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A window into the world of Roots

Issue 84 • June 2008

SUMMER OF LOVE With a splash of colour and a fresh take on the peace symbol, Roots presents an eye-catching collection inspired from the ’60s

Issue 84 - June 2008

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I N S I D E I S S U E 84 SUMMER OF LOVE With a splash of colour and a fresh take on the peace symbol, Roots presents an eye-catching collection inspired from the 1960s BEHIND THE BRAND CBC’s The Hour goes one-onone with Roots co-founder Michael Budman RENOVATIONS IN THE EAST Asian stores undergo massive revamp in time for summer THE FUTURE OF RETAIL LOOKS BRIGHT Barrie sales associate wins academic scholarship TONING UP ON RECYCLING IT Department implements new store-wide eco-friendly system


Publishers MICHAEL BUDMAN, DON GREEN Editor ROBERT SARNER Editorial Assistant CARLY ANDERSON Interns MARA SOFFERIN FARRAH LADAK The Source is published every month by Roots Canada Ltd. We welcome letters from readers for publication. Please address all correspondence to The Source, Letters to the Editor, Roots Canada, 1400 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M6B 4C4 or by email to Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Each issue of The Source is also available, in an abridged version, on the Roots website at

SPECIAL DELIVERY A selection of recent letters from the world of Roots POSITIVE IMPACT I am writing to tell you how impressed I was with the quality of customer service I received recently at the Roots store at the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket, ON. In particular, I greatly appreciated the way I was treated by Sherry Bishop. She went out of her way to help me and to find the item I wanted. I have never been treated like this in person at any store, let alone on the phone. I will surely share this highly positive experience with my friends, colleagues and family when speaking about different companies and customer service. I look forward to shopping at Roots more often now. Sherry has definitely made a positive impact to my shopping experience. Ashley Bhanji Toronto, ON THANKS FROM CITY HALL Allow me to express, on behalf of Toronto’s Queen Street West residents, their grateful thanks for your compassion and generosity in the aftermath of the tragic fire that destroyed their homes. The true measure of a community is how it responds to adversity. I have been so proud of the outpouring of gifts and support from the local

neighbours and from residents across the city. These gifts have made it possible for the fire victims to heal and rebuild their lives. Please be assured that you have touched the lives of others in your community and helped them to look forward again with hope. Please accept my personal thanks for your help in this crisis. Adam Vaughan, Councillor Ward 20, Toronto LANCE HITS THE SPOT Given that my family had such a wonderful experience at one of your stores on a recent Saturday, I felt it was important that I write you. We realized that we had told everyone we know about it but hadn’t yet told the most important people, namely the Roots Head Office. My family and I have been shopping at the Roots store on Princess Street in Kingston for as long as we can remember. Recently, we were contacted by the manager, Lance Lakins, to let us know that you were having a Customer Appreciation Weekend. In a world where you are normally treated only as another customer, this was a pleasant surprise to see that we are truly valued as customers. Lance and all the staff always go out of their way to make our

shopping experiences enjoyable; our children love receiving stickers when they visit. We headed in on the Saturday to take advantage of this wonderful sale and although the store was extremely busy, Lance and the girls working there seemed thrilled to see us. Our shopping experience was no different than had we been the only people in the store. My wife and I wanted to salute your dedication to wonderful products, which we have enjoyed over the years, both for ourselves and now with our children. We also wanted you to know that we think it’s wonderful you have a Customer Appreciation event to let all of us regulars feel just that little extra bit special. Equally important, we wanted to ensure that you are aware that Lance and his team represent the finest staff in downtown Kingston. We look forward to continuing our love of Roots! Neil Anderson and Family Kingston, Ontario • The Source wants to hear from you. Please send your letters to Robert Sarner at Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

EXTRA! EXTRA! In keeping with our monthly publishing schedule, the next issue of The Source will appear at the end of June.

SUMMER OF LOVE With a splash of colour and a fresh take on the peace symbol, Roots presents an eye-catching collection inspired from the ’60s. BY CARLY ANDERSON


oots always reserves something special for summer and this year stays true to that tradition. This season, Roots pays tribute to the Summer of ’67 — an exceptional moment in time that brought social activism, civil rights and environmental concern to the mainstream, leaving its indelible mark on the future. In stores now, the look for the Summer of ’08 is that of “modern day hippie.” The Roots designers reinterpreted the free-

spirited, youthful clothing of the bohemian counterculture, giving it a contemporary twist with innovative organic materials and handcrafted detailing. The collection embodies all the things important to Roots — respect for the environment, an appreciation of music/arts/ culture, spending time outdoors and leading an active, healthy lifestyle. “Creating the right visuals to support the collection is an intrinsic part of this initiative,” says Stephanie Holden, Crea-

tive Director. “The Summer of Love was the most complicated photo shoot we have done to date. We used various locations, multiple models and props. It was challenging, but great to see all of our plans come to life. I believe the campaign truly captures the artistic mood of the product. Ilich Mejia [Art Director, Photographer] and Peter Paquette [Senior Visual Merchant, Stylist] are a great team to work with. We’re really looking forward to shooting our upcoming fall campaign to-

