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Symphotic TII Corporation Presents:

The Camera:AquaRAD Underwater Color Radiation Hardened Camera “Take a Closer Look”

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The Camera:AquaRAD is the most advanced underwater radiation hardened camera system available Developed by a consortium of nuclear materials handling, radiation hardened camera, and underwater inspection equipment companies.

Development team • Symphotic TII—Manufacturing and Design Team Leader • Roper Resources—Underwater imaging and inspection specialists • Inuktun Services—Remote and underwater inspection equipment manufacturing • Spectra-Physics CIDTEC—Radiation hardened solid state imager manufacturer • Nuclear Fuels Industries—Nuclear fuel manufacturing and handling

Basic Operation of a CCD • Light strikes and generates a charge • The charge is collected at electrodes or gates • The charge is moved down the columns of electrodes to a readout register. • Each line is read out serially by an on-chip amplifier

•The charge is converted to an output voltage and digitally encoded •“CTE”—Charge Transfer Efficiency is key to the operation of the CCD.

Damage to CCDs from Radiation: • • • •

Oxide charging resulting in field effects Interface states and increased dark current Silicon atom displacement Inter-electrode leakages

Radiation Effects—severe for CCDs Example of damage to surface of CCD: After irradiation surface states are found near the semiconductor and insulator interface. These states rapidly acquire charge, but do not easily release the charge.

Ionization of Gate oxide Gamma Rays

Poly Gate Oxide

Oxide Interface states increase

EPI layer

Radiation Effects Example of damage to silicon lattice:

Displacement of silicon atoms from lattice leading to “bulk trapping”—a potential barrier to charge transfer neutron Poly Gate Oxide


Damage to crystal lattice

Basic Operation of a CID Row





~5V hν



Light integration & charge storage


Floating electrode readout


++ + + +

(b)Charge is read by transfer

(a) Light creates charge at MOS capacitor -5V

~5V+ Q/Cs




out After transfer readout. Nondestructive.Number of readouts. Noise reduction.


Clearing by injection + + + + (d)


CID cameras are designed to be radiation tolerant – Charge transfer is only within individual pixels making the CID insensitive to charge transfer efficiency losses. – Internal electronics of CID detector do not “short out” under dose. – Changes in threshold voltages are compensated, extending the operational lifetime under dose.

The Camera:AquaRAD System

Cable Connector

Radiation Hardened Charge Injection Device Imager Module

Lens and Lighting Module

Waterproof modular design with easy replacement of modules

Camera:AquaRAD Housing Specifications • • • • •

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy Browning resistant window material Nuclear application grade underwater connectors Quick change lens assembly Cylindrical, 3.15 in diameter by 11.125 in (including connector) • Quick change of imager unit

Camera:AquaRAD Lighting • • • • •

High intensity white LEDs 10 LEDS (or 20) potted in epoxy Half circle of full circle illumination Working range maximum of 2 meters Intensity controlled remotely

Camera:AquaRAD Lens Specification • 25 mm replaceable lens (shop replacement) • Economical “browning” lens unit • Remotely adjustable focus and iris • Minimum focus range 3 inches (user specified)

Camera:AquaRAD Cable Specifications • Cable Type: Hybrid Round Cable, 40 meter nominal, 12.9 mm diameter, polyurethane--flame retardant, halogen-free yellow outer jacket. • Operating temperature: -50 degrees to +90 degrees C • Weight: 247 g/m • Radiation Resistance: – Components: 1.5 x 106 Rad – Jacket: 2 x 108 Rad • Recommended bending radius at continuous flex: 130 m

Camera:AquaRAD Key Features and Benefits • Modular design—Simple field replacement of imager and lens units. • 2.5 MegaRAD total dose/1 MegaRAD/hr dose rate—High radiation tolerance • 40 meter underwater cable—Applicable for power reactor inspections • Separate Camera and Control unit— Compact camera head

For more information contact Roper Resources Ltd. 984 St. Patrick Street, Victoria, BC, Canada V8S 4X5 Canadian Sales: (250) 361-9115 USA Sales: (805) 798-0277 Email : Web :


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