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Issue 72 June 2007



Roots Yoga program set to expand as part of exciting new initiatives for the summer

Issue 72 - June 2007

Laurie Campbell, an instructor at the Roots Yoga Studio in Toronto, is coordinating the new Friends of Roots Yoga and Athletics project

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I N S I D E I S S U E 72 NEW BIRTH IN ROOTS RETAIL FAMILY Latest addition to West Coast presence IMAGES IN FOCUS Roots participates in Contact Photo Festival NURSES CONNECT WITH ROOTS Medical assistants in Toronto hospital to look better MUSICAL ROOTS This month, we spotlight Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson

GREAT MOMENTS IN RETAIL Spotlighting the top-performing stores in April PURSUING HAPPINESS WITH YOUR FEET Roots launches Sanuk sandalshoe hybrids AND THE WINNER IS… Roots collaborates with Canadian ad industry in support of 2007 competition GOING THE EXTRA MILE Fredericton Roots store saluted for achievement



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THE ROOTS TOP 10 A guide to the sounds of Roots for the month of June

SPECIAL DELIVERY A selection of recent letters from the world of Roots THE RIGHT WAY Earlier this month, I had a very positive experience in dealing with two of your staff (M.J. Lizardo and Mandy Ling) at the Roots store in the Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto. It reminded me of why Roots stands out above other brands. I had gone to the store to inquire about our Roots Baby Travel Bag. We really appreciate this bag and use it (as all parents do) every day. Unfortunately, the inner lining began to crack and come apart, so I asked if this was normal and whether Roots would warranty such an item. M.J. worked with Mandy to review our inquiry. Mandy made it very simple and gave permission to a staff member to bring out a brand new bag to replace ours. I didn’t expect this service and was very impressed with the way M.J. and Mandy made me feel valued as a customer by making this judgment call. This example may sound small, but I’ve been a loyal Roots customer since the 1980s and was reminded from my May 13 experience at your Scarborough store why I continue to support

and seek out Roots products. Your branding power not only comes from great products, but from talented staff that understand Roots’ mission to make each customer feel appreciated and valued. M.J. and Mandy took the time to listen to me and exceeded my expectations. Thank you Roots. Preston Wong Richmond Hill, Ontario TOP MARKS FOR NEW LINE I recently saw the article in the Toronto Star about the new line of apparel by Roots for the nursing staff at the Sick Kids Hospital. Based on the pictures, the nurses look terrific in their specially designed Roots attire. I was really impressed by what you have done. It will be such a new, refreshing look for the hospital, in keeping with their childfriendly atmosphere and “familycentered care” philosophy. Coming from a parent and a family perspective, the Roots uniforms have bright, beautiful colours, are relaxed looking, familiar, not starched and sterilelooking. Seeing a nurse come into your room with such attire,

you would feel very comfortable and not threatened. Congratulations and well done. You definitely get an “A” from my perspective. Sydney Cameron Richmond Hill, Ontario GOOD AS NEW It is with great pleasure and deep gratitude that I write to thank you for the successful restoration of my Roots leather coat. I picked it up this evening from your store on Bloor Street in Toronto and was delighted to find that the damage was virtually undetectable. Thanks to your willingness to respond positively to what must have seemed to be an ambiguous set of circumstances, and to the technical expertise of your repair team, my coat has been wonderfully restored. William B. Draper Toronto The Source wants to hear from you. Please send your letters to Robert Sarner at Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

EXTRA! EXTRA! In keeping with our new monthly publishing schedule, the next issue of The Source will appear in late June. Issue 72 - June 2007

REACHING NEW HEIGHTS Roots Yoga program set to expand as part of exciting new initiatives for the summer


hese are exciting times for the Roots Yoga program. With several new initiatives underway, it’s spreading its wings, moving toward new heights. This includes setting up a network of envoys for Roots Yoga involving professional yoga and fitness instructors across Canada to stepping up the yoga wear collection to a freestanding wholesale line focusing primarily on the United States. The growth of Roots Yoga is a natural evolution for the company given its longtime involvement in matters of wellness, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This month will see the launch of the Friends of Roots Yoga and Athletics project. Coordinated by Laurie Campbell, an acclaimed yoga instructor at the Roots Yoga Studio in Toronto, the first stage entails establishing a community of people in Canada and the United States who are highly involved in yoga, pilates, dance, fitness and other related activities. Through her work over the years, Laurie has established a network of yoga and fitness enthusiasts and is now broadening that base to create a forum for feedback and suggestions about Roots Yoga apparel. To that end, Laurie is writing several hundred people in the coming weeks to invite them to join the Friends of Roots Yoga and Athletics community. Each is a leader in promoting an active, healthy lifestyle in their community and is

Issue 72 - June 2007

well placed to comment on Roots fitness-related products. In the initial phase, each person who joins will receive a special gift card to entitle them to a free selection of Roots Yogawear and athletic apparel. There is no pitch, no charge, no pressure, no obligations, just a simple request that the recipient give his or her input. “As someone who could use these products in your daily life, you are well placed to tell us how we can make our clothes better suit your lifestyle,” Laurie explains in her Friends letter. “Let us know what’s missing, what features you would like to see added to

them. No detail is too small. It’s all part of our commitment to always seek to improve what we do.” Roots has always welcomed - and benefited from customer input and this new initiative spearheaded by Laurie is an effective way to receive valued feedback from people who understand what makes such apparel best suited for their activities and lifestyle. Laurie is a perfect envoy for the Roots Yoga program. With her rich background in studying and teaching yoga, she’s also been involved in helping develop the Roots Yoga program.