The new men’s graphic tees take their inspiration in part from natural surroundings

gether.” Shot on the West Coast over a period of two days, the Summer of Love photo shoot set the standard for all future campaigns. “It was very exciting,” says Peter. “It’s always amazing to see the concepts come to life. There was a lot of stress and challenges involved, but I wouldn’t trade this part of my job for anything!” For women, the “modern day Continued on next page

Peace, love and tie-dyed tees are the look for the Roots Summer of Love

mer, blending Roots quality and comfort with stylish details. Bright colours abound, as do airy tanks and billowy dresses in flowery prints of organic cotton and bamboo blends. Classic tees meet the ’60s, as the beaver icon undergoes a psychedelic makeover for the summer and “Peace, Love and Roots” is proclaimed loudly from bold tie-dyed tees. A major trend Olympian Adam van Koeverden reflecting the hippie is the face of the Canada Day Collection style, was to take inspiration from Eastern culContinued from previous page tures. This is seen in the collection’s line of crisp, peasant-style hippie” theme offers endless fun tops with detailed embroidery and versatile options for sum-

and prints derived from India. Many other garments feature handicraft detailing, a technique seen everywhere this season. Tanks and tunics with crochet or hand-knitted detailing in deep, rich shades are getting many positive reviews from customers and staff. For men, the Summer of Love comes across more subtly, in gentle transitions of tie-dyed colour as seen in the Carlo Slim Dip Dye tee, and flowery printed surf shorts, great for a day at the beach. The nature-inspired shirts, made out of organic cotton and hemp, feature a variety of earthy graphics, many with a native Canadian feel to them. Among other Roots plans for summer, the patriotic Canada Day line is already hitting stores, with Canadian Olympic kayaking champion Adam van

Koeverden (who was also featured in the Summer of Love campaign) as the face of the instore visuals. The mostly red, white and black colour scheme, features many classic items, such as polos, tees and sweatshirts with accents of Canadiana in bold graphics. All products in the line are made in Canada and are also part of the Roots Green line. Other collections for the summer include the White Canada Collection, available in 12 flagship stores this month. The complement to the other patriotic line, the White Collection is more athletic-inspired with clean and technical lines. The featured colour is white with sleek accents of slate grey and heritage red. Each garment is emblazoned with multiple logos by Graphic Designer Ashley Allwood, and comes with a custom rubber patch and keepsake keychain, celebrating Canada and the brand’s longtime passion for sport. With waves of colourful, new merchandise in stores this season, this is truly a summer of love – to love. - C.A.

BEHIND THE CIRCLE OF PEACE Popular symbol used in Roots ‘Summer of Love’ collection is more than just a sign of the times


n 2008, the peace sign turns 50, yet remains as relevant as ever, helping inspire this season’s Summer of Love collection. The iconic sign and the sentiment it represents is the theme of the current Roots campaign in stores now. In a new book, Peace: The Biography of a Symbol, commemorating the golden anniversary, author Ken Kolsbun chronicles the evolution of the powerful image. Created in 1958 by British artist Gerald Holtom, the 4 • The Source

forked symbol was designed for downward and out from both sides), and D, for disarmament a “Ban the Bomb” protest march, where it was then (a figure holding one arm above adopted as the its head while the other points to badge of the British Campaign the ground), within a circle for Nuclear Disarmament. signifying the The symbol is Earth. The peace based on the letters of flagsign was later signaling alphageneralized to bet, superbecome an imposing N, for international icon nuclear (a figure of the 1960s antiKolsbun’s book is now Vietnam War with arms held available in stores

movement and was also embraced by the counterculture of the time, taking on additional meanings for civil rights, the environment and the women’s rights movement. These same issues are also very much part of current events, which helps explain the resurgence in popularity of the symbol. Interestingly, as the peace sign has deliberately never been copyrighted, no one has to pay or seek permission before they use it. As a symbol of freedom, it’s free for all. Issue 84 - June 2008

BEHIND THE BRAND CBC’s The Hour goes one-on-one with Roots co-founder


familiar face graced late night television in early May, when Roots CoFounder Michael Budman sat down with The Hour’s George Stroumboulopoulos in front of a live studio audience. In a candid interview for the CBC’s popular current affairs show, the pair discussed the history and future of the iconic brand. Michael chronicled meeting fellow co-founder Don Green in Algonquin Park, and moving to Toronto in the early1970s when they first considered selling waterbeds or yogurt before finally deciding on the successful negative heel shoe.

