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I lunge forward but just as I am about to stab the monster queen a memory swims to the surface. Blood, there is blood everywhere. I look at myself for the outside. The past me is sitting be the desk where I found the note from my sister. Wait, is that...? Suicide note? I bring my eyes closer and see that the blood is coming from me. From a wound in my hand. I had cut my wrist? What is going on? I don’t remember this happening. When..what...what is I... “I am already dead, dad.” Gabriel in the past says to me and adds:”This is all a game.” “Don’t just stand there! Kill her!” Rosalin screams but it’s like she is screaming in another world. What is real? What is right? I...I did my sister kill her self. Was she not eaten by a monster??? “KILL HER!” I finally wake up and see to my horror Rosalin is disappearing. Was she never real? Was all our time together just a dream? “KILL HER!” “” The monster says while she is chewing on the flesh of the girl I thought I loved more than my life. My life that I had already lost. “Please, you must kill her. Please remember why you are here. Remember why we have to come this place. Please remember Gabriel.” Rosalin beggs and spits blood. Blood, blood...there is blood everywhere. I am losing my mind...or have I already lost it? Gabriel...Gabriel...he can’t be illusion...this can’t be illusion. This is reality. I must kill the monster and bring everyone back. That is our only hope.

I take the plunge but at the same time the sword tip touches the monster, Rosalin had disappeared. Ah, what I wonderful morning. I breathe in the fresh morning air. It’s oddly quiet outside and the newspaper hasn’t arrived yet. Ah, well it probably be here by the time I come from work. I better start eating breakfast if I don’t want to be late for work. (Pouring sound) “Duck...Duck? Where are you?” I yell for the cat. “Hmm, this is odd. He usually comes running as soon as I have poured his cream. I wonder if he is still sleeping. That lazyhead. I sit down and pour my cereal. (Door opens) (Slithering sound) “Ah, Duck must be coming...wait since when can Duck opens door...” I turn around and I swear my heart stops for a second. I dare not breathe. Before my eyes there is a monster that must have come from my nightmares. It slithers towards me, I can feel the foul breath on me...I must be losing my mind. This can’t be happening. I must still be dreaming. (Biting sound) “Aaaaghh...what you can’t feel pains in dreams...what is this...what is this...” (Blood driping sound) I feel like I have been through all this before...but why..none of this can be real. (Another biting sound)

(Chewing) “What’’s eating me alive. What the...what the hell! Stop this!” The monster takes another bite of me. “Aaaagghahahhg” Blood flows from my like waterfall. The world is going darker by the minute and I can feel the pain intensified. “Aaaghahhag...” (Blood splattering and chewing sounds, animal growling) Help is happening...this can’t be happening. A monster is eating my alife. Stuff like that only happens in horror that a punishment for watching them all...I have never known that could be punishable offence. I am going to die. I can feel how the life is being drained from me, like water in bathtub. (Blood splattering) And then everything went dark.

Part Five The truth

Chapter one (Sad music) (Monster changing sequence. The monster changes back into the sister)

“Where...Where am I? I feel like I have been sleeping for ages.” I look around and see that I am back in our apartment. Where have I been all this time? I walk around our apartment. Where is my brother? (Footsteps) (Opening door sound-creaking sound) (Blood covered room) Blood...what is blood doing everywhere!? “++++! Where are you?” (Frantic footsteps) Oh, no! Oh, please don’t be true. Has that can’t be. I can’t be too late. Finally I find my brother. He is hunched over his desk. I am forced to walk over the blood trail to get over to him. Screw getting my shoes dirty. I must get to my brother! “++++!” I try to shake him wake. He does not answer. He is as cold as ice and blood keeps dripping from his hand. “No! This can’t be true! He can’t be dead! He can’t be! ++++!” I shake him to no avail and embrace him:”++++! No,no,no! Come back! Please come back! Don’t leave me behind!” “He is never coming back.” “Azirathel!?” Azirathel in his demon form walks into the room and shakes his head. “Why didn’t you stop him! Why!?” I fling myself at Azirathel and hit multiple times in the chest:”You demon! You monster!!!”

