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Bee(twinner)s Growing, collaborating and learning together...

Class 3 D, 5 school, Brasov, Romania - We are happy that we have learned so many interesting things about bees along with you. - We're happy that we had the opportunity to change our experience of working with you. - We're happy that we've known you. - Thank you all for your cooperation and we hope to work together next school year. - We're happy that the coming holidays!

Portugal - St Benedict kindergarten We like this project because: We like to make new friends We love nature and animals. We love to learn about their lives. We love to work in the computer and see the work of our project partners What children say about this project. - I like this work about bees. We learn a lot about insects. (

- We

saw how insects live. We learn about their lives.

- I like bees‌ (Filipe S. - 3 years old)

Afonso R. - 6 years old)

( Gonçalo B - 5 years old)

- They are also good for people because they give us the honey and those yellow little balls that are good for health…(Gui Gil - 5 years old) - I like bees because bees are good. They are good for plants because they help them to give fruits… (Daniela, 6 years old) - I like honey. My grand mum give it to me when I visit her. ( Afrodite, 4 years old) - Because of this project we made long walks to observe insects. I like to do it… (Duarte - 5 years old) - I like to research in the computer and see insects life in youtube

(Tiago - 5

years old)

- I loved to speak with our friends in the other countries. They were very nice (Maria - 5 years old) - Is good to have friends, even when they are far away.

(Matilde - 5 years old)

- They live almost in Asia. When we spoke with them, we were arriving school and for them it was almost lunch time ( Sebastião - 6 years old) - I like to see them in the computer, but now I want to go to their school and play with them ( Francisco, 3 years old) - When friends are too far away we can speak and work with them in the computer. (Gonçalo, 5 years old) - I do not want this project come to the end, because I want to learn more about insects, to walk and observe life in the fields, and to meet our friends more often. I really like them!(Gui Palma - 5 years old) Do you want to see what we love best about this project?

Kindergarten "First of June", Pleven,Bulgaria “I like the grasshopper, because it jumping high ...” -

Ivo, 6 years old

“Butterflies are beautiful, but the caterpillars eat the leaves of cabbage…” - Radostina, 5 years old “The drone is caused by the vibration of the wings of bees” -

Ilian, 5 years old

“The bees collect pollen and make honey. They put the pollen in honeycomb.”, - Kristina, 5 years old “The queen bee lays her eggs. Then cast out the male leaving only worker bees.”, - Martin, 5 years old “The males do not have sting and do not collect honey.”, -

Zlatomir, 5 years old

“The white color calms the bees and so the beekeepers dress in white.” Viktoria, 5 years old

“My father is a beekeeper and he painted several beehives in white…” Zlatomir, 5 years old

“Bees gather in swarm when looking for a new place to living. Then the beekeeper accommodate them in a new hive…” - Zlatomir, 5 years old “I really liked the film Portuguese teacher. The children walked in the field to look for bees and discovered their “cousins​​”- the insects.” - Marina, 5 years old

“The queen bee releases fragrance and calms the worker bees…” years old

Ana, 6

Școala Gimn. 9 NICOLAE ORGHIDAN Brașov, Romania We love this project because: - we are THE LITTLE BEES class - we love nature and the environment - we like eTwinning and project work - we want to make new friends from other countries

Some of the Little Bees opinions about the project

- I like best when we met a beekeeper. I would like to grow bees too :) Mihai S. - I loved the online meeting with our partners. It was great to talk live with them...Maria Č˜. - My favourite activity was when we invited our mums and had tea, biscuits and honey. Mihai M. - I really enjoyed the activity when we learnt about insects in general and bees in particular. Adi

- I loved BUGS LIFE :) :) :) Raul - I liked art activities very much! Daria I. Here you can watch our works on evaluation!

Ecole ElÊmentaire Luxembourg (France) - We were very happy to work with you. - We’ve made many bees, and we hope many real bees will be safe by the chidren. - Friday, our parents will come to see our work. - They must protect bees too. - We can dance like bees, and eat honey: we are little bees.

- We love your bees. - We want to work with you again. - We promise we will protect bees. - We love the paper bees (amulets) but we can’ t do the same. The CE1 B.

Jardim de Infância da Estação - Bragança - Portugal

We love to learn things about bees ... We learned to say Bee in dialect Mirandês = L'abeilha We also love to meet you. This year our work was very little, but next year will be better.

And now is time to left you.

This was really a great project! It was a pleasure to meet you... It was so good to make new friends...It was good to work with you all... We learn many things together. We learn about bees, about nature, about environment, but what we love best to learn was how to share,how to be partners and how to work collaboratively. All of us, Bee(twinners) hope you all Beehappy!

Bee(twinner)s (3)  

The last activity in the project - Evaluation

Bee(twinner)s (3)  

The last activity in the project - Evaluation