interview the first time around Interspersed with footage made leather jacket, which he on television, you can view it on shot at the Roots leather factory, then wore the next evening on the internet at CBC’s website Michael touched on the imporhis highly acclaimed program. tance of finding a niche for If you did not see the manufacturing in Canada, as well as the decision not to outfit the United States team for the upcoming Beijing Olympics. Discussing his involvement with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Waterkeeper Alliance, he stressed the dedication and importance that Roots places on the environment as a core value of the company. As a special gift to George, Michael presented him with a customMichael Budman, (right), discusses the making of a great brand on The Hour

RENOVATIONS IN THE EAST Asian stores undergo massive revamp in time for summer


hange is in the air and many Roots stores in Taiwan are debuting an updated look as the opening of new locations and renovations to existing stores have been taking place since April. With two inaugural sites launching in the cities of

Mitsukoshi A9, Taipei

Kaohsiung and Tainan and three renovated locales re-opening in Kaohsiung, Taichung and the capital city of Taipei, the Roots presence is steadily increasing in the bustling country. The shops, located within popular Taiwanese department stores, incorporate eco-friendly

design features central to the company’s core values. Many are implementing the new darker stained bamboo floors, while the Mitsukoshi A9 shop features the first green wall in the country. A greater emphasis is also being placed on leather items, with all stores integrating bag walls or

Far Eastern 21, Kaohsiung

display tables of the merchandise, offset by stylishly simple photos of nature. With another location slated to open at the end of June and an ad campaign being featured in Taiwan’s Vogue and Elle, the future looks bright for Roots in Asia.

Han Shin 1, Kaohsiung

THE PLACE TO BE IN JULY Special discount for Roots employees on premier sporting event in Canada


ickets are going fast as the top men’s players in the world of tennis battle once again at York University’s world-class Rexall Centre in Toronto for the 2008 Rogers Cup. This July 19-27, the biggest names in international tennis including Roger Federer, Issue 84 - June 2008

Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Roddick will take to the courts and Roots invites all employees to be a part of

the action for a discounted price. In a special offer to staff and their family and friends, prime Level 100 silver seats are available for up to 25% off. To order: Log

onto groups and use your group access code RCL0-7388164 or call Tennis Canada at 1-877283-6647 ext. 4306 or With high intensity matches and the top men’s players in the world, the Rogers Cup is the sporting event of the summer. The Source • 5

TONING UP ON RECYCLING IT Department implements new store-wide eco-friendly system


s a company which prides itself on its commitment to the environment, it seems that everyone at Roots is finding ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. The latest innovation comes from the IT Department at Head Office where Janice Blair, Retail Store Systems Analyst, has implemented a store-wide toner cartridge recycling program, which is getting many positive reviews. Working with printing and imaging support provider LaserNetworks, the strategy allows all Roots stores to courier their empty cartridges back to the contractor for free, where

Janice with her toner, all ready to go

they can be reused. Launched in Canadian stores in January and just recently introduced in the United States, the program will conserve hundreds of litres of oil over the course of a year as well as divert the non-biodegradable

plastic from landfills. “Recycling our cartridges is one of the easiest things we can do to lessen our impact on the environment,” says Janice. “We’ve made the process as convenient and simple as possible to ensure the cooperation of all stores. Now it’s just a matter of re-educating people about the steps involved. A partnership with one of the environmental leaders in this field [LaserNetworks] seems only natural for Roots.” For step-by-step guidelines on recycling toner cartridges, visit the Policies section on Storenet, (a program available online to all Roots stores).

MOMENTS THAT MATTER Big developments in the life of Roots staff

Jude Steven Bowers

• Jolene Andrews, Assistant Manager at Jackson Square, Hamilton, ON, gave birth to a baby boy named Jude Steven Bowers on March 21.

YOU OUGHTA BE IN THE MOVIES Roots featured on website devoted to jackets with cinematic appeal


hen Raiders of the Lost Ark came out in 1981, its success extended far beyond the box office. Avid fans couldn’t get enough of Indiana Jones — they wanted to emulate everything about the character (as performed by Harrison Ford), right down to his beat up leather jacket and dusty fedora. Rick Theriault was one of those bowled over by the Indiana Jones look. But, like many others, he had no idea where to begin searching for an “Indy” jacket of his own. In 2000, he came across the coveted garment on the internet. While searching for more information about it, he discovered he wasn’t alone in his quest. “The obsession was there before me,” says Theriault, 45, an environmental manager for a paper company in New Hampshire. He found that many others were equally fanatical about the jacket — the shape of the pocket flap, the zipper facings, the adjustable straps at the waist, the shape of the collar. After purchasing his own Indiana Jones Jacket, Rick decided to look for another favourite on-screen garment — the motorcycle 6 • The Source