Azirathel takes my hands in his:”Am I the monster? I think you getting it wrong, my dear child” “What?” I raise my tear stricken face from his chest. “You killed him.” “ be...” I stumble back. “Yes, you are the one responsible for his death.” “But I....but I only wanted to protect. I was creating a perfect world for him. A peaceful world!” I put the face into my hands. I can’t let Azirathel see me crying. “Yes, but that selfish wish was what put him to death.” “Selfish? I was doing it for can that be selfish?” “Did you ever stop to ask what he really wanted?” Azirathel leans down to me. “ assumed...” I point in two opposite directions. Azirathel has his face few inches from mine and says:”His only wish was that you would get a life.” “I...get a life...” “He didn’t want to be burden on you.” “He was never a burden!” I yell appalled by that suggestion. “But his biggest wish, the wish he was too afraid to admit or too proud adknowledge. Was that he needed you by his side.” “I...I...” Azirathel grips my chin and looks me straight into the eyes:”You only had each other in this world.” When he releases me the tears came pouring down without any restraint. It hurts to breathe. I can’t fathom that I have lost my only family. My closed eyes remind of the truth. How I had tried to stop the monster within in from ripping my dearest brother apart. How I had fought so long I had forgot for what I was fighting for. Everyday was the same. My brother was the only who stood against me. The one who used to be by side. How could I have been this blind? My eyes travel to the desk and I see that my deceased brother has vanished from this world. I wanted to die from this grief. I stood up and found the knife my brother had used. The shining blade felt cold to my wet skin. I sliced.

(Slicing sound) I felt the burning sensation in my arm. I could see how the blood flowed freely from my arm. Now I just had to wait. I sat down. Azirathel looked at me with pity in his eyes but other than that did nothing to help me. I was thankful. This was the only way out of this hell. I close my eyes and wait for the grim reaper to pick me up and bring me to the real hell. Time passes. I can feel the hardness of the wall behind me. My body doesn’t seem to being numb, nor my sight any darker. I have too much feeling. I want to get rid of them. Why can’t this stupid body die? And why does the blood seems to be flowing endlessly? What is going on? I can’t die? Is that the punishment for taking part in this game? Or am I already I forced to wander the earth forever as a ghost? Never to be able to see anyone of my family, if I would even have gotten that chance in hell. “Azirathel, what is going on?” I stand up and I don’t feel any dizziness. The blood just keeps on flowing. The room is filled with blood sea. “Azirathel, why can’t I die!?” I ruthlessly I stab myself in every part I can reach. The blood seems to keep coming, but other that no physical discomfort is linked to it. I don’t like this at all. “Try to remember, my dear child.” Azirathel say in a soothing voice like there is nothing abnormal with a room full a blood and his ward keeping hurting himself. “Remember what?” “Remember that day, you had that big row with your brother. What did truly happen that day?” “I chased after you as Duck and got that fucking contract.” “Yes, but other than that. What happened before? “I got into a fight with my brother.” I was getting annoyed. I remember this day too clearly. What the hell was Azirathel talking about? “But in the middle?” “Middle? There was no fucking middle! Stop stalling and answer my question! Why can’t I fucking die!!!” I starts to rip my clothes apart just to get some outburst from my anger.

“Dear child, please keep some decency.” “Fuck decency!” I rip my blouse to shreds. Azirathel sighs:”Please try to calm down. There happened something in the middle. Something right after you ran away from your brother, and right before you chased after Duck. Something about a cliff.” “A cliff? What on...” I stops with the knife in midair, ready to throw at Azirathel. A memory I had forgotten stand suddenly bright as the day before my eyes. After my fight with my dearest brother I wished to die. I wished to disappear. In my head I went over all the possible situations and found one that would not give my brother any grief in paperwork or taking care of funerals and such. (Running sound on hard ground) I ran to the edge of the cliff and jumped. (Jumping sound, crashing sound and splashing of water) I crashed on some rocks and fell all bloody into the water. “So I am already dead?” I ask Azirathel that shakes his head over my appearance and makes little tsk, tsk noises with his mouth. He finally notices my question, looks up and says:”Precisely.” “I died that day? I have been dead along?” Azirathel nods. “But...but does this mean I will wander the earth as ghost?” I can feel striking fear gripping at my heart. That would be much worse that dying, that I apparently already did. “Who said anything about ghosts?” “But if I am not a ghost...then I must be a zombie.” “Not even close.” Azirathel shakes his head. “The what am I?” “Dead.” “Well, I know that now...but...what will that mean for future. If you can talk about future in dying.”

