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Access to the Internet is creating a new distinction in our society. Those who have access to the Internet have access to all kinds of information. It puts them in an advantageous position in society, vis-à-vis others who do not have such access. Internet access is built upon the basic telecom network. While the telecom infrastructure in advanced countries is well developed, allowing them to move rapidly towards universal telecom and Internet access, the infrastructure in Bangladesh is very poor and inadequate. Like other developing countries, Bangladesh is facing the question of how best to develop its telecommunication and information infrastructure to provide access to ‘advanced’ telecommunication and information services in order o remain competitive in the world of information technology. Internet services commenced in Bangladesh in 1994. A milestone in the history of Information technology of Bangladesh is the direct Internet connection using VSAT in June1996. Since then, the sector has been increasing and especially after the deregulation of VSAT, Internet service provider (ISP) business and the number of internet users have been booming. In this aspect one should concentrate providing ISP service to small cities in Bangladesh, where they don't have any ISP services, while there is too much concentration of ISPs in Dhaka city alone and it is increasing competition. For this purpose Digital Online (Pvt.) Ltd. (DONL) has been set up with the objective of providing best value data, voice and video solution for the Internet. In addition to DONL, the high speed internet access service for residential and corporate clients, Digital Online (Pvt.) Limited also provides web development and hosting services, VPN, video conferencing and other value added services for a truly integrated IT solution. 1. To study various units of the Digital Online (Pvt.) Limited to find out the competitive edge for each unit. 2. To analyze the performance of the Digital Online (Pvt.) Limited as well as other firms as a whole. 3. To identify value addition from customer’s point of view. 4. To suggest some product enhancement to exceed customer satisfaction. 5. To provide a platform for further study in this area. 6. Domestic market development by creating awareness. CURRENT IT’S SITUATION & ISP BUSINESS IN BANGLADESH 2.1 INTERNET IN BANGLADESH 2.1.1 Few Years Back……… The history of internet is not that old even in developed countries. The people of Bangladesh had to remain in dark about it for a long time because of the non-availability of the service in this part of the globe. The main obstacle to start the service was to have data circuits to a suitable overseas location. However in this condition a few young talents started dial-up e-

mail service and made it commercially available for public use. In late 1995 the government of Bangladesh invited applications to subscribe the VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) data circuits. On June 4, 1996 the VSAT base data circuit was commissioned for the first time in the country. Upon VSAT commissioning, internet connectivity was established & its services were made available to the public. After internet was launched, the June 1996 National polls results were made available to the Citizens of the world using World Wide Web. This was the first ever usage event of its kind in Bangladesh. The effort was appreciated in many corners especially among the Bangladeshis living abroad. Later many popular events were put on the web servers to make these available on the Internet. Couple of these included ‘cyclone warning’ and ‘disaster information’, cricket match, football match, a wide variety of business information, local educational programmers, entertainment and many more. After the introduction of Internet, the use of email increased exponentially owing to point to point direct transmission. Prior to it dial-up links were used to communicate to an overseas email server using international phone calls. The uploading & downloading of mails took place using UUCP’s (Unix-to-Unix copy). Use of chat and introduction of Usenet news were also a significant addition to the local users of the net. Now with on-line services all other usage and services of the Internet are available to the end users of the internet in Bangladesh too. Submarine cable is connected at the end of 2005.

The mid 1996 introduction of Internet did not instantly create a market. At the end of year, there were only two ISPs in the country and the number of users was close to one thousand only. The year 1997 recorded a tremendous growth. The total number of ISPs was more than a dozen and the clientele growth was ten times higher than that of the previous year. Afterwards, a few new ISPs started their venture recording a proportionate growth in number of users. As of now the total number of ISPs in the country is approximately two hundred five (80% ISP’s are located in Dhaka.) and there are approximately 30 lac users connected to them. In last couple of years, some wide variety of Internet services popularly known as

value added services, were introduced. These include Internet fax & internet telephony services. Asia Pacific Networking Group

High capacity Optical Fiber System is in operation in the country from the year 1998. Optical Fiber Networks between Dhaka-Comilla-Feni-Chittagong-Cox's Bazar, ComillaBrahmanbaria, Lakshmipur-Maizdi-Chaumohani-Feni, Kushtia-Meherpur-Chuadanga, Mymensingh-Sherpur, Mymensingh-Netrokona & Bogra-Punchagarh have been completed in June, 2006. The installation work of Optical Fiber networks between Dhaka-Bogra & Brahmanbaria-Sylhet are in progress. After completion of these networks; BTCL will have a complete backbone opticalFiber network from Chittagong to Panchagarh. BTCL's Optical Fiber links is shown in below: Optical Fiber Links as on 30th June, 2006. Links Dhaka-Comilla-Feni-Chittagong-Cox's Bazar Dhaka- Comilla Comilla- B. Baria Feni- Begumgonj Begumgonj- Laxshmipur Maizdhi- Begumgonj Betbunia E. Station- Rangamati Tecknuf- Chittagong Chittagong- Betbunia Rangpur-Palashbari-Bogra Rangpur- Saidpur- Dinajpur- ThakoregaonPanchagarh Rangpur- Saidpur- Nilphamari Rangpur- Lalmonirhat Rangpur- Kurigram Pabna- Shahjadpur Sirajgonj- Shahjadpur Kushtia- Meherpur- Chuadanga

Type of Links STM-1 SDH STM-16 STM-1 STM-1 STM-1 STM-1 STM-1 STM-1 STM-1 SDH STM-1 SDH STM-1

Made by Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Shanghai Bell Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel


Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel Shanghai Bell/ Alcatel

Satkhira- Khulna Mymensingh- Sherpur Mymensingh- Netrokona Naogaon- Shantahar


Alcatel Alcatel Alcatel ZTE

Establishment of International Telecommunications System through Submarine Cable. Following works under this project were done in 2005-2006 financial year: a) Completion of Installation of Submarine Cable under SEA-ME-WE-4 Consortium b) Installation of Chittagong-Cox's bazar Optical Fiber link & Up-gradation of existing Dhaka-Chittagong Optical Fiber link. c) Up-gradation of existing Chittagong-Cox's bazar digital microwave link from (1+1) STM capacity to (3+1) STM-1 capacity. Installation and replacement of Radio links in different Upazillas of Bangladesh Installation of all 50 radio links included in the project scope were completed in 20052006 financial year. However, out of this, 15 radio links were completed in 20042005 financial year list of completed 35 radio links in 2005-2006 financial year are given below: Sl. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Links Naogaon-Patnitola Naogaon-Sapahar Naogaon-Manda Naogaon-Aturai Natore-Lalpur Pabna-Bera Pabna-Faridpur Gaibanda-Sundargonj Gaibanda-Saghata Dinajpur-Phulbari-Hilli Dinajpur-Parbatipur Dinajpur-Birgonj Panchagarh-Debigonj Panchagarh-Tetulia Thakoregaon-Pirgonj Nilphamari-Domar Kurigram-Ulipur Lalmonirhat-Hatibandha-Patgram