Rick, in his House M.D replica jacket

jacket worn by Hugh Laurie on the Fox television show House M.D. It was at this point that Theriault realized that although there were many interested fans such as him, there were no websites devoted to helping people find replicas of jackets seen in films and on television. Much of the information for each style was available, but it was scattered among various websites. Convinced this was a niche that he could fill, Theriault and his friend Mike Sicoli founded in 2007. Theriault and Sicoli are constantly searching for new replica jackets to feature on their site. Recently, they came across the Roots Raiders Jacket, which

was released this year to celebrate the new Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was the first time Theriault heard of Roots, but after doing some online research, he discovered that the company had an excellent reputation for leather goods. “I learned that Roots Canada makes a top-quality product,” says Theriault. “Tough credentials to ignore and took notice. We love highquality jackets!” This led him to add the Raiders Jacket to his site where Indiana Jones fans from around the world can now find it. The jacket is listed under Raiders of the Lost Ark in the ‘Film Jackets’ portion of the site, and includes details on how to order it from Roots. For Theriault, hunting down jackets to add to his site has become a new love. “It’s rewarding to find something that you are passionate about and realize that others share your interest,” he says. “What I like best is the feeling I get when opening an email in which someone thanks for helping them find a jacket. You can’t beat that.” – Anne Theriault

Justin and Linda Sood

• Justin Sood, Retail Operations Analyst wed Linda Kettlewell on May 9 in Stratford, Ontario. Hearty congratulations to all of the above for these great moments in their lives. • Please send us details of similar good news and we’ll be happy to publish it in The Source (email:

STAYING POWER Saluting those who go the distance


ecently, many Roots employees marked major anniversaries of their time at the company. By ‘major,’ we mean benchmark achievements as in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years spent at Roots. We invite anyone celebrating such an anniversary to send the relevant information to The Source. Congratulations to the following employees for their significant contributions and enduring loyalty to Roots: • Raymond Perkins, Director of Public Relations and Special Events, 10 years • Ellie Thiessen, Store Manager, Rosedale, Toronto, ON, 10 years • Sean Vicary, Graphic Designer, Head Office, 5 years Issue 84 - June 2008

GUESS WHO JUST DROPPED IN Taking attendance of special guests at Roots stores


Summer of elebrities have long made Love ad a point of shopping at campaign Roots. Here are the latest Adam van sightings of prominent figures in Koeverden the world of entertainment and visited sports who visited the Roots stores recently: Adam van Koeverden store. • 100 Bloor St., • Robson, Vancouver, Toronto – Academy BC – One half of the Award winning actress Canadian Olympic figure Hillary Swank picked skating up a variety of items pair, including the Mantra Hillary Swank Jamie yoga pant, Portland Sale, shopped at plaid shirt, leggings and a variety of shorts and accessories. the store stocking up on • Erin Mills Town Centre, scarves, head- Jamie Sale Mississauga, ON – Canadian bands, Olympic kayaking gold medalist and Roots model currently in the sweatshirts, tees and leather bags.

ON LOCATION Catherine Zeta-Jones wears Roots on New York City set of latest movie


hile in New York filming her new romantic comedy slated for release next year, Catherine ZetaJones was spotted by paparazzi wearing the latest in Roots leather bags. The candid moment between takes made for a great photo opportunity as the Midtown Slide, the newest in the popular Flat bag collection, was on prominent display. A long-time fan of the brand, Catherine’s new movie, The Rebound, features the star as a single mom captivated by her much younger neighbour.

CatherineZeta-Jones and her Roots Midtown Slide


BEST OF FINE PRINT A selection of coverage 207 of Roots in the media

Spotlighting the top performing stores in April

Here are some recent sightings of Roots in the pages of newspapers and magazines:

West 4th staff are on top this month


s this issue of The Source went to press, the final sales figures for stores in May were not yet in but we’re delighted to report the performance of most stores in April was impressive. Topping the pack in terms of company stores was the West 4th store in Kitsilano, British Columbia that captured the latest Store of the Month honours, beating its sales target by 160%. As for the Roots 73/Outlet category, the Brossard Outlet store in Brossard, Quebec took first place with a score of 126% over its sales budget. Congratulations to Debbie Barnes, Manager of the Kitsilano store and Nataly Keroack, Manager of the Brossard Outlet along with their respective teams for their winning performances.

