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MEET THE DESIGNER If given a list of her accolades, one would hardly guess that Sally LaPointe has only had her own brand and collection since 2010. To date, LaPointe has been honored with the 2016 International Woolmark Prize and the 2013 FGI Rising Star Award. She was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for Art and Design in 2013, and in 2015, she became a member of the CFDA. Originally from Massachusetts, LaPointe got her start at Rhode Island School of Design where she graduated in 2006. After graduating, she and her best friend and fellow RISD grad, Sarah Adelson moved to NYC. When LaPointe started her company, Adelson became the CEO. The two were lucky enough to be self-funded with the help of close family and friends. Avoiding investors allowed them to keep total control of their company. LaPointe credits “ignorant bliss” and her powerful drive

for giving her the confidence to begin her own brand. Her goal as a designer is to create pieces that will be successful commercially, while still keeping their own identity. The company’s signature identity is “powerfully feminine.” LaPointe says they want to walk the fine line between “tough and elegant.” No matter how much her brand matures and evolves, this is the DNA she wants ingrained in the brand. LaPointe has gained massive popularity among many major department stores, including Bergdorf ’s, and specialty boutiques. She has also become a favorite of many big name celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Padma Lakshmi, Olivia Munn, Kristen Stewart, Emily Blunt, and Diane Kruger. LaPointe continues to impress with her collections, including her most recent--FW 18.



INSPIRATION As evidenced in her collection of space-eqsue pieces, Sally LaPointe was inspired by outer space. This is a concept that many designers draw inspiration from, but LaPointe’s had the moon landing and the excitement over that specifically in mind. Referencing the shift in mindset after the landing, LaPointe says, “What struck me was that people stopped dressing for today and started dressing for tomorrow. It’s about being positive and looking forward.” The success of the collection comes from LaPointe’s spectacular ability to create a collection that incorporates space-inspired elements, while avoiding being futuristic and overdone. The pieces are classic, yet eye grabbing. They are artistic,

but wearable. They are pieces for a forward-thinking woman, a woman who is excited for what is to come. LaPointe aims for her collections to be “powerfully feminine” and “tough but elegant”. Many of the pieces in the AW 18 Collection are metallic and glittery and look like the stars in outer space. The looks are monochromatic and its whites, grays, silvers, golds, and reds follow a space-inspired color palette. There are puffer jackets that have a spacesuit feel. These elements are incorporated subtly so that the collection stays in line with LaPointe’s brand identification. All of the pieces are feminine, but they have a slight edge to them thanks to patent heels, the color palette, and the overall girl boss vibe.


REVIEW This collection is beautiful and really does reflect its inspiration so well. It is a powerful collection that stays true to being tough and elegant. The pieces are stunning, but what really pulls me into the collection is the sense of female power. Every outfit sends such a strong message and really plays into the idea of females being the future, which I feel is part of dressing for the future. This collection is full of grace, strength, and the future. The color story in this collection really draws in the viewer, especially seeing all the looks lined up together. The monochrome pieces and sections of the line-up are far from boring.

The collection handled its theme and inspiration really well because nothing is overdone or made to look cheesy. The theme shows through in the color story, the puffer jackets, and the metallic and glittery pieces. Other than that, the inspiration does not monopolize the collection. My favorite look (the one to the left) is a classic look that emulates Sally LaPointe as a brand. It is classy and feminine but powerful and fierce. It is an outfit that I would love to wear myself. Sally LaPointe’s AW 18 Collection garners top marks in my opinion. I look forward to seeing her upcoming collections in the future.

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AW 18 Review  

Review of Sally LaPointe's AW 2018 Collection.

AW 18 Review  

Review of Sally LaPointe's AW 2018 Collection.