“I’m very excited about working with Roots to build the Friends of Roots initiative,” says Laurie, 30. “I want to really communicate with other yoga teachers and fitness and dance leaders throughout Canada. I look forward to getting a real sense of what they think of our product, what changes they would like to see or small details that we may have overlooked that they feel would make our apparel better suited to their jobs and help make their days easier.” The Roots Yoga line was created in 2001 by Denyse Green, wife of Roots CoFounder Don Green. It grew out of her own interests, having been involved in yoga since the 1970s, including being an instructor since 1996. The collection, which began as a modest selection of a few items six years ago, has grown to include many more styles featuring pants, jackets, and Tshirts in different fabrics and colours, all designed by Denyse in conjunction with Niki Kime from the Women’s Dept. and Dylan Anderson from the Men’s Dept. The next stage in its evolution includes integrating more organic and sustainable fabrics and developing more products for men. “Michael and I are thrilled by the progress of Roots Yoga and Roots Athletics,” says Don. “We feel the quality and styling of these products are second to none and evolving all the time. We both personally enjoy wearing the Roots Yoga men’s product for Continued on next page

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activewear and travel. We’re both big believers in yoga being a life extender and one of the three things that people should be able to do forever, the other two being walking and swimming.” Denyse, who first met Laurie in 2003, is delighted at her added involvement in Roots Yoga. “When I met Laurie, she had just come back from India,” says Denyse who also coordinates the Roots Yoga Studio. “I was very impressed when she told me that she had been through India on her own finding a small group of women in villages to make dresses and tops from beautiful sari fabric as well as going to ashrams to do yoga. Immediately, I saw that we had two passions in common: India and yoga. Since she became involved with Roots, she’s had a very positive influence through her sense of dedication, professionalism and the general enjoyment she brings to everything she does. I believe she is a great image to represent Roots Yoga since she is a true yogi.” At the same time, Roots is breaking new ground by introducing the Roots Yoga collection on a wholesale level in the US. “This is part of the exciting growth of Roots Yoga,” says Nella Walker, Director of US Sales, who recently launched the wholesale initiative. “Our approach is to sell our Roots Yoga and lifestyle products to retail shops within spas and resorts and to yoga

and pilates studios. Our product line will include both functional and technical workout wear for the yoga and fitness buff as well as lifestyle products for people looking for fashionable streetwear. So far, the initial response has been very encouraging. Our collection goes well with the growing American focus on wellness, fitness, a healthy lifestyle and dressing the part for it.” As part of this new effort targeting the American market, Nella is exploring various special spa and wellness-related events where Roots Yoga would be present. In July, for example, Roots will take part in the Aspen Spa Day, the spa industry’s first consumer show that will showcase spas from around the world and the best in spa lifestyle products. “As the Roots Yoga collection is constantly evolving, the feedback we will receive from Laurie’s ‘Roots Friends’ initiative will surely be helpful,” says Nella. “It will also raise the awareness of our products in this field.” Laurie is nothing if not excited about her new role as the chief envoy of Roots Yoga. “I believe in order to do anything well, you really have to believe in it,” says Laurie, who began her study of yoga in 1999. “In this case, I not only really believe in the product but also in the people and spirit behind it. Starting with Don and Michael, I’ve seen the commitment of the staff at Roots to

Perfect for leisure or active wear instructors, Laurie Campbell and Maria Villella showcase new designs in Roots Yoga

always strive to improve what they offer; the energy in the head office is boundless, and the creativity and spontaneity there are a perfect fit for an Aquarian soul like me.” In addition to teaching classes at the Roots Yoga Studio,

Laurie helped represent Roots at the recent Yoga Show in Toronto and has also demonstrated her yoga prowess in posters and ads for Roots Yoga. She has a busy summer ahead of her as she helps take Roots Yoga to a new level. – R.S.

