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Report on Exim Bank Limited Background of EXIM Bank Ltd EXIM Bank Limited was established in 1999 under the leadership of Late Mr. Shahjahan Kabir, founder chairman who had a long dream of floating a commercial bank which would contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. He had a long experience as a good banker. A group of highly qualified and successful entrepreneurs joined their hands with the founder chairman to materialize his dream. In deed, all of them proved themselves in their respective business as most successful star with their endeavor, intelligence, hard working and talent entrepreneurship. Among them, Mr. Nazrul Islam Mazumder became the honorable chairman after the demise of the honorable founder chairman. This bank starts functioning from 3rd August, 1999 with Mr. Alamgir Kabir, FCA as the advisor and Mr. Mohammad Lakiotullah as the Managing Director. Both of them have long experience in the financial sector of our country. By their pragmatic decision and management directives in the operational activities, this bank has earned a secured and distinctive position in the banking industry in terms of performance, growth, and excellent management. The authorized capital and paid up capital of the bank are Tk. 1000.00 million and Tk313.87million respectively. The bank has migrated all of its conventional banking operation into Shariah based Islami banking since July/2004. Organo gram

Head Office

General Service Division

Establishment & Business

Financial Administration Division

Import Credit Division


Credit Division

International Banking Division

General Credit Division

Export credit Division

Law & Recovery Division

Capital The bank is started with an authorized capital of TK.100 million in 1999 & as on 31 st December 2000 authorized capital stood 1000 million. The paid up capital stood at TK 627 Million as on 31st December 2003 .Capital structure of EXIM Bank has changed from year to

year .The components of the capital structure and paid up capital; proposed cash dividend, retained earnings and other reserve. Corporate Culture This bank is one of the most disciplined Banks with a distinctive corporate culture. Here we believe in shared meaning, shared understanding and shared sense making. Our people can see and understand events, activities, objects and situation in a distinctive way. They mould their manners and etiquette, character individually to suit the purpose of the Bank and the needs of the customers who are of paramount importance to us. The people in the Bank see themselves as a tight knit team/family that believes in working together for growth. The corporate culture we belong has not been imposed; it has rather been achieved through our corporate conduct. Vision and mission Our vision and mission are stated in the following bullets: • To be the finest bank in the banking arena of Bangladesh under the Shariah guidelines. • To maintain Corporate and business ethics. • To become a trusted repository of customers' money and their financial advisor. • To make our stock superior and rewarding to the customers/share holders. • To display team spirit and professionalism. • To have a Sound Capital Base. • To provide high quality financial services in export and import trade. • To provide excellent quality Customer service Shariah board The Board of directors has formed a Shariah Supervisory Board for the Bank. Their duty is to monitor the entire Bank’s transactional procedures, & assuring its Shariah compliancy. This Board consists of the following members Chairman: The tasks of the Shariah supervisor in summary is replying to queries of the Bank’s administration, staff members, shareholders, depositors, & customers, follow up with the Shariah auditors and provide them with guidance, submitting reports & remarks to the Fatwa & Shariah Supervision Board and the administration, participating in the Bank’s training programs, participating in the supervision over the AlIqtisad AlIslami magazine, & handling the duty of being the General Secretary of the Board. CENTRAL SHARIAH BOARD FOR ISLAMIC BANKS OF BANGLADESH (CSBIB) Background "Islamic banking" is based on profit-loss sharing and an interest-free banking system that takes root in the twentieth century. It is an outcome of the extensive research and brain storming of the Islamic Philosophers and Economists in the light of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. The concept of Islamic banking having considered and proven it equitable and conducive to the economic progress, it has spread out across the globe under diverse nomenclatures such as, Shariah Banking, PLS Banking etc. In the absence of interest-free banks in the country, the people of Bangladesh, to meet emergency and against their will, had to do banking transactions with conventional banks. At long last, the first, interest-free

banking activities under Islamic Shariah set out in Bangladesh in the year 1983. Days in, days out, this banking system reaches in its golden pinnacle.

Members of Shariah Council Professor Moulana Mohammad Salah Uddin

Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mazumder

Moulana Mohammad Sadequl Islam

Mr. A.K.M Nurul Fazal Bulbul

Professor H.M. Shahidul Islam Barakaty

Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan

Mr. A.S.M. Fakhrul Ahsan

Mr. Zubayer Kabir

Hafez Moulana Mufti Mohammad Khair Ullah

Mr. Abdullah Al-Zahir Sawpan

Member ISLAMIC BANKS (6) 1.












