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Orvis Bellevue 10223 NE 10th St, Bellevue, WA 98004 (425)452-9138

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Orvis Days Info………………………………………………………..2 March Outlook………………………………………………………..3 Fly of the Month……………..………………………………………3 Upcoming Education……………………………………………….4 Derek’s Yakima Forecast………………………………………….5 Tip of the Month-Sinking Lines for Still Waters………..6 Western Montana Outlook……………………………………..7 Featured Fishery-Rocky Ford…………………………………..9 Hosted Travel………………………………………………………….10

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From the Shop If there is one thing we love here at Orvis Bellevue it is sharing our passion for angling with others. Coming up in April, and throughout the summer, we have a myriad of awesome seminars that are going to help you be more successful on the water. Whether you want to hone your skills at the vise, learn more about the tropical climate of Belize, or finally figure out how to catch bass with a fly rod, we have a seminar for you. April also kicks off our Fly Fishing 101 classes that can be a great way to get you, a friend, or family member into the rewarding sport of fly fishing. If you ever have any questions on where to go, presentations, gear, or anything fly fishing related, stop by the shop or give us a call, we are always happy to help. I hope April finds you on the water, hopefully with a nice bend in your rod. Tight Lines, Jason Cotta Fishing Manager Orvis Bellevue

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Orvis Bellevue’s Exclusive Newsletter

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Spring Orvis Days!!! April 27th Title: Small Stream Fishing with Jason Cotta Time: 11:00 – 12:00pm Description: The Pacific Northwest is lined with hundreds of small streams that are filled with eager trout ready to take a fly. Join Orvis Bellevue Fly Fishing Manager Jason Cotta as he shares his favorite small stream strategies and tips that will help you enjoy the many small stream opportunities in the Puget Sound area. Title: Pacific Northwest Bass Fishing with Mike Ainsworth Time: 12:30 – 1:30pm Description: Bass fishing on the fly is one of the Northwest’s fastest growing pursuits and within minutes of Seattle and the Eastside are great opportunities to check bass off your list of fish to catch on the fly. Mike Ainsworth is one of the Northwest’s premier bass fishing guides. Come hear his presentation on bass fishing and learn what it takes to land a bass on the fly. Title: Summer on the Deschutes with Reggie Harris Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm Description: There’s nothing like a summer road trip to the Deschutes and catching the world famous Redside Trout. With the Deschutes just a few hours drive away, filling your net with one of these stubborn fighters is closer than you think. Store Manager Reggie Harris will go over some simple strategies, flies and gear you will need for summer fishing trip to the Deschutes. Title: Summer Steelhead with Leland Miyawaki Time: 3:30 – 4:30pm Description: Don’t miss Old Man River as he shows you what it takes to catch summer steelhead in our local waters as well as the Idaho Big Three – the Clearwater, Snake, and Grand Ronde. You’ll learn about the tackle, gear, flies and techniques he uses to catch these – the most beautiful of nature’s creatures.

Plus… Whiskey Tasting & Burgers and Brauts from the Grill Headshake Magazine

Orvis Bellevue’s Exclusive Newsletter

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March Fishing Outlook April is a great month to spend some time out on the water. With longer and warmer days, the fish are really starting to get active in our rivers and lakes. Many of the lakes on the East side of the state are now open and our local lakes have been getting heavy stockings of fish. Places like Rattlesnake and Green Lake are great options for quick half day trips. These can also be a great place to take the family with eager stocked fish and beautiful surroundings. When fishing lakes, use sinking lines, leech patterns, and chironimids. Targeting drop offs and ledges with large streamer patterns can also be productive in lakes that hold brown trout. If you are looking to get away from the norm of trout fishing the bass fishing will really start picking up in April. Bass will be pre-spawn and will begin staging up around drop offs near spawning areas. Fish a Depth Charge full sinking line with a crawfish pattern or bigger wooly bugger. With cooler water temperatures the bass will still be a bit lethargic so be sure to slow down the retrieve. Also remember a bass can eat up to a third of its body weight so don’t be afraid to tie on the biggest bug in your box. For anglers chasing sea runs, the chum fry are really starting to show on our south sound beaches. Try small baitfish patterns on an intermediate line around any type of structure or inlet. Vary your retrieve to find out what fish are keying in on any given day. When fishing intermediate lines use a stripping basket to keep stripped in line from sinking and tangling around your feet.

