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view with images and charts Environmental Degradation & Its Impact on Dhaka An Analytical Report Impact of Housing Business in our Society Bashundhara residential area

CHAPTER-I LITERATURE REVIEW Before people used to buy land to build up house for settlement. As a result, only upper class people get a chance to build up houses buying land. But it’s quite impossible for the middle class people. Since the time has changed, people decision is also changed. In the past days to build up a structure takes for or fine years or more than that. At present, people get a complete flat within on or two years because of housing business. But because of this housing business, people get not only benefit but also faces many problems. This problem is not personal it also spread out in the whole society. For this reason, we want to highlight the impact of housing business in our society.

Literature is very important for any kind of research or field study. For the better result of our field survey in “Bashundhara residential area”. We got literature help from Bashundhara group office and other internet. Most of these literary helps are field study related. METHODOLOGY Simplifying topic the essence of this study definitions of key words are needed to explain that shall be found in the report of “The impact of housing business in our society”. 

Profile of Bashundhara residential area:

In every type of land use and socio-economic research, this is needed to present the profile of the project area as a methodology of any project area. It is helpful for analysis of data after the project. We mainly keep importance about the profile of Bashundhara residential area. 

Socio-economic condition

Derived from both social and economic factors, combining such factors to provide an indication of person’s or group effective social situation. We have collected socio-economic data of inhabitants/ resident of Bashundhara residential area by questionnaire survey which both closed and opened structured questionnaire. There were 20 samples which were selected randomly. To manipulate the data for socio economic analysis, the statistical methods are used. For critical data analysis. Area-Info, Are-view, Ms-Word, Excel Software has been used. 

Land use survey

We have used Bashundhara map for survey. We have identified A-E blocks/ 20,000 plot of this residential area. In the field, we have collected the land use information on base map identifying plot to plot. 

Data collection Techniques:

When we went to research about a matter for our work. We have to collect data from primary and secondary sources. Now a day, this is the technique that is followed. Most of the data is collected at the primary source. This research/ project paper is a combination of secondary data, collection and analysis as well as primary data collection. We

collected the different land use and socio economic data by asking local people/ in habitants of Bashundhara residential area. SELECTION OF THE STUDY AREA The name of project is “Impact of housing in our society” and hare selected a residential area for this project. The name of residential area is “Bashundhara Residential area”. As a build up this residential area, two type of impact have been seen in not only society but also at the hearest area. CHAPTER-II HOUSING BUSINESS (DEFINITION)

Dhaka city brogue during the Moghul Empire and grown with the British rule, is expending rapidly. From the beginning of the 20 th century its growth and latter development is marked with sheer lack of proper and for reaching planning. The impact is now being felt at the end of the century. Dhaka city is under going terrific growth phase throughout the last two decades. While there are so many real estate developers in the market, there are also very few of the who thane maintained the quality, safety and customer preference. It is customary in the country that the first day quality and impression is lost after a while when people, start getting a bit of familiarity. This happens due mainly to lack of professionalism. Sometimes the consumers here are in a fix to choose a particular brand out of many. A good number of real estate companies are working under one umbrella association named “Real estate and housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB). Almost 83 companies are at present affiliated with this association, while more than 200 companies are working independently.

Objectives of Housing Business or REHAB:  To offer finest apartments in excellent locations to the clients.  To provide sound construction with aesthetic design to the clients.  To install best possible fitting and fixtures.  To satisfy clients by expert oriented service  To help solving the residential problem of Dhaka city.  To perform social responsibility for a happy market. Real estate business especially apartment projects has started in late 1970s in Dhaka city. But from early 80s the business started to grow and flourish. It present more than 250 companies are active in Business but 95% business is still dominated by of top 10 companies. Present market is growing at the rate 15% reasons for development of the industry. The main reasons why real estate business or housing business develop0ed in Dhaka city are as follows:  Scarcity of open space in the important areas of the city.  Rapid increase in population of Dhaka  Hazards of purchasing land  Hazards of construction of building  Decrease in the rate of bank interest  Price of land and apartments is increasing day by day.  Rent of the apartment is comparatively higher than the rent of privately constructed flats.  Open market economy remittance of foreign currency is very easy. Disadvantages of Housing business  It increases traffic congestion  It increase population problem  It increases environmental population 250 companies are engaged with housing business or REHAB: Those ares Dom-Inno Builders Ltd.  ABC Real estates limited  Alliance properties limited  ANZ properties limited  Assurance Developments Ltd

 Asset Development and holdings ltd.  Bay developments Ltd.  Capital and Development Ltd.  Eureka homes Ltd.  Excellence properties Ltd.  Green Delta housing and Development Ltd.  Home Design Ltd.  HRS Development and Holdings Limited  Jamuna Builders Limited  Japan garden city Ltd.  Nagar Builders Ltd.  Property Development.  Protik Development Limited.  Ventura Properties Ltd.  Zaman Properties  Zoha Properties Housing projects (Private) have been spread out in every area of Dhaka city. Such as:  Baridhara (Bashundhara residential area)  Gulshan  Banani  Uttara  DOHS  Kalabagan  Kakrail RAJUK Code Most of the housing companies don’t follow the RAJUK code. Because of this, housing projects are confronting many problem and risk. Example: Bashundhara residential area etc. This project area is not properly permitted by RAJUK. Because Bashundhara Residential Area is a low land area. Every year this project is affected by flood. So, housing project should be maintained rajuk code.