“How about stop concentrating so much on yourself and look around.” Azirathel spreads arms around. “Home?” “Well, yes you are home. Maybe this was an unfair question.” Azirathel turns around, deep in thought and finally turns to me again and says:”But what about outside?” “What about it? That just our yard.” “Will you please stop thinking about something other than yourself.” “Fine, the city.” “Where is the city?” “You mean located?” Azirathel nods. “Earth.” “Wrong.” “Huh...we are not” For first time I look very carefully around the room, that is not filled with blood anymore. I am no longer like leaking bin. “No, but your home has always been there. That is I brought you and your brother here, all this years ago. You were not safe on earth.” “What...where the hell did you bring us then?” (unearthly music starts) Before Azirathel could answer me the world shifted out of balance. The earth turned under me like I was standing on the surface of revolving Earth. I fell backwards into a chair and when I looked up the whole environment had changed from my brother’s room to… Was that a meeting room? (Shifted to meeting room) “My home. Hell.” Azirathel turns on the projector.

Chapter two Welcome to hell “Hell...?” Suddenly my insides feel much colder than before. The little warmth that had stayed after my brother passed away had gone. I finally realise why I alway felt like we were going into another dimension each time we went home. Why no one could follow us and why this place was the safest place in the game..or wait..something doesn’t add up. “But...what you mean by outside? Is that not earth? It certainly does not feel like hell.” I scan the room that has many chairs in a row. After a close inspection it reminds me of my classroom in the university. “Well aren’t you prejudged. What makes you say that?” “Well, isn’t hell like a very bad place?” I shrug my shoulder. Desperate to get some warm into my body. I never liked school. “I beg your pardon.” “Well, in all the stories...” I say defensively. “Those stories are lies...or well they used to be true.” Azirathel grabs his chin, deep in thought:”But after the all the regulation. Hell has become...well to put it in a nice way, very mundane.” “You mean boring?” “Yes...” “Hell boring? You mean to tell me a man eating monster is considering boring in your opinion? I knew it! You are evil!” I point accusing finger to him. “Will you please lower your finger. No, I did not mean it like that. The hell you have been experience is an experiment.” “Experiment? What for?” “Do make a more interesting hell. You see people were starting to complain from boredom.” “You can file complaints in hell?” I picture a desk stacked with paperwork, one demon sitting behind it obviously bored and a long line in front of it. “Yes, I said there are many regulation. So the science demons have been over the years trying to create the most perfect hell.” Science demons? I snicker in my mind but aloud I ask:“Perfect hell? What is a perfect hell?” “A place that is exciting but at the same time manages to punish the humankind.”

“Well isn’t that lovely.” “Drop the sarcasm. It was a very important mission. But not everyone did agree with it.” “How come?” “The demons or as we like to call them moe killers...” “Moe killers?” The titles just keeps on getting better and better. “Yes, they are so adorable that it would kill you to see them again.” “Hell sure is a strange place.” “Well anyway, they moe killers did not want to risk hurting the humans...” “Wait.. how is their hell?” “How?” “Yes, according to regulation and such.” Azirathel sighs:”Well if you really want to know.” Azirathel explained that the hell run by moe killers, was the kind where people were forced to do boring things, alone in their own personal vacuum. Like for instance watching boring television shows, speeches or being forced to hold their own speeches as politician. That was just one the million things that people had to do in hell but it varied from one person to the next. After some time people would grow so tired of this, that they would obliterate, take a little set of relief but then it would back into the circulation. You could never truly escape from this hell. “Let me give you an example.” Azirathel clearly had seen the dumbfounded look on my face and turned on the projector he didn’t even use. He must have turned it on to create the right atmosphere or something. Instead of using the projector and showing me a slideshow like I had expected, he turned forward, bent his knees and did really weird hand gestures. It was like he was pinching the air. He grabs the air tightly between his fingers and pulls it in the opposite directions. What is he trying to make a hole or something? (A hole opens) “Holy macaroni!” I jump in my chair when a rift is suddenly in our midst. “I didn’t know macaroni could be holy?” Azirathel asks over his shoulder while keeping the hole open.

