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Yoga for a fulfilling life “Far from the madding crowd”. When Thomas Hardy wrote this novel, he would not have imagined his words would carry so much meaning in our modern. Here in our times, each of us wants to escape the madding crowd, each one of us is in search of that elusive land of tranquility. But strangely enough, for tranquility, one does not have to keep searching the whole world. Tranquility is there to be found right in ourselves. Our mind is the place, where all the search for bliss ends. Really, a very beautiful aspect of life does live in us People have many names for this aspect of life. Peace, tranquility, contentment and some call it 'shanti'. Shanti means absolute peace, the complete harmony of the body, mind and the soul. Yoga is the way to that elusive tranquility, the all enveloping 'shanti'. Yoga holds you by your hand and takes you through a comforting and enriching journey to the world of bliss. On the journey, you are introduced to many happy aspects of your own self. You get to know that you are so fun loving, so caring, so much like a happy child moving around in sunny meadows; looking for a little fun, looking for a little friend, looking for a little love, looking for happy life. When you do reach the destination of absolute bliss, the whole perspective to life changes. Yoga equips you to live life more cheerfully. You may have problems in life but now you no longer fear them. You just go and duel with your problems with equanimity and composure. The often quoted “wellness and health” acquires a new meaning in Yoga. Wellness seems real and health seems like a faithful companion. Many have benefited from the soothing benefits of Yoga, just need to attend your yoga classes regularly and sincerely. Yoga has the potential to introduce you to yourself. It will stroke your forehead and give you the belief that life is indeed beautiful. Yoga is practiced in different forms, all the forms lead you to that one goal of peace. Power yoga, Hath yoga, Bikram yoga, and many other forms are there. Some have evolved over time and some are the gifts of an ancient past. All take you to the path of fulfillment, joy and 'shanti'. The human mind has great potential, it has great energy to create things seemingly impossible. But only some individuals are able to have a clear understanding of their limitless power. The rest grope in the darkness and fumble for answers, often tripping and slipping in the quest for a better life. Yoga gives the right direction and the right answers. Keep your questions ready, you will certainly have the answers. Author Bio :For Information on yoga, wellness and health, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapist, yoga classes, naturopathic, power yoga, cleanse diet, natural skin please visit -

Yoga for a fulfilling life