A recent class at the Roots Yoga Studio which opened nearly a year ago above the Roots Rosedale store in Toronto


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Issue 72 - June 2007

GO SENS GO! Kanata store supports home team in bid for Stanley Cup

From left to right: Anil Jhalli, Andrew Edwards and Susan van Dalen

Sens gear as Ottawa tries to become the first Canadian team to win the coveted Stanley Cup since the 1993 Montreal Canadiens. “Originally, we decided to show the community we support the team by making the Sens our theme for the recent Friends and Family Community Weekend,” says Susan van Dalen, Store Manager. “But as Ottawa advanced further in the playoffs, we kept the decorations in place, and the store’s spirit only increased. I have received many positive comments from customers on how great our staff look. Shoppers really appreciate our support for Ottawa.”


alk about hockey fever! If anyone has it, it’s certainly the staff and customers at the Roots Outlet location in the Ottawa-region of Kanata, especially since their team – the Ottawa Senators – advanced to the Stanley Cup finals in late May. Located near the Sens’ home arena, Scotia Bank Place, the store is now decorated in a Senators theme, including the mannequins who are all wearing the latest Roots home team jerseys, sweatshirts, caps and toques. In addition, on game days, employees come to work dressed in

HAVE A SEAT? But maybe not on this unusual chair at the Roots flagship store


From left to right: Angela Rossi, Jon Petton and Emily Chang

DEEPER ROOTS IN ASIA First store to open in Malaysia near Kuala Lumpur


he Roots retail community keeps growing. As part of its continuing expansion in Asia, Roots will make its debut in Malaysia in early June. The first store will open in Petaling Jaya, a satellite city of Kuala Lumpur. Partnering with international fashion and lifestyle retailer, Alstyle Marketing, the store will be located in the Utama Shopping Center. To commemorate the occasion, the High Commissioner for Canada, His Excellency David Summers, will officiate the inaugural ceremony on June 8. Other noted guests include: Rene-Francois Desamore, Senior Trade Commissioner, Ella McCrady, President of the Canadian Association of Malaysia, Jeremy Tang and Karen Lou, Li & Fung, Roots Principle, Joe Goh, Director of Ossia International, and Chris Lim, Executive Director of Alstyle Marketing. The launch in Malaysia brings to four the number of countries or regions in Asia (including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) where Roots is now operating. Issue 72 - June 2007

The Robotic Chair in the midst of its stunning self-reassembly

n early June, visitors to the Roots flagship store on Toronto’s Bloor Street will be in for something out of the ordinary. As part of the city’s new Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity, Roots will host a captivating exhibit called The Robotic Chair. As its name suggests, this is not a conventional piece of furniture. With shuddering force, the chair collapses to the floor, then seemingly with a mind of its own proceeds to seek out its parts and upright itself. This dynamic installation is the realization of a 20-year vision by artist Max Dean in collaboration with autonomous systems expert Raffaello DAndrea and artist/industrial designer Matt Donovan. Part of Luminato’s visual arts program, the Robotic Chair, is fun to watch, and is sure to attract art and technology admirers from all over Toronto and beyond. Luminato is an annual multi-genre celebration featuring theatre, classical and contemporary music, dance, visual arts, film, literature, and more. The festival, which will run from June 1-10, is slated to become an annual highpoint on the city’s cultural calendar.

Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers, the tallest twin towers in the world, will be visible from the new Roots store The Source 5

NEW BIRTH IN ROOTS RETAIL FAMILY Latest addition to West Coast presence opens in Vancouver


n the last Saturday of May, Roots is expanding its Vancouver operations with the opening of a new store at 2091 West Fourth Ave. Located close to the beach in the city’s Kitsilano district, the 800-square foot store is small and intimate. It will carry products made from organic cotton and bamboo, Roots

Yogawear, leather and a small assortment of sweatpants. Modeled largely on the Roots Rosedale store in Toronto that opened last August, the new Vancouver store was built with only sustainable building materials, organic odour-free paint and energy efficient lights. Beautiful nature photos of British Columbia add to the look. Hats off to Pauline Landriault, Director, Visual Planning and Store Development; Howard Pollack, Director, Purchasing and Facili-

ties; Samara Snyder, Regional Director, Western Canada; Lyn Frankel, Retail Ambassador for Western Canada; Ross Shafer, Field Business Manager; Lee Weir, Senior Store Manager, Victoria; Colin Macdonald, Senior Field Visual Merchant; Deephi Dillon, Field Visual Merchant; J M Ogden, Manager, Whistler; Drew Pecnik, Stock Keyholder, Roots Robson; Barry Rooke, Store Manager, Richmond; and Gerry Voth and son Colin Voth, Contractors.

GRAPES GONE WILDE Roots hosts event as part of Toronto wine festival

COMING THIS FALL… Media gets advance look at new products on the horizon magazine photo shoots and articles. The hottest product at the show was the Patent Leather Bag, which will hit stores this fall. Roots holds trunk shows twice a year to unveil its latest creations to the media.


n late May, Roots previewed its fall 2007 collection for the media at its semi-annual ‘Trunk Show’. Held at the flagship Bloor Street location, Roots showcased upcoming leather bags, apparel and accessories for men and women during the half-day event. Diane Bald, Roots Creative Director; Denyse Green, Di-


The Source

rector of Roots Yoga; Karl Kowalewski, Director of Leather; and Nella Walker, Director of Design, hosted the editors and writers who represented a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, TV programs and websites. The new designs were well received, with several requests already made for new products that were on view to be featured in


or the fifth straight year, the Roots store on Toronto’s Bloor St. hosted a soirée as part of the Santé Wine Festival in early May. Co-sponsored by Xtra magazine, the Grapes Gone Wilde event let guests indulge in first-rate international wines and savour specially created appetizers prepared by Food Network celebrity chef, Bob Blumer. Santé, the French word for health, is an appropriate name for the festival as research shows that a glass of red wine a day is good for one’s heart and overall wellbeing. Now in its ninth year, the Santé Festival offers international tasting events, casual afternoon seminars, and shopping and dinning experiences in Toronto’s upscale BloorYorkville district. For more details, visit