“Nevermind...” I grab my chairback like it’s the only real thing that is left in this world. “Do you mind!” An angry voice yells out of the hole. “Sorry, wrong hole. Won’t happen again.” Azirathel quickly closes the hole. “What was that?” “Just the restroom. It has been a long time since I had use the technique. Bare with me. It can take some time while I finally find the right destination.” Azirathel says without as much a glance in my direction and sets on opening more holes. I shrug my shoulders and helps myself to cake platter on the table. Better be comfortable for a long wait. (Hole opening sequences) (Loud rock music) (Picture of a concert stage. Idol on stage in girl’s clothing) “We are the demons! We have demon pride! We love hell! HELL IS AWESOOOOOME!” (Picture of adorable demons swinging glow sticks and singing in chorus) “We love Gabby-chan! We love Gabby-chan!” (Hole closes and music dies) “Was that a concert...? Can I watch some more?” I point to where the hole was closed. “No, absolutely not.” For some reason Azirathel looks frightened. Maybe he doesn’t like crowds or maybe just doesn’t want to let me have some fun. “Stingy.” I cross my arms and pout. A romantic restaurant appears in a hole and the happy demon couple sends glares in our direction. Demon puppies and demons cats are seen playing with each other. Once in awhile I go aww while another hole opens. Till suddenly I get bored with this hole opening and closing thingy.

“I get it. Moe hell is cute. Can we move on please.” I wave with my hand while the other seems to be stuck to my cheek for keeping the position for so long. “That was not the point of it.” Azirathel says over his shoulders between his clenched teeth while he forces the hole to stay open. “It wasn’t?” “No. I was trying to get to the human part of hell.” The hole shuts close behind Azirathel and he wipes a sweat from his brow. It’s the first time I see him sweat after anything. It’s a rather refreshing sight. But this peeks at hell made me think. I jump of my chair and walk straight to Azirathel:“So this was the demons hell...” “Yes.” Azirathel answers confidently. “Were all the fun resides?” I glare at him. “Yes...” Azirathel answers nervously and backs away from me. “And you wonder why you got all these complaints.” I shake my head. “Well...” Azirathel avoids eye contact in hopes to distract me opens up another hole. (Loud pop music, crazy beat) (Same concert stage, now a boy with bright pink hair and red eyes is singing) “Gabby-chan! Gabby-chan!” The moe demons cheer and clap and listen with rapture. “A boy? I thought it was a girl.” I whisper to Azirathel in conspiracy voice. Azirathel doesn’t answer. He has gone pale as a sheet. What is with him and concerts? Are there too many in hell? “Thank you for your support! I love you all!” Gabby-chan sends finger kisses of stage so the all audience swoon over, but immediately they recover and yell with hoarse voices:”We love you Gabby-chan!!!” That voice. I think I have heard it before. “Is that?” I point to the stage but Azirathel answers with slamming the hole shut. “You saw nothing!”

I never seen Azirathel this angry and frightened before. If I didn’t knew better I would think he was embarrassed by something. Jebb, he definitely has some bad memories from concerts. “I saw plenty.” I grin but Azirathel isn’t in the bit slightly amused. He leans down to me and in angry whisper says:”You saw nothing.” I gulp. In moments like this I remember I am dealing with a demon in the flesh. But the uneasiness quickly fled me when I thought about Gabby-chan. Gabriel, so you are doing great in hell. I smile. There is some justice in this world after all. “Are you one of the moe killers?” I ask in order to change the subject. “What do you think?” Azirathel pins me in place with look. “Nah, you are not cute enough.” Azirathel hmphed. “But I didn’t die...again when I saw these moe killers.” I grin. “Don’t flatter yourself. Had they been in their A-game and actually paid attention to you. We wouldn’t be having this conversation.” “But does that mean that you are one of science demons?” A tremor seems to go through Azirathel body before he answered coldly:“Neither. I am caught between this two forces.” “You are strange.” “Well my mom was a moe killer and my father is scientist. So I am half moe killer and half demon scientist.” “Aha...” I answer not really caring for that answer. I am going numb from all this craziness. Though I must say I was dying to see the science hell. But for now the only thing I wanted was to rest and forget anything of this happened. It felt like I had forgotten something really important. Something so important I would fell into a pit of despair would I remember it. So I better not try to remember it. I yawn. “Am I boring you? Well my science demon blood is stronger in me.” “So you can bore people to death?” I sit down in the revolving chair and use the top of the seat as a pillow. I wished I had a blanket. “Yes, that happens to be one of my skill.” “But you can’t kill them with your cuteness?” I cuddle up in my chair. “Well...I am practicing. I have yet to perfect my skill as a cat.” With criticising eyes he watch me every move like I am the one trying to copy a cat.