Member BANKS having Islamic Banking Branches (9) 1.


















Some projects and track records of the CSBIB


Islamic Banking Award The Central Shariah Board has taken project to offer yearly 'Central Shariah Board Islamic Banking Award' to the individuals and organization showed excellence in Islamic Banking field. The award includes a crest, a certificate and cash money of BDT one hundred thousand.


Essay Competition Central Shariah Board arranges an Essay Competition each year on different Islamic Banking and finance related subjects. There are three groups in this competition and the winners receive a handsome amount of money as prize.


Training on Islamic Economic & Banking To arrange training courses on Islamic Economics & Banking related subject for the executives of different banks and teachers of colleges and Madrasahas, Muftis, Imam and Khatib (Orator) of Masjids in one of the major the board.


Shariah Manual on different Islamic Banking products The Board has taken initiatives to prepare Shariah manuals on different modes of investment for easy operation of banking activities. The work will be finished by the end of 2007.


Publication of journal Central Shariah Board is publishing a Quarterly research journal named "Islamic Banks' Central Shariah Board Journal."


Publication of Bulletin In view to make Islamic Banking Activities were familiar and circulate Islamic Banking and finance related news the Board began to publish a bulletin named "Islamic Finance" The Board is planning to publish the Bulletin a monthly news magazine in future.


Publication of Books The Board published a book entitled "Shariah Board in Islamic Banks and Financial Institution" and more books written of Islamic banking and finance related subjects are waiting to be published.


Exchange of views In view to enhance Islamic Banking activities a delegation of the Board is visiting the member banks for two years and exchanging views with the higher authorities of banks. The delegation offered then different advice and indications.


Islamic Credit Card The board is carrying on research an Islamic credit card for all of the member banks.


Draft of Islamic Bank company law The board prepared Islamic Bank company law (Draft) and submitted it to Bangladesh bank for promulgation. It is presently, The Islamic Banks operating in Bangladesh is being general under the "Bank company law 1991 which was actually legislated for the operation of conventional banks.


Approval of Inter-Islamic Bank Money Market regulation To solve the liquidity scarcity no Islamic bank can borrow money from call Money Market became of Interest connection. So the board approved "Inter-Islamic Bank Money Market regulation" so that Islamic Banks can deal each other to solve the scarcity of liquidity and excess liquidity accordingly of Shariah.


Board of Directories Late Shahjahan Kabir Founder Chairman

Md. Nazrul Islam Mazumder Chairman

Alamgir Kabir, FCA Former Advisor

Kazi Masihur Rahman Managing Director

Name of Directors Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam Mazumder Mr. Md. Faiz Ullah Mrs. Nasima Akhter Mr. A.K.M. Nurul Fazal Mr. Zubayer Kabir Mr. Md. Habibullah Mr. Md. Abdul Mannan Al-haj Md. Nurul Amin Mr. Abdullah Al-Zahir Sawpan Mr. Mohammed Shahidullah

Key functions of the EXIM Bank Ltd Like other commercial Banks EXIM Bank performs all traditional Banking business including introduction of a wide range of caving and credit products, retail banking and professional management. But the EXIM Bank emphasizes its functions in export and import trade handling and financing of export oriented industries will enhance wealth, quotes more employment’s opportunities, helps formation of capital and reduces in the balance of payment of the country. The other functions are as follows:  Receiving deposit  Granting investment  Creation of deposit by investment  Transfer of money  Discounting of bill of exchange  Investment in profitable sectors  Export and Import. Performance of the Bank at a Glance Sl. No Particulars






Authorized Capital





02. 03.