SHERWAY GARDENS GETS A MAKEOVER New concept store opens in western Toronto


he Roots store at Sherway Gardens in the city’s Etobicoke suburb has been attracting a lot of attention in recent weeks. Construction crew and the Roots Visual team worked around the clock in order to debut the Etobicoke mall’s new ecofriendly renovations to the public in late April. In what has been a series of sustainable upgrades to various Roots stores in Canada and Asia in recent years, Sherway Gardens is one of only a few locations to be transformed into the boutiquestyle concept of shops. Designed by Roots Creative Director Diane Bald and Director Issue 84 - June 2008

of Visual Planning and Store Development Pauline Landriault, the space incorporates many ecofriendly features which Roots aims to implement in all its stores. In keeping with its green building practices, all finishes are made with sustainable materials from bamboo floors to reclaimed wood

accents on walls. The newly ‘right-sized’ store provides a more intimate shopping experience while cutting down on energy consumption. The focal point of the space now rests on the chic, geometric bag wall, highlighting the latest offerings in Roots leather.

• Wish, June issue. Roots two-tone Envelope Clutch is featured in the ‘Easy Street’ fashion shoot section. • Toronto Life, June. Roots Embroidered Pillow featured in the Super Shopper column available at Roots Rosedale, Roots Home and Bloor Street. • Wish, May. Spotlight on Roots leather satchel and Converse sneakers. • Toronto Life, June. Roots new dark blue Beach Bucket featured in the ‘All things blue’ section. • Loulou Gift Shopping Guide, June. Roots is mentioned for offering swimsuits with tags indicating the cut, fit and length so that customers know what will best fit their body type in the ‘All Over Quebec’ section. Also, mentions the Roots yoga line launch. • Globe and Mail, May 25. Article entitled, ‘Beachy Keen’ features prominently the Roots Raiders bag, men’s shorts and Jack Purcell Converse shoes in the Style section. • The Toronto Sun, May 12. Articles mentions Roots is a safe alternative compared to other companies using child labour. • The Sudbury Star, May 10, Le Journal de Quebec, May 9, The Toronto Sun, May 6, The Edmonton Sun, May 6, The Calgary Sun, May 5. Roots Lauren bag in grasscoloured leather featured in the ‘Show mom the love’ section. • Metro, May 9. Article entitled, ‘You know you want it!’ mentions Roots clutches. • Le Journal de Montreal, May 9. Roots leather bags featured in the ‘Gift Ideas’ section as the perfect weekend getaway companions. • Fashion, May, The National Post, May 10. Roots Midtown Slide with Mom heart charm featured in the fashion’s top Mother’s Day picks. • The Toronto Star, May 3. Article mentions Roots made almost all the apparel for the Canadian team for last summer Olympics here in Canada and also for the United States Olympic teams. Robert Sarner is quoted. • Hello, April 21. Article mentions Paris Hilton shopping at the Roots Centreville in Montreal. Also, spotlights Roots Chatelaine Bag given to guests at the magazine’s 80th Anniversary celebration. - Compiled by Carmela Ledo

ON THE MOVE New appointments and promotions at Roots • Stephanie Holden appointed Creative Director, Head Office, Toronto The Source • 7

8 • The Source

Issue 84 - June 2008

THE FUTURE OF RETAIL LOOKS BRIGHT Barrie sales associate wins academic scholarship


ashion has always been a passion for Shannon Nielsen, a Roots employee at Georgian Mall in Barrie, Ontario. A love of clothing and design naturally led to her position at Roots where she has worked for the past year. In late May, Shannon was one of the recipients of the 2008 Retail as a Career Scholarship Award courtesy of the Canadian Retail Institute, a division of the Retail Council of Canada. Applicants are chosen based on their academic performance and an essay explaining their

experiences in thought of the retail field entering that and how their field didn’t education will cross my make an impact mind until I on the industry. started Shannon reworking at ceived $1,000 to Roots,” says put toward her Shannon, 18. post-secondary “The good working education at conditions, Ryerson, where Shannon Nielsen excellent she has applied training, valuable experiences, for both the Design and Fashion rewards, and opportunities for Communication programs. “Although fashion has always advancement are remarkable. been a preoccupation for me, the This job allows me to make use

of my creative talents and practice social responsibility. It is a career choice that makes sense!” In addition, Shannon will be honoured by Canada’s retail industry leaders at a special ceremony during the Canadian Retail Hall of Fame Luncheon held during the Store 2008 Retail Conference at the Toronto Congress Centre in early June. She will join the 25 other scholarship recipients from across Canada who exemplify excellence in retail and demonstrate a strong commitment to the future of the industry.

