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Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12

The Deceiving Monster Oliver, Mia, Cameron, and Bailey were told of a newly discovered island, Adelaide, which could have cures to many diseases and many new creatures. Thinking they could finally obtain the cures to diseases such as cancer and AIDS, they agreed to this trip. They start becoming hopeful as they find potential cures with natural resources that could help fight these monstrous diseases. As they’re about to leave Adelaide, a storm rages in out of nowhere and leaves them trapped on the island. Oliver, Mia, Cameron, and Bailey have to fight for survival for weeks and they start to question their motives. When it seems as if all hope is lost, a miracle happens that shows them that, even when times get rough, they should never give up hope.

Running. They were trying to reach the shore. They needed To reach their only life-saver otherwise everything would Have been for nothing. Ever since they stepped foot onto this beautiful-monster, It‟s been one thing after another. As they trek through this wondrous place Tripping and falling over vines that seem to reach out and grab them. The group is surrounded by towering trees that used shield them from the rain, But also encloses them and makes them feel trapped. Oliver, Mia, Cameron, and Bailey are all wondering if they will ever return home, If they will ever make it back to their loved ones, If they will ever survive this chaotic mess they happened to get themselves into.

“Come on Oliver the train is about to leave!” said Cameron. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining high in the sky, A slight breeze that cooled your skin, And just a few puffy clouds in the sky.

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 It was your ideal summer day here in Phoenix, Arizona. Oliver and Cameron boarded the train and got situated, Ready to leave Arizona and head to sunny Florida. “So, do you know any more information on the other two people who will be joining us?” Said Cameron. “I know that Mia specializes in cancer research and Will be a great addition to our team. Bailey is an expert navigator and is Going to be jotting down notes and making maps about Where we go.” Said Oliver. “Well, as long as they don‟t get In the way. This is a huge opportunity for us to help thousands Of people.” Cameron said. He then tipped his hat over his eyes And fell asleep.

Oliver and Cameron finally reached Florida and made it to the Airport. They boarded the plane and sat down when a blonde haired woman And a dark haired woman walked over and Sat down across from them. “Hello there,” Said the blonde. “are You the two men who will be joining us for this lovely Adventure? My name is Mia.” “And I‟m Bailey” the dark haired woman chimed in. “Nice to meet you, Mia and Bailey. My name is Oliver And this is my colleague Cameron. We specialize in AIDS Research out in Phoenix, Arizona.” “Have either of you heard any more information on the Island?” said Bailey. She was eager to hear any

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 Information she could get about it. “All I know is that Adelaide is just south of the Bahamas. It should Be pretty nice.” Piped in Cameron. The plane took off And then they were on their way to Adelaide.

“Look at how beautiful this place is!” Bailey said as she Turned in circles trying to take it all in at once. She grabbed Her camera and started taking pictures. They Were all amazed at the beauty of this place. Towering Palm trees and a dense jungle that seemed to get thicker The farther they moved into it. Flowers of all kinds seemed to Flourish here. There were pink flowers, green flowers, blue flowers And even rainbow colored ones that seemed to Dance whenever the wind blew. You could see monkeys Swinging and climbing above their heads while birds sang their Songs to them. Bailey quickly grabbed her sketch pad and Began drawing everything she saw. She plopped down on a rock And was sketching a brightly colored frog that Seemed content with her drawing it. In a way it seemed as If it wanted her to.

They continued through the dense jungle and were very pleased with What they were coming across. Bailey was helping them by identifying What she knew was good and what she knew could harm them.

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 Cameron almost ate a nasty berry that could have killed him If Bailey didn‟t yell and throw a stick at him. “We better find a good place to set up camp tonight. We can start Looking again in the morning.” Oliver said. Mia and Bailey went to get Firewood while Cameron and Oliver set up the tents. As the sky-candle set And blew out for the night, the group was very pleased with what they Accomplished today.

