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July 2013

Carpocalypse 2013 The Secret Sauce: Pink Salmon

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Upcoming Schools & Seminars………………2 Carpocalypse 2013………………………………..3 July Outlook………………………………….……….4 The Secret Sauce-Pink Salmon……….………5 Yakima River Forecast………….………………..7 Western Montana Outlook……………………8 Fly of the Month: Pink Fly……..…………….10 Hosted Travel………………………………………11 Be sure to like us on Facebook for up to date fishing reports, pro-tips, upcoming seminars, and fishing outlooks. Click the link to go to our Page.

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From the Shop For those of us who like to fish every day possible, July will be the best month of the year. We are lucky to have so many different species to target, so close to home. You can catch bass, trout, sea-runs, steelhead, and this year pink salmon all within a short drive of our shop in Bellevue. Before and after work fishing excursions will probably be an almost daily routine, and I am personally really looking forward to the month. If you see me on the water be sure to say “hi” and we can share our successes or lie about our failures.

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Third Thursday Knowledge Hatch Carp on the Fly Thursday, July 11th 6pm Otherwise known as the poor man’s bonefish, carp are one of the most challenging and exciting game fish in our waters. Join acclaimed carp angler Jim Pankiewicz as he shares how to catch carp on the fly. Jim will be discussing fly selection, presentation, and where to go. This is a must see seminar you won’t want to miss!!!

Coho Beach School $100 In-Store Presentation August 17th 8am On the Water Clinic August 18th Join renowned sea run angler and Orvis associate Leland Miyawaki for a two session class on how to target Coho salmon from the beach. Topics covered include gear selection, presentation, where to go, and fly selection. School includes lunch and beverages. Students must supply own tackle and wading gear. Class size is limited to 6 students so be sure to sign up soon!

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July Outlook If you like fishing, July is one of the best months of the year to be on the water. We are truly fortunate to have an incredible variety of fishing opportunities in Washington and July has it all going on. Trout anglers will find no shortage of fishing opportunities this month. The Forks of the Snoqualmie will be coming into shape, warming up, and the fish will be very eager to eat after a long winter. The Cedar has been fishing fantastic the past month and will continue to do so in July. The Yakima will remain at its summer flow between 3000-4500 CFS making it largely a floating river. However, anglers can still find good wade access throughout the system as long as they are careful. Higher summer flows will push fish into the margins of the river and most fish will be caught within 10’ of the banks. Trout anglers will also find many of our west side lakes fishing well with great hatches of damselflies and Chironomids. For warmwater anglers, July means sunny days, flip flops, shorts, and bass on the fly rod. Bass on the west side will be up relatively shallow this month and easy to target with a fly rod. Don’t forget about our close to home bass options such as Phantom, Cottage, and Lake Washington. Carp fishing will also be great this month with many fish up shallow. Carp are an absolute blast on the fly rod and can create a challenge for even the most accomplished anglers. Be sure to check out on Carp on the Fly Seminar this month for tips and tricks on catching the “poor mans bonefish”. Also be sure to head over to Kennewick August 10th & 11th for Carpocalypse. Steelheaders will find more and more summer run fish entering their favorite rivers. Keep in mind most summer run fish are hatchery fish and will shoot up the river system fairly quickly. Concentrate on the runs just a mile or two below the hatchery for the best chance of success. The Skykomish is a great before or after work steelhead option because it is so close. Beach anglers will find millions upon millions of pink salmon cruising the shore lines of the Puget Sound. These fish will migrate from the salt to fresh water and can also be caught once they enter the river. Pinks are an absolute blast on the fly rod, so don’t miss out on this once every two year fishing opportunity.