MEET THE PRESS Fashion editors get sneak peek at fall collection


Post flocked to Roots Rosedale he official start of summer in Toronto in mid-May for the may be just around the morning “trunk show.” The corner, but for drop-in event the Roots design was hosted by team Fall/Winter Co-Founders ’08/09 is here and Michael in full swing, as Budman and they premiered the Don Green, new collection to Roots the fashion media. Deeva Clutch Creative Editors from the likes of Flare, Fashion, Wish, Director Diane Bald, Roots Chatelaine, Glow and the National Yoga Creator Denyse Green and

Director of Leather assortment of cabled Karl Kowalewski, knits, Nordic prints who walked the and patterned scarves. press through the A highlight of the latest in clothing event was the latest and leather accesoffering of leather, sories for fall. including the Oxford Notable tote from the new products included Town and Country cozy, textured collection, as well as Fringe Bag hoodies and a variety of chic cardigans with sherpa finishes, clutches and classic handbags slim-fitting thermal tees and an reworked for the season.

DANCING WITH STYLE Hip-hop performance features Roots Capris


Capris. Sales Associate Genevieve Crete spoke with the school’s costume coordinator and told her that as the store did not have the desired quantity in stock, she would be delighted to help her order 16 capris in various sizes from stores across the country. Keyholder Steph Jones ensured that all orders were tracked and received by the deadline. “The costume coordinator Place D’Orleans staff help out later told us that

ast month, the Anick McConnell School of Dance approached the Roots store in Orleans, Ontario near Ottawa in search of apparel for their upcoming hip-hop dance performance in Quebec. They were particularly interested in the Roots Camouflage Cottage

Issue 84 - June 2008

The Anick McConnell group wins first prize in the style sweepstakes

her dancers felt great about performing in Roots,” says Allison Fortier, Store Manager. “We were happy that we could help get everything together to make this special order happen. At Place d’Orleans, we all pride ourselves on great customer service in both English and

French.” Founded in 1994, the Anick McConnell School of Dance offers professional classes in ballet dancing, modern jazz, tap dancing and hip-hop. On June 7 and 8, the school will be performing at La Maison de la Culture in Gatineau, Quebec. The Source • 9

CHANTING THE MANTRA OF STYLE Roots is a presence at yoga exhibition for fifth straight year



or three days in late April, downtown Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre was a mecca for exercise enthusiasts as the annual Yoga Show opened its doors to the public. Roots has maintained a strong presence at the exhibition since the event began in 2003, and this year was no different as its ecofriendly yoga line (for men, women and children) created by Denyse Green was featured at its on-site booth. Response to the products was extremely positive, with sales greater than the previous year. The most popular items included the women’s yoga graphic tee

The Roots Yoga line, seen here on Laurie Campbell, was a hit at the show

and the men’s Active Bamboo track jacket. Buttons and flyers for the Roots Yoga Studio in

Toronto were also given away, along with a pass for one complimentary class, which proved

highly popular among the attendees. “We had a great team working at the booth this year,” says Denyse. “We couldn’t have done it without their enthusiasm, especially Anne Theriault who brought such energy to the show. This is also a great time to encourage all Roots employees to take advantage of their free classes at the yoga studio. Namaste.” The Yoga Show features more than 150 exhibitors, 100 workshops, classes, demonstrations and hands-on training for all those interested in the ancient spiritual practice.

ROCKING A GREAT CAUSE ‘Save our Women’ initiative by Roots intern raises funds for fight against breast cancer

A cause for great stylee


hat started out as a simple fundraiser for the Susan Komen 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer, has turned into a prospering business for Mara Sofferin, a third year Business student at McGill University and an intern at the Roots Head Office in the Communications and Public Affairs Department. In 2005, along with her friend Samantha Kelman, the pair designed a T-shirt with the logo “Save Our Women,” and began selling them in Buffalo and Detroit (their respective hometowns) to raise funds for breast cancer research and treatment. The response to the tees was overwhelming and the product line soon expanded to include unisex sweatshirts, scarves and bags for all ages, emblazoned 10 • The Source

with the activist logo. “Save Our Women is all about raising support and awareness of the disease among young people,” says Mara, 19. “One in nine women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. If one in nine is diagnosed, it’s my goal to get the other eight women actively involved in helping to find a cure. With this apparel, people can wear their passion on their sleeve and make this cause contagious.” The non-profit business is seeing great success with representatives on over 20 college campuses around the world, as well as volunteering as models. The line is sold online as well as in select retail stores in Montreal, Detroit and New York, with all profits going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The collection made a cameo on a 2007 episode of Much on Demand, Much Music’s live request show, where VJ Matte Babel donned a “Save Our Women” tee. Last May, Mara launched an offshoot of her business in the form of “Rock Your Cause,” partnering with Jordy Beale,

Sales Associate at the Roots Lodge store in Toronto. The new line of edgy cause – related apparel featuring acid washed tees and slim-fitting deep v shirts, raises awareness of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a disease Jordy’s close

family friend, actress Heidi Hayes (A History of Violence) was diagnosed with at age eight. All proceeds from the collection go to Toronto’s SickKids Hospital. For more information visit