A week went by and they made many new discoveries. Mia found a plant That she believes could help fight off cancer without completely destroying everything in its path. Cameron discovered a type of bark that, if mixed with The right medicine, could help destroy the AIDS virus. Bailey has pages and pages of drawings, notes, and pictures to Take back home. Oliver found a type of fish that could benefit Both cancer and AIDS patients. If eaten, it could Target the source of the disease and identify It on an X-Ray so Doctors are able to Find it sooner. They packed up and went to the shore When they saw how dark and ominous it was. Clouds were gray and you could see lightning Off in the distance and the rumble of thunder After it. “Woah. I guess you couldn‟t really tell what The weather was like while you were in that

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 Thick of a jungle.” Said Mia. “There is no way that a plane Would be able to make it through this storm in one piece.” Cameron Was having to yell because the ferocious wind picked up even more. They decided that it would be safer if They returned back to the jungle. “I Hope this storm passes soon. Our supplies are running Low and if we don‟t get these plants and other stuff home Then this was all for nothing.” Said Oliver. “Why can‟t We just go back and get more?” Said Cameron. Bailey Chimes in, “Because that was the last of it from what I could see. When I ventured off while you guys were resting, I tried to see if I Could find any more plants, bark, or fish like the ones That we found. There weren‟t any. I haven‟t been able to figure Out why it only grew there, but I have a theory that this wasn‟t meant to be found or taken Off of this island.” “Are you saying there is some „magical‟ force that doesn‟t want us to Take these materials off of the island?” joked Cameron. “Knock it off, Cameron. This is serious. Like Bailey said, if we don‟t Get off of the island soon then everything will be ruined. We need To find a place to camp out and put the plants, bark, and fish Somewhere they can stay cool.

They found a cave and continued to wait out the

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 Storm. Hours went by that turned into days. Oliver, Mia, Cameron, and Bailey were becoming more And more worried as they days went on. The storm seemed like it had no end. The wind would Howl and make the trees groan with each gust. The rain Was never ending. Flashes of light would blind Them at night. . As the storm raged on, days went by And the team began wondering if They would ever make it off of this beautiful-monster.

Sad, sleepy, and starving the team began losing hope. “We‟re never going to make it off of this Death-trap!” Screamed Cameron. He had finally cracked. “Cameron, calm down. Panicking isn‟t going to make Anything better.” Replied Bailey. “He‟s right though! We‟ve been trapped on Adelaide for Two weeks now! After that huge storm it feels Like everyone back home believes we are dead. If we keep trying to save these materials for our labs then we will end up Losing our lives. Every time we try making our way to The shore we injure ourselves from tripping over The vines or getting cut from branches we can‟t see. It‟s Hot and muggy and we barely have enough food and water To last through another two days. We

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 can‟t fend for ourselves and watch where we are going Because we‟re carrying these materials!” Mia cried. Everybody was at their breaking point. “You guys, come on! We can‟t give up just yet. Look at everything we have discovered! We found plants That can help cure cancer. We found rare bark from a tree That can help fight off AIDS. There are many people back Home that are counting on us to get these Supplies back to our labs. Think about it! Just think About how you could save the life of a mother dying From cancer and her two children wondering what Is causing their mommy to be sick. Think about a person who Was raped by a someone who had the AIDS Virus and could have a cure to that sickness. Bailey, you have Pages and pages of notes and drawings that could Help us get back to this island to see if there Are more cures here. Those people back home who have Cancer and AIDS? They never give up hope. Each and Every day they hope and pray that someone will Finally have a cure for those life-takers. We can‟t give up Hope. We can make it out of here. All we have to do Is just keep it together and work as a team.” Oliver said. The group nodded and remained quiet for a while.

Rachel Gooldy English IV B1 Epic Poem 2-6-12 The next day they made a plan to get to the shore. Once they made There then it would be easier for a passing boat or plane to see them. This island was never found before because there is usually a dense Fog that covers it. If they make something big enough for People to see, then they will be rescued. They made a gigantic, roaring fire so the smoke could Be visible. Hours went by, but the team didnâ€&#x;t give up. Finally they heard the sound of a ships horn as it came closer to Adelaide. It was a miracle that anybody could see them.

The group rejoiced as they loaded everything up onto The boat. When they all returned to their homes they immediately Went to work. Oliver and Cameron found a way to cure AIDS While Mia was also able to cure many types of cancer. Bailey Showed her drawings and pictures to publishers and was able to Get Adelaide put on the map. Everybody could be warned about this Deceiving-monster.

The Deceiving Monster  

An epic poem about 4 people who learn to never give up hope no matter what.