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Connecting dots Everything has to make sense for me: “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.” Steve Jobs


I like to find art in every aspect of life, I also see myself as the Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), like a constantly evolving person, ever learning.

Coffee with my persona At the end of the day everything comes down to people. I like getting to know new trends but also the basic “code”of humanity. I like to feel I’m having a coffee with my target.

Creating experiences I take pleasure in bringing people together by creating unique and cozy experiences. In these moments, the conversations and thoughts are real and candid.

My everyday strategy

Being strategic is not only part of my day job - it’s also the way I approach my day-to-day life.



Women still associate Summer’s Eve (SE) with douching; therefore as a problem/solution brand.


There is an involuntary hypocrisy occuring nowadays: women can speak their voice, but they have inherited being ashamed and afraid to talk about their vagina.


Jack-of-all-trades women They are strong, open-minded and sometimes too hard on themselves when dealing with their own conflicts. They might be mommies & professionals or students & young workers, who are on the go most of the time. They can have strong grounded opinions about any topic and are not afraid to talk about them. BUT they cannot talk freely about their vagina.


Their most intimate part is still TABOO Historically, women have overcome all the social barriers but one: they still won’t talk about ‘down there’.


Embrace your vagina.


We want to move Summer's Eve from a problem solution brand, to a beauty care brand that embraces womanhood


Summer’s Eve are pioneers in changing the product perception and creating a new category, cosmetic/beauty daily care.


In the creative idea the parenthesis have a dual meaning. They represent the vagina and the taboo. We are encouraging women to break this taboo and drop the parenthesis. Let’s talk about it.



Vo: The vagina symbolizes birth of life itself. It represent who women are. People should dare to say vagina. It’s time to break the taboo. Lets talk about it.



OBJECTIVE There are many misperceptions about cruising: it’s boring, it’s only for old people, it’s regimented and there’s not a lot more to do than eat

FINDINGS ✺Families only represent 18% of the groups cruising which is a great opportunity to increase sales ✺Teens influence their parents in vacation decision-making in terms of when & where to go ✺Royal Caribbean is the most trendy when it comes to innovative amenities

OUR PERSONA Influential Digital Natives who are experts info seekers and gatekeepers of trends and style. Andrea, is a young adult who craves for independence and enjoys bits of freedom. But who’s not easy to please. Her last tweet: “Without my phone, my life feels so empty & boring”. She also expresses herself through Vine videos and through her Instagram selfies. After 1 on 1 interview we came up with this feeling among several teens: “It would be awesome to have parent-free vacations”. The decision maker, Marisa, is busy trying to fit 30 hours into a 24-hour day. She also likes to serves her kid while she copies her daughter’s trends with a too late delay. *1 on 1 interview: “Sometimes I think I need a break from my family.”


You need quality time alone from family in order to spend quality time together


providing a normal family vacation feeling chained together



Inspiring freedom to share moments together by choice.

Freedom to be me, with family (or not)

WHY IS THIS? Royal Caribbean provides a wide variety of options for both (Parents & teens),the latest amenities and a safe free zone


Teens come with distinct personalities and chase after whatever pleases them, and they all seek their individual “WOW moment” that they can boast and show off to their friends. Every WOW moment is unique, and no two WOWs are the same. With Royal Caribbean there’s a WOW for every kind of teen and every family member. Come onboard Royal Caribbean and MAKE YOUR OWN WOW.

Prints in teens magazines and online

Footprints in malls to see the WOW Live

Vine videos to pamper and engage parents through teens



Jamaica is not well-differentiated from the rest of the Caribbean islands.


Most tourism campaigns (95%) follow a “simple” recipe for their communications.

Tourism campaign’s recipe

-Sauté a piece of good music -Add pristine beaches, turquoise waters, golf course, local cuisine and culture. -When serving don’t forget to top with a generically vague slogan


Your inner “anthropologist” Our traveler works hard all year long, and looks forward to saving money to take a trip. He wants to disconnect from his daily routine to become a part of different cultures and people. When he travels, he lives in the moment and pushes his limits by straying off the beaten path. He doesn’t want any one else to tell him the story, he wants to write his own version.


Our travelers view a Caribbean resort as a jail because it barricades the island’s true culture.


From a predictable resort experience an unpredictable cultural experience

THE IDEA : The life beyond the resort

WHY IS THIS? Jamaicans are pulling you to live as a real Jamaican, they are taking you out of your comfort zone.


The creative idea is Live it as a Jamaican. Jamaica has the most unique flavor of all the Caribbean. Jamaica has its own Jam. Here is the recipe to live it as a Jamaican: chill, rhythm and sharing experiences. It’s time for you to taste it. Let’s Jam!



"Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it get’s better by change." -Jim Rohn-

NIKON -bonus track-

We are trying to find the blind spot and create a purpose-driven brand for Nikon. OPPORTUNITY Imagery providers focus exclusively on doing/cover, whether this is in a reactive or proactive way, all overlooking the potential to do something in the looking/discover space. Instagram: reacts to situations and covers them Gopro: covers moments for extreme sports lovers Canon: for professionals doing studio or outdoor shootings or to cover events Blind spot, NIKON is the Proactive Looking

POSITIONING NIKON gives you the professional’s eye


Encourage people to proactively look for their own inspiration

BRAND CHALLENGE Make people look at things differently

PERSONALITY Helpful mentor

OUR PERSONA Adventurers who need instigation

INSIGHT Art is out there, but people feel they can’t do it justice when trying to capture that picture.


COVER Covering = pictures up with filters Covering = events or occwasions

... to


THE IDEA Only the right eye can find what the others left behind

CREATIVE IDEA Keep on looking

Oddities about me... Finding look alikes Naming everything Solving problems while cooking Finishing sentences with songs...

Milestones I have more than 3 years of marketing experience in managing and overseeing various campaigns specifically within the food sector from a global perspective. My management roles have been on both the client and agency side in Paris, Madrid and Valencia. I believe strategy to be the key component to a successful campaign so I decided to attend the Miami Ad School to further develop this skill.

See you soon...


Account planning, Miami Ad School, planning, planner, strategist, planificación estratégica, advertising, publicidad, brand strategy, strate...


Account planning, Miami Ad School, planning, planner, strategist, planificación estratégica, advertising, publicidad, brand strategy, strate...