Paid-up Capital Reserve Fund

31.39 22.82

62.78 35.73

87.90 57.00

171.38 81.09














Investment(Shares & Bonds)





Foreign Exchange Business





a) Import Business





b) Export Business





c) Remittance






Operating Profit






Loan as a % of total Deposit






No. of Foreign Correspondent 185





Number of Employees






Number of Branches






Return on Assets






Branch Network: The number of branches as it stands now is 28 (Twenty Eight) and steps are being taken to open few more branches at commercial important places by the year 2006. Branch Codes and Names Branch Code 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 29 31

Branch Name

Branch Code

Branch Name

Motijheel Panthapath Agrabad Khatungonj Gazipur Imamganj Gulshan Sonaimuri Sylhet Nawabpur Narayangonj Shimrail Rajuk Avenue New Eskaton Bashundara Comilla

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 32

Uttarra Laksum Mirpur Jubilee Road Elephant Road Mawna Bogra Jessore Malibag Ashulia Ashugonj CDA Avenue Choumuhoni Satmasjid Road Fenchugonj Rangpur

Product & Services

Deposit Al-Wadia Current Deposit Mudaraba Savings Deposit Mudaraba Short Term Deposit Mudaraba Term Deposit Foreign Currency Deposit

Mudaraba Hajj Deposit Mudaraba Savings Scheme

Money Grower Super Savings

Steady Money

Multiplus Savings

Investment / Finance

Corporate Finance

Mode of Investment

Industrial Finance


Project Finance

Bai Muazzal

Syndicate Investment

Izara Bil Baia

Wazirat Bil Wakala


Local Documentary Bill Purchased

Foreign Documentary Bill Purchased

2.11 E-cash/ ATM Service The bank is currently providing Credit Card Service (MasterCard) to the privileged customers of the bank in collaboration of Prime Bank. Floating VISA card for both Debit and Credit card service is under process. Accounts Opening Section

This section deals with opening of different types of account. It is also deals with issuing of cheque books and different deposit books to the different accounts openers. A customer can open different types of accounts through this department such as        

Current Account Saving Account Monthly Saving Scheme (MSS) Monthly Income Scheme (STEADY MONEY) Multi Plus Saving Super Saving Scheme Education Saving Scheme Fixed Deposit Account

Requirements of Opening an Account There are some requirements that have to be completed for opening an account. Current Account Current Account is an account where the account holders can make numbers of transactions with in a working day. There is no restriction on the number and the amount of withdrawals from the current account within availabilities of funds. As the Banker is under the obligation to repay this deposit on demand on profit is paid in this account. Generally, current account is opened for Businessman and trades for easy transaction. But a person can open CD Account for specials purpose. Requirements for the different types of Accounts holders are discussed. Proprietorship Firm There is a different account opening form for the proprietorship firm by the EXIM Bank of Bangladesh Ltd. For this account, a customer must need to submit the papers with the form  Photograph  Signature and Rubber- stamp seal of the client  Introducer of EXIM Bank ltd.  Introducer must be an account holder  Chairman certificate / Citizenship certificate of the proprietor  Trade license Current deposit account is opened with neither a sum of nor less then 1000. The Introducer must attest Photographs of the account holder. Partnership firm There is a different account opening form for the proprietorship firm. Interaction for running an account is given in this form. The following documents are required to open these types of accounts.      

Photograph Signature and Rubber- stamp seal of the service receiver Introducer of EXIM Bank ltd. Introducer must be account holder Chairman certificate / Citizenship certificate of the partners Trade license

 Partnership deed registered by Notary public  Partnership letter along with address and signature Current deposit account is opened with neither a sum of nor less then 5000.The introducer must attest Photographs of new account holder. Limited Company A separate account from is used for limited company. There are two kinds of limited company – Public Limited Company and private limited company. The bank always takes precautions for opening this type of account. Several documents are submitted by the clients, which should be checked carefully by the Bank to be legally in a safe position. Requirements to open an account are as follows: A. Public limited company        

Photograph Signature and Rubber- stamp seal of the client An Introducer of EXIM Bank ltd. Introducer must be CD account holder Chairman certificate of the partners Trade license Certified copy of memorandum and articles of association Certificate of Incorporation

        

B. Private limited company Photograph Signature and Rubber- stamp seal of the service receiver Introducer of EXIM Bank ltd. Introducer must be CD account holder Chairman certificate of the directors Trade license Certified copy of memorandum and articles of association Certified of Incorporation List of directors as per return of joint stock Company with signature Certificate of commencement of business

Club Society The following documents duly completed shall be obtained from the customer at the time of current deposit account of association / Club / Charity / Trust / Society etc.  Photograph  Signature and Rubber- stamp seal of the client  Introducer of EXIM Bank ltd. Introducer must be CD account holder  Chairman certificate of the client  Certified true copy of constitution / By- laws / Trust deed / Memorandum and Articles of association  Certificate of Registration of the Association / Club / Charity / Trust / Society (For inspection and returned only certified.)  List of members of the governing body / Executive Committee of the Association / Club / Charity / Trust / Society with their address Saving Account (Individual/ Joint)