Sl. No. 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 -

Links Sylhet-Golapgonj Hobigonj-Syestagonj Sunamgonj-Darmapasha Moulavibazar-Kulaura Khulna-Paikgachha-Koyra Jhenaidah-Kaligonj Jhenaidah-Kotchandpur Jhenaidah-Harinakunda Kushtia-Kumarkhali Jessore-Sarsha (Benapole) Satkhira-Shyamnagar Barishal-Bakergonj Barisal-Mehendigonj Barguna-Patharghata Pirojpur-Zia Nagar-Mathbaria Kachua-Hajigonj Cox's Bazar-Eidgaon -

Cyber Cafes are working as Community e-Centre. The speed of the internet service varies from 32 Kbps to 4 Mbps. By December, 05 there are about 500 active cyber cafe’s operating in Bangladesh. 2.1.2 Present Situation Internet & Data network:

BTCL is now providing Internet access services to its valued subscribers. The services include dial up access service, leased access services for enterprises, access for local ISPs, mail, Web hosting and .bd name registration and DNS services. Subscribers in all 64 district H/Q and 371 upazillas/ growth centres having Digital Telephone facility is now under internet coverage. It has Internet backbone connectivity of 2 STM-1 (155 Mbps each) through Singapore & France. Capacity of existing Nodes of digital Data Network (DDN) is expanded to 70 in 41 districts. Submarine Cable: Bangladesh has officially connected to the Information Super Highway through Submarine Cable since May, 2006. Presently 5,055 voice circuits are in operation with different countries through Submarine Cable and 2 STM-1 is designated for Internet backbone through Singapore and France. 3 IPLC circuit have been opened with three companies. In the mean time, 66 ISP (International Service Providers) have been connected through Submarine Cable System. Bangladesh is earning Revenue from Submarine Cable. Besides, these installations of ITX, TAX, Access Network, and VOIP Platform under this project are under process. International Correspondence: International Telecommunication also depends on countries sharing their information with the rest of the world. Close working relationships among different international organization and a spirit of international co-operation are essential in this regard. By strengthening relationship with various international organizations BTCL aims to contribute to the advancement of International telecommunication in Bangladesh. In this context BTCL maintains relation with International and Regional groups like International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Intelsat, INMARSAT, APT, SEAME-WE-4 etc. for sharing the service facilities and responding to the requests of mutual interest. Use of Internet A new social class is being created, mainly amongst the young generation who find the Internet an effective tool for their career development and the globalization of their thoughts and creativity. Many Internet users have stated that a whole new world has been opened to them, they are getting a new source of knowledge, and they are also making relations with many good friends and organizations worldwide. But some say that going online is a very costly habit, which sometimes appears as an addiction and causes a big waste of time. A group of young people, notably from the affluent section of the society, is abusing the Internet by using it mostly for entertainment, which is certainly not a healthy practice for a poor country like us. But the saddest news is that Bangladesh has yet to set up an academic network to provide Internet access to the large number of university teachers, students, scientists, and researchers who play vital roles in building a better nation.

Internet User of Bangladesh over the years Number of users

Number of Userrs

80000 60000 40000 20000 0 2000




Chart-1: Internet User of Bangladesh over the year ISP Situation Situations have been improved lately due to the withdrawal of the imposition on VSAT by the government and at present there are about 45 Independent (private) ISP companies, including the government owned BTCL. Three of them are located in Sylhet; three in Chittagong and rest are in Dhaka. Government owned Bangladesh Telecommunications Company limited (BTCL) has extended ISP services to all 64 districts HQ. Anyone can install a VSAT with a simple permission from BTCL. Cost of VSAT equipment are nearly USD 40,000 and annual monthly lease fee to the Internet provider costs around USD 24,000 with an additional mandatory annual fee of USD 3500 to BTCL. Legal framework now also permits ISPs to float Public share in the stock exchange. VSAT user 78 and VSAT provider 22. In this aspect one should concentrate providing ISP service to small cities in Bangladesh, where they don't have any ISP services, while there is too much concentration of ISPs in Dhaka city alone and it is increasing competition. There are possibilities of using locally designed long distant Micro Wave (using multiple wireless routers) and these links are now available in Bangladesh at very reasonable cost- for access to remote areas. Straight line of path (60Km range with 3mb access speed), each tower units cost approximately USD 2400. The difficult part of establishing an ISP here is to accommodate digital telephone lines to start up an ISP business due to unavailability of enough Telephone lines- in required time or in certain geographic areas and locations. Hence, remote wireless access may be a better solution for Bangladesh. A typical ISP may need a minimum of 30 independent (telephone) hunt lines to start up a business. The highest peak time charge (Internet usage fees) now is about Taka 1.50 paisa (6:00 am to 6:00 PM) and the lowest - off peak time charges is around 0.20 Paisa (2: 00pm to 6:00am) depending on the ISP. Grameen Cybernet (an ISP) has the largest number of subscriber base (about 6000) and the current bandwidth available now - what local ISP's are providing, ranges from 64kbs to 2mbs (BOL Online Ltd. and Proshikha are providing 2mbs access).

Due to the failure of the government the country could not able to obtain a link to the subma0rine cable and also due to negligence in government policies the country domain .Bd is still not functioning properly. Num bers of ISPs over the Bangladesh

Number of ISPs

400 300 200


100 0 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 years

Chart-2: Number of ISPs over Bangladesh ISP Costs •

Registered Dial-up connections: 120,000 (private sector) & 8,500 (public sector – BTCL.

Broadband (Radio, Cable, XDSL) accounts: 5,000

Cyber Café Users: 10,000

Internet Access Charge for Dial-up connections i. Subscription charge: 500/- to 1000/ii. Cost: 0.35/- (Off time) to 0.75/- (Peak time) per min iii. 2000/- per month for unlimited access

Internet Access Charge for Broadband connections i. Subscription charge: 1000/- to 5000/ii. Cost: 2Kbps = 1000/- to 2000/- per month, 64Kbps = 10,000/- per month, 128 Kbps = 15,000/- per month, 512 Kbps = 50,000/- per month.

Internet Access Charge for Cyber Café Users is 15/- to 30/- per hour

For unlimited access: TK. 800-1000 per month.

BTCL has started providing Internet services. At present, the services cover 64 district headquarters and 377 Upazillas and 16 growth centers.

BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) is now offering its service in 50 out of 64 districts

Number of ISPs in 1998 was 2 whereas in 2003, it is an impressive 135. But now it is over 400.

Number of users is also increasing fast over the years. There is a major jump in the number of Internet users from the year 1999 to 2000 Few local ISPs 1. AB Network Limited 2. Access Telecom (BD) Limited 3. Aftab IT Limited 4. Agni Systems Limited 5. Akij Online Limited 6. Asia Online (BD) Ltd................................ 7. Bangladesh Online Ltd. 8. Bangladesh T&T Board ………………… 9. Bananinet Cable Internet 10. BDCOM Online Ltd. 11. Bd Corp ……………….. 12. Bdcom Online Limited 13. Bijoy Online Limited 14. BRAC BDMail Network Limited 15. BG Tech ……………….. 16. Brac Network System 17. Connect BD Limited 18. Cyberview Network & Communication 19. Dolphi Net ……………………….. 20. Drik Net Limited 21. Dhaka Broad band Network Limited. 22. Daffodil Online 23. DataNet Corporation Limited…………………… 24. Dekko Airnet Limited 25. DhakaCom Limited 26. Dominox Limited 27. Dot Com Network (Pvt.) Limited 28. E-Net Communications Ltd. ………… 29. East West Link 30. Global Information Network BD Limited 31. Global Online Services Ltd. 32. Grameen Cybernet Ltd. 33. Gonophone Bangladesh Limited 34. IDS Bangladesh 35. Information Services Network Ltd. ……………. 36. Intech Online Ltd. 37. LIbrabd.net 38. KLBd Online ……………… 39. Link3 Technologies Ltd.

