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Abstract This portolio is an overview of my most recent academic work and selected early architectural and design projects. The first section narrates a bit of my professional history followed by a second part where six chosen projects are displayed. The latter starts from the most recent piece of work, the awarded research project & installation Transitional Environments, Environments, to my first project designed during the initial phase of my career. This accurate and concise selection of work examples aims to demonstrate my proactive commitment and passion for Architecture and its design. My most recent collection of visuals and professional developments is available upon request.


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Table of Contents Front cover Abstract


Professional information Education history • Employment history P0A • About me P0B • Curriculum Vitae


Projects Physical making • 1:1 Scale P01 • Transitional Environments • Research installation prize P02 • Responsive Buoyant Light • Arduino coding P03 • Geodesic Geodome • CAD/CNC management P04 • Wearable Habitats • Wood work

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Context & Analysis • Concept & Design P05 • Montevergini • Extended spaces P06 • Domestic interiors • Refurbishment

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Published work Academic & Research • Design & Theory P07 • Interconnessioni & Installamente • Essays P08 • Rural housing conversion in Southern Italy • Contest Appendix Back cover

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Professional information P0A

About me My name is Rosanna Leonardi, I am an ARB-accredited Architect with an MA in Interior Design and experience in interdisciplinarity across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. I excel in crafting, hand drawing and space planning with a growing technical understanding. I am a natural mediator skilled in building new relationships for a mutual supportive professional environment. Commitment, competence and attention to detail allow me to adapt to new professional situations while approaching design challenges. Lastly but not least, I enjoy walking, reading and cooking specially for friends over for dinner.

Accolades Research Installation Prize • 08/2018 UCA University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury School of Architecture, the United Kingdom. Honorable mention for innovative Thesis • 01/2013 University of Catania & La Sapienza of Rome, Italy. Affiliations ARB Architects Registration Board • 08/2019 - Present; BIID British Institute of Interior Design • 03/2018 - Present; V&A Victoria and Albert Museum Library • 09/2018 - 09/2023.


Rosanna Leonardi Architect ARB MA MArch +44 (0) 7733284529 ros.leonardi@gmail.com issuu.com/rosannaleonardi linkedin.com/in/rosannaleonardi-egsr/

Architecture & Interior Design

Projects P01

Transitional Environments Research Installation Prize The installation Transitional Environments is a project which explores users’ experience and the traces they produce as moments of transition. It is composed by a sequence of spaces that are connected by a central path, placing them on the sides. The user indeed experiences a transition of materials that makes the whole journey reflexive and isolated as well as responsive to real actions. Type Location Budget Scale

Research Project & Installation UCA Canterbury School of Architecture, foyer 1000 ÂŁ 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.5m

Design process The design is composed by an assemblage of materials that follows different techniques. A solid fluid base of 18mm plywood is raised by 9no x 30mm joists positioned below it to which 1200mm x 480mm of 8mm flexible plywood is also attached generating the lifted space. CNC machinery has been employed to overcome successfully two main challenges; to cut converted splines into rounded polylines and to test the numerical cutting tool on 9mm plywood boards. Three large 18mm plywood boxes which are cut with joinery tools, contain chalk on a different degrees of density. Shifted by 480mm from the level of the chalk marsh contained into the boxes, two large latex womb curtains of h 2000mm are hung from a bespoke 8mm brass wire mesh designed on site at an height of 2.50m. The latex curtains have been made by spraying the 60% water-based liquid with a compressor of 200L. During the making process plywood components were cut while layers of latex and acrylic colour were sprayed one on top of the other one. Thereafter, testing and assembling completed the building phase. 5







Architecture & Interior Design

Projects P01

Appendix Materials and Suppliers List Acrylic paint (from Screwfix, www.screwfix.com) 1no x 10 l Leyland Trade Contract Chalk Powder (from Walters&Walters, www.waltersandwalters.co.uk) 2no x 25 kg Flexible Plywood (from Timberite, Canterbury, 01227 765011) 3no x 8 x 2440 x 1220 m Latex (from MB Fibreglass, Antrim, 028 90 861992) 3no x 5 l Liquid Polycraft Latex 1no x 250 ml Thickener Additive for Liquid Latex Plywood (from Timberite, Canterbury, 01227 765011) 4no x 18 x 2440 x 1220 m 2no x 9 x 2440 x 1220 m Other sundries: Canvas 2500mm x 2000mm, Closs & Hamblin Canterbury, UK Diall Brass wire 1no x 50 x 8 mm, Screwfix UK Perla small loop clamp 20no, Green Magic UK Stainless Steel Wood Screw Lag Thread Eye Bolt 20no 6 x 60 mm, GSProducts UK Zinc-plated steel finishing nail 40 mm, Screwfix UK


Interior Design

Projects P02

Responsive Buoyant Light Arduino coding The project Responsive Buoyant Light is designed and fabricated following a specific brief and climatic condition: Humidity. It is designed through prototypes, 1:1 making and testing interactivity with respect to both hardware and software manipulation. A combination of knowledge investigation, making practice and sensors activity through analog input and output. Type Location Budget Scale

Responsive piece of furniture UCA Canterbury School of Architecture 120 ÂŁ SD 0.2m