Saving Account (SB) is meant for the people of the lower and middle classes who wish to save part of their income to meet future needs and intended to earn an income from their saving. For opening of this type of accounts the following requirements are necessary:    

Photographs attested by the introducer Chairman certificate of the Account holder An introducer of Exim Bank Ltd. Introducer must be CD Account holder

For joint accounts, signatures of all the account holders are necessary. Profit rate of savings deposit and short- term deposit (STD) are as follows. S.L No. 1 2

Names of Accounts Saving Deposit Short term deposit (STD)

Profit Rate 6.00% 5.50%

Monthly Saving Scheme (MSS) It is project of EXIM Bank, which is a scheme like DPS. The slogan of this scheme is “securing your future with case. A small savings to day will provide you comfort tomorrow” Monthly installment deposit  The saving amount is to be deposited with in the 10th day of every month. In case Of holidays the deposit amount is to be made on the following date  The deposit may also be made in advance  The depositor can have a separate account in the Bank from which a standing Year wise monthly installment statement charge No of Year

5 8 10 12

Monthly Installment (TK.) 1000 78082 148404 210190 288923

Monthly Installment (TK.) 2000 156164 296809 420380 577847

Monthly Installment (TK.) 5000 3904111 742024 1050952 1444618

Monthly Income Scheme (STEADY MONEY) Bangladesh is a developing country. But in our country opportunity of investment is very low. People of our country always try to save their excess money and they are looking for where they can deposit the money. According to their demand EXIM Bank started this monthly income scheme that really makes good sense. Sure investments for a steady return.

Highlights of the Scheme  Minimum deposit TK. 25000  Higher monthly Income for higher deposits  The scheme is for Three years period  Monthly income will be credited to the depositors account on the fifth of each month Multi plus Savings Saving help to build up capital is the prime source of business investment in a country. Investment takes the country towards industrialization. This eventually creates wealth. That is why savings are treated as the very foundation of development. To create more awareness and motivation people to save, EXIM Bank offers multi plus Savings scheme. Some Example is given in the following table: Any amount can be deposited in multiples of TK. 10,000 Deposit Term Payable at Payable amount maturity 10000

6 years




6 years




6 years




6 years




6 years




6 years



Fixed deposit amount There are deposits, which are made with the Bank for a fixed period specified in advance. The Bank do not maintained the cash reserves against these deposits and therefore. The Bank offers higher rates of profit on such deposits. These deposits generally constitute 50% or more of the total deposit. Usually customers are allowed to open this accounts for a certain period and the rate of profit varies in accordance with the terms of deposit. The terms and their rate of interest of EXIM Bank Ltd. Are as follows Fixed Deposit: 1 (one) month SL. No.

Range of Account

Rate of Interest


TK.10,000 to 20,000


2 3

TK. 20,000 to 50,000 Above TK. 50,000

9.50% 9.50%

Fixed Deposit: 3 (Three) month SL. No.

Range of Account


TK. 10,000 to below TK. 11.50% 50,000000 TK. 50000000 to above TK. 11.75% 100000000 Above TK. 100000000 11.75%