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The Secret Sauce Pink Salmon Pink Salmon, or Humpies, are the smallest and most abundant of our five Pacific Salmon. Pinks average five pounds and what makes them the most fun for fly anglers is that they eat flies. Pinks have a two-year life cycle, meaning that they only return to their natal rivers in odd-numbered years. It has been estimated that this year’s return will be between 4 – 6 million fish. If ever there was a time to get into beach fishing Puget Sound, this is it! If you can fish for pinks, you can also fish for Coho and sea-run cutthroat. For sure, there will be positive reinforcement! Around the middle of July the action begins at the entrance to the Straits at Neah Bay and Sekiu then Port Angeles and into the central Sound. Keep tuned to the various information channels for the latest reports.

Public Beach Access Marrowstone Island  Ft. Flagler Kitsap Peninsula  Point No Point Whidbey Island  West shore from Ft. Casey State Park south to Bush Pt. Everett  Kayak Point County Park  Mulkiteo State Park  Picnic Point West Seattle  Lincoln Park  Dash Point State Park  Brown’s Point

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The rivers that will host Pink returns       

Nooksack (154,000) Skagit (1,200,000) Snohomish system (988,000) Stillaguamish (410,000) Green (1,350,000) Puyallup (1,240,000) Nisqually (765,000)

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Recommended Gear Rod: 10’ 7-8 wt Reel: Saltwater Rated Large Arbor Line:  Saltwater All Rounder  Access Intermediate  Hydros Striper Intermediate Leaders:  9’ 0X for floating lines  5’ 0X Tippet for sinking lines Other Accessories  Stripping Basket  Stripping Guards  Hook Sharpener Flies: (Anything Pink!!!)  Shrimp Zonker  Polar Cabolerro  Polar Shrimp  Pink Clouser  Pink Shock ‘N Awe  Pink Pick Yer Pocket  Pink Bunny Leech  Pink Starlight Leech

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Notes:  Do not expect to find peace, quiet and solitude anywhere you fish for pinks. The worst photographs of Alaskan salmon fishing come to mind. It is shoulder to shoulder fishing and the buzz bombers will surround you.  You, as a fly fisher, will be at a definite disadvantage unless you can consistently cast 60’ or more. If you cannot double haul and cast for distance, stick to trout fishing and you won’t be frustrated when all around you are catching pinks and you aren’t.  Large schools of pinks will always let you know they are around. The damn fools jump and give their position away. Cast straight out from the beach as far as you can and strip back slowly. When in doubt, slow down. Don’t worry about the guy next to you who’s ripping his lure through the water trying to snag his dinner. You’re not snagging, you’re looking for the biters - keep stripping slowly.  All beaches will slope downward to the water and at high tides, driftwood will in the way of your back cast, Hence the 10’ rod recommendation. Switch and spey rods can be used. You should double haul your switch line overhead because you may not have the room to swing your spey cast. However, you can overhead cast a standard fly line up two weights from your twohanded rod weight designation.  Stripping baskets are not necessary when using a floating line unless salad is present.  All beaches will differ in when to fish them but the best advice is “when you can.” Extreme high tides (over 12 feet) will not give you any back cast room but it can be done for the experienced fly caster.  Once the pinks reach their rivers, the crowds on the riverbanks will double from those on the beaches and the salmon themselves will begin to deteriorate as they prepare for spawning.

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Yakima River Forecast July on the East side of the state can be described as hot at best. July temperatures will soar into the 90’s and 100’s so when heading to the Yakima, be sure to pack plenty of water and sunscreen. This warm weather will really get the hoppers started and anglers can find success throwing big bugs up against the bank throughout the day. Nymphing with a Pat’s stone up top and trailed with a caddis pupa or pheasant tail will also yield many fish. Don’t forget your streamer box at home and flies such as Sculpzilla’s and Dali Lama’s will often catch the biggest fish of the day. When determining what streamer color to throw I will always consider the conditions before I tie a fly one. As a general rule of thumb dark day, dark fly, and bright day, I’ll go white. If you go 20-30 minutes without a follow or grab, switch colors until you find what the fish are keying in on. The Yakima will remain at it’s summer flow of 30005000cfs this month. Higher flows give anglers fishing from a drift boat and advantage but there is also plenty of walk and wade opportunities throughout the river. Always wade with caution and know your limits. Never test the river, because the river will always win. When temperatures soar, early morning floats or late evening floats will be the most productive when air, and water, temperatures are the coolest. Fishing at these times will also limit the number of pleasure floaters you will encounter floating down the river on inner tubes, air mattresses, and blow up dinosaur’s.