CHAPTER-III Bashundhara Residential Area The first and prime project popularly known as “Bashundhara” hear Bashundhara diplomatic zone has been developed on several hundred acres of land. In this residential area, 15 blocks are there and among them 13 (A to M) blocks are already developed in planned and organized way and rest of N,P blocks are on process to develop. Location of the project or Bashundhara residential area: This area located about two kilometer fro Zia international airport. North side →A 300 feet wide RJUK road. West side → Baridhara Diplomatic gone of RAJUK East Side → Rajuk purbachal project Other Facilities are There are more facilities in Bashundhara residential area:  North south university  International university of Bangladesh  Viqurennessa Noon School and College  Sunny dale English Medium School  Apollo hospital  Mosque  Jamuna Future park  Bashundhara Convention centre Bashundhara residential area was established in 2004 as a residential area. A-F blocks are approved by Gov’t. The bashundhara group of companies started off as a real estate venture known as “Bashundhara” under the again of the groups first concern the East West property Development (Pvt) Ltd. This project turned out to be very successful and had helped foster the growth of trust and confidence of the urban people in “Bashundhara”. Problems of Bashundhara residential area: The in habitants of Bashundhara Residential area, they are confronting many problems those are: Traffic problem

 Care parking problem  Security problem  Drainage problem  Electricity problem  Water supply problem But everyday inhabitant of Bashundhara residential area are confronting traffic problem. Because this residential area has no bypass. Drainage problem is the problem of Bashundhara residential area. During on rainy season, rain water gets stuck on roads due to lack of proper drainage system. Steps: Bashundhara project should take proper steps to remove those problems.  The roads of Bashundhara residential area should be repaired and maintained.  The supply of electricity should be improved.  No recreational system sacred to be found at Bashundhara residential area. Therefore, park and playground should be assembled.  The drainage system of Bashundhara area is hot properly good. So, the authority should take step to develop this drainage system. As a result, every raing season, the rain water will hot get stuck on roads. Information of the family/ resident of Bashundhara residential area: 1. Ratio of the head of the household : Head of the family Male Female Total

Frequency 20 00 20

Percentage 100 0 100

Male Female

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Male


After analyzing the data of my survey area Bashundhara Residential area, we can see that 100% households’ area male and most of the earner are male. 2. Types of the family : Types of the family Single family Combined family Extended family Total

Frequency 15 5 00 20

16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Single family

Combined family

Extended family

Percentage 75 25 00 100


0% Single family Combined family Extended family 75%

In Bashundhara residential area, 75% families are single family and 25% families are combined family. 3. Duration of living : Duration 1-3 3-6 6+ Total

Frequency 17 03 00 20

18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 3-Jan



Percentage 85 15 00 100



3-Jan 6-Mar 6+ 85%

This table shows that 85% people are living here for 1-3 years, 15% people are living 3-6 years. 4. Ratio of family members: Members Male Female Total

Frequency 75 50 125

80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Male


Percentage 60% 40% 100%

Male Female

Here, 60% people are male and 40% people are female. 5. Relation of the members with the household: Relations Husband Wife Father Mother Brother On Sister Daughter Total

Frequency 10 30 03 04 06 25 02 54 125

Percentage 8% 24% 2.4% 3.2% 4.8% 20.8% 1.6% 43.2% 100%







0 Husband




6. Age Structure of the family members : Classes 0-10

Frequency 26

Percentages 20.8

11-20 21-30 31-40 31-60 60 + Total

49 33 02 07 08 125

39.2 26.4 1.6 5.6 6.4 100


50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 0-10





60 +

7. Education Level : Education Level Primary Junior high School High School Quadrate Hasteis Other Total

Frequency 31 24 50 10 10 00 125

Percentages 24.8 19.2 40 8 8 00 100

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Primary

Junior high School

High School




The home of my study area is Bashundhara residential area. Here, 24.8% one primary school, 19.2% are Junior high school, 8% are graduate level educated 8% are master level educated. 8. Marital Status : Marital status Married Unmarried Total

Frequency 92 33 125

Percentages 73.6 26.4 100%

Married Unmarried

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Married


Here, maximum people group is married and 33% are unmarried. 9. Occupation : Occupation Service Business

Frequency 28 20

Percentages 22.4 16

House wife Student Total

20 57 125

16 45.6 100%







0 Service


House wife


Here, 45.6% are student and they are not involving any occupation.

