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Subscription Pricing related to ISV in Microsoft SPLA by RoseASP Hosted Microsoft dynamics ERP, Microsoft SPLA, CRM, and Office 365 by Rose ASP can offer private and public clouds; your business can certainly customize and configure your ERP strategy to satisfy your business techniques. Here we are speaking about the subscription pricing concerning ISV.

If you are an ISV in the Microsoft cloud dynamics and hosted ERP group, probably you do not like subscription prices. According to RoseASP, you believe that within subscription costs accreditation commitment you are not being satisfactorily paid back for your significant expenditure and continuing operating costs.

Rose ASP offer shared and dedicated cloud-hosting services to maximize the value they deliver for their customers. They allow businesses to integrate ERP, CRM, Microsoft SPLA and ISV partner solutions in a highly configurable and customizable format to meet the client’s business process needs.

However, you are also a decent businessperson and you realize the market is changing. The customers in your market like subscription pricing. It is attractive to them for a number of reasons. RoseASP refers this as a paradigm shift. To you, it is a change in your business model. You’re being pressured to change from licensing your software for perpetuity and being paid for that all up front, to licensing on a monthly basis; month after month, after month. It is a big change.

There are numerous of difficulties with the alteration. The most significant is undoubtedly prices. Adequately pricing your application and also to ensure it is attractive in the market and make it useful to continue creating and supporting your product with hosted ERP, Microsoft SPLA and cloud dynamics is the main priority.

Leading Microsoft Dynamics cloud solution provider like RoseASP are engaged in providing solution to hundreds of emerging middle market companies, large multinational organizations, and other Microsoft Partners to provide cost effective cloud-based solutions for businesses worldwide. No matter the size of your organization, they also support many customers in the different industries.

This approach to pricing is based primarily on the fact that you are changing from a perpetual license, to a monthly license, and based on RoseASP, of what is happening in the hosted ERP, Microsoft SPLA and Dynamics community.

Certain minimum prices and maximum pricing strategies experienced by cloud dynamics are:

Let us look at an example:


The ISV product used to be sold with a perpetual license for $5,000, plus an annual enhancement fee of 20%. In addition, this pricing represented a fair price for your product.

The lowest costs noticed in this scenario will depend on a three-year repayment:

Initial Purchase $ 5,000 First Year Enhancement 1,000 Second Year Enhancement 1,000 Third Year Enhancement 1,000 Total $ 8,000

Regular monthly (36 months) $ 222

The maximum pricing seen in this scenario is based on a payback of 18 months:

Initial Purchase $ 5,000 First Year Enhancement 1,000 Second Year Enhancement (1/2 year) 500

Total $6,500

Monthly (18 months) $ 361

In such cases, for anyone who is asking lower than $222/month, you might be under pricing your products. If you are requesting greater than $361/month, then think you are overpricing your product or service.

According to RoseASP, pricing in any situation is a difficult business exercise, requiring many considerations about your costs, your competition, your product, and your company’s market position.

If you are not already offering subscription pricing, you probably will be in the near future.

If you are already offering subscription pricing, do not be afraid to change your pricing. It is a new business model for you, and you can change your mind.

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Subscription Pricing related to ISV in Microsoft SPLA by RoseASP