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From the deep ocean environment to hazardous waste sites, Roper Resources Ltd. has the product to assist you in your tasks. Contact us today to find out more about our products. Green Products for Marine & Industrial Applications - Elysator, and Clean Oil Technology are two new products with environmentally friendly results. Nuclear & Hazardous Environments - The world's first Solid State Radiation Tolerant Underwater Color Camera. Home Land Security - Low Cost Underwater Surveillance for Ports, Harbors, and Inland Waters. Equipment for In-Shore and Off-Shore - Low Cost ROV System. Depth Rated for 500 or 1000 fsw. Harbor and Seafloor Survey Equipment - Underwater surveying equipment and tools. Roper Resources Ltd. is pleased to represent the following world class DeepOcean Robotic and Sensor Manufacturers. Thanks to their innovative technologies we learn daily more about our home, planet Ocean. •Contros Systems & Solutions GmbH Underwater gas detection sensors for CO2, CH4 & PAH. •Modular two man portable AUV system, Gavia. •Imagenex Technology Corporation: Sonars, Side scan through multibeam including 881L •Inuktun Services Ltd.- Small compact pipe crawlers & camera systems. •KCF Technologies Inc. - Smart tether for tow fish tracking. •LYYN AB - Visual enhancement technology helping you see clearer underwater. •Ocean Server Technology Inc. - Small low cost AUV system, Iver2 •SAAB Seaye Ltd. - Electric ROV systems from the Falcon to the Jaguar workclass ROV. •SAAB Underwater Systems - Hybrid ROV/AUV SAROV, SubROV & AUV62 •Subconn Inc. •Underwater plug-able connectors from power to Ethernet •Symphotic Tii Corporation - Underwater scientific instruments & product support.


Harbor and Seaaoor Survey Equipment - Underwater surveying equipment and tools. Equipment for In-Shore and O-Shore - Low Cost ROV System. De...