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L U V S When

Save Time, Reduce Exposure with WSM's Lightweight Underwater Vacuum System "The perfect retrieval and cleaning system" you need to retrieve foreign

objects from a liquid filled tank quickly and safely, you need LUVS. The Lightweight Underwater Vacuum System's powerful compact design puts the power of a crane-deployed 250 gallon per minute vacuum system in an easily deployed handheld system. The LUVS package provides flexibility not found in other systems. Operating on 230V single phase, the system can be used anywhere there is a ground fault interrupter. Its custom Induction Nozzles can be configured and sized to meet nearly every need and, when robotics are added, can be remotely deployed cumbersome hoses restricting movement-saving time and exposure in dealing with hazardous environments.

In addition to foreign object removal, LUVS can also be used for underwater vacuum decontamination, in-tank water filtration and tank mixing Developed and proven at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating station, the LUVS package has replaced more expensive remote grippers and swimming robots for recovering small objects. It has proven itself in real-life applications recovering objects from the reactor pools. The LUVS equipment features a sixspeed reversible pump and retrieved objects are transferred from the Induction Nozzle filter to an inspection container by gently running the pump in reverse. Hazardous Materials can be transported and recovered underwater keeping operator exposure to a minimum. It is the ultimate ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable tool.

Western Space and Marine specializes in the design and manufacture of remotely operated systems for a variety of hazardous environments in industrial and military applications. Visit us on the web at

Roper Resources Ltd. , 984 St. Patrick Street, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8S 4X5 Canadian Sales/Fax: (250) 361-9115, USA Sales: (805)798-0277 Email: Web:

L U V S Features Submersible Compact Lightweight Reversible Detachable Filters - Back-washable Easily Deployed

Advantages Rapid deployment improves critical path Minimal pickup-to-pump distance Deployed without a crane Compact for use in confined spaces Adapts to existing FOSAR and camera poles Distant operation from power source Can be remotely operated

Save Time, Reduce Exposure with WSM's Lightweight Underwater Vacuum "The perfect retrieval and cleaning system"

Recovered objects can be removed remotely for inspection Reduced operating costs due to rapid planning and deployment Back-washable filters save cost

Specifications 230 VAC single phase (ground fault service) 250 gallons per minute peak capacity Six-speed, reversible pump Pump and housing, 13.5 Lbs, 20" Long, 7.5" diameter

Customized Attachments Induction Nozzles Powered Brush Filter Size (100 Micron standard) Track Attachments Object Traps

LUVS LIGHTWEIGHT Underwater Vacuum System U.S. PATENT NO. 6,352,645

For more information contact:

Chris Roper Roper Resources Ltd. Canadian sales/Fax : (250) 361-9115 USA Sales: (805) 798-0277 Email: Web:


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