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For Alessandra Rosati   every   photograph is a promise which expresses the potential gift to captivate, move and amaze. Her photographs   represent an interpretation  of creativity and demostrate her ability to fix time and arouse  emotion. A soul, an idea, a creative impulse , which through  optical purity exalts details and the accuracy of colours, synthesising  a new equilibrium. She has   the ability to bring into existence shades of beauty to astonish her clients. By using her sense of irony she create something special. Alessandra started her career  20 years ago and has founded  the most esclusive, international, creative, photographic boutique. The following are included among her more recent successful photographic shows. 2009 Art Basel  Miami 2011 Biblioteca Moda  Milano   2012 Nhow hotel Milano 2012 Museo  Matalon Milano She has had her work published   In  the most important art and   fashion magazines as well as publicity campaigns. Press articles can be foundin the web site.|

Alessandra Rosati Photographer