Issue 72 - June 2007

NURSES CONNECT WITH ROOTS Medical assistants in Toronto hospital to look better with new apparel


n early May, Toronto’s Hospital For Sick Kids and Roots officially introduced a new line of attire designed specifically for nurses. Melinda McDonald, VicePresident, Wholesale and Business-To-Business Department, represented Roots at the press conference at the hospital where the products were presented to the media. Coordinated by Joanna Iachetta, Account Manager, Business-to-Business, the program includes T-shirts, polos, outerwear and bottoms. The apparel, which was inspired by the Roots Yoga collection, comes in five bright colours with child-friendly graphics. Although there is a Roots store at Sick Kids, this is the first

New all-natural options for nurses allow for fashion and practicality

time that Roots has undertaken such an initiative for a hospital. Nurses helped design the

clothes according to the specific needs of their profession. For instance, all clothes had to be made of natural fabrics such as cotton, which washes well and doesn’t carry bacteria. Collars and shirts are extra high to prevent stethoscopes from rubbing on necks and there are plenty of pockets for accessories and medical instruments. The uniforms are not available in stores and are offered exclusively to nurses at the Hospital for Sick Children. The launch received extensive media coverage, with a prominent article the next day in the Toronto Star. Frenchlanguage CBC also sent a reporter and camera crew to the Head Office to do a story on the initiative.

AN EVENING FOR A GOOD CAUSE Roots launches Rethink Breast Cancer campaign for fourth straight year Reisman, CEO of Indigo Books and Music; actress Monika Schnarre; TV host Ben Mulroney; Eric Mabius of the Ugly Betty TV show; and Belinda Stronach, LibEric Mabius, (middle), takes in the festivities with eral Party MP Michael Budman and Don Green (who will also n mid-May, Roots helped appear in the next issue of kick off the 2007 Rethink Chatelaine in a Roots Rethink Fashion Targets Breast Can- T-shirt). Chef Gordon Mackie cer campaign with a special from Far Niente cooked up event at the flagship Bloor barbecued snacks while the Street store in Toronto. drinks kept flowing courtesy of The evening began with the Martini Club, Yellow Tail speeches by MJ DeCoteau, and Bacardi. A special SchickExecutive Director, Rethink; tini was served by Schick Alison Gordon, Director of which also had a pink fire Marketing and Communicatruck parked in front of the tions, Rethink; and Roots Costore with models wearing Founder Michael Budman. Roots Rethink tees. The voice of Roots Radio and set-up a candy leather expert Andrew booth for guests. McCurbin was the MC for the The event also featured ceremony. images from the Chatelaine The event attracted some photo-shoot of Canadians sup600 people including Heather porting Rethink and the win-


Issue 72 - June 2007

ning entries in the Roots Tshirt Design contest. Photographs from the current Contact photography exhibition at Roots were also on sale with proceeds from the sale going to Rethink. The evening launched the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer collection now available exclusively at Roots stores across Canada. It includes 100% soft cotton black, white and gray Tshirts for men and women and tank tops for women. Proceeds from the sale of the collection go to Rethink for research into finding a cure for breast cancer.

Belinda Stronach and Diane Bald

FRESH INK A selection of coverage of Roots in the media Here are some recent sightings of Roots in the pages of newspapers and magazines: • National Post, May 16. Shinan Govani’s column mentioned that Eric Mabius, the Ugly Betty actor, was spotted at Roots on Bloor. • The Toronto Sun, May 11. Mentions The Food Network’s Surreal Gourmet, Bob Blumer, appearing at Roots for the opening night of Sante Wine Festival. • The Toronto Star, May 8, (Metro, May 8). Article on Roots designing new uniforms for The Hospital for Sick Children’s nurses. • The Toronto Star, May 8. Article entitled, ‘Environmentally Dreamy’ cites Roots as one of the new ecofriendly fashions. • The Ottawa Citizen, May 5. Cites Roots cotton Eco bag, with which customers receive 10 per cent off their next purchases at any Roots store. • Driven magazine, May issue: Spotlight on the Roots organic ball cap featured in the Essentials column: Green is the New Black. Also, mentions the Roots men’s yoga shorts, jacket and tee featured in the ‘Yin Yang Fashion Shoot’ section. • Elle Canada, May: Roots China Red Café bag featured in the ‘Fashion Pages’ section. • Marketing Daily, April 27; TimesColonist, April 26; Adnews, April 26. Article about launch of Flick Off environmental campaign mentions Roots involvement in the initiative to fight global warming. • Toronto Star, April 21. Spotlight on the Roots Bambu Veneerware featured in the ‘greening of the marketplace’ section. Also, cited is the ottoman made from recycled quilts by Matta. • Maclean’s, April 16. Article mentions “Canada’s most iconic brand, Roots,” was started by two Americans originally from Detroit. • Canadian Retailer magazine, April: Article entitled ‘Breath of Fresh Air?’ cites Roots on where to find Oxia. • Loulou (Montreal), April: Roots Pouchette featured in the ‘labels bonne conscience’ section. Also mentions the Roots Rosedale store and yoga studio in ‘the eco scene’ section. • Where Toronto, April: Article mentions Roots Yoga Studio offering individual lessons. Also, mentions the Roots Yoga clothing line. • Canadian Living, April: Spotlight on Roots cream bamboo/spandex jersey T-shirt. in shopping section. • Canadian Retailer , April: Article mentions Olympic figure skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier wearing Roots. Robert Sarner is quoted. • Fairmont Magazine, spring: Roots red Venetian Village bag featured in the ‘Shop in Style’ section. • Canadian Living, March: Roots clear vinyl carry-on bag featured in the ‘great ideas, style’ section. Also, mentions the Roots navy and white polyester/cotton track jacket. - Compiled by Carmela Ledo