40. NCLL …………….. 41. Pradeshta Network Limited ………… 42. ProshikaNet Online Limited …………… 43. Proshika Computer Systems 44. Ranks ITT Limited 45. Raspit.com …………… 46. Shapla.net …………. 47. Sirius Broadband (BD) Limited 48. SkyBD Limited 49. Span Internetworks Ltd ……………. 50. Spark Systems Ltd. ……………. 51. Spectra Solution Limited ………… 52. SpectraNet Limited ………….. 53. Square InformatiX Ltd …………. 54. Techno Online Limited 55. Trans-net System Ltd. ………… 56. Vas Digital Communications Ltd. …….. 57. Westec Limited 58. Western Network Limited Sustainable development Networking Program (SDNP), a non-profit ISP is working in the field of providing digital connectivity to academics, national and international agencies and development partners. This project is financed by the UNDP and executed by the Bangladesh Institute of development Studies. Utilizing SDNP backbone, Internet services could easily be extended to the remotest regions of Bangladesh through its regional hubs and information centers. ISP MARKET RISK The company recognizes that it is subject to both market and industry risks. The company's view of its risks, as well as how each is being addressed, is as follows: •

Regulations. Possible problems caused by a sudden increase in regulation by government. One way the company can reduce this risk is to diversify into several different, but related, business areas. If one area becomes too heavily regulated it may be sold and the profit rolled back into the company to bolster the remaining business or start a new venture.

Monopolistic pricing. Aggressive or monopolistic pricing by large or heavily-funded providers. By holding prices down, it becomes difficult for competitors to "low-ball" the company. By diversifying, we can protect business in one area by bundling it with offerings from another area, meeting the needs of the customers and strengthening their ties to the company.

Legal matters. Lawsuits stemming from user abuse or accessibility of pornographic or questionable materials. The courts have historically classified ISP's as "carriers" unless the ISP made an incomplete effort to actively filter material posted by or made available to its users. The company's usage policy clearly states that illegal behavior will result in termination of service, but we do not otherwise attempt to control the access of its users or their content, thus maintaining the company's stance as a

"carrier" in the eyes of the law. If the legal environment should change, the company will modify its policies and procedures to conform to the prevailing legal environment. •


Technology. Sudden and unexpected shifts in technology or the popularity of the Internet. The company will maintain an active research and development effort, as well as ongoing review of forthcoming technologies from competitors and vendors, in order to stay near the top of the technological curve. Also, the diversification of the company's business allows it to respond to shifts in revenue by redistributing material and personnel into those efforts most likely to generate the highest return on investment Situation of E-Commerce As a developing country she badly needs to participate in the world-wide trend and explosion on E-Commerce that means IT. It is a fact that our country has a very bright prospect for development and export of software, home-page design, data processing, and data entry. Realizing this prospect, the government has already announced data processing and software export as a thrust sector.

The government has deregulated the telecommunication sector and internet services in a major policy decision to remove obstacles in the way of boosting software business and opening up the options of high speed data transfer. An inter-ministerial meeting recently decided that Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) would select vendors for supplying V-SAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) immediately for connection to the local ISP (Internet Service Provider). The BTCL would now get only a license fee amounting to US$ 3,500 per year which means the ISP would have to spend less than US$ 300 as license fee per month. Therefore the cost would come down to about one-tenth of the present price for data transfer if the decision is properly implemented. But still the user base of computer is extremely low because of high cost of computers and peripherals. The existing banking procedure, absence of domestic industry, absence of source of fund, lack of market promotion and absence of R&D are the main factors for slow growth. But things are expected to move fast towards growth in the years ahead. To enable the developing countries to face the global challenges and to cope up with the latest situation of E-Commerce, Bangladesh as an LDC member seriously needs human resource development. The international organizations with responsibilities for key areas of rules formation and economic development in this field should take necessary action to train and develop required IT professionals. In this connection institutional chain both in the public and private sector should be developed. Bangladesh also needs fund for R&D and diversification of areas and creation of awareness about security of E-Commerce. Bangladesh Parliament in its recent session has passed the Copy Right Act, 2000. But this alone cannot protect the cyber crimes. Our neighboring countries including India have made significant progress in this respect. A comprehensive cyber law is very important for the Internet Service Providers and upcoming phenomenon in Bangladesh of E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) and M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce).

It is heartening to note that the internet accessibility in Bangladesh has been growing very rapidly since the last few years but it is far below the desired level. An increasing competition is being observed among the ISPs. The rate of different internet services is in rapid declining trend after deregulation of V-SAT by BTCL. All these positive indicators entail that there remains a huge potential in this sector. At this stage the serious need, among others, is the development of human resource (HR) capacities in educational institutions. There is alarming inclination towards migration of IT specialists and students from Bangladesh. It has been mentioned in the study of TechBangla IT Research Cell (ITRC) that about 81% of teachers and IT professionals are planning to migrate from Bangladesh and 85.2% of students have plans to move to a foreign country. The government should announce suitable remuneration package for those who have potentials to contribute in this sector and create congenial educational environment to stop brain drain. 2.3 Government Initiatives 2.3.1 Vision This Policy aims at building an IT-driven nation comprising of knowledge-based society by the year 2010. In view of this, a country-wide IT-infrastructure will be developed to ensure access to information by every citizen to facilitate empowerment of people and enhance democratic values and norms for sustainable economic development by using the infrastructure for human resources development, governance, e-commerce, banking, public utility services and all sorts of on-line IT-enabled services. To facilitate affordable telecommunication services of acceptable quality services for all regardless of their location. 2.3.2 Objectives •

Promote and facilitate use of IT in all sectors of the economy for transparency, good governance and efficiency improvement.

Develop a large pool of world class IT professionals to meet the needs of local and global markets.

Promote use of IT by providing special allocations for IT project implementation in the public sector. Train the decision makers in IT use and promote an IT culture.

Provide effective incentives for development of IT sector to both local and foreign entrepreneurs.

Develop an efficient IT infrastructure that provides open access to international and national networks.

Establish legislative and regulatory framework for IT issues, data security and protection, digital signature, e-Commerce, IT education etc.

Set up national databases that are reliable and accessible to all the people of the country.

Set up an IT organization at the highest level to continuously promote and foster IT Industry.

2.3.3 IT Structural Policies Information Technology (IT) encompasses the broad fields of data/information processing and communications by means of computer and telecommunications techniques and tools and is being increasingly used for organizational/personal information processing in all sectors of economy and society. This document presents the policy guidelines for the development of the IT sector in Bangladesh. Government IT policy ensures the following issues: •

To ensure capacity building of the nation in the field of Information Technology and to attain a sustainable growth of the IT sector of Bangladesh and to help compete in the expanding global IT market, Science & Technology Ministry and BCC should be appropriately strengthened.

To support the growing demand of the IT sector, appropriate IT infrastructure is to be established immediately. As telecommunication infrastructure is an integral part of IT, so the telecommunication sector needs liberalization.