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Tie of the Month: Hale Bop Leech A great lake fly for early in the season, when the water is cold and the fish are lethargic! Can be tied with or without a bead on the hook and weighted with Lead-free wire as desired. The ones shown have a thread head, in red, and simulate the gills on the fly. Strip the fly slowly or troll slowly with your float tube or other floating device. Best fished with an intermediate or full sink line and tied in a variety of colors. Come by the shop and pick up the flies or the materials to tie your own! Fly tying classes are starting in April and you get a free fly tying kit when signing up for the three day class. Call or come in for details! Hook: Orvis 1510 Thread: Black 6/0 Weight: 7-10 wraps .025 Lead-free wire behind bead Tail: Black Marabou Butt Hackle: Black Hen Cape Body: Black Angora Goat Hackle: Black Hen Cape Gills: Red Thread Head: Gold Bead Headshake Magazine

Orvis Bellevue’s Exclusive Newsletter

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Upcoming Schools & Seminars Please call Orvis Bellevue at (425)452-9138 to sign up for any listed classes or seminars.

Intro to Fly Tying Series $150

April 8th 15th, 22nd 6-7 p.m. Nothing is more rewarding that catching a fish on a fly you made. This three night class series is designed to teach students the basics of fly tying. All tools and materials provided. Students will also receive a free Silver Label Tying Kit at the time of the class ($189 value). Class size is limited to 6 students. Call us at (425)452-9138 to reserve your spot.

Sea Run Cutthroat School $100

In-Store Presentation April 7th 10am On the Water Clinic April 13th Join renowned sea run angler and Orvis associate Leland Miyawaki for a day of searun cutthroat trout fishing. This on the water school will cover everything you need to know to start fishing for sea run cutthroat on Puget Sound. Topics covered include gear selection, presentation, where to go, and fly selection. School includes lunch and beverages. Students must supply own tackle and wading gear. Class size is limited to 6 students so be sure to sign up soon!

Fly Fishing 101 Now’s your chance to learn fly fishing basics in one of our free fly fishing 101 classes. Free fishing lessons on fly casting and outfit rigging. FF101 Event Dates Saturdays & Sundays April 20 & 21 April 27 & 28 May 4 & 5 May 18 & 19 May 25 & 26 June 8 & 9 Headshake Magazine

Fly Fishing 201 If you’ve already completed Fly Fishing 101, you’re ready for the next step. Join us for a short outing on local water for a chance to catch your first fish! A nominal fee for the outing may apply. Contact your local store for more information on the outing. FF202 Event Dates Saturdays & Sundays May 11 & 12 June 1 & 2 June 15 & 16

Orvis Bellevue’s Exclusive Newsletter

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Yakima River Outlook Emerging Rivers Guide Service "With March going out like a Lion in the Seattle area, you may get the feeling that Winter never really ended, and spring was just a few fleeting days of sunlight and warmer temperatures. If you're new to the Seattle area, the "Cascade Secret" is a good one to know - when it's cold and dreary in the 425, head to the 509 - as in the Kittitas Valley and the home of the Yakima River. April is one of my favorite months on the Yakima - if you missed the Skwala hatch, it's not too late. You'll still find some adult stoneflies on the water, and the mayflies are now a bigger part of the trout's diet. March Browns and Blue Wing Olive patterns can be fished in all forms. You're going to be looking for specific types of water now, depending on water temperatures and flows. While you're waiting for the "Mother Of All" caddis hatch on the river, use a pupa under an indicator or swing a wet fly to imitate an emerging caddis if you collect a few in your sample net trying to figure out what they're eating. Like fishing Wooly Boogers? Try a white streamer and present it with fast strips - the warmer water has the fish more willing to scramble after a good meal. The salmon that spawned in the fall have given birth to salmon smolt. These small fish are easy prey for the Yakima’s trout, as they head downstream towards the salt. April is the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula, and I will be gone but there are a few open days on the calendar if you want to learn more about the great fishing in April on the Yakima River."

Derek Young 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide of The Year Emerging Rivers Guide Services (425) 373 6417

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Tip of the Month Sinking Lines and Still Waters By: Jason Cotta With warming water temperatures April can be one of the best times of year to chase trout in one of our many local lakes. A key factor to consistently being able to catch fish in lakes is fishing the right level of the water column. Utilizing sinking lines, anglers will be able to get down to the fishes level and bring more fish to hand. It doesn’t matter if you have the best pattern in the world tied on if you never put it in front of the fish. There are four different lines any still water angler will want to have on hand pending the fishing situation. Floating Line- Floating lines are great when fishing dries on the surface or chironomid fishing under an indicator. Floating lines can also be used when fishing streamers in the top foot or so of the water column. Intermediate Line-Intermediate lines sink at approximately 1-2 inches per second. These lines are great choice when fish are shallow or feeding in the top 1-3 feet of the water column. Intermediate lines are often used in the summer time when fishing damselfly nymph patterns over weed beds. Type III-IV Full Sink Line- When water temperatures are still cool and fish are deep a type III-IV full sink will be the go to line for anglers. These lines sink at approximately 3-4 inches per second and can be used to catch fish that are 5-10 feet deep. Anglers should “count down” their line after making their initial cast to ensure the fly line, and fly, are being presented at the proper depth Depth Charge Shooting Head-When the water temperatures are really cold, or extremely warm, the Orvis Depth Charge line is essential for dredging streamers deep in the water column. These lines sink 5-7 inches per second and will get down to the fishes level quick. These lines are also fantastic for turning over big, wind resistant flies, and can even double as a line to fish for bass. Having multiple spools, or multiple rods, set up with different types of lines is essential for still water anglers. Once you have found the level the fish are at, stick with it as most fish in a lake will congregate at a certain level in the water column where the temperature is most comfortable.