“I thought you were a very convincing cat.” I say and fight another yawn. “Why, thank you..” “But you did some grave error.” I say in a sleepy voice. “Well...yes...I am inexperienced in that field.” Azirathel rubs his head and add:“Where was I?” (Loud belly growling sound) “I am getting hungry.” I feel my tummy and suddenly I am not so tired anymore. I am wide awake. I never seem to be able to escape from this dream. It was not fair. Alice in Wonderland just had to go through the rabbit hole again...or did she have to defeat the queen first? Does that mean I must defeat Azirathel. I grin like wolf. Fortunately Azirathel seems to have turned of his thinking device or I would not have lived to see the wait... “Hungry? You have done nothing but eat this last months.” Azirathel asks in surprised voice. “Well, I am still hungry. Give me cake.” I point to the empty cake platter on the table. “I have never...” Azirathel whips up a another cake platter and with a happy grin I put it into my mouth. “Where was I?” “If I am not mistaking you were about to tell me the reason for the experiment.” “So you were listening after all.” Azirathel smiles gratefully and then he blushes and looks down in shame:”Although I did go way off topic.” I shrug my shoulders:”Whatever.” I take another bite of the cake.

Chapter three The truth about the experiment I sit on the meeting room table with my feet dangling and eat my cake. Azirathel sits in the desk chair where I had found my brother dead. I don’t know why he brought the chair but as soon as he sat down in it I remembered everything that had happened so far. I was still grief stricken. If I had to be honest with myself I truly had not forgot in single minute about my brother sufferings by my hand. But it just was something about Azirathel that

made me smile and I couldn’t help teasing him a bit. So I hid the pain and sorrow deep in my heart. Very deep. I was hoping for a hope in this story. Since I was already dead, I wondered if the same applied to my brother. Azirathel had answered that question with:”Yes, he killed himself shortly after you vanished. He couldn’t live with the guilt. He was certain he was the one responsible for your disappearance. Correction, he knew he had pushed you off that cliff.” “But where is my brother now?” “He is in moe hell.” “So there is chance I could meet him again?” “I can’t say for certain. But yes there is a faint chance.” I did not remember seeing him in any of this opening and closing hole event. But Azirathel had said that he didn’t find the human part of moe killer hell. Maybe, he would try to open another hole later and by some chance I could see my brother. It would mean the world to me. I felt a great burden being erased from my chest. The pain in my heart was slowly being eased away. There was not everything bad about being in hell. “More cake please.” I hand Azirathel my empty plate which he fills with cupcakes. “Thanks.” It felt like an eternity I had tasted cake. I wanted to get the taste of the human flesh out of my mouth. “You will get diabetes.” “Can you get diabetes in hell?” “Well...technically no...” “Then keep your complain to yourself....uh...” I quickly correct myself when I see the angry expression on his face that usually means no cake:”I mean, thank you for your concern but don’t worry. I will be fine.” I smile innocently and Azirathel just shakes his head. (Door slamming) “Big brother you are taking way too long to tell this story.” A bright but bossy voice says. I jump of the table and lose all my cupcakes to the floor:“Gabriel!” When I crunch down to pick up the cakes of the floor I add: I thought I ate you!” Then the other thing he said pops into my head:”Brother?” I look confused at Azirathel that has the expression of one getting caught in a prank. That was the weirdest expression I had ever seen on his face and I had seen many of them during the hole