Development of telecommunication infrastructure should be considered as Infrastructure Development Industries like Development of Road, Electricity Power, and Computer/IT Industry etc.

Encourage ICT applications which stimulate poverty reduction.

Facilitate development of telecommunication infrastructure at the least possible cost with little or no customs duties during construction of the infrastructure and to earn revenue subsequently from the Services (VAT, Income Tax etc.) it renders to telecommunication and IT industries through these infrastructures.

As telecommunication infrastructure [Telephone Exchange, Towers, Radio/Telephone Transmission Lines etc.] are similar to electric power infrastructure [Generator, Pylons, Power Grid and Gas Transmission Lines], so customs duty & tax etc. should be amended accordingly.

Cellular telephone handsets are being increasingly used as terminals for emailing and other IT uses. Customs duty & tax etc. of cellular mobile telephone handsets should be brought down to the level of computer terminals.

The use of IT and information services should be affordable to the people; and therefore the cost (and hence the price) of carriage. Infrastructure & Services must be provided by a multiplicity of enterprises; some of which like the Railways, Electricity and Gas Companies can easily exploit their under unutilized potential to provide quick and less expensive infrastructure.

In order to establish direct connectivity with international information and communication backbone Bangladesh will join Fiber Optic Submarine Cable

Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB{) now BTCL} has resources like land, MW/UHF Towers all over the country, which are under utilized and could be shared with other Private Telecommunication Operators for augmenting Information Infrastructure will take the leadership to coordinate with other Public Utility sectors [PDB, Gas, Railway etc.] and make their existing dormant/under utilized infrastructure & resources (land, building, Radio Towers, Power Pylons, Cable Duct etc.) productive. BTTB will promote cooperation between Railways, Electricity Boards, Power Grid Company, Oil & Gas Companies, etc., which have right of way and some infrastructure to build digital microwave and optical fiber based photonic information transport systems for use by information service providers.

BTTB will seek cooperation of Private Licensed Telecommunication Operators to transform the under utilized resources in the public sector into countrywide Information Infrastructure. To this end, BTTB shall make joint venture agreements with Private Licensed Telecommunication Operators where BTTB will make available the Public Sector resources like land, Radio Towers, Power Pylons, Cable Duct etc. on a commercial basis under the aegis of existing rules and practices. The Licensed Private Telecommunication Operators shall provide necessary finance and technology to construct countrywide National Information Infrastructure (NII) for use of all Telecommunication and Internet Service Providers (ISP).

BTTB will increasingly shift its role from Service Provider to Infrastructure Provider to all other Telecommunication Service Providers and ISPs.

Socio-economic development can be accelerated if more people can have access to information. Tele density is important in this respect and it will be increased to broaden the coverage which will improve the socio-economic condition of the people through IT-related activities.

Basic telecommunication facilities will be extended to the rural and under-served areas to bring the greater mass into the stream of IT activities.

Advanced and new technologies will be introduced to expand the existing network and will be extended gradually to the rural and under served areas.

Telecommunication facility will be made available to every segment of the society and all of the present and emerging services will be provided at an affordable cost.

To provide dial-up Internet access, ISPs face an acute problem with the present capacity of telephone network of the country. This problem will be solved by developing national Internet access platform without affecting the present telephone network.

The Internet facility will be extended to all the district headquarters and subsequently to its adjacent areas. Internet will be provided to the educational institutions and libraries at a subsidized rate.

To ensure public access to information, Cyber Kiosks will be set up in all post offices, union complex, and Upazila complex. Private sector participation will be encouraged to set up these facilities.

To support the installation of ISPs in the country national high speed communication backbone for Internet will be developed and international high speed gateway facilities for ISPs will be provided.

Inter-ISP communication is time consuming and costly as there is no Internet exchange for the country. The problem will be solved by establishing Internet exchange in the country.

An integrated flexible and reliable nation-wide transmission system capable of voice, audio, video, data and graphics transmission will be ensured. National Information Infrastructure will be developed and it will be connected to Global Information Infrastructure through Information superhighway to create, collect and sell software and provide IT enabled services to the world-market.

To improve the quality of present telecommunication services and to help provide value added services analog telephone-switches and transmission link of the existing telephone network will be replaced by digital switches and transmission link immediately.

The bandwidth capacity and availability will be ensured all over the country at a reasonable cost to encourage the growth of Internet, IT industries, e-Commerce and eGovernance and will also help facilitate video conferencing.

Development of local technological capabilities through local IT industry, preferably with state support, will be emphasized. The service component of the IT industry will be conducted by local private firms, possibly in association with foreign firms.

Hi-Tech Zones will be established through technology transfer with the cooperation of foreign companies and non-resident Bangladeshis. Software Technology Park with dedicated and advanced data communication facilities shall be established and software development and export companies will be encouraged to set up offices in those parks at preferential terms.

A central depository for collection and dissemination of IT information and research findings will be developed. This will be done under a network, connecting all university libraries and research organization to this central depository, which in turn will be connected to the Internet.

A dependable information system is essential for efficient management and operation of the public and private sectors. But there is a shortage of locally generated information needed for efficient performance of these sectors. In order to develop a dependable information system, IT use in all sectors shall have to be accelerated in terms of information generation, utilization and application.

COMPANY Profile 3.1 Corporate Background Digital Online (Pvt.) Limited has been set up with the objective of providing best value data, voice and video solution for the Internet. In addition to DONL, the high speed internet access service for residential and corporate clients, DONL also provides web development and hosting services, VPN, video conferencing and other value added services for a truly integrated IT solution. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) is strategically located at 57/12, West Panthapath, Sonargaon Plaza (4th Floor), Dhaka-1215. NOC is equipped with state of the art Servers, switches and routers to ensure a high quality and reliable Internet service. We have also established an elaborate network of point to point radio link. Using this radio link the NOC is connected to various Remote Station (RS) throughout metropolitan Dhaka. From each radio station a 10 Mbps Ethernet LAN connects the clients PC to the Internet. Our elaborate radio Network gives our customer the flexibility of a bandwidth pool, that can be relocated or shared between different sites as needed. It allows us to increase the data capacity during peak hour at one site by using excess capacity from another site that is idle. Managing and monitoring at the whole system is made simple by using our state of the art bandwidth management software. DONL is a full service IT Solution Provider that has been operating in Bangladesh market for more than five years with a very high level of success, achieved through an uncompromised service quality and customer satisfaction. DONL highly trained professionals can ensure a standard of service that remains unmatched by any other player in the market. DONL can offer its clients the required level of stability, security, reliability and network coverage. It has a wide range of solutions that meet customers' every need for connectivity, enterprise automation and presence on the World Wide Web. DONL has extensive coverage in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet through its many Base Stations. It currently owns and operates eight Base Stations in Dhaka, three in Chittagong and one in Sylhet. It also has presence in Khulna. The highly reliable network is connected through redundant paths with multiple points over to maximize uptime. Many of the nation's most prestigious Banks and ATM networks rely on Dhaka Broadband Network Ltd. infrastructure to complete their transactions. 3.2 Message of the DONL On behalf of the DONL family, I welcome you to navigate our website and to subscribe to our Speed net Service -which we believe will prove to be a superior online experience for you. DONL has been incorporated to realize our vision of taking the Internet to the masses. For the first time in Bangladesh, we have been able to overcome a price barrier for broadband internet access. Our high speed internet access service is cost effective and affordable. We believe, that an affordable, robust connection to the Internet is crucial for today’s information driven knowledge economy.

