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CCN Media Ipswich Road Norwich, Norfolk UK NR22LJ Phone: 01603 773311 Fax:

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Smile and Snow

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Rory haczewski



Rory Haczewski



Rory Haczewski



Rory Haczewski


Studio-shoot ideas - include any special effects (e.g. green screen): Unsure of any studio special effects to be used at this time.

Location-shoot ideas - where and when you will be filming: I will be filming in the TV studio so many different backgrounds and lighting effects can be used. The filming will take place between the 8/12/10 - 4/1/11.

Summary of Production: In order for the video production to begin, my music digipak and advertisement shall be completed so I can gain a better idea of how I would like the video to be during filming. Major filming production of the music video shall commence on the 8/12/10. Editing of the scenes and the expansion of the track used, will begin soon after the scenes for the music video have been filmed.

Stylistic Influences and inspiration (include any music videos, scenes from films, TV adverts etc that have influenced you): After studying many different music videos, I came to a conclusion that using a dark, perhaps emotional track with no lyrics would be quite effective in portraying a music video story with a perhaps easier editing process. I would like to use fade outs and fade ins during the music video, and I came across this idea through Blink 182's music video for the song "I miss you." As i am going to use a fixed standpoint camera shot throughout the video, I will film a small amount of shots using different coloured backgrounds to get a contrast of shots for the video.

Production equipment needed (cameras, tripods etc.): The equipment I will need to accomplish the filming of the video will be the video camera, and the tripod for the fixed standpoint shots.

Dates you need the equipment: Between the 8/12/10 and the 4/1/11

Times and dates you need the TV Studio: There will be particular dates between the 10/12/10 and the 17/12/10.

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