A SLICE OF THE PIE Montreal store celebrates leather bag success


great retail performance deserves a reward, and that’s exactly what Roots Centreville got after achieving its leather bag goal for the month of April. For a job well done, the staff at the Montreal store got a free pizza party courtesy of Roots. Held at Store Manager Mark Yoders’ home in mid-May,

the get-together was a hit with the employees and an incentive to keep up the good work. “We all had a great time,” says Keyholder Erica Cheung. “We really appreciated the recognition for all our determination and teamwork to make our sales goal. Many thanks to Roots and to Mark for opening his doors to the staff.” Issue 84 - June 2008


AUGUST This month, we spotlight the band Coldplay

THE ROOTS TOP 10 A guide to the sounds of Roots for June


oldplay secured a permanent position among music’s elite by simply writing beautiful songs. Although most of their songs are pensive, each one is also steeped in an unusual and sincere optimism rarely found in modern rock bands. The band’s music has been called “meditative,” reflecting its emotional side created largely by lead singer/songwriter Chris Martin. Songs like the remorseful “Trouble,” with its memorable piano-line, the lonely “Fix You” and the mega-hit single “Clocks” reveal a hybrid of lyrics that can only be described as joy and remorse, all wrapped into one. “We just want the songs to reflect reality,” says Martin, one of the founders of Coldplay. Martin grew up in Devon, England in a close family, the eldest of five kids, raised by a schoolteacher mother and an accountant dad. He started banging out tunes on the family piano at an early age. Martin still visits his family in Devon often. He is a selfproclaimed over-achiever and worries constantly. He rarely drinks, never smokes and admits life can be pretty damn good. He’s a product of boarding school where he soon graduated to the guitar and has been in bands since the age of 15. He considers the big three in music

1. Viva La Vida, Coldplay 2. Beautiful Nightmare, Beyonce 3. Funky Bahia, Sergio Mendes Feat. will i am 4. Cruise Control, Mariah Carey Feat. Damian Marley 5. I Decided, Solange 6. Roots, Etana 7. Bleeding Love, Leona Lewis 8. You Are, Estelle Feat. John Legend 9. Like You’ll Never See Me Again, Alicia Keys 10. All I See, Kylie Minogue - Compiled by Davin Bujalski

to be Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits. A critical moment in Martin’s future musical career took place in 1996 when he met guitarist Johnny Buckland their first week of college at University College in London. Two and a half years later, they had their first official band session along with fellow classmates, bass player Guy Berryman and drummer Will Champion. After completing their final exams, Coldplay signed to Parlophone Records for a five-album contract in the spring of 1999. Just months after Coldplay released their #1 debut album, Parachutes, they were hailed as

Band of the Year 2000, in the music press. In doing so, Coldplay may well be the biggest British act to emerge out of the new millennium so far. No one was more surprised by their popularity than the band members themselves. A Rush Of Blood To The Head soon followed in 2002 to rave reviews and would earn them two Grammy’s, including Record Of The Year. Their third album, X&Y, was released in June 2005 and went on to sell 8.3 million copies worldwide. Coldplay began work on their latest album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends in late 2006. They would soon take

a break from recording to tour South America and Mexico. The album, set for release this month, is a mix of Hispanic influences. It was recorded in churches and other areas in Latin America and Spain during their tour. Martin has described this album as a new direction for Coldplay featuring much less of his falsetto, while he has allowed his voice’s lower register to take precedence. Some songs on Viva La Vida, such as “Violet Hill,” contain distorted guitar riffs and bluesy undertones. – Davin Bujalski Listen to Roots Radio to hear the music of Coldplay. To find out more about Coldplay visit

CHEF’S CORNER Roots-friendly recipes to bring pleasure to your palate


or this month’s Chef’s Corner, we present the recipe for making white chicken chili.

1 teaspoon dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1/4 teaspoon hot sauce 2 cans (approx. 15 oz each) white kidney beans, rinsed and drained 1 can (approx. 11 oz) corn, drained 3 tablespoons lime juice

INGREDIENTS 6 skinless, boneless chicken thighs 1 large onion, chopped 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 1 container (approx. 14 oz) Issue 84 - June 2008

White chicken chilii

chicken broth 1 teaspoon ground cumin

INSTRUCTIONS 1. In a medium-sized slow-

cooker, mix onion, garlic, broth, cumin, oregano, salt and hot sauce. Add the chicken to this mixture. 2. Cover. Cook on low heat setting for 4 to 5 hours. 3. Stir in beans, corn and lime juice. Cover again and cook on low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, or until beans and corn are hot.