At DONL we emphasize a total IT infrastructure for Bangladesh. We want to build a state of the art network infrastructure where people can run different applications. At the same time we are committed to providing end to end IT solution to Corporate and business trading houses. I wish to conclude with the expectation that DONL becomes a one stop shop for your information and communication needs and eventually becomes your gateway to the knowledge based modern global economy. 3.3 Mission Statement Connecting To the Future………… Or Strive to Excellence………………. Or Connecting To excellence Future………….... 3.4 Company History & Operations Area DONL has starting its operation in the 2002 in Dhaka. At that moment he started with a great speed Dial-up service, Wireless Broadband service and now DONL completes its own Fiber Optic coverage of entire Dhaka Metropolitan City and Chittagong. The operation areas is•

In Dhaka DONL starts its journey.





Karwan Bazar


• •

Uttara Banasree

Chittagong Launched Fiber Optic Connection


3.5 Industry Affiliations DONL maintains the memberships needed in order to stay on the bleeding edge of the most recent technological advancements as well as to provide the most innovative solutions for its customers. 3.5.1 Membership • APNIC (www.apnic.com) • Bangladesh Computer Samity (www.bcs-bd.org) • BASIS (www.basis.org.bd) • Bangladesh Internet Service Providers Association (www.ispbd.org • Bangladesh Internet Exchange (BDIX) (www.bdix.net) 3.5.2 Regulatory Approvals DONL has acquired below required licenses and approvals from relevant regulatory bodies• • •

Nationwide ISP License Domestic Data Communication Service Provider (DDCSP) license 3.5 GHz exclusive frequency license

All the above licenses are provided by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. 3.6 Products & Services Broadband services available in the market today such as DSL or cable modem offer only unlimited usage plans on fixed bandwidth lines. The result is fewer options for you and higher monthly payment. Both DSL and cable modem requires complex algorithms and customers need to invest in expensive modems. DONL on the other hand is an Ethernet based Broadband service where all a customer needs to buy is an inexpensive LAN card. Using state of the art Bandwidth management software, DONL gives you the flexibility to design the package you need. This means you select what you want and when you want it. In short, DONL has all the winning features of a quality internet access -cost, speed, flexibility and reliability. DONL is an Ethernet LAN based broadband technology with a difference. Ethernet LAN is the simplest and most cost-effective broadband Internet access technology in the world today. Unlike dial-up Ethernet LAN does not require a phone line. For an industry struggling to offer cost-effective Internet access to home Ethernet has become a viable alternative to more expensive options like DSL or cable modem. Apart from offering dedicated and shared internet access services to corporate and residential customers, we also offer the following:


• Connectivity Solutions • Security Solutions • Software Services • Web Services Connectivity Solutions

DONL is the leader in providing its clients the required level of stability, security, reliability and network coverage. It has a wide range of solutions that meet customers’ every need for connectivity, enterprise automation and presence of the World Wide Web. Wireless Broadband Wireless Broadband Access uses proven technology to deliver high-speed, dedicated broadband connectivity directly to your business or home office over a radio link. It can also be used to provide a branch office or tale worker with a secure, private connection to a corporate network. Internet & Intranet connectivity over radio link has many advantages apart from being one of the most reliable means of data communication. Connectivity over radio link provides a level of stability that is almost unsurpassed. Radio link connectivity is versatile enough to facilitate any sort of data connectivity. This makes it possible to provide both internet and intranet connectivity using the same set of equipment. DONL has obtained 3.5 GHz Frequency License from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), which makes it possible to offer interference-free radio connectivity within Link3’s coverage. DONL can offer its clients both High-speed Internet and Intranet (data only) connectivity across multiple locations. In addition to enjoying direct connection to the information superhighway, Link3’s customers can use its highly versatile radio infrastructure to establish connectivity between their branch offices and the Corporate Head Office. Fiber Optic Connectivity DONL Ltd. currently boasts its own Fiber Optic network in Dhaka Metropolitan City. All the major Base Stations in Dhaka are connected over Fiber Optic Link via multiple routes to ensure redundancy. From Motijheel to Uttara, the entire city is covered using DONL own Fiber Optic Backbone. DONL has deployed a Passive Optical Network (PON) using cutting-edge technology from world leaders in Fiber Optic Solutions. Through this exciting new technology, Fiber Optic connectivity will be available right to the premise of the customer’s home or office. The following solutions are currently available to Link3 customers•

High speed internet over fiber optic Link.

Intranet connectivity among different customer locations.

Dark Fiber leasing for very flexible and high-bandwidth deployments. Nationwide Data Connectivity We currently offer data connectivity between Dhaka-Chittagong-Sylhet or any combination thereof. The connectivity is established using the highly reliable Digital- Microwave carrier with built-in redundancy to ensure maximum uptime. We are also providing connectivity solutions in Barisal and Khulna cities. Client can opt to either have their premises connected directly with each other via Radio Link, or to make use of our city-wide high-speed backbone in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet to avail a more cost-effective yet highly secure solution. DONL has a proven network and service range that is especially suitable for Banks and Financial Institutions. We are offering secure VPN services specially designed for Banks, with highly lucrative pricing structure as well as unparalleled data security assurance. Our full range of services for Banks includes Firewall Security solutions, Antivirus solutions and Networking solutions. DONL is already providing IP VPN and WAN Solutions, Nationwide Data Connectivity, Security Hardware and Antivirus Software solutions to (Need information about your company)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) Kuwait Airways Rangs Electronics Multimode Limited Zamil Steel Taiheyho Cements National Housing Finance and Investment Ltd. Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. Bhorer kagaj American Alumni Association Omni trade Chowdhury Group Transport Team World wide Alphanet Consults AEON Power ITDG Bangladesh Medical Colleg DSL & Dial-Up DSL cable connections allow our clients to have access to high speed Internet through a low cost and reliable medium. Some of the advantages of using a DSL connection are listed below: •

No Phone Line required

High Speed Internet Access

Speeds up to 1 Mbps supported through the DSL cables

Provides a reliable and secured connection

Allows the client to be connected to the Internet 24/7

No logging on required.

