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View with images and charts BUSSINESS PLAN OF ONNO WAVE SBI PVT. LTD CO. Radio ONNO WAVES 87.6 FM Rood # 1, House # 1 Gull Shan - 1, NIKETON. DHAKA. The Industry the company & the service: The Industry: The present radio stations are providing their services at Dhaka, Chittagong and other 16 districts. Only Bangladesh Betar is providing its services all over the country. In this sense Bangladesh Betar who is covering a huge area. But Bangladesh Better transmits its programs through medium ware outside Dhaka and in medium ware the sound seems to be very indistinct. In Dhaka also Bangladesh Betar transmits programs in very weak frequency. However, the present competitors are not anyway full service provider as we are. The company: The convenience for setting up a perfect entertainment media with the package of education & information was perceived by a team of 8 business intellectuals on May, 2007. These extremely skilled people collectively have more than 30 year of experience in Finance, marketing, technical management, general management and so on. After an intense a observation of conditions in the industry and the demand for something exclusive core and authentic among the people convinced them to set up their prominent media as there is a viable growth opportunity for this type of business. Radio Onno Ware will transmit its exclusive programs in 22 districts in a body. Our main listeners will be the people from all walls of society. Because we will transmit our programs regarding their choice, taste & expectation with strong frequency, digital sound and uninterrupted coverage.

Radio Onno Wave will offer special facility for its clients. We will also provide them with reasonable charges for the advertisements of their products and also provide full time transmission. That’s how Radio Onno Wave is offering something special to its target marketThe services: Radio Onno Wave as a entertainment media provide an ample number of programs for its listeners:

• Entertainment programs: Radio Onno Wave will provide exclusive recreational programs for its listener to chill out of the hazardous city life. It has segmented its programs according to the choice & taste of the listeners of all ages, lifestyles, interests and motives. • Educational program: Radio Onno Wave along with recreational programs provide special educational programs for the students as a potential part of our listeners are teenagers and its our responsibility to make the studies appealing to them and that’s why we have a huge planning of promoting our educational programs to help our listeners. • City update: Regular updates of the cities in which we are providing our service will be an exclusive news segment which will definitely help the busy city people to be updated with the city events. • seminars & welfare activities: We at Radio Onno Wave truly believe that without accomplishing our social responsibilities our services will be incomplete. That’s why we will sponsor welfare organizations and seminars to make people aware on social & national problems & their impact upon them. •

Exclusive news update: Radio Onno Wave will transmit news for three times daily which will very much appealing to the listeners who don’t get time to read newspaper.

• Regional program: Radio Onno Wave truly believe that our regional traditions are our pride and that’s why to give the regional songs and culture its own position among our young generation we have authentic regional programs from the rural part of our country exclusively only on Rodio Onno Wave 87.6 FM. • Free advertisement: Radio Onno Wave transmits the advertisement for government announcement, necessity of blood, missing news and many welfare activities without any charge. Market research, analysis and marketing strategies: Market segmentation approach: We are applying multi-segmentation approach to segment our whole market. We produce several different programs and services intended for different listeners and customers. Multisegment approach will help us reach more customers and increase sales in the total market. Market segmentation: To divide a market into segments, we use geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentation together to define the characteristics of individuals.

At first, we will broadcast our programs in 22 districts along with 6 divisional districtsDhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Barisal and Sylhet. [Geographic segmentation] We will make and broadcast our programs especially for people of specific ages. We will put top priority on their preferences, attitudes, personalities, opinions, lifestyles, interests and motives. Culture, social forces, choices etc. differ from people to people, place to place. We will keep that in mind when we will produce our programs or whatever we do. [Demographic and psychographic segmentation] Target market: Target market is individuals to which “Radio Onno Wave” directs its marketing activities. “Radio Onno Wave” target market includes1. Audience: Audiences are ultimate inspiration and motivation in our activities. Our first object is to identify and satisfy their needs. As a result we’ll be in a leading position and able to increase our market shares in a short period of time. 2. Companies: Companies in our country are the main source of revenue. We’ll encourage them to advertise in our radio by offering attractive rate of advertisement. We’ll convince them to patronize our activities and performance. 3. Government, NGO, Social development association: We’ll disclose various activities, initiatives, approaches and comments of these individuals to people of our country. We don’t expect to earn from these social welfare activities which will facilitate our institutional advertising.

4. Future listeners: We’re applying primary demand advertising to convince people who don’t use to hear FM radio now.

Marketing Mix: Marketing mix is a combination of four elements –product, price, distribution and promotion used to satiety the needs of tar market. Radio Anno wave has designed a superb marketing mix to meet the requirements or necessities of target market. The marketing mix of Radio ‘Arno wave’ is gradually described below1. Product: Product may be good, service or idea. Radio Anno wave offer services, ideas to its stakeholders (listeners, advertisers, patrons and all people directly or indirectly involved with us). Our audiences like to enjoy specially songs, news, educational, informative, and reformative programs on FM radios. At

first, we will ensure the nonstop music for our audience. We will strive to make our listeners happy by playing music as they like. We will acknowledge them about new arrival, fantastic songs and current market situation of different albums available in the market we will arrange live conversation between celebrities and listeners. On this way our listeners will be able to share their feeling, requests, likes, dislikes, advices etc. with their favorite personalities. Advertisements of business firms, NGO-s, socio-economic organization are the main revenue source of our organization. We will co-operate government, various social welfare association by making people known about their activities, performances, steps, initiatives to face coming challenges or to solve problems. We will broadcast news, informative, educational, reformative programs (for instance, programs for assisting the preparation of S.S.C, H.S.C, primary scholarship examinees, talk-show on important or most talking issues, information about scientific research etc). In a nutshell, Radio Anno wave will not only assure the recreation of people but also attempt to ensure and practice the people’s right of information. That is why we have formed the daily list our programs very sensibly and carefully. Following is the list of our programs-