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Western Montana Fishing Forecast It’s here, it’s time, and western Montana is just seven hours from your door. If you never made a spring fling road trip, load up the gear and hit the highway. Conditions here in western Montana are shaping up to be some of the best we’ve seen in a long time. Here’s a look at what you might consider, expect, and see from the Kootenai River in Libby, to the Bitterroot in Missoula and I’ll even throw in the Missouri River as a bonus. As a general rule this time of year, bring two sticks. One for nymphs and one for dries since conditions can change in a heartbeat. Kootenai River: Often over looked for pre-runoff fishing, good conditions on the Kootenai can sometimes last longer than other rivers due to its tailwater nature. No crowds. Snowpack: 93% of median Hatches: midge, blue winged olives, March browns, little brown stones Must have dry flies: parachute Adams, purple haze, black stimulator, Must have nymphs: Pat’s stonefly, Lepage’s beadhead mayfly nymph, SJ worm Flathead River: Like the Kootenai, often over looked but perhaps a bit more temperamental due to effects of runoff from Glacier National Park. Snowpack: 94% of median Hatches: blue winged olives, March browns, little brown stones Must have dry flies: parachute Adams, stimulator, royal wulff Must have nymphs: Pat’s stonefly, Lucent skwala, SJ worm

Upper Clark Fork, Blackfoot and Rock Creek: These waters are still popular as drift boat fisheries but do offer more wading, especially Rock Creek. Snowpack: 90% of median Hatches: blue winged olives, skwalas, march brows, gray drakes Must have dry flies: parachute Adams, fat Freddy skwala, black stimulator Must have nymphs: Pat’s stonefly, beadhead pt, SJ worm

Missouri River: Conditions are also very stable due to tailwater nature and this is one of Montana’s most consistent options for spring fishing. Snowpack: 95% of median Hatches: midge, blue winged olives, gray drakes Must have dry flies: midge cluster, BWO hackle stacker, purple haze Must have nymphs: tunghead zebra midge, Amex, SJ worm

Lower Clark Fork: From right below the Alberton Gorge to the confluence of the Flathead River the lower Clark Fork has good hatches and is a staple for northwest Montana spring fling adventures. Snowpack: 89% of median Hatches: blue winged olives, skwalas, march browns, gray drakes Must have dry flies: Parachute Adams, Bitterroot skwala, fat Freddy skwala Must have nymphs: Jimmy legs skwala, beadhead pt, SJ worm Bitterroot River: Solid spring fishery with good hatches and fairly stable conditions depending on weather and daytime temperatures. Snowpack: 85% of median Hatches: blue winged olives, skwalas, march browns, gray drakes Must have dry flies: parachute Adams, Bitterroot skwala, extended body gray drake

There isn’t nearly as much low elevation snow this year compared to last here in northwest Montana. What does that mean? It means conditions should be less influenced by warming daytime temperatures and offer more consistent fishing. Or at least that’s what we’re always hoping anyway. Current, up to date conditions are your most important ally this time of year and Linehan Outfitting Company is happy to provide you with all the details you need. Check out our daily fishing reports at or give a shout at 406-295-4872. Headshake Magazine

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Spring Fling with Linehan Outfi tting CO. LINEHAN OUTFITTING COMPANY MISSOURI RIVER SPRING FLING! When: mid-May through mid-June Where: Montana’s Missouri River Join noted Montana outfitter/guide and twenty five year veteran of the fly fishing industry Tim Linehan and his crew for an early season adventure on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana. This trip offers stunning vistas of big sky country and tackle busting 16”-20” wild rainbows and browns. Craig, Montana is a fly fishing mecca and consists of three fly shops, a bar, and Izaac’s restaurant which offers some of the finest food in the state. Linehan Outfitting Company provides the guides. Local accommodations and meals vary from motels to lodges and beers and burgers to fine wine and dining. That choice is yours and we’re happy to help arrange in all respects. Approximate per person daily cost/based on shared room and shared guide, not including guide gratuities, license or travel expenses: Guide Fees…………………..…………………………$250 Lodging…………..……………………………………$ 60 Meals……………...……………………………………$ 50 Flies…………….………………………………………$ 25 Approximate Daily Costs…………………………..…$385 CONTACT US AT WWW.FISHMONTANA.COM OR CALL 800-596-0034 AND THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS.