In the case of Dial-up, DONL provides Internet access through conventional dial-up lines to ensure a memorable experience through state-of-the-art technology, expertise and single-dial connectivity. Take advantage of following variations to meet your needs:


24-hours Unlimited

12-hours Unlimited (9 am to 9 pm)

Night-bird (10 pm to 6 am)

Security Solutions


With the widespread adoption of high-speed data services, such as Fiber Optic, Radio Link, cable, DSL and satellite, distributed organizations are seeking ways to support data access at branch locations, secured by VPN technology. They are deploying Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) to support their enterprise applications and strategic business initiatives at an unprecedented rate. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) transmit digital information over shared infrastructures with the same secure and reliable connectivity as private networks — but at a lower cost. In addition to IP, VPNs can be implemented using technologies such as frame relay or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), both of which offer predictable performance and a high level of security. Moving information over VPN is also simpler and more cost-effective than using traditional dedicated-line networks. IP VPNs are “privatized” networks implemented over either the public Internet backbone or a service provider’s private IP backbone, making use of shared IP facilities to build an enterprise’s private WAN. IP offers any-to-any connectivity without having to procure additional permanent virtual circuits (PVCs), thus reducing complexity and simplifying administration. In addition, private IP VPNs offer the security and predictable performance of private networks while adhering to the protocol standards of the Internet. Private and public network IP VPNs offer the cost effectiveness of a shared network, along with network management and the cost savings that result from the convergence of data, voice, and video over one network. IP VPNs operating over both public and private. Networks can support enterprise applications for business transactions that range from customer interactions to those involving partners and suppliers. For mission supporting locations or those with a casual use of enterprise applications, an IP VPN based on the public

Internet provides cost-effective connectivity. Leveraging both public and private networks, a distributed organization can achieve a high performance WAN while taking advantage of the ubiquitous coverage of the Internet to provide the necessary global reach. DONL offers specialized IP VPN solutions to its customers with a focus on providing the most cost-effective and secures solution while conforming to the flexibility requirements of the application platform.

UTM - Unified Thread Management

Organizations today are struggling with viruses and malicious attacks that are incredibly complex, and are deployed with a multifaceted approach to obtain their desired result. These new blended threats package a combination of virus and worm technology into an extremely elusive attack vehicle. In addition to security threats from blended attacks, administrators also face increased network slowdowns and a lack of prioritization of traffic moving throughout the network that impedes effectiveness. Unified Threat Management is an emerging trend in the firewall appliance security market. Unified Threat Management is the evolution of the traditional Firewall into a Swiss Army product that not only guards against intrusion but performs content filtering, spam filtering, and intrusion detection and anti virus duties traditionally handled by multiple systems.

DONL offers complete UTM solutions that provide the most intelligent, real-time network protection against sophisticated application-layer and content-based attacks available. Comprising Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti- Spy ware and Intrusion Prevention Service, these solutions flush out both internal and external threats by addressing multiple threat access points and thoroughly scanning all network layers. Security Appliance Link3 Technologies Ltd. offers a range of integrated security devices that are purpose-built to perform essential security functions. Optimized for maximum performance, they are controlled by a security specific, real-time operating system. This software environment implements an exceptionally vigilant, layered approach to security without the overhead that can create vulnerabilities in other security products that rely on general-purpose operating systems. These integrated devices provide network and application level protection, virtual private networking (VPN) capabilities, and denial of service (DoS) mitigation functions. They are available in a range of appliances built to meet the throughput requirements of service providers and enterprises of all sizes. These appliances provide a scalable security solution,

ranging from protecting broadband telecommuters to large corporate offices and e-business sites. This end-to-end approach allows customers to layer network security throughout the enterprise, delivering not only superior technological capabilities, but significant operational benefits as well. Some of the key advantages include: Reliability: Purpose-built devices with active-active and active-passive high availability options; stateful failover of firewall and VPN traffic. Integration: Tightly integrated devices – network hardware/security operating system – no general purpose Operating System (OS) hardening required. Performance: Predictable performance under load across all platforms; multi-Gigabit performance with small packets on high-end systems. Security: VPN, firewall, denial of service protection, antivirus, and intrusion detection and prevention. Ease of Deployment: Integrated appliances, dynamic routing, transparent mode for network integration; simple firmware upgrades. Manageability: Central security management for device, network and security policies; also can use WebUI and CLI. Scalability: Broad product range and functionality to meet enterprise wide requirements and accommodate network growth. Standards: ICSA, NEBS, Common Criteria, and FIPS certifications; interoperability with other vendors’ solutions. Product highlights:

• Deep Inspection firewall extends stateful inspection to detect application level attacks and stop them at the network perimeter

• Centralized, policy-based management minimizes the chance of overlooking security holes by simplifying roll-out and network-wide updates

• Virtualization technologies make it easy for administrators to divide the network into secure segments for additional protection.

• Rapid Deployment features help minimize repetitive tasks and administrative burden associated with wide spread deployments. Security Software Software firewalls provide strong and transparent protection against intrusions and malicious attacks. Software based security solutions offer flexible deployment in a cost-effective manner. Link3 Technologies Ltd. offers its customers comprehensive security features at low cost maximizing their ROI (return on investment). These software based security systems are intuitive, intelligent and complete solutions that focus on today's busy professionals. These solutions are custom implemented to protect business assets and transactions by ensuring secure connections with the Internet and between networks. As a comprehensive hybrid firewall, it enables fast, controlled connectivity, providing strong and transparent protection against intrusions and malicious attacks. Key points: •

Provides proactive security and protects the network against ‘blended threats’ by default

Full Application Inspection technology enables the inspection of data deep inside packets passing through the security gateway, providing enterprise-class protection for both application- and network-level attacks

Centralized management simplifies managing network security through centralized logging, alerting, reporting, and policy configuration

Meets performance requirements with integrated high availability and load balancing option

Extensive platform support, for Windows and Solaris

Seamless VPN integration to securely connect remote offices and users

SSL VPN & SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol to provide secure communications on the Internet. These protocols provide endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the Internet using cryptography. The protocols allow

Client/server applications to communicate in a way designed to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. The SSL protocol runs on layers beneath application protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and NNTP and above the TCP transport protocol, which forms part of the TCP-IP protocol suite. SSL is most commonly used in the HTTPS access method. HTTPS serves to secure World Wide Web pages for applications such as Electronic commerce. SSL relies on certificates - digital identification cards - and keys. Certificates include the name of the certificate authority that issued the certificate, the name of the entity to which the certificate was issued, the entity's public key, and time stamps that indicate the certificate's expiration date. A growing number of organizations looking for a fast, secure way to link remote users and business partners are turning toward products and services based on Secure Sockets Layer technology. The reasons are many: Browser-based SSL alternatives require little or no software on remote PCs, and in most cases any PC with a browser can be used to make the secure connection, as long as the user can authenticate to a central server. And SSL firewall ports that the traffic uses are generally left open, so firewall reconfiguring is usually unnecessary. The idea is that SSL's simplicity translates into an easier installation and long-term cost savings because of simpler ongoing support. DONL offers SSL Certificate and SSL VPN solutions from world-leading Certification Authorities like VeriSign. Every SSL Certificate is created for a particular server in a specific domain for a verified business entity. Like a passport or a driver’s license, an SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted authority. When the SSL handshake occurs, the browser requires authentication from the server. If the information does not match or the certificate has expired, the browser displays an error message.

IP Surveillance

IP surveillance uses a company's existing network and Internet technology to transmit images from analog cameras and/or IP cameras over public networks. These systems allow live streaming video and still image transfer (both one-way and two-way) at an average of 30 frames per second into a standard, easy-to-use Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time from police cars and other emergency vehicles. IP-based systems deliver a great deal of additional functionality – they provide motion detection, auto time and date stamps, easy transfer of visuals, and pre- and post-alarm Messaging. Business owners are notified immediately if an event is occurring; they can then log on to the system remotely to see what's happening in their offices and businesses. IP technology is the next step forward for surveillance systems. IP-based streaming video surveillance lets organizations monitor, prevent and/or respond to emergency situations more effectively and affordably, via the Internet. At the same time, the technology allows law enforcement, security companies and other emergency personnel to prepare better and

respond more fully to emergencies. Thus, the physical safety of a company's vital human and business assets is far more secure and protected. IP surveillance is quite affordable, since companies already have many components of the system in place (such as an IP network and broadband connectivity). With the simple addition of this technology, a whole new list of features and functions becomes available: •

Remote access of images utilizing the computer network—eliminating the need for dedicated security monitors in a central office

Password-protected access anywhere there is an Internet connection

Connect to a remote control station to view what is going on and control cameras and other aspects of the surveillance system

Ease of integration with other systems and applications

Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) by leveraging existing network infrastructure and legacy equipment

Creates a future-proof system, so no more complete system overhauls.