Time segregation: Time

Program name

11.00 pm - 3.00 am

Raat kete jak Gaane Gaane

Standard 12.00 pm - 4.00 pm Prime Super

Today’ gossiping

4.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Tomar Jonno

7.00 am – 11.00 am

Notuner aahoban

8.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Hok Kolorob

News will be broadcasted for three times daily (7.30 am, 3.30 pm , 9.30 pm ), A live teletalk- show on important issues will be held twice in a week. [Here, the various programs that will be broadcasted on scheduled time are very briefly mentioned. The services and ideas provided by us are very precisely presented in ‘service of Radio Anno wave’ portion] 2. Price: Once a firm develops a product, it must set a price. Pricing requires very crucial decision making because price is visible to answers and closely tied to a company’s profit we know that customer may not accept products priced too high and film may not recover its cost in product is priced to low.

That is why Radio Onno Wave set the prices of its services very carefully. Radio Onno Wave expect to reach break even by 10 months of its operation and use competition-oriented pricing method for its services and ideas. We actually charge from advertisers and little bit from our listeners who will request us to play songs as they wish through sms and e-mail. We have several deals with local mobile operators and opened some e-mail accounts for facilitate that. We will get a specific rate for each sms. We can not disclose the rate because we have made deal with mobile operators on confidential basis. Following is the list of the rate of advertisement in BDT Duration

Pre spot rat (BDT)


standard time














Pre spot rat (BDT)


standard time













3. Distribution: At the beginning, Radio Onno Wave will broadcast its programs at 22 districts al with 60 divisional District Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Barisal, Rajshahi, Khulna. We are really interested to expend our transmission area in near future. Radio Onno wave will try heart and soul to populate itself through broadcasting programs of varied interests.















4. Promotion: Radio Onno wave will acknowledge it listeners and customers about its programs, services by adapting very fantastic and effective promotional strategies. We will advertise regularly through satellite TV channels, internet, newspaper, magazines and other FM radios. We will strive to develop our brand name, logo, frequency. We have already suspended our bill board, banners, stickers etc at important zones of our transmission areas. We are now distributing T-shirt, cap etc. to people on which our logo or trademark have been printed. We will initiate primary demand, selective and institutional advertising to popularize our radio. These promotional activities will be carried on to establish our brand name to increase the market share, to position our-self in the market. Thus our promotional activities include1. Advertising a) primary demand advertising b) Selective advertising c) Institutional advertising Our advertising media comprises – a) Television b) Newspaper c) Direct mail d) Radio e) Magazines f) Outdoor displays (bill boards, posters, banners etc.) Actually, we’re following pull promotional strategy to develop our promotion mix. Competition:

FM Radio is getting popular day by day. Many analysts predict that this sector will emerge as powerful, effective, reliable media as satellite TV channels in near future. The journey of this sector started by the foundation of ‘Radio Foorti’ in 2002. As we had realized popularity of FM Radio, we decided to set up a new one namely “Radio Onno Wave”. Some tough competitors though three are, we have enough resources, strategies, technical support, highly professional employees to compete with our competitors. Radio Onno Wave is really exceptional from other radios in many aspects. Following is the list of our competitors1. Radio Foorti. 2. Radio Today. 3. Radio Amar. Strengths of our competitors: Compilation of competitors’ strengths is a difficult task since Radio Onno Wave doesn’t directly compete with any of these FM Radios. Many statistics provide closest comparison to us. Other FM Radio’s competitive advantage lies in the fact that they are established in the sector. We perceive their strength to be their visibility. They know how to attract listeners, influence them to stay tuned with them, they are designing and developing new and extraordinary patterns to present programs gorgeously, they have many familiar RJs and hardworking employees. Now-a-days existing FM Radios in our country participate in many occasions and parties as radio partner which facilitates their promotional strategies. The weaknesses of our competitors: The weaknesses that are consistent to all of our competitors are lack of flexibility, their pricing, failure to broadcast programs everywhere and weak frequency. Conclusion: Survival of Radio Onno Wave: Radio Onno Wave will overcome these strengths and take advantage of these weaknesses of our competitors as follows•

As we mentioned earlier, Radio Onno Wave use competition-oriented pricing method. Although there are some established FM Radios, we are unique for our pricing. We charge less than that of our competitors. The difference rate of our service value from our competitors is about 1-30 tk.

We broadcast especially songs, news, talk-show, regular update on some important matter, investigative report and the like. There are some critics against existing FM Radios like prolix, dull, tedious presentation, conversation, access advertisement. We have already hired many professional RJs as our host. They will introduce new styles in the presentation of programs that will obviously encourage listeners to stay with us. Varied interests of our programs will definitely create a super image to our customers.

We are eager to regain the lost pride of our Bengali Film Industry. We will broadcast songs of movies once in a day, make cordial attempts regularly (such as, features on new movies, performers, stories, interesting aspects of movies) to create positive image of our Bengali films.


We are exceptional because of our promotional activities. We have already allocated a huge amount of our capital for our promotional activities. We are contacting with many renowned advertisement producers to advertise our self in an unconventional and interesting way. Interesting thing is that our competitors don’t advertise on TV channels, but we will do that.

ONNO Wave  

The convenience for setting up a perfect entertainment media with the package of education & information

ONNO Wave  

The convenience for setting up a perfect entertainment media with the package of education & information