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D N A L D BLOO by Rory S tevens

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Project Description To create a website that advertises the book Bloodland by Alan Glynn. The general purpose of the website is to draw in additional customers to buy the book by getting people excited about the feel of the book. The site will also include information that people might be otherwise unwilling to find but would enjoy if it was convenient. This includes information such as an about the author, synopsis, critic reviews, and the author’s signing schedule.

Target Audience The book is aimed at 35-55 year old women with a similar secondary market in men. These would be people that love stories of suspense, puzzles, and brain teasers.

Style and Tone The book is a murder, mystery, thriller with a great deal of emphasis on the mystery. The setting is very dark and full of brain teasing events that keeps the reader on his/her toes always guessing in order to make them paranoid about whether every event is good or bad.

Media Web

Objectives To create a site that has a scrolling function with a variety of pictures that are used to emphasize the feeling of dread and vertigo that are presented on the book cover. This will take the form of a parallax scroll with each image being broken up by a colored block that has a piece of information relating to the book on it as well as a link to purchase the book. Like the cover the website will focus on a color theme of greys and black but with an additional color choice of blue in order to bring the sky into the picture.

Obstacles The main obstacles that are being encountered are that little information is actually available about this book. The book is obviously well known but the amount of people and critics that discuss it are minimal. Another large issue is the ability to find pictures that fit the design idea for the book and so the creating the website becomes a challenge.

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Synopsis A young investigative journalist takes on an assignment to write about the tragic death of a celebrity aboard a helicopter that accidentally crashed off the northeastern coast of Ireland three years ago, only to learn that it might not have been an accident after all, in Bloodland, a stand-alone thriller by Alan Glynn. Susie Monaghan was as much a tabloid star as a television star. Her death, together with five others who were accompanying her, is now several years old but a publisher believes the time is right to revive interest in her. Jimmy Gilroy is paid a handsome sum to write a book about Susie Monaghan, and begins by investigating her traveling companions. Susie had texted her sister the day before she died that she feared someone who would be on the flight with her. Jimmy has barely started his work when his old friend and mentor, Phil Sweeney, offers him an even larger advance if he’ll stop writing about Susie, and instead do a political memoir about Larry Bolger, a former Irish Prime Minister. Jimmy reluctantly agrees, but it may be too late to stop a sequence of events he initiated by asking questions about what really happened the day Susie Monaghan died. What seems to start as a local interest story expands in scope to become an international tale of greed, corruption and murder in Bloodland. Jimmy Gilroy is a strong and convincing lead character, but equally compelling are the immoral men he seeks the truth about. The twist-filled, tautly written plot takes a number of unexpected turns that keep the reader alert for what might happen next.

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Alan Glynn Alan Glynn is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. He has worked in magazine publishing in New York and as as EFL teacher in Italy. His debut novel, The Dark Fields, was released in 2011 as the hit movie Limitless, which went to number one on both sides of the Atlantic. His most recent novel, Bloodland, was the Irish Crime Fiction Book of the Year 2011 and was Edgar nominated in the US.

s r e t rac


Jimmy Gilroy A struggling young journalist who’s been given the chance to write the biography of an Irish TV starlet who died in a helicopter crash.

Larry Bolger A disgruntled ex-Taoiseach who believes that men in high places owe him favors.

Dave Conway A property developer on the verge of bankruptcy; Ray Kroner is a mercenary who goes postal in the Congo.

JJ Rundle A US senator who decides to run for President.

These characters are brought together via a large complex set of circumstances to solve the mystery

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The site is well developed and flows together nicely by using parallax scrolling to connect pieces of information between images. It does have a bit of an issue in that none of the images used seem to flow together and instead are just the same or similar images tilted to various angles making the scrolling a little boring.

The site is incredibly simple and while that is beneficial in the sense that it’s easy to navigate the site is also bland with next to no information on it other than brief descriptions of the other books in the series as well as a small video of the movie trailer that was made for the book.

s i s y nal

A e v i t e t mpe

Co The website is well constructed and easy to navigate but seems to over embellish on things like critic reviews. With lists that are three times as long as anything else on the page it leads to a huge amount of scrolling to view information that the user will likely not read. The website also has a very blocky feel to it and it just feels boring like a porch that’s been painted black. php#.Uv-thPmwJk0 The website is much more about the author than it is about the book. The site makes light of who the author is and makes sure to show his more comedic side. While this is fine it is counterproductive to selling a book about thrills and murder.

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