opening/closing. Gabriel smiles mischievously and lays his hand on Azirathel’s shoulder. “What are you doing here?” Azirathel whispers between clenched teeth:”I thought you had left. You lost the game, remember.” “Game?” I look between these two for answers and glower at Gabriel:”Who are you?” Azirathel exhale loudly and moves his little brother hand of his shoulder:”Elena. This is the talento Gabriel Azirethel. Also known as Gabby-chan. My baby brother.” I gape. I don’t understand anything anymore. What is going on? Has everything so far been a big lie? A game? So this is not a dream...? Gabriel shakes my lifeless hand:”Nice to meet you. In a way you could say I was your uncle, given that Azirathel adopted you. But you could also say I was Azirathel grandchild since your brother adopted me.” “What...the...” I am struck speechless. “Don’t confuse her any more.” Azirathel scolds. “I am only telling the truth,” Gabriel smiles and makes a hand gesture like he has given up. “ to me brother!” I jumped up in rage. Finally I had something I could cling on to. My never ending rage. It was much better than this confusion. This emptiness. Gabriel is startled by my behaviour while Azirathel only shakes his head. “I did not betray your brother...” Gabriel jumps backward over a chair when I advanced on him with my fist raised in the air. “I didn’t say betray. I said lied. But I think your description fits better.” I was ready pummel that demon kid but Azirathel stood up and directed me back to my seat. “Please calm down, child. I know my brother can be a big pain in the ass...” “Hey!” Gabriel yells. “And I can’t count how many times I have wanted to hit him.” “Again...hey!” “But will you please let him explain before you jump to conclusion?” Azirathel beggs while he holds me squirming in place. “Fine.” I cross my arms and pout. Gabriel breaths of relief. “You are not out of the dark water yet,” Azirathel admonish and Gabriel gulps. “I think it would be best to explain everything about the nature of the game,” Gabriel

suggest and looks frighten to me. It amazes me how I am able to bring terror into a demon. I can’t help smiling for that accomplishment and my big grin seems to frighten Gabriel even more. “She is a demon...” Gabriel whispers and hide himself behind Azirathel’s back. “Like they were in the old tales but not today.” Azirathel corrects and adds:”Do you want me to explain?” “Yes, please brother.” Gabriel trembles and peeks from his hiding place at me. “Very well then,” and Azirathel start to explaining the nature of the game to me. (Pictures from moe hell. Bright colours and cute demons, cartoon like) “Since moe hell had this endless cycle soon we had to face the fact that hell was overflowed with human beings. We had to find a way to get rid of the souls once and for all.” “Sounds dreadful.” I say but Azirathel pays me no mind and continues. “The scientist demons were put to work and they game up with game. Something that would frighten yet entertain at the same time.” “Entertain? How it that entertainment being frighten for your life the whole time?” “It beats being bored.” “Well...that true...” I say and Gabriel nods in agreement but doesn’t lose his grip on his brothers shirt. Azirathel doesn’t seem to mind, he continues with his explanation in calm manner. “This was of course not only a game for the humankind but also for us demons. We were intrigued by all this.” “I knew it! You are evil!” I point at Azirathel with mirth. “We were intrigued by how stupid humans are.” “Oh...” I lose all fight in me. “True dat.” “How ruthless, how selfish. Things that we demons don’t know about.” “Really?” I scoot to the end of my bed. “Yes, our system goes before our well being. We had to find a way to make hell thrive.” “And did it work?” “In way yes. But eventually we had to shut this hell down.”