Software Services

DONL Software Services range from full-blown Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to customized, modular solutions that meet the customers’ automation needs at every level.

Overview of DONL ERP

DONL Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP): • • • • • • •

An end-to-end Enterprise Resources Planning business solution with total integration Covers all the essentials of back and front office operations Enables real-time transactions to customers, suppliers and vendors simply and affordably Drives the cost of doing business down Helps reach your vision for the future Helps strategically position your organization Gives access to speedy and accurate information management systems for controlling every aspect of company operations-

Technology: • • • •

Microsoft Visual Basic Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft .Net Platform Crystal Report

System Features: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Developed using Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Constantly upgraded to meet industry needs Fully internet and intranet compatible Fully integrated client server architecture All fields completely user friendly with Browse, Select options. Extensive reporting possibilities with crystal reports Report definition tools with user-definable columns, rows and fields Easy customizability using DCOM/COM technology Modules can be used individually Source code option for user interface programs Fully ODBC compliant to work with Microsoft SQL Server. EDI/SCM Ready Full blown password and operator permission for each screen and each function within the screen User definable ‘Date-to –Period’ Table Calendar view for all data entry fields for data entry Calculator view for all numeric entry fields Optional Browse function for re-entry of any master or transaction already present in the database Document view of transactions in Microsoft Word format “Mouse Click” Control for all fields avoiding frequent switches between Mouse and Key Board Import/Export option off any master or transaction data form or to any legacy system Internal data integrity checkers to monitor corrupt or lost data. All screens ergonomically designed with uniformity of usages –with unique “Display -flex-grids” in all screens. Tree type open menu system for easy access to a multi-attitude of options, with ‘instant reach’ short cut option. All data input screens user definable for features, data and functionality. DIGITAL Online (Pvt.) Ltd. General ERP

DONL ERP is a total integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning business solution covering all the essentials of back and front office operations to deliver real-time transactions to your customers, suppliers and vendors simply and affordably. It provides the tools to drive down the cost of business and help you reach your vision for the future. It is designed to provide you with speedy and accurate information systems for controlling every aspect of your operations. DONL General ERP is made up of the following modules: • • •

General Ledger Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable

• • • • • • •

Fixed Asset Management System Sales Module (Merchandising Module) Purchase Module Human Resource Management MRP (Production) Inventory Module MIS Module

3.6.4 Web Services DONL has a full range of Web Services that are designed to meet any or all of the customers’ web-related requirements.

Overview of DONL Web Services We have a full range of Web services that are designed to meet any or all of your needs: • • • • • •

Web Development Web Hosting Domain Registration SSL Certificates Interactive and Database Driven Web Sites Business to Customers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Web Sites

• Development Methodology: DONL cares for your business website and handles effectively with the developing phases: User Requirements DONL discusses with the clients in order to get a clear picture of the objectives and asses the information, dissemination, needs of Client’s website. Prototype

The demo model to be developed (preliminary design parameters of the Website) and demonstrated to Client. Architectural Design & Beta version of the website In this phase the beta version of the actual website with architectural design is developed ensuring the criteria set out by Client. Coding and Testing This phase includes the Beta version activation and testing the links of the web pages and the data base works. Integration Testing The phase enables to integrate the total pages and becomes a complete website. Acceptance Testing The complete website will be shown to Client and slightly modified for their satisfaction and acceptance. Sign-Off The Sign-off will be the last phase of completion of the website for the Client and will be available for public. Technology DONL uses the latest Technology avail in the market for competing with the current Globe.

Language & Programming Tools • HTML • DHTML • PHP/ ASP • Java • Java Script • Dream weaver •

Visual Basic

Database Tool • • • • • •


Dot NET Database

Graphics Tools • • • •

Photoshop Flash Illustrator Corel Draw

Animated GIF

Animation Tools •


Animated GIF

Website Designing & Maintenance DONL emphasizes on the design approach while constructing a website. We strive for the professional outlook of a website that will give an elegant & engaging look. That is why our

website differs from others. DONL develops both Static and Dynamic website that fits the client requirements and business strategy.

Static Website An information-based website, without the dynamic part, is a static website. Dynamic Website Information based website which can recall form a database with various information is the dynamic website. E-Commerce Website A dynamic website including the online shopping/ buying with secured serving phases, which is now broadly renowned world wide as e-commerce site Web Site Maintenance Regular maintaining a website and keeping the information up to date is marked as the standard of a quality website. Considering the importance of a quality website DONL. Offers exclusive maintenance plan in order to keep the website up to date around the year.

Web Hosting

DONL is one of the most trusted & reputable web hosting providers in Bangladesh. Our service combines value, speed and reliability with a committed customer service that is second to none. Why we claim to be the best hosting service: • • • • • •

Flawless Hosting Top Server Performance Network Performance Network and Server Availability Technical Support Powerful Tools

So, DONL flexible and feature-packed Web hosting plans give you everything you need to easily launch your Web site. Our plans include easy Web design and management tools, reliable customer support and a secure Web hosting environment you can trust.

Mail Hosting

DONL provides unique E-mail Services with your registered company domain name. If you need more email accounts with your own company domain name then Link3 Technologies E-

mail Plans can give you the extra accounts you need to send and receive email from your own domain. Features for mail hosting services • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3.7

Individual Accounts Instantly add more as you grow Storage as you want USA Server. Considerable traffic File Attachments Spam Protection (Spam Shield Pro) Anti-Virus Web Mail IMAP, POP, SMTP, Use any email program Shared Address Book, Works with Web Mail & Outlook Multiple Emails, e.g. sales@yourbiz.com Email Support For All Users User Activity Reports Easy Web-based Administration Cost effective solution

Services and Tariff

O One time connection fee of Tk. 1000 will be charged for LAN Card, UTP cable. O All the above prices are exclusive of VAT. O For multiple PC connections please calls for special price. Broadband Internet Unlimited Package Tk. 1,500 24Hours Home Package 6:00PM-10:00AM Tk. 1,000 Available 24hrs. on Friday s and Government holidays Night Package Tk. 600 10:00PM-8:00AM

IP Address Allocation: Static IP

Tk. (Per month)


Web Site Design Charge Home Page Link Page: With Graphics & Animation (each page) Without Graphics & Animation (each page) Web Site Hosting Charge 50 Megabyte Static Upgrade & Modification charge (each time) Database

Corporate E-mail Solution One Domain Name Registration 5 E-mail accounts (yourname@yourcompanyname.com) 20 MB E-mail & web Space Unlimited data transfer One Domain Name Registration 8 E-mail accounts (yourname@yourcompanyname.com) 30 MB E-mail & web Space Unlimited data transfer