Planning a Trip? Make your next trip down the Yakima a memorable one with Orvis Endorsed Guide Derek Young. Click on the logo to check out his website for more information and to book online.

Derek Young Emerging Rivers Guide Service (425)373-6417 Headshake Magazine

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Western Montana Fishing Forecast WESTERN MONTANA OUTLOOK Slightly lower average snowpack in many drainages have resulted in accelerated conditions. Missoula area rivers are in excellent shape right now. Kootenai River conditions are more normal. Kootenai flows and conditions should be perfect by the second week of the month and keep in mind you can always find more detailed reports on our site ( or by giving us a call at 406-295-4872. KOOTENAI RIVER Presently water clarity is great and water temperatures are hovering around 51-52 degrees. Nymphing is off the charts right now and soon enough flows from Libby Dam will decrease and water temps will hit that magic 54-56 degrees. Look for the Kootenai to light up in another week or so. Flows: presently approximately 30,000cfs but should be perfect by second week of month and in the 15,000-18,000 cfs range. Hatches: PMD’s, caddis, green drakes, Patterns: Pats stonefly, bh pheasant tail, bh prince, bh hare's ear, LePage's mayfly, pmd bubble back, pmd crack back, caddis pupa, supa pupa, parachute Adams, pmd sparkle dun, x-caddis, Bloom's caddis, royal wulff, tarantula, headlight caddis, Bloom's caddis, pmd sparkle dun, pmd emergers, CDC pmd, para-green drake

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CLARK FORK Clark Fork flows are presently lower than normal for this time of year. It's fishing really well at the moment and should hold up well throughout the rest of the month. For now it's all about stoneflies, pmds, and caddis. Upper Clark Fork (above Alberton Gorge) Flows: present flows are about 3000cfs near Missoula. Hatches: golden stoneflies, salmon flies, pmds, caddis, green drakes Patterns: Pat's stonefly, golden stonefly nymph, bh prince, bh pheasant tail, bh hare's ear, SJ worm, bullet head stonefly patterns, stimulator, parachute Adams, xcaddis, headlight caddis, Bloom's caddis, pmd sparkle dun, pmd emergers, CDC pmd, para-green drake Lower Clark Fork Flows: present flows are about 8,500cfs Hatches: golden stoneflies, pmds, caddis, green drakes Patterns: Pat'stonefly, bh prince nymph, bh pheasant tail, bh hare's ear, SJ worm, bullet head stonefly, stimulator, parachute Adams, x-caddis, Bloom's caddis, parachute pmd, pmd hackle stacker, quigley pmd cripple, purple haze, green drake sparkle dun

Missoula Area Rock Creek, Blackfoot, and Bitterroot flows are all lower than average for this time of year. Conditions and hatches are ten days to two weeks ahead of schedule. It's game on around Missoula right now and July will likely be the best month of the entire season. Flows: Missoula area river flows are averaging below normal for this time of year and conditions are presently excellent and should be great for the next couple weeks. Hatches: salmon flies, golden stones, yellow sallies, pmds, caddis, green drakes Patterns: Pat's stonefly, rubber legged golden stone, bh prince, bh pheasant tail, bh hare's ear, bullet head stonefly, stimulator, yellow PMX, pmd CDC emerger, pmd sparkle dun, pmd hackle stacker, Bloom's caddis, x-caddis, supa pupa, parachute green drake, parachute Adams, purple haze Headshake Magazine

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Fly of the Month Pink Bunny Leech One of the great things about pink salmon is that fly selection is very basic. Simple patterns such as pink turds, pink clouser’s, and pink bunny leeches are all very simple to tie and one can fill up a fly box in a single afternoon sitting. The pink bunny leech tied with dumbbell eyes is a great pattern when fishing the salt or in the rivers. The dumbbell eyes give this fly an enticing jigging motion when retrieved that pinks can’t resist. Tie up a few of these in a few different sizes and be sure to have them in your box this season.

