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IbiĂşna guide The first short guide of IbiĂşna in English made by 6th grade students from Laurinda School

A touristic city

Welcome to IbiĂşna: a touristic city! It is a country side city full of leisure areas, comfort, acomodation in the farm. They offer quality, entertainment, swimming pool, gym and exhibitions. Ecologic areas and camping are the best for you and your family. Visit Ibiuna!

Movies The cinema of Ibiúna is the best therefore it is visited by people everyday. It’s very good!

Lodges Come to visit this touristic city. There are excellent lodges and inns. Stop by resting with family. Pousada Parati, Campo Verde, Est창ncia Branca de Neve, Bandeirantes, Maranatha, XValley and many others.

Shops and Stores In Ibiúna is very good go shopping: clothes, shoes, everything with the best quality. On XV November street many shops to attend you: Diana, Thays Baby, Coquinho, Atretou, Ki garra, Rogério Calçados, Rivan, Lider, Victos, Elas and many others.

Supermarkets In IbiĂşna ,the three markets to best serve you. A supermarket is also a wholesale market come on visit us! Enjoy our offers, quality, goods, everything by short price.

Leisure The fishing hatcheries in IbiĂşna are very beautiful, leisure and entertainment for you and your family. Visit Xico Karpa, Osato, Parque and have fun!

Ecological Places

Cachoeira do Chá

Gruta de São Sebastião Prainha

Cachoeira da Fumaça

Mirante da Figueira

Students • Lodges (pousadas) - Fernanda, Jaqueline, Smaria e Vanderlaine. • Shops (lojas) - Ana Laura, Ana Luiza, Debora, Franciene e Priscila. • Supermarkets (supermercados) - Mateus • Fishing Hatchery (Pesqueiro) – Gabryel, Guilherme Barbosa, Jefferson e Walan. • Welcome - Alana, Ana Caroline e Keyty. • Movies (Cinema) – Marcos, Mateus Ferreira, Renato e Andrei.

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students task about Ibiuna