- Anne Theriault

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GREEN TIP #49 Easy ways to help the environment

STARTING LINEUP Introducing the people who make it happen at Roots stores


s part of our continuing series of team pictures of all the stores in the Roots retail family, this issue of The Source is shining the spotlight on the Robson Thurlow store in Vancouver, British Columbia. (From l to r): Edith Cuellar, Serena McGibbon, Mihoko Rabiner, Charlie Penney, Jacquie Thomas and Kaylie Zhou.

GO VEGGIE ONCE A WEEK: One less meat-based meal a week helps the planet and your diet. For example: It requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. You will also save some trees. For each hamburger that originated from animals raised on rainforest land, approximately 55 square feet of forest have been destroyed.

HEALTH TIP #46 Easy ways to stay healthy

SPEAK TO MY AGENT The littlest customers show their Roots

Taras Obelnicki, 13 months, Winnipeg, MB


egular readers of The Source know that last year, we launched this special feature to showcase photos of children wearing Roots. It grew out of the fact that we often receive unsolicited photos from customers who want to share with us pictures of their children, cousins, 12 • The Source

Milan Andres Flores, 8 months, San Diego, CA

nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or even pets wearing Roots. They often ask if they could be used in a future advertising campaign for the brand. We can’t promise that but we are happy to publish them in The Source. Everyone is welcome to submit their favourite shots to

The Source to be considered for publication. Please send your pictures to Be sure to include the name and age of each child or pet in the photo, where it was taken and a sentence stating that you agree for the photos to be used in The Source.

NUTS AND SEEDS KEEP YOU YOUNG: Just a handful of nuts and seeds every day can help improve circulation and muscle tone. Arginine is an amino acid found in soy and other beans, seafood, whole grains, eggs, dairy, brewer’s yeast, and especially in nuts and seeds. It’s a nonessential amino acid, a substance our bodies produce in the liver and deplete during times of stress. Arginine is helpful in fighting heart disease, impotence, infertility, and high blood pressure as well as facilitating the healing process. Its anti-aging properties may lie in its stimulant effect on the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. • Source: Secrets of Longevity, by Dr. Maoshing Ni Issue 84 - June 2008

NEW & NOTEWORTHY A guide to just-launched Roots products

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY Great gift ideas for Dad


strong, reliable father deserves an equally strong and reliable watch courtesy of Roots and Cosmoda on June 15. The latest offerings are constructed of sleek, stainless steel, come backed with a 20-year warranty and are perfect for dads of all ages. The Roots Panorama is a classically simple, masculine design. Athleticinspired features add points of interest with a rubberized crown, black rotating bezel and a matching carbon filter dial. Water-resistant up to 100m, the Panorama is perfect for an active lifestyle. Retail price: $140.

The Roots both solid Source, the EcoLighthouse easily stainless Automatic collecmakes the transisteel and tion is an environtion from day to leather mentally friendly evening. Available bands. gift for Dad. The in black or silver, mechanical watches Retail the solid design price: $250 run on “wrist has a variety of - $285. The power,” winding easy-to-use Roots itself as a result of elements includAdventure the wearer’s arm ing multifunction motion, eliminating is a classic moveanalog the need for Lighthouse ment design batteries. Normal Eco-Evolution and paired daily luminous hands and activity creates with the modern markers. Meshtechnology of a power enough energy inspired detailing indicator function and to keep it on the chain-linked second sub dials. properly wound, band creates an Retail price: $265 telling accurate interesting texture $295. time for up to 36 and added aesthetic hours. For more appeal. information on The Roots Retail price: Roots watches for Evolution is a $185. Dad, visit the sporty As featured website at multifunction Panorama previously in The watch offered in Eco-Adventure

ON THE RIGHT TRACK New menswear item a must-have for the season


arm weather is here at last, and while the sunny afternoons are usually pleasant, the nights and early mornings can still bring a bit of a chill. A good solution is

to layer on light fabrics that can take you throughout the day in style, and the latest offering from Associate Menswear Designer Dylan Anderson is sure to do just that.

Made in Peru, the soft fibres lend a luxurious texture to the garment. Other features include twoway zippers, front pockets for secure storage and an internal tech compartment for an MP3 player complete with a headphone loop. Available in greymix, pirate black, vintage white and true blue. All graphics on the sporty jacket were designed by Graphic Artist Tracy Klem. Sizes: XSXXL; Retail price: The Sal Lined Track Jacket, in its multitude of colours, is versatile enough to wear year-round $84

Issue 84 - June 2008

In stores now, the Sal Lined Track Jacket is made of soft, cotton poly french terry and lined with 100% cotton sueded striped jersey for ultimate comfort and a lightweight feel.

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Issue 84 - June 2008

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Summer of Love - Issue 84

June 2008  

Summer of Love - Issue 84