2 3

Rate of Interest

Fixed Deposit: 6 (six) month SL. No. 1 2 3

Range of Account TK.10,000 to 20,000 TK. 20,000 to 50,000 Above TK. 50,000

Rate of Interest 11.50% 11.50% 11.50%

Fixed Deposit: 12 (Twelve) month SL. No. 1 2 3

Range of Account TK.10,000 to 20,000 TK. 20,000 to 50,000 Above TK. 50,000

Rate of Interest 11.75% 11.75% 11.75%

Fixed Deposit: 2 (Two) Years SL. No. 1 2 3

Range of Account TK.10000 to 20000 TK. 20000 to 50000 Above TK. 50000

Fixed Deposit: 3 (Three) Years

Rate of Interest 11.75% 11.75% 11.75%

SL. No. 1 2 3

Range of Account TK.10000 to 20000 TK. 20000 to 50000 Above TK. 50000

Rate of Interest 11.75% 11.75% 11.75%

Cash Section Cash Section of any Bank plays a vital role in general banking procedure. Because it deals with the most liquid assets there are several counter works simultaneously in cash section of EXIM Bank Malibagh branch. There are also some electronic counting machines by which a huge amount of case money can be counted with in a few minutes Cash receiving procedure The work of cash receiving counter is examining deposit slips. Depositor uses the prescribed deposit slips. Supplied by the bank for deposit cash, draft, cheque, pay order etc. In all types of deposit teller must cheek the following thing:  The slip has been properly filled up  The title of the account and its number  The amount in figure and in word is same  Instrument signed by the depositor After checking all these things the teller will accept the cash, cheque, draft, pay order etc. against deposit slip. The teller will place in the drawer accounting to denominations. The teller will place signature affix ’cash receipt, rubber stamp seal’ and record in the cash received register book against the account number, at the end of the procedure, the cash officer passes the deposit slip to the computer section for posting purpose and returns the customer’s copy. Accounting treatment: Date

Particulars Debit(TK) Credit(TK) Cash A/C Dr. xxxx To customers A/C xxxx

Cash Payment Procedures Precaution: In order to safeguard the position the paying Banker has to observe the following precaution before honoring the cheque:  A cheque must look whether it is an opened or closed cheque.  The paying officer should see whether the cheque is drawn on his or her Branch

 He must see if the cheque is postdated of predated. A teller must not pay postdated cheque.  The officer must carefully see the apparent tenor to the cheque. If it is mutilated or materially altered then the officer must not honor it.  The officer must compare the signature of the cheque with the signature on the specimen signature card.  The officer must verify the regularity of the endorsement. Passing the cheque After verify the above mentioned things the officer to make payment by putting “pay cash” seal the cash officer make it clear to pay. The cash officer gives the cash amount to the holder and record in the cash paid register. Accounting treatment Date

Particulars Customers A/C. Dr.

Debit(TK) Credit(TK) xxxx

To Cash A/C


Dishonor of Cheque A Banker can dishonor a cheque in the following situation  Insufficient fund  Payment stopped by drawer  Alternation required drawer signature  Effect not clear in the cheque Remittance Section Pay Order (PO) It is a process of money from payer to payee with in a certain clearing area through Banking. A person can purchase payment order in different modes such as pay order by cheque and for these different modes accounting treatments is also different. Accounting treatment: (PO by cash) Date Particulars Cash A/c To Bills payable A/c To PO Commission A/c

Debit (TK.) Xxxx

Credit (TK) Xxxx xxxx

EXIM Bank charge different amount of commission on the basis of payment order amount. The charges for payment order are given in the following chart: Total amount of PO Up to 10000 TK. 10001 to TK. 100000 TK. 100001 to TK. 500000 TK. 50,00,01 and above

Commission TK. 15.00 TK. 25.00 TK. 50.00 TK. 100.00

Demand Draft (DD) It is an instrument containing an unconditional order of one Bank to another to pay a certain amount of money to the named person or order the amount therein on demand. DD is very much popular instrument for remitting money form one corner of a country to another. Commission for DD is 0.10% of the principal amount. Accounting treatment: (DD by cheque / cash) Date

Particular Cheque / Cash A/C Dr. To Demand Draft A/c To DD Commission A/c

Debit (TK) XXXX


Different between pay order and demand draft: There are some different between pay order and demand draft  In case of demand draft both the payer and payee need to have account. But there is no certain rule for pay order.  PO is used in the same clearing area. DD is used for all kinds. DD can not be done in the same clearing area.  DD is drawn on a certain Bank officer. But there is no certain rule for po. Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Telegraphic transfer is the quickest method of transferring funds from one place of another. Sometimes the remitter wants that the money to be available to the payee immediately. If banker is requested to remit the fund telegraphically. Here the remitted bears the additional charge of telex/ telephone. Charge for TT is o.1% of the principal amount and the additional charge telex/ telephone is TK. 40.00. In case of TT both the parts must have accounts. (PO by Cheque) Date Particulars



