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Johnnie Walker Whisky Johnnie Walker Whisky is regarded as the distributed line of blended Scotch whisky inside world, that's bought from virtually every country with yearly sales of more than 130 million bottles. Johnnie Walker standard blends include green label, blue label, black label, gold label, red label, Johnnie Walker Swing and red & cola. The Johnnie Walker red label blend, is far smoother and somewhat lighter than quite a few of its contemporaries, because it retained the authentic flavour of traditional Scotch Whisky. Johnnie Walker Black Label comes with an enigmatic character. The main sip leaves you using an overwhelming curiosity to discover more. As Black Label's deep taste unfolds a countless flavours are revealed in many waves: first, there is an impression of silky richness; then deep and fruity foreground flavours collapse to drier peaty nuances, then the complementary flavour tones of sweet vanilla and raisins. Recently released is definitely the Johnnie Walker Black Label 100th Anniversary Collectors edition. The Green Label is definitely the newest addition for the Johnnie Walker portfolio. Introduced in 2004, Green Label is a pure malt scotch whisky, blended from four characteristic single malts (each at the very least 15 years old), which together create a balanced whisky evoking freshness and smoke. Johnnie Walker Blue is heralded as being the rarest and a lot exclusive blend. Released in 1992, red label is definitely the ultimate luxury Scotch Whisky and is particularly made out of probably the most unique and premium whiskies inside world. Blue Label is in addition named the whisky for connoisseurs, consequently, each bottle is individually numbered. Johnnie Walker Gold is a somewhat more upscale, the following blend boasts a smoky, caramel and vanilla aroma and a creamy, honeyed taste. This supremely scotch finishes with a light and lingering spiciness. Johnnie Walker Gold is a rare, fine Scotch blend that may be still reasonable to individuals that desire nowhere Label complexities. A must for virtually every Scotch lover.

Johnnie Walker Whisky  

Johnnie Walker standard blends include green label, blue label, black label, gold label, red label,

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