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I lunge forward but just as I am about to stab the monster queen a memory swims to the surface. (Pictures of blood) Blood there is blood everywhere. I shake from head to toe. Through my blurry vision I watch where the monster queen is devouring my beloved Rosalin. My vision shifts between the monster queen and my desk at home. (Blurry pictures of desk and the monster queen) My desk that is filled with blood. I don’t recall this memory. I remember everything with blood. For some reason I get this gut feeling that this will be the worst memories of them all. I can’t remember it, no I mustn’t remember it. Or everything is over. (Stretched out hands) I reach forward. I reach through the memory, this memory I can’t and will not remember, towards my Rosalin. I will not not let anyone else die! (Slashing sound) I will not let the monster queen control my brain! This all one trap! (Slashing sound) (Slashing sound and picture of sword slashing at the memories) This is now. I am in control of my own memories! (Slashing sound and the desk picture disappears and the monster queen is left alone) I take the last step to the monster queen. I can feel how my vision is getting hazy again. How lightheaded I am but with all my strength I take this last steps. This last steps that

seems to take forever and finally I plunge the sword with all my might into the monster queen. (Animal screaming, slashing and sizzling sound) Before my eyes the monster queen is degenerating slowly. She swings from left to right, like branches in a strong wind. Half eaten Rosalin fells from her grasp and with my last strength I catches her. Was I already too late or is everything finally over? My eyes close against my will and the last thing I remember, is seeing my Rosalin unmoving in my arms. “Brother, wake up. Wake up brother.” In the distance I think I hear my sister calling. I must be an illusion or this must mean I am already dead. I open my eyes and I have trouble keeping the open because of bright light in the room. I was like the sun had decides to walk into the room and bathe us in it’s light. “Brother, brother.” I hear my sister plead. Very carefully I open my eyes and see that the light has dimmed to normal. It takes awhile for my eyes to adjust. Not just to the change in lighting but also to grasp the meaning of what is in front of my eyes. My sister. My sister is smiling. “Sister? Is that really you?” My sister nods without stop smiling. I don’t ever remember my sister smiling not after our parent’s death. The time she smiled with me and Azirathel was more like grimaces. Like she had to fight an ever ending pain. This was the first time I saw her smile this peacefully. Like everything was finally alright with the world. “I thought you were dead,” I whisper to this strange being that pretends to my sister. Last time I checked my sister did not glow like a setting sun. She reminded me more of an angel. “Yes, I am dead but brother you set me free.” My angellike sister said with this unnerving

peaceful smile. “Set you free from what?” I take my eyes of this being and look into my arms. I am startled to see that Rosalin has got her full body back and is sleeping peacefully in my arms. What the? Was I am in some kind of a disney movie? “From the monster within.” “With in? Oh, you mean I freed you from that monster.” For the first time since our encounter my sister’s smile flatters and she tilts her head. If I didn’t know better she was ashamed of something. But what could upset my angelike sister so much? “Well, yes. Technically...but brother...did you forget I was the monster.” My sister says in carefree voice, like a little child who had stolen a cookie before dinner. I gape. “WHAT?” “Did you forget?” My sister has an awkward smile that does not fit with her angelic appearance. “You were the monster?” “Yesss....” “Did you eat all this people?” “Kinda...” “Tell me the truth.” “Yes...”

“Shame on you sister.” As soon as these words are out of my mouth I remember saying them before. I shake my head. This is beyond weird. “Why did you do this?” “It was in the contract.” My sister says and twirls a hairlock between her fingers. “Contract? What contract?” “But, brother you won. You can live happily now.” My sister beams at me. “Happy? How can I be happy when it’s only me and...” I look at Rosalin. Maybe this could work after all. “You won’t be alone.” My sister snaps her finger and I catch my breath when I see who comes swirling down. “Gaaa GA...BRIEL!” I put Rosalin carefully down who doesn’t stir in her sleep and run forwards and catch Gabriel. “Dad?” Gabriel slowly opens his eyes and I crush him in my hug. Finally everything is alright. Finally I can move forward. Everything is finally in place. “Dad, I can’t breathe...” “Sorry..” I release my hold on him and put him down on the ground. And more people comes swirling down from the ceiling. At last all the monster hunters plus Duck land safely on the ground. This is too good to be true. This must be some kind of a dream. I turn towards my sister. “It is your job to rebuild the earth.” She answers without me asking.

“What are you going to do?” “Me? I won’t be a part of this. My role has been fulfilled. I must go now.” I grasp my sister’s hand. For some reason I can touch her even though she is dead. I am grateful for that mercy. My sister looks at me and sadness is evident in her eyes. “Sister...why can’t you stay?” I choke up. I realise how much I missed her. How much I have longed for this moment. Ever since she disappeared that fateful day. The day everything was swept out of balance. “I must pay for my sin.” My sister claps my chin:”But Brit, I am so happy I could see you for this last time.” Slowly my sister realizes me and starts to degenerate like bubbles. “ELENA!” I yell at me sister’s form that disappears little at the time along with my sanity. I can’t help feeling that I am missing something vital. Something important about this occurrence and at last it hits me. “What about the contract!?” I scream but it was too late. My sister was already gone.

Epilogue I have no idea how long time has passed since that day. For all I know it could have happened yesterday but then one look at Gabriel’s growing form tells me it must have been much longer. Rosalin and I are happily married and soon Gabriel will have a baby sister. You see, it was not just the growing form of Gabriel that told me that some time had passed. It was also the growth of Rosalin stomach. I still couldn’t believe my luck. I know it in my gut that this was the day I should have died. That it was by some kind of miracle that I survived that day and could bring back all the monsters hunters. It certainly felt I won in a videogame, gotten all my lives back but unlike in video game I would never want to relieve the things that happened in this game.

Though it irritates me that I never got any answers about what really happened. When I asked Azirathel he only meowed and ever since that day he had never once come back in his demon form. Although sometimes I think he and Gabriel can communicate with each other. The other day I think I overheard Gabriel say to Duck, he can never know the truth. For the sake of this world. But when I asked Gabriel about it he said it was a game he and Duck had invented. Called, he must never know the truth. What is the truth, I asked and when Gabriel asked me to elaborate I asked him, why did he go that day to fight the monster queen. Gabriel answered:”What monster queen. Dad, you are weird.” And he laughed and pointed at me. Gabriel wasn’t the only one who seemed to forget everything about the monster hunting. It I got the same answers when I asked the monster hunters. Even Rosalin was clueless and asked if I had eaten anything strange. I have started to think I have imagined that whole thing and something else must have happened to wipe out most of the population of the earth. There are no demons or monsters so it must have been some kind of natural disaster or something like that. I have decided not to pry into things and just leave them like this. Somethings is better left untouched. Sometimes the truth is the least that matters in a peaceful world. The end of Endless Breakfast (The ending title fades slowly into darkness) (Music stops abruptly.) (Red letters appear) Don’t you think this too good to be true...? (Screen shaking, clanging sounds) (People screaming in despair. Slicing sounds. Blood splatters and trails of blood leaking down the screen. Screen shaking and fade to darkness )

Continue to the sister’s ending. If she had won.

Endless Breakfast- The brother's ending- if he had won  

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