(TK) Cash A/c Dr To TT Commission A/c


xxxx xxxx

Bills and Clearing Section For safety and security in financial transaction people use financial instrument like DD, PO, and Cheque etc. Commercial bank’s duty is to collect the financial instrument on behalf of their customer. The process that the bank use known as clearing and collection. The main function of this section is to collect instrument on behalf of the customers through Bangladesh Bank clearinghouse. Outside bank clearing (OBC), Inter branch clearing (IBC).Upon the receipt of the instrument this section examines the following things  Whether the paying bank within the Dhaka city.  Whether the paying bank out side the Dhaka city.  Whether the paying bank in their own branch. Outward Clearing Outward Clearing held if the instrument collected by specific branch within the Dhaka city and of their own branch. Here the following procedures are followed:  The clients receive the duly-signed instruments.  Cheeked for any apparent discrepancy.  Clearing stamps are affixed on the instrument and on the deposit slip.  Branch code number also affixed on the instruments.  The authorized signature endorses instruments.  Particulars of the schedules send to the main branch of EXIM Bank of Bangladesh Ltd. with issuing an Inter Branch Debit Advice (IBDA). Essential things for clearing the instruments There are three essential things required for clearing the instrument  Crossing Seal  Endorsement Seal  Clearing Seal Accounts Section This is very much crucial department for each branch of a commercial Bank. Records of all the transaction of every department are kept here as will as other respective branches. Accounting department verify all financial amount and contents of transaction. If any discrepancy arises regarding any transaction this department report to the concerned department.


Basis of Conventional Bank Comparison

EXIM Bank Ltd


Principal Islamic Shariah


Sector wise Conventional banking invests the EXIM bank invests RMG, import investment entire sector in equal ratio. sector in high ratio than other sector.



Conventional banking television, bill, board, newspaper advertisement.


Online business

These types of bank such as SCB, EXIM bank provides online services DBBL etc gives emphasis to the but to limited number customer only. online business.


Merchant Banking

Conventional banking has no EXIM bank started merchant banking merchant banking services. services in 2006


Place strategy

Conventional banking such as EXIM Bank follows 1/6 ratio of rural National Bank of Pakistan, Bank and urban strategy in case of of Ceylon does not follow such establishment. types of strategy.


Fee based

Conventional banking such as EXIM bank does not depend on fee SCB depends on fee based based banking. banking.


Deposit strategy

In case of FDR conventional In case of EXIM Bank, there is no banks show the bank statement in such type of strategy. the whole amount from opening date.


Mushraka and In conventional banking there is In Mushraka and Mudaraba Mudaraba no such practice. investment income cannot be investment accounted for on accrual basis.

of The function and operating modes The function and operating modes on of conventional banking follows principal of Islamic Shariah. the manmade practices and rules.

uses EXIM bank does not use such types of advertisement.

Although there are some differences in conventional banking marketing strategy an EXIM bank marketing strategy but both are almost same in case of product and pricing marketing strategy. In case of product strategy, merely name of the product is different from conventional banking. S W O T Analysis of EXIM Bank Ltd SWOT analysis is the detailed study of an organizations exposure and potential analysis is the detailed study of an organizations exposure and potential in perspective of its strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. This facilitates the organization to make their existing line of performance and also foresee the future to improve their performance in competition to their competitors. Strength EXIM bank ltd has already established a favorable reputation in the banking industry of the country. The bank has already shown a tremendous growth in the profit and deposits sector. EXIM bank ltd has provided its banking service with a top leadership and management position. The board of directors headed by its chairman Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam is a skilled person in the business world. Alamgir Kabir, the advisor of the bank is a reputed senior chartered accountant 30 years vast experience in accounts, audits, finance and banking at home & abroad. Kazi Masihur Rahman work as the managing director of bank management team. EXIM bank has already achieved a high growth rate accompanied by an impressive profit growth rate in 2001. The number of deposits and the loans and advances are also increasing rapidly. EXIM bank has an interactive corporate culture. The working environment is very friendly, interactive and informal. And there are no hidden barriers or boundaries while, communicate between the superior and the employees. This corporate culture provided as a great motivation factor among the employees. Weakness The important weakness is that the bank has no clear mission statement and strategic plan. The bank actually not has any long term strategies whether it wants to focus on retail banking or become a corporate bank. The path of the future should be determined with a strong feasible strategic plan. The bank failed to provide a strong quality-recruitment in the lower and some mid level position. As a result the services of the bank seem to be dues in the present days. The poor service quality has become a major problem for the bank. The quality of the service at EXIM bank is higher than the NCC bank, Prime bank or Dutch Bangla bank etc. But the bank has to compete with the Multinational Bank located here. Opportunity