Tk. 2,000 Tk. 800 Tk. 500

Tk. 2,000 (Per Annum) Tk. 500 Tk. 3,500 (Per Annum)

Tk. 4,000 (Per annum)

Tk. 5,000 (Per annum)

3.8 Corporate Clients (NEED YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION) As example: • Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) • Kuwait Airways • Rangs Electronics • Multimode Limited • Zamil Steel • Taiheyho Cements • National Housing Finance and Investment Ltd. • Metronet Bangladesh Ltd. • Bhorer kagaj • American Alumni Association • Omni trade • Chowdhury Group • Transport Team World wide • Alphanet Consults

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

AEON Power ITDG Bangladesh Medical College Bhuyan Academy Z Airways Entertainment Republic DK Enterprise The Daily Manab Zamin Chalkmark Overseas Hamuna Spacetech Jonit Venture Bentrans Pvt. Ltd. Bengal Fine Ceramic Ltd. Pride Japan Bangladesh Limited ATSEC Wills Group Creative Vision Limited IFAD Auto

3.9 Marketing Performance: Product: DONL product is viewed among the most quality products in the ISP industry. The quality image has increased its credibility among the corporate sector. It is also pioneer in introducing many new services for the client. Introducing new service one of the most important objectives of the company. Pricing: As I mentioned earlier that price is one of the main important factors in the ISP industry. Compare to the other competitors’ price of DONL Product is little bit higher. But since DONL does not compromise with the quality, some times they have to charge higher to ensure highest quality ensure. Promotion: A personnel selling is the main weapon in ISP industry. Here, the business development officer of the company goes to different corporate offices to promote the products. The quality of the business development officer is assumed to be the best in DONL. They are selected after a careful scrutiny and are sent to market after some extensive training. This helps DONL to maintain the quality of it’s cooperate reps. Advertisement can be given in magazines related to IT profession. Participate in IT related fair may be much more effective weapon. DBN can also arrange conference with their potential clients. DBN also utilizes every opportunity to explore this area. 3.10 Functions of different departments: 3.10.1 Marketing And sales Department • Preparation of marketing plan. • Preparation of draft text for promotional materials. • Replying to quarries from the clients as well as fields forces related to the brand. • Arrangement of tour and action plan. • Attending different conference with the clients to promote the relevant products. • Conduct pre conference as assigned by marketing manager. • All responsibilities related to the launching of a new product.

• • • • • • • •

Sales forecast. Preparation of yearly marketing plan that includes therapeutic class, market size and growth rate, direct and indirect competitive market situation, strength and weaknesses of competitors, promotional campaigns and tools and budget etc. Attaining the sells target fixed by company in the respect of market size. Pay regular visit to the prospective clients show the benefits of new and existing products with the help of promotional tools. Monitoring and analyzing competitors’ activities and report to the marketing manager. Provides financial benefits to the clients. Receive work order from the clients. Provide the new launching product information to existing clients.

3.10.2 Human Resource Department: • Recruitment of employees. • Promotion of employees. • Transfer of employees. • Retirement of employees deals with remuneration, increments and other financial benefits. • Look after the facilities like launch, transport service etc. 3.10.3 Accounts and Finance departments: • Maintain all the accounts like recording of transaction, preparation of final accounting report, costing and budgeting, taxation and providing the funds of the project. • Maintaining accounted receivable account which is broken down in each market of DONL and bank accounted. • Preparation final accounting report for performance analyze of DONL. • Maintain the salary, transportation cost, and other official cost of the company. 3.10.4 Web Department: • Develop web sites for the clients • All responsibilities related to web design, domain registration, provide dummy presentation to the clients. 3.10.5 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): • Develop customized ERP software for the clients. • Provide dummy presentation for the client. • All responsibility related to the ERP software. 3.11 SWOT Analysis (As example) 3.11.1 Strength: • Market leader in this sector. • One of the largest companies in the ISP industry. • Strong company and brand image. • Profitable operation. • Nationwide coverage license • High growth of turn over.

3.11.2 Weakness:

• • • • • • • • • •

Strong financial position. Strong and dynamic management team. Most organized largest field forces. A good growth of market Excellence in service with widest coverage. Less fixed and administrative cost. Highest number of professional technicians. Congenial relationship with the clients. Effective corporate culture Strong network coverage.

• Insufficient number of employees. • Insufficient field forces comparing with other new competitors and

product line. • Less marketing orientation. • Lack of proper combination with the marketing and NOC department. • Lack of training framework. • Lack of monitoring. • High price sensitive target group. • Need broad distribution network. 3.11.3 Opportunities: • The growth of IT industry is highly increasing. • DONL has excess capacity to provide more clients which can be used to capture the market share. • 250 corporate clients. • Garments, fishing and other export oriented business. • Provide internet service through DSL then price will be much lower. • New market for meeting existing demands can be created. • Government is very cooperative in the IT sector. 3.11.4 Threats: • For some illegal operation, ISP industry is now loosing its faith. • Expansion of the product line by small and medium size companies. • Increase of the number of the same generic products in the market due to introduction of these products by other companies. • Growing bargaining power of the customers.

• • • •

All the bandwidth control by the BTCL only. Increase in corporate tax. Technology of telecom companies can be a minor threat. Installation cost of the total setup is very expensive.


4.1 LAST WORD Despite being a poor country, selected segments of the Bangladeshi business community has embraced technology with reasonable success. The Facsimile in the 1980’s and mobile telephones in the 1990’s popularized modern technology in the mass market. Personal computers and the Internet are also emerging as day-to-day business tools. These positive indicators are favoring the prospects of e-commerce in Bangladesh and which is fully depending on ISP firm.For this perspective Digital Online (Pvt.) Ltd. is a full service IT Solution Provider that has been operating in Bangladesh market for more than five years with a very high level of success, achieved through an uncompromised service quality and customer satisfaction. DONL highly trained professionals can ensure a standard of service that remains unmatched by any other player in the market. DONL can offer its clients the required level of stability, security, reliability and network coverage. It has a wide range of solutions that meet customers' every need for connectivity, enterprise automation and presence on the World Wide Web. 4.2 RECOMMENDATION: It appears to us that the Internet services here have manifold problems. Some of these, such as illiteracy and limited access to computers are related to the country’s overall economic status and are difficult to address in short span of time. As my personnel view is to: • Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) should be established independent of the government control.

• Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and private international gateway for voice and data should be allowed.

• The provision of obtaining permission from MOPT, prior to leasing the capacity from Grameen Phone’s optical fiber network should be abolished.

• The tariff of BTCL’s DDN should be rationalized in order to make it affordable for the mass market.

• Unlicensed radio frequencies should be made available on demand. • Greater competition among the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should be promoted and new ISPs should be encouraged to come into business.

• The number of telephone lines should be increased to encourage private providers to come into this sector.

• Digital Online (Pvt.) Limited must be maintaining high service efficiency. • DONL should use advertising campaign for their service. • Fiber optics connects as soon as possible with in the whole country. 4.3 BIBLIOGRAPHY: • Philip Kotler “ Principles of Marketing” 10th edition • Philip Kotler “ Marketing Management” 11th edition

• • • • • • •

www.Computercounsel .bd.net www. google .com www.dbn_bd.net ISP reports. Computer Magazines. www.btrc.gov.bd www.btcl.gob.bd

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