, turkey with stuffing, and mashed potatoes, but keep your portions in check by using smaller plates  Pass on high-calories foods that you can get any time, like chips and chocolate Tip 4: Watch your drinks  Calories from drinks can add up quickly - this is true for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks  Drink slowly. If you choose to drink alcohol, alternate alcoholic drinks with lower calorie options such as sparkling water with lime, low-sodium vegetable juice, or cranberry juice with club soda.  Love eggnog? Enjoy a small cup and think of it as dessert Tip 5: Be active  Balance out those extra holiday calories with some activity  Adults should aim for the recommended 2 ½ hours of weekly physical activity  Start slowly and build up. Every ten-minute burst of activity counts. You'll feel great!  Going to the mall? Add a few extra laps of walking around

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EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE Comings and Goings Welcome New Employees

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