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I want to

say you that you are the best dad in all the world !!!!!!


y o u b e c a u s e y o u l o-

ve m e a n d p ro t e c t M e . I a m


c a u s e y o u a re m y d a d . I W I S H YO U A F AT H E R S DAY ! ! ! ! ! !

Papa vos eres el mejor y eres limpio y a veces guapo y yo quiero decirte que eres el mejor!!!!!!

Daddy: I love when we play soccer together. I love when we see tv together. I also like when we go to MULTIPLAZA together. I WANT TO TELL YOU YOU ARE THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD! I WILL MISS U WHEN WE GO TO MEXICO!


Dad you are special and helpful. You are the best and the champion!!!!! I LOV E YOU DA D DY ! ! !

I love when we play soccer together!

Dear daddy: I want to tell you that you are the number 1 Dad in the world. For example when you take us to Venezuela! You help me do the homwork when they are difficult. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

Papi: Me gusta cocinar con usted!! I love you!!!

Te amo cuando juegas Wii y futbol conmigo! Te quiero mucho y siempre lo harĂŠ!!!

My dad is the one that makes me feel glad of me! My dad is #1 ! He inspires me to do my chores, I love how he is and I know he loves me too!!! I know today is a special day for you and I want to say happy father´s day!!!!

Dear dad. I love you very much. Thank you for all that you give me!

You are the best dad in the whole world!! Happy father´s day!!

Me gusta pasar el tiempo con mi papå jugando tenis! Él es divertido y ordenado! Feliz día del padre!!

My dad is the best dad in the world because: He always likes to play with me! He is the #1 dad in the life! I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!! #1

Hello daddy! I love you very much! We have gone to many places... I want to be with you more time! I love you a lot!!!

Me gusta jugar futbol con usted y practicar tae kwon do!!! Te quiero mucho!!!

I like to see TV and movies with you!!! I love you !!!

With love to all the Dads in 3-C!! “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad."

Dads 3c  

A book abouts our dads for our dads!!

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