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Rosa Hendrikx

Rosa Hendrikx Eindhoven University of Technology Bachelor of Industrial Design Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Hey. I am Rosa Hendrikx, an industrial designer. I am currently studying my bachelors Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. I am passionate about design, not only about the outcome but about the whole process. The ups and downs, going back and forward, but in the end create something that expresses all the things you found out and where you are proud of. I love to interact with people, get inspired and together bring work to a deeper level. Work visual to touch the intuition instead of the rationale and involve others by my work. Dive deeply into people’s behaviour and find out what there motives really are. Create meaningful and relevant designs, not only for people but also for society. Because in the end, as a designer you are responsible for what the impact is of your work. Through a design thinking approach you are able to get away of the norms, play with concepts and ideas and create things that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Throughout various projects I have developed myself as a designer and my passion has grown. I want to share my work and illustrate it personally. I am always open for an open-ended conversation, or just a coffee. You are going to explore more about who I am, what I do and what kind of work I have delivered till now. So sit back and enjoy;)

Who I am. My personality determines how I work and in the end what I will deliver to the world. I have functional charactaristics which describe what I can do. My emotional characteristics tell more about what kind of emotional aspects are jumping out. The functional and emotional characteristics result in expressive ones.

I am acquainted with the whole design process but I am especially passionate and skilled within the phase of finding design opportunities towards ideas and concepts. Within the process I have several skills which enhance my design thinking. Such as communication, teamwork, graphics, rapid prototyping, sketching, user-centred design, service design and the feeling for form & senses. However I think design can’t be seen separate from business. I know the basics of entrepreneurship and currently I am in a project working on developing a business concept . Additional using design thinking within business modelling. Furthermore I am skilled within the field of light. I have understanding of the aspects of light, know what’s going on in the field and gained skills in developing a light installation.

I observe people around me, situations and places. Especially I find it interesting why people do things the way they do it. I am more at the background in the beginning but it gives at the end a clear view on the particular situation. I like to give others insight in this situation through storytelling, take them by the hand and lead them through. I am a visual thinker. I immediately imagine things in my head. I am also critical. In the end this will lead to the best result for others as well as for myself. Humour is a big part of my personality. I think this makes my look at the world obliquely and gives me original insights. It allows me to move away from the ordinary, and to start playing with concepts and ideas.

My emotional and functional characteristics express themselves. In a way that I have the overview through my knowledge but moreover of my observing. Within I can find the core values, which I can connect to create the whole picture. Furthermore I can communicate this in a proper way through visualization and storytelling. Additional I can motivate to see the bright spots, get the best out of myself and ohters and look positively at the world.

What i do.

I create the whole picuture. Where I connect the dots to create a fluent line. Not only to go through but also to share with the world. The outcome is even so important as the process, where it needs to be visual and interaction is a key. Design needs a little bit of playfullness. In the end I create design which is relevant.



Bully or Buddy.

force of light.

The cube.

Lab of innovation

Service 2.0.

Sleeveme. SleeveMe is a new type of Sling for people with a paralyzed arm caused by a stroke. The aim of the project is to create on the one had a more functional and comfortable sling, but on the other hand is creates a better sense of acceptance. The project was within the theme Wearable Senses, which focuses on the combination of wearable’s and technology. With the core values of comfort, function, looks and acceptance SleeveMe is created. It’s is divided in two parts, a sleeve and a scarf. The parts can be connected and disconnect without taking of whole the Sling, which will make doing exercises easier. Within the design of the form of the SleeveMe, the feel and looks normal clothing have is used as starting point to create a product which doesn’t feel like a tool for disability. A female and male version are made. Additional to that it contains a led system, which will let the sleeve blend with the colour of your clothes.

Theme: Wearable Senses Project: Sense Me, Connect Me Team: Magda van Dijk, Mark Schuckman, Thijs te Velde Runtime: 4 months

“With the focus on elderly rehabilitations you had to infiltrate in an unknown world. As a group you dived deep in this specific surrounding and learned a lot in a short period.” - Jesse Asjes (coach)

“Within the project you have shown a quite complete execution of a design process and you played an active role in it. The theme Wearable Senses helped you to understand some basic elements of designing: like the meaning of form and the use of technology.” - Geert Langereis (assessor)

Form & Senses Wearables Textiles Product Design

the cube. The Cube is designed for the Amandalpoort, a park in the centre of a district in the North of Eindhoven which tries to deal with loitering youth. The park is surrounded by an elderly home and social housing. Together with a social worker, police officer and the youth the Cube is created. With the use of the ‘Design Out Crime Method’, the problem of loitering youth is reframed towards a perception problem. The Cube provides a tool to change the negative perspective of the loitering youth as well as the image of the whole environment. The Cube is an interactive artwork which can be influenced by the activity of throwing away trash in the trashcans located in the park. The trashcans will give feedback individually with a small ‘thank you’ in the form of a light pulse. Additional a part of the artwork will take over the colour of the concerned trashcan. The form of the artwork symbolizes the cooperation of the visitors of the park to create a cleaner environment. The cube is a reflection of the cooperation through the composition of the colours constructed by the community. It will create more awareness of the surrounding and will positively influence the perspective on the youth. The visitors of the park work together towards a cleaner park. In the end it will create a better ambiance. Kids will be able to play games with The Cube and the elderly in the Amandelpoort can enjoy their view.