“Shut it down?” “Yes, although we had found a way to get rid of the souls, by you eaten them.” “Well...isn’t that lovely. I am glad I could be of help.” I say between clenched teeth, lay back on the table and cross my arms. “You weren’t the only one who did the devouring. Along the way we found others ready to obliterate the souls with this way. Though of course this was never our intention.” Azirathel shakes his head:”No, we didn’t realise that humans didn’t possess a supernatural strength that could erase the souls. There would always be some body left. So I had to make you eat every last bit of them.” “Eeeugh...don’t remind me. I hated eating the body fluids. It made me sick.” I grab my mouth. “Brother, you are getting way out of topic.” Gabriel finally has the courage to get from his hiding place and steps forward:”Let me handle the rest, Assie.” I burst out laughing:”ASSIE! He calls you Assie! That is brilliant!” “Isn’t it?” Gabriel grins and draws a chair. He plumbs himself into it with a self satisfying grin. “I once called him that too! High five!” I raise my hand and Gabriel does the same and we give each other high fives. (Clapping sound) Azirathel sighs and shakes his head:”I was wondering when you would lose your manners again, Gabu.” “Am I allowed to speak Assie?” Gabriel glares at Azirathel and Azirathel nods:”Why not. Since you came all this way, why not try to make yourself useful.” Azirathel smiles. “I am hundred times more useful than you Assie. At least I tried to help her brother.” Gabriel points at me and then at his brother:”While you did nothing but stand by in cat form.” “I had strict orders not to interfere. Me being a cat was camouflage. I wasn’t even allowed to be on the premises.” “Oh, bohoo. You still could have shown some spunk. Didn’t you raise these kids?” “I was told not to interfere.” Azirathel says between clenched teeth. Gabriel smiles at his brother’s expression and says:“You have alway been a sucker for rules. But anyways since you have taken far too long to finish this tale. We can’t close this

hell down.” “Close it down...?” I ask. “Are you maybe doing this on purpose? Knowing how it will end?” Gabriel nudges at his brother arm who stiffens and looks away:“I don’t know what you are talking about.” “I will pretend you don’t. But just like last time they send me in to do your job.” “Last time?” I ask. “The reason I was brought into the game.”

Chapter 4 The truth about Gabby-chan. So this was all a game? I didn’t kill anyone? Of course not. We brought you living prey. Your worst enemies were taken to you, so you could do whatever you wanted with them. Torture them slowly. Oh...thanks... We knew you would appreciate it.

The true epilogue

My eyes are shut. I get the feeling I can’t wake up from a very strange dream. Brr...My head seems to be freezing? But why do I feel some heat come up from down below? Where the hell am I? (Sizzling sound) (Rustling sound of chains) It seems I can’t move. The heat is suffocating me. I can’t breathe. Yet I wish this cold would go away. Far away. I feel a stabbing pain in my back. Everything seems so unreal. Is this really a dream?

(Darkness, then little light, like someone is opening their eyes) (Picture of mist/fog/smoke) I can’t see anything in this fog., it’s more like smoke? (Darkness, like someone is blinking, scrutinizing their eyes) (A picture is slowly being revealed, camera/eyes moves over the scene and ends in the middle) that? (The eyes stops on a figure in the middle) (A picture of lifeless person who has been impaled with a trifork that is standing in a bubbling cauldron) “BROTHER!” (Rattling of chains) “Brother! Brother! Can you hear me!?” (Rattling of chains and sizzling and bubbling sound) (Picture of her brother slowly opening his eyes) “Sister...?” (Darkness) (Picture of the siblings in distance, not a clear picture)

“Tsk, tsk little ones.” I look over the scene. The sister hangs literally on a hairline from being boiled to death whereas her hair is frozen to the brick of a volcano. Which will win out first? The hair will finally melt and she will fall into the lava or will the sister first die from a heatstroke? Well, if she can die again. The brother on the other hand, will have to watch her die but as soon as she is revived, he will die. But for the briefest of moments they can see each other. (Picture of the brother stiffening up in pain) Arggghhh!” “BRIIIIT!” I forgot. Sometimes it will be in the reverse order. I turn away from the scene. It is my job to make sure they suffer in eternity from this. That is of course until we will change management in hell. Who could have believed the new boss loved so much Dante’s inferno that not only did he want to make a replica of it. No, he wanted to make it much worse. No one can complain about boredom this time. I clench my fist. The siblings will have to bare with it till I manage to get to the top, that is if I manage. They certainly are in the worst imaginable hell but at least they are together. The true ending to Endless Breakfast. (White letters appear) Or is it...!?

Endless Breakfast- The sister's ending- if she had won  

Ekki fullkláraður hluti á eftir nokkrar bls. Þetta er líka drög og því á eftir að fara yfir málfræði, stafsetningarvillur og fleira.