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Call in the professionals experienced in bat control to safeguard your home from these mammals Calling in the professionals for bat control is better solution for dealing with this menace rather than attempting to eradicate them on your own. Unlike pest control techniques of using poisonous substance to get rid of bugs or other rodents bat control teams do not resort to such inhuman approach since bats are becoming endangered species and the environmentalists are doing everything possible to stop this trend. More about bats and their dangerously declining numbers Bats are known to be the only flying mammals and can be found around the globe other than in the freezing Polar Regions and the burning hot desert regions. In cities and urban areas they make their homes in secluded and dark places such as attics, basements, and abandoned barns. Those away from domestic areas make their homes in the burrows of trees, cavities in the rocks, or caves that offer shelter and safety from preys. They thrive on insects mostly and also feed on nuts, fruit and nectar but there are some bats known as vampires that relish lizards, frogs, birds, fish and these are found usually in South America. They are known to be the slowest bat control on the earth giving birth to only one or two pups at a time and the average gestation time is six months approximately. Though mortality rate is quite high among the little bats those that survive can stay alive for 20 years! Though found in millions the number is seen to be dangerously dwindling making the wild life protection and the environmentalists sit up to protect this endangered species. So how are bat control companies going to address this menace? All of these companies advocate and promote bat removal and exclusion without harming these nocturnal mammals. They adapt a process for removing the bats from the residential homes or other buildings and putting them back in the wild, where they belong. Once ensured that all of the bat removal are driven out of the building they have special techniques that make it highly difficult for the bats to move in again, this is known as bat proofing the house. They fix specially designed cones at all the entry points in the building from where the bats can enter; these cones allow the bats to fly out but obstruct them from entering again. The bats then fly away to some other places to nest and breed leaving your home bat-free. This process of bat control cannot be performed at any time; there is a restriction for evacuating the bats during the breeding time and when the pups are young and unable to fly or take care of themselves. So before you take a decision to hire people for bat control make sure it is not breeding time for these mammals.

At any cost you should not consider driving the bats out without calling professionals for the job, apart from not knowing the actual technique you might also be putting yourself to risk of getting infected due to the droppings of the bats known as guano that emits a foul smell and found in plenty in their nesting place. So call the experts in bat control to safeguard your home against these extraordinary mammals before they cause you any harm.

Call in the professionals experienced in bat control to safeguard your home from these mammals