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2D Heading, Pitch and Roll Measurement Temperature and Depth Measurement

The AIM series of underwater instruments provides a reliable system for measuring the real-time tri-axial orientation of any submerged platform or device. These instruments and their predecessors have logged an impressive performance record in many diverse applications, from absolute aiming of sonar transducers to monitoring of towed body attitude. The basic AIM model measures compass heading, pitch, and roll; optional sensors include hydrostatic pressure and temperature. The AIM system includes spare data acquisition channels to allow other parameters to be acquired from external sensors using many different analog and digital protocols. These additional input features are available as custom factory options and are specified and quotes on a per case basis. The orientation measurement subsystem consists of a tri-axial magnetometer coupled with a biaxial accelerometer. These solid-state components are very resistant to vibration induced by turbulent water or nearby electromechanical systems, eliminating the drawbacks of gimballed flux-gate compasses and fluid-filled ampoules. Data from the sensors are acquired and transmitted in the industrystandard NMEA 0183 format. The RS-485 compliant communications features a differential line design that allows transmission over long cables with excellent noise immunity. Data integrity is ensured by checksum validation, and the data protocol includes error flags to identify conditions such as out-of-range measurements, excessive magnetic field distortion or internal malfunctions. The AIM units are enclosed in a compact titanium pressure case rated to over 2,000 meters depth, with a four-way mountable flat plate that provides a horizontal and vertical plane reference. The form factor is the same for all models, the only external differences being the addition of a sensor port and debris shield on one end of the case. Included with each unit is front-end software running on either a Microsoft Windows™ computer or on a Palm™ OS handheld, providing intuitive and readily understood graphical and character-based interfaces and built-in histogram and data logging. Compass Measurement Compass Type: Range: Resolution: Accuracy:

Tri-axial Magnetoresistive Magnetometer 0º - 360º Magnetic Heading 0.1º 1º RMS Level 3º RMS 0º to 30º Tilt 4º RMS 31º to 60º Tilt Inclinometer Measurement Inclinometer Type: Bi-axial MEMS Accelerometer Range: ±60º from Horizontal Resolution: 0.1º Accuracy: ±0.5º from 0º to 30º Tilt ±1º from 31º to 60º Tilt Optional Pressure Measurement Pressure Sensor Type: Absolute Pressure Transducer Available Ranges: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 m (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 bar) Resolution: 0.1 meters Accuracy: ±0.1% Full Scale Output Typical Optional Temperature Measurement Temperature Sensor Type: 1000Ω Platinum 385 RTD Range: -40º Celsius to 85º Celsius Calibrated Resolution: 0.1º Celsius

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Data Acquisition Sub-System Microcontroller: 22 MHz SOC Intel 8052 Core MCU Analog to Digital Converter: 8-Channel 24-Bit Σ-∆ ADC Other Features: In-situ firmware updating, usercontrollable baud rate, transmission frequency, ADC parameters Power Management Sub-System Voltage Input: 12-24 VDC Unregulated Current: 170mA Board Voltage: 3.3 / 5 VDC Regulated Safety Features: 35V Over-voltage Protection 40A Over-current Protection Short Protection Communications Sub-System Communications Protocol: NMEA 0183 Compliant Communications Method: 2-Wire Half-Duplex Bi-directional RS-485 RS-232C Serial via Surface Control Box Communications Distance: 2000m on compliant cable Safety Features: Optoisolation of communication lines Environmental Conditions Storage Temperature: -40º to 85º Celsius Operational Temperature: -40º to 85º Celsius Physical Characteristics Pressure Case Dimensions: 1⅞”x1⅞”x4¾” (48mm x 48mm x 121mm)

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