The Source 7

MAKING CONTACT Networking site links customers and staff


oots has turned to the social networking website Facebook as another way to communicate with staff and customers. Two groups have been established by James Connell, Director, E-Commerce Digital Marketing and New Media. The Roots Insider Group is for customers, while the second, Roots Canada Employee Group, is for staff. The Facebook groups act as a liaison for everyone in the Roots community by communicating promotions, special discounts and the latest happenings. Facebook is a website which allows people to join online networks such as one’s school, place of employment, or geographic region. With approximately 18 million users and more than six million photos uploaded daily, Facebook is the most popular such site on the internet and the sixth

most visited website in North America. Facebook is so popular that in a recent survey of college students it was ranked the second most “in” thing, tying it with beer. Roots employees and customers are encouraged to join the groups, which are displayed below, as seen on Facebook. • Group Info Name: Roots Insider Type: Just for Fun - Fan Clubs Description: Check out this group for advance notices on sales, preview offers and event invitations. All you have to do is join to be in the know. http:// group.php?gid=2266895094 • Group Info Name: Roots Canada Employees Type: Business - Employment & Work Description: Let’s all gather by the campfire and talk Roots. Whether it’s store ideas, what you like about our products or you want to just stop by and say hi. http:// group.php?gid=2234245564

From left to right: Marie-Pier Tardif, Tanya Dubois and Anne-Marie Lecroff

GREAT MOMENTS IN RETAIL Spotlighting the top-performing stores in April


s this issue of The Source went to press, the final sales figures for May were not in yet but we can report that based on the numbers for April, the Roots store in Regent Mall in Fredericton, New Brunswick, (photo: bottom left of page), captured the position of Store of the Month, while the Outlet location, in Sherbrooke, Quebec took the top prize in its sector. Congratulations to Manager Kelly Smart of the Fredericton store and Co-Managers Anne-Marie Lecroff and Marie-Pier Tardif of the Sherbrooke outlet, (top photo), along with their respective teams for their winning performances.



Fredericton Roots store saluted for achievement

Winnipeg store helps charity fashion show



oots employees at the Regent Mall location in Fredericton, New Brunswick are smiling, with reason. The store was recently honoured for achieving the highest sales increase per square foot of any other retailer in the shopping cen- Back row: Adam Bowie, Devin Dunham and Jordan MacLeod, Tina Trethewey; Front row: Kelly tre. The mall’s management pre- Smart, Emma Lally and Sarah Lewis sented the Roots store with a last December. certificate in recognition of the “We’re really excited about 55% increase in sales it accomthe stores performance,” says plished in March, compared to Sarah Lewis, Assistant Manthe same month a year earlier. ager. “We really owe it to the The Fredericton Roots location great team we have working has won this award once before, here.”


The Source

he Roots location at the St. Vital Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba recently lent clothes to a fashion show aimed at benefiting breast cancer research. Held at St. Timothy’s Parish, the event raised more than $2,300 to support three women taking part in a 60-km solidarity walk. One of the women is an 11-year breast cancer survivor. Roots outfitted several adults, kids and babies for the fashion show before a sell-out audience. While other retailers such as Old Navy, Bootlegger, Weekenders, Gymboree and Reitmans also participated, Roots was the fan favourite. The crowd erupted when a mother and her baby came down the runway wearing matching Roots Yoga attire. “The event had a great vibe and was a lot of fun,” says Joe Meissner, Manager of the St. Vital store, who attended the show. “It really got people excited about us.” Roots team lends a hand to fight breast cancer Issue 72 - June 2007



Roots participates in Contact Photo Festival in Toronto


he flagship store in Toronto has long been the venue for a multitude of special events and cultural initiatives. During the month of May, in addition to other activities, it hosted a photo exhi-

bition entitled Urban Nature, featuring the work of three key Roots people. Presented in the framework of the Toronto-wide Contact Photography Festival, the show was made up of eye-catching images by Diane Bald, Creative Director of Roots; llich Mejia, Senior Art Director; and photographer Jim Budman. Contact is an annual month-long festival of photography involving more than 500 local, national and interna-

tional artists at some 200 venues in the Toronto area. Founded in 1996, Contact is devoted to celebrating the art and profession of photography.