1. Create a thread base on the hook and bring your tying thread to just behind the eye of the hook. 2. Tie in a set of dumbbell eyes on top of the hook using x-wraps. 3. Bring your tying thread to the back of the hook just before the bend and tie in a piece of pink cross-cut rabbit strip. Be sure the hairs on the hide are pointed towards the back of the hook. 4. Wrap the rabbit strip forward with each wrap just in front of the last. 5. Once you wrap the rabbit strip to just behind the dumbbell eyes tie off, trim the excess, and ensure the rabbit is secured in place with a few more solid wraps. 6. Whip finish and add a drop of super glue onto the dumbbell eye wraps to help secure them. 7. Go fish!!!

Materials Hook: 9034 Size 4-1 Thread: Saltwater Size-Pink Eyes: Red dumbbell eyes to match hook Body: Cross cut rabbit strip in pink or fushia Flash: Pink Flashabou (Optional)

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Hosted Travel Embark on your next fly fishing adventure with our experienced staff. Hosted trips offer anglers the comfort of knowing their trip will run as smoothly as possible under the watchful eye of one of our professional staff members. These trips also give individuals the opportunity to fish destinations near and far for less than when booking on their own. Please feel free to call us at anytime with any questions and to book your next adventure today.

Deschutes River with Deep Canyon Outfitters $1125 October 24th-26th Join us for a three day wilderness float down the lower Deschutes River with Orvis Endorsed Deep Canyon Outfitters. The Deschutes is legendary for its steelhead runs with multiple fish days a very common occurrence. On this trip you will camp in style with spacious tents and first class meals. Package price includes 3 days guided fishing and meals. There are only 5 spots available on this adventure so be sure to sign up early.

El Pescador Belize $3695

February 16-22nd 2014 Includes: 6 nights lodging, 5 days guided fishing, Free H2 rod!!!, 15% Discount Card, All Meals, Local Alcohol This part of Belize is one of the best places to get a saltwater “Grand Slam”: bonefish; permit; and tarpon in one day. The flats are extensive and the lodge is well located so you don’t have to travel far to be on the fish, although they go on endlessly north to the border with Mexico. El Pescador caters to fly-fishers, but there are some great non-angling activities available as well. There’s excellent snorkeling, an extensive barrier reef, a dive shop and the option to take excursions to Maya ruins on the mainland. It’s a good place for your first saltwater trip and there’s an onsite coach to help you master sight casting on the flats. The large numbers of bonefish mean you’re chances of success are excellent, and light tackle gear is available.

Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge $2395

September 12th-16th 2013 Includes: 4 Nights Lodging, 3 days guided fishing, 15% VIP Discount Card, $500 Orvis Gift Card!!! Fly Fish and explore one of America’s iconic landscapes with a small group from Orvis on our Montana fly fishing trip. The lodge has been hosting anglers for years and has twice been recognized as the Orvis Endorsed Lodge of the Year. Their expert fly fishing guides are delighted to share some of the best trout streams in the Rockies with our group, and September is a perfect time to visit the area for some Montana fly fishing. There’s also horseback riding and other activities for those who don’t fly fish, so it can be a well-rounded western ranch experience at this Montana fly fishing lodge. Reggie Harris from Orvis of Bellevue leads this trip. He’ll work with the friendly lodge staff and expert local guides to make sure everyone has a great experience.

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