Receive 15% off all product at Orvis Bellevue prior to your trip!!! Headshake Magazine

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Featured Fishery Rocky Ford Overview Located just 2.5 hours from the Bellevue Store, Rocky Ford is a classic spring creek characterized by slow moving pools and runs. Rocky Ford offers year round fishing opportunities and is one of the best winter trout fisheries Washington has to offer. Managed as a trophy fishery, Rocky Ford’s typical rainbow will run 18” with fish over 24” caught nearly every day. Easy access, big fish, and year round angling makes Rocky Ford a must fish destination for all anglers.

Access Access to the stream is very easy with a foot path running around the entire public access section. In places, cattails restrict access to the water but small paths lead to the water’s edge. Remember there is no wading at Rocky Ford.

Best method Like most spring creeks Rocky Ford can be an incredibly technical fishery. Most fish are taken using scuds and midge patterns under a strike indicator. Occasionally trout can be caught on dry flies when they turn their focus to hatching midges, blue winged olives, caddis, callibaetis, and terrestrials. Streamer fishing can also be very productive in the slower moving sections of the stream. Try fishing leech patterns and baitfish imitations for the chance to hook into some of the streams bigger fish. Streamers are most productive in the morning or evening when the sun is low.

Insect Midges Baetis PMD's Trico's Callibaetis Caddis Damselflies Scuds Streamers Terrestrials



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Hosted Travel Embark on your next fly fishing adventure with our experienced staff. Hosted trips offer anglers the comfort of knowing their trip will run as smoothly as possible under the watchful eye of one of our professional staff members. These trips also give individuals the opportunity to fish destinations near and far for less than when booking on their own. Please feel free to call us at any time with any questions and to book your next adventure today.

Deschutes River with Deep Canyon Outfitters $1125 October 24th-26th Join us for a three day wilderness float down the lower Deschutes River with Orvis Endorsed Deep Canyon Outfitters. The Deschutes is legendary for its steelhead runs with multiple fish days a very common occurrence. On this trip you will camp in style with spacious tents and first class meals. Package price includes 3 days guided fishing and meals. There are only 5 spots available on this adventure so be sure to sign up early.

El Pescador Belize $3695 February 16-22nd 2014 Includes: 6 nights lodging, 5 days guided fishing, Free H2 rod!!!, 15% Discount Card, All Meals, Local Alcohol This part of Belize is one of the best places to get a saltwater “Grand Slam:” bonefish; permit; and tarpon in one day. The flats are extensive and the lodge is well located so you don’t have to travel far to be on the fish, although they go on endlessly north to the border with Mexico. El Pescador caters to fly-fishers, but there are some great non-angling activities available as well. There’s excellent snorkeling, an extensive barrier reef, a dive shop and the option to take excursions to Maya ruins on the mainland. It’s a good place for your first saltwater trip and there’s an on site coach to help you master sight casting on the flats. The large numbers of bonefish mean you’re chances of success are excellent, and light tackle gear is available.

Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge $2395 September 12th-16th 2013 Includes: 4 Nights Lodging, 3 days guided fishing, 15% VIP Discount Card, $500 Orvis Gift Card!!! Fly Fish and explore one of America’s iconic landscapes with a small group from Orvis on our Montana fly fishing trip. The lodge has been hosting anglers for years and has twice been recognized as the Orvis Endorsed Lodge of the Year. Their expert fly fishing guides are delighted to share some of the best trout streams in the Rockies with our group, and July is a perfect time to visit the area for some Montana fly fishing. There’s also horseback riding and other activities for those who don’t fly fish, so it’s a well rounded western ranch experience at this Montana fly fishing lodge. Reggie Harris from Orvis of Bellevue leads this trip. He’ll work with the friendly lodge staff and expert local guides to make sure everyone has a great experience. Headshake Magazine

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April Knowledge Hatch El Pescador Lodge Meet and Greet With Lori Ann Murphy Thursday April 17th 6pm Have you ever wanted to escape the winter doldrums of Western Washington? Orvis Endorsed El Pescador in Amberis Caye Belize is a great destination to soak up some sun, catch fish, and relax….did we mention catch a bunch of fish? At El Pescador you will have the opportunity to catch bonefish, tarpon, permit, and a variety of other saltwater species. El Pescador is also a great destination for those traveling with a non angler. Snorkeling, shopping, hiking are all just minutes away from the front door. Join acclaimed angler, and fishing manager of Orvis Endorsed El Pescador Lodge, Lori Ann Murphy for an evening mixer and presentation on the lodge and fly fishing opportunities in Belize.

6 Free Flies!!! Mention this coupon in the shop and receive six free trout flies of your choice.

“Like” us on Facebook For the most up to date fishing reports, pro-tips, and seminar schedules be sure to “Like” us on Facebook. Headshake Magazine

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