AND THE WINNER IS… Roots collaborates with Canadian ad industry for 2007 awards – Print and Outdoor” awards, the largest category with the broadest entry base that attracted a wide variety of styles and concepts. Teams who participated in this category developed creative strategies and ideas for a theoretical Roots ad campaign. Gold, silver and bronze awards were given to the top three ads out of 52 submissions from agencies all over the country. The winners all highlighted Roots Yoga, with Taxi Advertising’s Troy McGuiness and Jordan Doucette taking top honours,


he winners of the National Advertising Awards (NAA) were announced recently in Toronto with 12 honourees in seven categories earning a trip to the International Advertising Awards in Cannes in June. For the first time, Roots was the main brand sponsor of the “Masters

Issue 72 - June 2007

winning the Gold and Grand Prix Award, which was presented by Roots Co-Founder Michael Budman at a special event in Toronto. Taxi also took the Bronze Award, while an independent submission from Aya Refaeli and Rana Chatterjee won second place. Launched in 2004, the Toronto-based NAA competition promotes Canadian advertising talent nationally and globally. It also generates entries for the prestigious Cannes Lions Awards in France.

Saluting those who go the distance


ecently, many Roots employees marked major anniversaries of their time at the company. By ‘major’, we mean benchmark achievements as in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years spent at Roots We invite anyone celebrating such an anniversary to send the relevant information to The Source. Congratulations to the following employees for their significant contribution and enduring loyalty to Roots: (listed by seniority) • Ket Hoa Hoang, Stitcher, Leather Factory, Toronto, 25 years • Bob Baker, Director of Distribution Centre, Toronto, 10 years • Marcia Facey, Merchandise Flow Analyst, Head Office Toronto, 10 years • Melinda McDonald, VP Wholesale and Business Development, Head Office, Toronto, 10 years • Maria Evar Fajardo, Technician, Head Office, Toronto, 5 years • Ilich Mejia, Senior Art Director, Head Office, Toronto, 5 years • Karen O’Hearon, Keyholder, Spring Garden, Halifax, NS, 5 years • Tahmineh Rajabpour, Supervisor Accounts Payable, Head Office, Toronto, 5 years • Lindsey Russell, Store Manager, St. Catherines, ON, 5 years • Ian Thompson, Keyholder, Newmarket, ON, 5 years • Rhonda Yurani, Sales Associate, Bayview Village, Toronto, 5 years

SPREADING THE WORD Guide to new ads appearing in late May and early June • Thurs., May. 26 – Now (Toronto), Back-page ad featuring Roots Camp • Sat., June 2, 9, 16, 23 National Post (Toronto section): Back page ad • Thurs., June 7, 21 – Now (Toronto), Back-page ad • Thurs., June 7 – National Post (Green Report): Back page ad featuring Roots Eco Bags The Source 9

GREEN TIP #37 Easy ways to help the environment

STARTING LINEUP Introducing the people who make it happen at Roots stores


s part of our continuing series of team pictures of all the stores in the Roots retail family, this issue of The Source is shining the spotlight on the store in Ste Foy, Quebec. From left to right: Mylene Marois, Véronique Girard, Julie Sherrer, Marie-Lise Lefrançois, Carolyne Hardy, Nadine Tolley; Missing in action: Valérie Thérrien and Laurence Belzile

SPEAK TO MY AGENT The littlest customers show their Roots

Insulation and weather-stripping: Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature through hot summers and cold winters accounts for 50% to 70% of your energy costs. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes. Adding insulation will lower your costs dramatically. Here is how to find the worst spots for those little - but significant - leaks. Close all windows and doors and walk through your house carrying a lit incense stick. Whenever the smoke shifts, it means air is coming in. Grab a caulking gun and a roll of weatherstripping and tackle the drafts. Source: Green Tips - How to Save Money and the Planet, published by Green Living Enterprises

HEALTH TIP #34 Easy ways to stay healthy


ou’re never too young to look good in Roots. Many people obviously agree, based on the mail we receive at the Head Office. Both customers and staff often send in photos of their children, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends or neighbours wearing Roots, asking if they could appear in a future ad campaign for Roots. We can’t promise that but recently The Source started publishing a selection of such pictures on a regular basis. Everyone is welcome to submit their favourite shots. Please send your photos to Be sure to include the name and age of each child in the photo, and a sentence stating that you agree for the photos to be used in The Source.

