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10. Managing Director & CEO/Head of Investment Risk Management / Board as per the delegated power shall approve and monitor any cross border exposure risk / exceptional case. 11. Any breaches of Investment authority to be reported to Managing Director & CEO, Head of Internal Control and Head of IRM. B. Training and Experience It is essential that Executives/member of the Committee authorized to exercise delegation of business power must have relevant training and experience to carry out their responsibility effectively and a minimum they should have: 1. At least 5 years experience working in Corporate / Commercial banking as a Relationship Manager / Head of Branch / Head of Investment, etc. 2. Training and experience in financial statement, cash flow and risk analysis. 3. A thorough working knowledge of Accounting 4. A good understanding of the local industry/market dynamics 5. Adequate knowledge of the following areas:  Introduction of accrual accounting.  Industry / Business Risk Analysis.  Borrowing causes.  Financial reporting and full disclosure.  Financial Statement Analysis.  The Asset Conversion/Trade Cycle.  Cash Flow Analysis.  Projections.  Investment Structure and Documentation.  Investment Management. C. Organizational Structure And Responsibilities The appropriate organizational structure must be in place to support the adoption of policies described in Chapter-I of these guidelines. The key feature is the segregation of the Marketing / Relationship Management function from Approval / Risk Management / Administrative Functions. Investment approval shall be centralized within the IRM function. Investment application shall be approved by the Managing Director / Deputy Managing Director / Head of Investment at Head Office / Head of Branches as per their delegation of business powers approved by the Board of Directors and beyond their authority, the proposals are to be placed before the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors / Board of Directors for approval. Organizational Structure

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