10. Monthly income: Monthly income 15,0000- 25,000 25,000-50,000 50,000 + Total

Frequency 3 20 7 30

Percentages 10 66.66 23.33 100%

20 18 16 14 23%


10% 15,0000- 25,000


25,000-50,000 50,000 +

8 67%

6 4 2 0 15,0000- 25,000


50,000 +

Here, 66.66% People ware between 25,000-50,000 Taka per month. •

Information of Bashundhara residential area:

1. Sq feet of flat : Sq feet of flat 950-1100 1100-1250 1250-1400 Total

Frequency 5 12 3 20

Percentages 25% 60% 15% 100%



15% 8

25% 950-1100 1100-1250






0 950-1100



Here, 25% families are living between 950-1100 Sq feet flat and 60% families are living between 1100-1200 Sq feet. 2. Source of taking loan: Place Gov’t Bank Private Bank Others Total

Frequency 8 12 00 20

Percentages 40% 60% 00 100%

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Gov’t Bank

Private Bank



Here, 40% families are taking loan from Gov’t Bank. 3. Handover of flat : (Bashundhara project)

After years 2-3 years 3-4 years Total

Frequency 15 5 20

Percentages 75% 25% 100

2-3 years 3-4 years

4. Opportunity : Types of Yes opportunity Frequency Povt office 27 Primary school 30 Bank 20 High school 20 Hospital 10 University 03 Market 20 Madrasa 20 Total 100

Percentages 14.59% 20.25% 16.21% 17.83% 10.81% 1.6% 10.81% 10.81% 100

No Frequency 10 00 15 00 30 15 8 05 25

Percentages 5.40 00 18.07 00 35.29 17.64 9.41 8.62 100%

30 30

25 25










0 Povt office





Povt office





In our surveyed area, the inhabitants of Bashundhara residential area have got the satisfactory social infrastructure facility. But maximum are satisfied of those facilities.

5. Problems of Bashundhara residential area: Problems Traffic Drainage Security Problem Electricity Problem Total

Frequency 20 20 10 12 62

Percentages 33.33 41.66 8.33 10 100%

20 18 16 14 Traffic Drainage Security Problem Electricity Problem

12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Traffic


Security Problem

Electricity Problem

In our surveyed area, inhabitants of Bashundhara residential area, they are always confronting traffic and drainage problem. The drainage system of this area is not well developed. 5. Effect of flood on this area: Area Yes No Total

Frequency 70 25 95

Percentages 80% 20% 100

In rainy season, the inhabitants of Bashundhara Residential area are affected by flood mostly; they are also confronting many risks that are earthquake. The drainage system of

that area is not well developed. Because of this every rainy season, the rainy water get stuck on roads. 6. Satisfied or Dissatisfied to live in area : Satisfy Yes No Total

Frequency 12 8 20

Percentages 60% 40% 100%

Yes No

Here, 60% people are satisfied to live in this area. Because they get opportunity from here. But some times they face many problems. The housing project of Bashundhara Group should take proper steps to remove these problems.

Base map of Bashundhara Residential Area

List of Photograph

Conclusion and Recommendations Conclusion: Any development can not be produce without research and survey. At present many developed authorities of the would give very importance on research and survey. They take the research and survey as a policy. So, we have presented about the impact of housing business in our society and for this we select “Bashundhara residential area. Housing company or REHAB plays an important role for people. But sometimes, people and society faces some problem because of this housing company. We have presented these problems by these projects. For this we have selected “Bashundhara residential Area. Bashundharas resident and the hearest people are facing problem everyday because of housing company or Bashundhara project. So, housing company should take necessary steps to solve these problems. The drainage system of this area is not well developed. Traffic problem have been seen every day. Recommendation 

The roads of the area should be repaired and maintained.

The drainage system of bashundhara area is not property good. So, the authority should toke step.

Should be constructed another road by housing project.

Awareness about environmental pollution must be increased for overall develop must of this bashundhara residential

Communication system of this area is not up to the mark.

Security system is not good should be strong security system.


Banglapedia, Bangladesh Asiatic Society, Dhaka

Bashundhara Group Office, Bashundhara, Dhaka

University of Jahangirnagor


Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Land use survey, 2009

Recommendation of further Actions and further research: According to this project/ research, we have got the present situation of “Bashundhara residential area.” This research has some himitation for the lack of time and scope. It someone want to research about this subject, have to follow these following ways for better results.  Complete the land use survey with the help not map.  More questions have to be included in the questionnaire so that we can easily collect the data.  Computer use in data analysis mater the research more efficient.

Impact of Housing Business in our Society Bashundhara residential area  
Impact of Housing Business in our Society Bashundhara residential area