Jacob Popal, 7 months, North York, ON 10 The Source

Akari Yamashima, 17 months, Osaka, Japan

The Mighty Tomato: Tomato’s red pigment, called lycopene, is an antioxidant that has been studied extensively for its cancer-prevention properties. Eaten in high quantities, tomatoes can lower the risk of prostate, stomach, colon, and rectal cancer. Lycopene also inhibits the development of cancer cells in the breasts, lungs, and uterus. A rich source of beta-carotene and vitamins A and C, tomatoes are also known to reduce heart disease and prevent cataracts. Not bad for a fruit regarded as deadly in some parts of the world as recently as the early 1800s. (A note of caution: People with arthritis and other autoimmune disease symptoms may be aggravated by eating tomatoes.) Source: Secrets of Longevity by Dr. Maoshing Ni Issue 72 - June 2007



This month, we spotlight Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson


op and R&B singersongwriter Stacy Ferguson, best known by her stage name Fergie, has been a member of the Black Eyed Peas since 2003. She is widely credited with catapulting the group to stardom. In recent years, she has also pursued her work as a film actress and a solo recording artist. Born in 1975 in California, Fergie got her first major break at age 8 as the character of Sally Brown in a Charlie Brown cartoon special on television. She would soon become Stacy the youngster on the hit TV program Kids Incor-

porated along with Martika and Jennifer Love Hewitt, appearing in the largest number of shows (more than100) of any cast member. She would later go on to form a female group call Wild Orchid, which. released two albums before disbanding Fergie’s disappointment by the failure of Wild Orchid led her to an addiction to crystal methamphetamine. Her weight dropped to 90 lbs. She told friends and relatives that she was bulimic and would soon seek help. In a September 2006 interview with Time magazine, Fergie said: “A lot of the problem stemmed from being a child actor. You learn

to suppress a lot of feelings.” In 2003, Fergie became the lead female singer of the popular group Black Eyed Peas. Her addition soon turned the then underground band into a household name with several hits and international acclaim. After recording two hit albums with the Peas and taking home numerous Grammy and MTV awards, Fergie began work on her first solo album entitled The Dutchess. The music is similar to the Black Eyed Peas and has so far spawned four hit singles, some of which can be heard on Roots Radio. Her album has sold some 3 ½ million copies worldwide to date. – Davin Bujalski

GUESS WHO JUST DROPPED IN Taking attendance of special guests at Roots stores


elebrities have long made a point of shopping at Roots. Here are the latest sightings of prominent figures from the world of entertainment and sports who visited Roots stores recently: · 100 Bloor St., Toronto - Ugly Betty cast member Eric Mabius attended the Rethink launch at the flagship store. · BCE Place, Toronto - The host of the TV reality show Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan, and his wife picked up a Roots Camp sweatshirt, cropped sweatpants and Flick Off bracelets for their family. · Kanata, Ontario - New Jersey Devils left-winger, Sergei Brylin shopped at the store for his kids. · Robson St., Vancouver - Academy Award-winning actor Marcia Gay Harden, said she was greatly impressed by the Roots bamboo line and the Flick Off campaign while recently shopping the store. · Beverly Hills, CA - Supermodel and host of Project Runway, Heidi Klum, stocked up on Roots gear including two Village bags and three Venetian Village bags.

Eric Mabius Issue 72 - June 2007

Heidi Klum

Phil Keoghan

A guide to the sounds of Roots for the month of June 1. My Moon, My Man, Feist 2. Makes Me Wonder, Maroon 5 3. Way I Are, Timberland Feat. Keri Hilson and D.O.E 4. Back To My Roots, Steel Pulse 5. I Can’t Wait, Akon 6. Look At You, Look At Me, Dave Mason 7. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag, James Brown 8. Lost Without You, Robin Thicke 9. Angel, Ne-Yo 10. Walk Away From Love, Bitty McLean and The Supersonics - Compiled by Davin Bujalski

MOMENTS THAT MATTER Big developments in the life of Roots staff

Congratulations to two staff members from the Fredericton, NB store who recently graduated from university. · Adam Bowie completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB, graduating with distinction. · Tina Trethewey completed her Bachelor of Education degree at Atlantic Baptist University in Moncton, NB. • Please send us details of similar good news and we’ll be happy to publish it in The Source (email: rsarner

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NEW & NOTEWORTHY A guide to just-launched Roots products

CRYSTAL CLEAR QUALITY TIME New watch collection arrives in stores in Canada


FOR TOP AND BOTTOM New polo and shorts for men


ntroducing the new Spruce Stripe Polo made of 100% pique cotton with taped neck and side slits. Available in white and foliage green, the versatility of the polo makes it the perfect complement to the new Ricoh Short. The Ricoh’s lightweight 100% cotton twill bottoms are ideal active wear for the season. Front pockets are flapped while back pockets are buttoned to ensure security of valuables inside. Canvas belt loop detail adds style to a practical feature. Dyed with a heavy wash, the Ricoh short is available in safari, mud and pirate black, and is currently available in all stores. The Spruce Stripe Polo has just arrived with white being available at all locations and foliage green in select areas. Spruce Stripe Polo: $48, Sizes: XS-XXL; Ricoh Short: $52, Sizes: 28-38 12

