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Rosalind Davis. Art Workshops Overview. •

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I am a practising artist with a strong ongoing practice, a teacher/ lecturer, writer and curator of artist led space Royal College and Chelsea College of Art Graduate. I teach at every level of education, including intergenerational, community, family workshops and inset day training. Employees include the Historic Royal Palaces, ICIA, K College, Farncoombe College, West Dean College and Brighton Phoenix, City Gallery, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable trust, as well as a number of primary & secondary schools, sixth form colleges, foundation courses and Universities across the country. ‘You ran a fantastic workshop that the children thoroughly enjoyed. It was well planned and a great opportunity for the children to work creatively in a way that they have previously not experienced.’

WORKSHOPS Co-ordinating, creating and delivering mixed media Workshops (drawing, painting, embroidery and collage) incorporating perspective,literacy, geometry and numeracy. Themes Include. Identity,community, environment,culture,history and landscape and much more. “It is a pleasure to work with such a professional artist who engages really well with students.� The Tower of London Historic Royal Palaces Education and Learning Officer.

Primary School Projects Creating a collaborative 3d sculpture of the Tower of London as well as drawings; exploring drawing, perspective, history, geometry, architecture, literacy, creative expression composition, colour.


Bessemer Primary School 2014 Making carnival outfits & accessories from plastic bags and newspaper.

Bessemer Grange Primary School. Mask making with 120 children for the schools annual festival using different countries as source materials and incorporating pattern, design,colour and numeracy.

Bessemer Primary School 2013 Pattern Cutting and Print Making workshops using gemoetry, scale and line to create interesting prints for the children to wear on the school’s annual Carnival.

Workshops exploring the school environment & building through embroidery , experimental drawing , stitching, colour, composition, form & shape.

Avondale School 2011.

Primary School workshop at Phoenix Brighton. Responding directly from artists works Teaching markmaking, collage, embroidery, drawing, pattern, composition, shape and form

Same Sky Arts Groups.2009

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Exploring architecture of the SLCT using and creating pattern, texture, drawing and colour as well as students own identities and imagination

Secondary School Projects The Stephen Lawrence Centre: Exploring architecture, photography, contemporary art, texture, pattern structure, form, color and perspective. The results were displayed in an exhibition at the end of the project.

The Tower of London • Working with 3 x Secondary Schools in a series of workshops exploring the history & architecture of The Tower through experimental drawing and mixed media

Intergenerational / Family Workshops. For Historic Royal Palaces.

Castlehaven Community Centre Working from an exhibition of paintings & installation I had at The Roundhouse, the students created miniature sculptures&made an installation as well as creating mixed media collages.

Community Workshop at Bruce Castle Museum

Foundation Studies/ Sixth Forms

Bedford College, K College, Priorsfield Sixth Form, from 2007 onwards

Experimental Machine Embroidery (all ages)

Adult Education: Mixed Media Workshops; Developing skills in experimental Embroidery (hand &machine), drawing, painting, collage, print, mark making, composition, colour, design.

FEEDBACK "Thank you for the wonderful workshop, which really just let me reconfirm what I wanted to do within my practice as an artist. A big YES for me!“ "I wanted to say thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how you approach your work. There were definitely parts of our day that I will use in my practice" 2008 onwards

Surface, Material, Process Workshops. Adult Education. ICIA Bath & Zeitgeist Arts Projects, London

Inset Day Training


Race For Ideas. Project management, planning design & workshops • LB Camden Out of School Learning Service partnered with London Transport Museum • Delivering a creative learning project and workshops with 10 major public galleries/musuems including the British Museum, London Transport Museum, The Wellcome Trust working with primary school children. • Themes: exploring the Olympic Values through art and objects, mapping and geography. 2010

Rosalind Davis Teaching Portfolio  

Rosalind Davis. Art Workshops Portfolio Overview. 2007 onwards

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