In order to reduce the business risk, EXIM bank has to expand their business portfolio. The management can consider options of starting merchant banking or diversify into leasing and insurance sector. Opportunity in the retail banking lies in the fact that the country’s increased population is gradually learning to adopt consumer finance. The bulk of our population is middle class. Different types of retail lending products have great appeal to this class. So a wide variety of retail lending products has a very large and easily pregnable market. A large of number of private banks is coming into the market in the recent time. In this competitive market EXIM bank must expand its product line to enhance its sustainable competitive advantage. In the product line, they can introduce the ATM to compete with the local and the foreign bank. They can introduce Credit card and Debit card system for their potential customer. In addition to these things, EXIM bank can introduce special corporate scheme for the corporate customer or officer who have an income level higher from the service holder. At the same time, they can introduce scheme or loan for various service holders. And the scheme should be separate according to the professions, such as engineers, lawyers, doctors etc. Threats All sustain multinational banks and upcoming foreign, private banks posse’s enormous threats to EXIM bank ltd. If that happens the intensity of competition will rise further and banks will have to develop strategies to compete against at on slough of foreign banks. The default risks of all terms of loan have to be minimizing in order to sustain in the financial market. Because defaulter risk leads the organization towards to bankruptcy. EXIM bank has to remain vigilant about this problem so that proactive strategies are taken to minimize this problem if not elimination. The low compensation packages of the employees from the mid level to lower level to position threats the employee motivation. As a result good quality employees leave the organization as a whole. Conclusion Export Import Bank of Bangladesh Limited is a third- generation private commercial bank in the country with commendable operating performance Directed by the mission to provided prompt and efficient service to clients. It provided a wide range of commercial banking service EXIM Bank has been achieved success among its peer group within a short span of time with its professional and dedicated team of management having long experience, commendable knowledge and expertise in conversion with modern banking. With all its resources, the management of the bank firmly believes that the bank would be able to encounter problem that may arise both at micro and macro economic levels. The management of the bank is maintaining an efficient portfolio in order to have a healthy growth and retain customer satisfaction. This report has tried to present the overall performance of EXIM bank Ltd in comparison with its closest competitor in the same industry. From the analysis we found that the performance of EXIM bank Ltd is a very satisfactory one.

EXIM Bank is engaged in modern banking. It is expected that EXIM Bank by its efficient Asset and liability management will not be able to maintain its trend of growth and thus over come the threat. Neither Exim Bank nor any other commercial bank can effectively combat risk. However, Exim Bank having small and targeting niche market is likely to be less affected by restrictive monetary and fiscal policy. The Management of the Bank is planning to meet the required capital adequacy withering the stipulated time frame, and a loan and advance policy that expected the loan loss provisioning in future will be with in tolerable limit having little material impact on future profitability as well as net worth. Although EXIM Bank is yet to be fully automated it has an adequate modern technology to meet its present requirement and it’s proceeding aggressively to enhance its technology level. As EXIM Bank is performing well in traditional general banking and there is a good demand for Islamic Banking and the opinion of them (The Management) that the performance of the Bank is getting much better than past. I wish and hope that in future EXIM Bank will be Number one commercial Bank in Bangladesh. BIBLIOGRAPHY & REFERENCES

       

Annual Report of EXIM Bank Limited Different type of brochures of EXIM Bank. Articles of EXIM Bank. Several Newsletters From EXIM Bank. Web site (www.exim-bd.com). Web site (www.google.com). Web site (www.eximbankbd.com). Principles of Marketing (Millennium Edition), Philip Kotler.


Account Bill of Lading Bangladesh Bank Bank Identifier Code Branch Clearing & Forwarding Cash Credit Chief Controller of Import & Export Cost & Freight Clean Report Findings Demand Draft Export Development Fund Export Promotion Bureau Export Processing Zone Export Registration Certificate Export Form Foreign Currency Foreign Demand Draft Fixed Deposit Receipt


Free On Board Inter Branch Credit Transaction Import Form Import Registration Certificate Letter of Credit Letter of Credit Authorization Form Loan against Imported Merchandise Loan against Trust Receipt. Outward bills for collection Payment against Document Payment Order Pre Shipment Inspection Short Term Deposit Secured Overdraft Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication Travelers Cheque Trade Identification Number Truck Receipt Uniform Custom & Practice for Documentary Credit

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