Theme: Changing Behaviour Project: Design Out Crime, Loitering youth Team: Dennis Rietveld, Iris Ritsma, Simone van den Elzen Runtime: 4 months

“With the focus on elderly rehabilitations you had to infiltrate in an unknown world. As a group you dived deep in this specific surrounding and learned a lot in a short period.” - Jesse Asjes (coach)

“You were able to run a well-planned design and research process with your team with good final results.” - Flip Ziedses des Plantes (assessor)

Design Out Crime

Reframing Interactio co-creation

Bully or buddy. Bully or buddy focused on bullying in primary school. Bullying is still a big problem and the consequences are not acceptable. The overall goal of the project was to prevent or reduce bullying. Within this project the process of bullying is seen as a group process. The underlying goals where: creating awareness and discuss ability in a way it is anonymous, it focus on the whole community, It is dynamic and it fits into the lives of children in primary school. A concept is developed which is based on these goals. The final concept is a system which includes different aspects of the bullying problem. It lowers barriers for expression, creates insight for the teacher and creates awareness in the class. The systems consists of a box in which children can express themselves. Children can crawl into it and in the mystic of the dark they answer social questions. The teacher can analyse the results and can identify eventually problems or any need for talks with children. In the end the children become aware through the aquarium at the background of the smart board and computers in the classroom, which is an indicator of the social situation in the group.

Theme: Light Time Space Move Project: Seize the Day Team: individually Runtime: 4 months

“You found yourself a meaning full domain to design for and delivered an appropriate intelligent system design concept.” - Wina Smeenk (coach)

“Awareness of the different competencies and managed to integrate skills learned from the assignments into your project, reflecting on their influence on its process and your overall performance. You also understand where improvement is needed and are starting to tackle this.” - Susana Cámara Leret (assessor)

Social Design, System design, designing for children, co-creation

Lab of innovation. Eindhoven became third FDI ranking of European cities with the best investment climate. The question was, why is Eindhoven so innovative? This question was answered by creating a tangible business model of Eindhoven. By approaching an ecosystem with the use of business modelling and design thinking, insight and the possibility for communication was created. ‘the possibility of innovation and creation which creates an energetic environment where customers get inspired to add their own value’. This sentence captures the value proposition of Eindhoven and also created a link between the city and the metaphor which was used to create a tangible design. The lab of innovation, which is also a place where experimentation, innovation and creation are central values which inspire people to join and build upon the work of others.

Assignment: Designing Tangible Business Models Case: Eindhoven Team: Veerle Wijshof, Piet Overgoor, Silvin Willemsen, Vera van Ommeren Runtime: 6 weeks

“I think you did a great job in making the intangible tangible. (…) What you did really well, how you formulated the value proposition. I have seen so many bad ways of writing down the value proposition and I think you did really well there” - Marieke Rietbergen (Design Innovation Group)

“Overwhelmed, spot on, really good.” - Peter Kentie (DDW, Eindhoven365) “I think you truly, truly, truly understand the mentality of Eindhoven.” - Mark de Greef (Eindhoven365)

Business modelling, design thinking, storytelling

Force of light. Within the Honors Academy of the TU/e I follow the track ‘The Force of Light’. As the name might suggest, it’s about light. First the focus lay on exploring within the field of light. The functions and characteristics of light. Technical aspects as well as the poetic, the artists and installations. From these insights a light installation will be build which will tell something about light. The starting point of our installation is the perception of the human. The limits but also the possibilities. How do we see, but also what we don’t see. Letting people experience and make them aware about their own perception. Currently it is still in the ideation phase. Through experimenting and prototyping with light ideas and concepts are developed.

TU/e Honors Academy Track: The Force of Light Team: Leroy Spiekerman, Maaike Smits

(still running)

Light, Prototyping realization

Service 2.0. Service 2.0. is a project which focuses on, as the name already suggest, on service design. For the client the parktheater a service will be created. The customer journey is analysed and together with the vision of the theatre a new service will be added. The theatre needs to have a more fluent storyline. The pre and post service need to be connected and in one line with the evening of the show. Within this storyline users will be informed and warmed up before the show, making them aware of their experience. After the show they will be remembered about their evening and will be triggered to fill in feedback and do a test to find out what kind of shows they like. De format, channels and all the aspects of the concept are still in development.

Theme: Light TIme Space Move Project: Service 2.0. Team: Piet Overgoor

(still running)

Service Design Customer Journey Storylines

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