Design process pin


DTH 11






5V Arduino


12V LED light spot +




12V PSU 13




Architecture & Interior Design

Projects P03

Geodesic Geodome CAD/CNC management The Geodesic Geodome is a Sci-fi Vernaculars teamwork, a large live build project fabricated and assembled in the quad of UCA Canterbury campus. As selected to be part of the structure team by the MA Course Leader, I then started managing the entire workflow of CAD drawings and CNC outcomes developing an accurate eye for detail and time management skills. Type Location Budget Scale

Live build project UCA Canterbury School of Architecture, lawn / SD 4.2m x 2.5m

Design process The Geodesic dome is a relatively simple hemispheric lattice shell structure composed by struts and plates that have to be controlled according to design requirements. For building the 1:1 installation, three components were involved in the process of drawing and cutting accurately the structural elements of the dome: bolts, plywood and CNC. For every junction, measurements, plates, slot depth, struts length, height and thickness plus connectors were reviewed before sending the file to the CNC. The machine is able to read polylines without line under them and, for a clean file, two commands are necessary: overkill and join specially for corners and curves. The construction phase of the Geodesic Geodome was firstly preceded by an estimate of the material requirements, secondly an order of the plywood sheets and then the cutting process. All the cut pieces were double-checked, sanded and assembled on site.





Spatial Design

Projects P04

Wearable Habitats Wood work Wearable Habitats is a combination of three performative products that generates wearable spaces. These liveable structures dress the whole body of the user or just the inferior part of it, from the waist on, creating performative sequences and several possibilities of use. Layered circles, squares and triangles become the medium to convey the relationship between space and body. Type Location Budget Scale

Performative products Milan, Teatro Arsenale 200ÂŁ 1.5m x 1.5m x various

Design process Three 18mm plywood boards, one for each product, have been cut with joinery tools. Every layer of the squares and triangles are joined together by using thin wood connectors screwed to their corners. Each level is tied to its vertex with ropes fastened by knots, generating three-dimensional forms. They are vertically repeated four and three times according to necessities of the user. After the fabrication process, the liveable structures were worn and used by a user which performed with them on.





Architecture & Spatial Design

Projects P05

Montevergini Extended spaces The project Montevergini defines, reinterprets and modifies existent hidden urban spaces through flexible exterior/interior faรงades. New public spaces regenerate an ancient urban grid in both creative and functional ways diversifying each courtyard aesthetically and also by various engineering solutions. Three originally separated courtyards become connected to each other by a wide planning approach and technical choices. Each newly open courtyard follows different altimetry (5.60m; 3.70m; 2.80m) related to the topography where they belong. Horizontal and vertical passages, such as ramps and steps, lifts and stairs, bring the user up to the third floor, while a walkway connects each facade with the existing building. Two of the three facades are made of metal framework plus one or two layers of cladding; the first courtyard is treated with concrete. The use of different materials expresses a design and user necessity related to further uses.

Focus on the courtyard renovated by designing a facade extension made of metal framework and perforated aluminium panels.


Reflect Delimit




Superimpose for the barycenter 2D


Copy 26




9,5 9,5



Section aa’



5,6 3,7 5






29 Ground floor






Section bb’



12,2 11







31 First floor















13,3 12,2





4,3 2,8

Section cc’



Second floor 33

Interior Design

Projects P06

Domestic interiors Refurbishment Domestic interiors is a project that combines materials both technically and aesthetically with human factors. The process of designing a refurbishment of specific interior spaces follows an inside/outside criterion where the original shell remains unchanged. Starting from the inside to the outside, the intervention can be seen from the latter through a continuous exterior surface. The new wall located in the living room is made of calcarenite stones in a row connected vertically to each other by two steel slabs upon and below each brick. These sequences of bespoke diamond-like brick rows are empty in the middle allowing the sunlight to go through their rhombus hole and to illuminate the space.


View on top of Cugno Mola looking toward Cavagrande del Cassibile and the coastline

500 300 100 0

Section Cugno Mola

Cunziria house Cugni houses Cassibile Fontane bianche

500 300 100 0

Section Cugno Nave 500 300 100 0

Section Cugno Spineta

Cugno Mola The Ionian


a’ 7,1


0,4 0,2 0,3


DETAIL Façade 0,6

Section a-a’

Reflecting pool

Terrace with arbour

4,9 6,1

Calcarenite stones

Steel slabs

Open space

Isometric explosion



Façade made of calcarenite stones, steel slabs and glass



Published work P07/P08

Published work Essays P07 • Interconnessioni & Installamente In: (2014) Fiore, V. and Ruzza, L. Luce artificiale e paesaggio urbano. Raccontare il territorio con nuove tecnologie. Siracusa: LetteraVentidue Edizioni S.r.l. pp. 127-145 https://issuu.com/rosannaleonardi/docs/extract_2520of_2520luce_25 20artific

Contest P08 • Rural housing conversion in Southern Italy In: (2014) IN OMBRA vol. 2. Siracusa: LetteraVentidue Edizioni S.r.l. pp. 180-183. https://issuu.com/rosannaleonardi/docs/extract_of__rural_housing_ conversion_in_southern_i


appendix Contact information Rosanna Leonardi Architect ARB MA MArch +44 (0) 7733284529 ros.leonardi@gmail.com issuu.com/rosannaleonardi linkedin.com/in/rosannaleonardi-egsr/ WordPress humidsite.wordpress.com vimeo.com/humidsite


Profile for Rosanna Leonardi

Rosanna Leonardi Portfolio  

A brief overview of my most recent academic work and selected early professional architectural and design projects.

Rosanna Leonardi Portfolio  

A brief overview of my most recent academic work and selected early professional architectural and design projects.