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AmpC Confirm ID kit For identification of AmpC

E.coli ATCC FN9414 AmpC positive

3 3 3 3 3

Simple to test Easy to interpret Long shelflife After opening, room temperature storage (≤ 25°C) High sensitivity and specificity

Derepressed/plasmid AmpC should be suspected if: a) b) c) d)

Resistance to 3rd gen. cephalosporins Resistance to cefoxitin (zone < 16 mm) No cephalosporin/clavulanate synergism I/R to Amoxycillin+clavulanate

AmpC Confirm ID kit

Combined disk test Apply one tablet of: Cefotaxime (CTX30) Cefotaxime + Cloxacillin (CTXCX) Ceftazidime (CAZ30) Ceftazidime + Cloxacillin (CAZCX). on an inoculated Mueller Hinton agar plate (McFarland 0.5).

Interpretation (combined test) Cefotaxime 30 µg CTX30

Ceftazidime 30 µg CAZ30



≥ 5mm





≥ 5mm

No AmpC activity: All zones in the combinations within 2 mm of the corresponding single agents. Note: “-“ means that the difference is irrelevant (i.e. CTXCX should not be compared with CAZ30 for the detection of AmpC)

For detailed information about the test, please also look in: • Detection of resistance mechanisms using Neo-Sensitabs™ and Diatabs™, document 1.3.0. • Instructions for use

One kit containing (50 tests): 1 cartridge of Cefotaxime 1 cartridge of Cefotaxime+Cloxacillin 1 cartridge of Ceftazidime 1 cartridge of Ceftazidime+Cloxacillin

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