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Cockpit USA Launch Personal Shopping Consultations Tailored, fitted and unique to each customer, Cockpit USA have just launched a luxurious personal shopping service. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District, the Cockpit USA showroom is to be exclusively opened up, by appointment only, to new and returning customers for an unparalleled retail experience. Honest to the Americana nature of the brand, customers are welcomed in true, hospitable fashion with a cup of hot tea and a consultation with Jacky Clyman EVP and wife of founder Jeff Clyman. The personalised service gives customers the opportunity to browse the entire leather jacket collection and get a first look at the latest additions to CPT, the heritage brand’s contemporary menswear line. Whether there to put together a single outfit or formulate an entire new wardrobe, the Cockpit USA shopping consultants will be on hand to help and advise. Ambassadors of the brand, the Cockpit USA consultants customise the shopping experience to suit each client, saving time and providing assistance of the finest calibre. Originally established as a mail order catalogue in 1975 then a NY Flagship, the Clymans are no strangers to getting close and personal with Cockpit USA. However, following a 10 year lease at 652 Broadway, the co-op could not agree to a correct renewal and the flagship store was closed. In addition, with the drastic increases in the cost of leather producing an average of 10-60% price raise on key items, changes had to be made. "It was time to get smart." says Jacky And get smart is exactly what Cockpit USA did. Now offering this unique retail experience befitting of the brand, shopping will never again been more pleasurable. "Leather goods are more like investments, and family heirlooms passed down through generations." With an unmarred record of successful sales and not a single returned item, shop personal and smart with Cockpit USA. Opening times: 10am - 5.30pm Located on 15 West 39th St. 12th Fl. (212) 575-1616


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