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oots Crystal Clear Watches are practical, yet perfect for the most fashionable customers of all ages. This subtle, modern timepiece is available in four styles: Prism, Chiller, Arctic Ice and Ice Cap, that offer a wide range of detailed analog faceplates for a shot of colour. Left to right: Crystal Clear Chiller, Crystal Clear Ice Cap, Crystal Clear Arctic Ice, Crystal Clear Prism Launched at all • Roots Prism Watch is the Canadian company stores in • Roots Arctic Ice Watch is a most delicate and feminine of late May, each piece comes larger edgy, unisex design with packaged in its own distinctive the collection. With a rotating a chronograph/stopwatch funcbezel, it’s available in pink and tion. Featuring a silver dial, the gift box exclusive to this colsilver. Retail price: $50 lection. Available at two price bezel is available in blue or • Roots Chiller Watch is a points, $50 and $100, the red. Retail price: $100 larger silhouette with an overwatches are water-resistant • Roots Ice Cap Watch consized face and simplistic dial (withstanding casual contact sists of a larger, luxurious dewith water such as bathing and design suitable for men and sign for both men and women. women. Also complete with a showering) and come with a Also featuring the chronograph/ rotating bezel, it’s available in two-year warranty. The comstopwatch design, it’s available black, blue, red and silver. Replete collection can be viewed at in a black or silver dial with tail price: $50 metal bezel. Retail price: $100



Popular line for women spawns new designs for girls

A fast look at what’s flying off the shelves at Roots stores


thletic wear has always been a staple at Roots and now the hugely successful line of women’s Original Cropped Sweats has carried over into a version for kids. The medium weight, cotton/polyester fleece retains the classic athletic fit that Roots is known for, with a cropped length suitable for the younger and smaller customer. Retaining all the features of the original, the girl’s pants come complete with a drawstring waistband for snug adjustment, flocked Roots Heritage beaver print on the hip and inner pocket for a cell phone. Available in a rainbow of colors (salt and pepper, coral sunset, vintage white and zest), the cropped sweats are currently available in all Canadian stores. · Sizes: 5-12; Retail price: $29.95

Based on the latest sales figures from all Roots stores in Canada and the United States, here are the 20 topselling products: 1 Venetian Village Prince bag 2 Village Bag -Prince leather 3 Med. St. Tropez bag 4 Men’s Flick Off T-Shirt 5 Women’s super long lightweight tank 6 Women’s modal rib tank 7 Women’s retro ringer T-Shirt 8 Women’s Grassroots vintage nature T-Shirt 9 Women’s Rethink T-shirt 10 Women’s Flick Off T-Shirt 11 Women’s basic kanga hoody 12 Women’s basic full zip hoody 13 Women’s trainer lightweight hoody 14 Women’s Camp full zip hoody 15 Women’s Roots varsity sweatpants 16 Women’s original cropped sweatpants (style 1) 17 Women’s original cropped sweatpants (style 2) 18 Roots mints 19 Roots Eco-Bag 20 Crocs beach clogs Issue 72 - June 2007

CANADA WITH STYLE New line celebrates the true north strong and free ahead of national holiday

PURSUING HAPPINESS WITH YOUR FEET Roots launches Sanuk sandal-shoe hybrids


n late May, in honour of Canada’s upcoming 140th birthday, Roots launched a heritage-inspired Canada Collection. The themed line features cotton jersey shorts and Tshirts, tanks, sueded fleece hoodies, sweatpants and stretch pique polos. Designed by Women’s Wear Designer Jules Power, each garment comes with small patriotic details including felt appliqués on the hoodies and backsides


Getting into the Canada Day spirit with Roots. Mix and match from an assortment of comfortable casual wear and accessories to celebrate the holiday in style

of varsity sweats, Canada Day crests as patches, and special enamel pins as a holiday gift with purchase. Launched in time for the Victoria Day long weekend throughout all Canadian stores, the collection is made in Canada and is available in white-grey mix, grey mix, white, harvest red and black colours. A special Roots Canada Day logo has been created for the occasion and all items come with an exclusive hangtag featuring this logo. The collection is designed in the spirit and tradition of the celebrated Roots products made over the years in tribute to the country that has inspired the success of the company. The line will be supported with cappers and related visual display material. · Available in stores now, the collection features items in the price range of $28.95 $89.95 Issue 72 - June 2007

eet act as the foundation for the body and it’s no secret that good foot health is vital to enjoying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As such, Roots has introduced Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers to its product line. (Sanuk is the Thai word for “pursuit of happiness”.) Sidewalk Surfers combine the year-round style and protection of a shoe with the natural comfort of a sandal. This sandalshoe hybrid allows the foot to bend and flex the way nature designed us to walk. The loose upper allows the foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens the small muscles that support the arch and encourages correct walking habits. The men’s Sidewalk Surfers retail for $75 and are sold in four colours: blue, chocolate, khaki and charcoal. The women’s Sanuks retail for $65 and come in turquoise, cream and sand. Available in Toronto (Central, Yorkdale, Bloor, Sherway, Bayview, St. Clair, Square One, Promenade, Yonge Street, Lodge); Montreal (Centreville); Vancouver (Pacific Center, Robson); Calgary (TD Square); Ottawa (Rideau Centre).

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Issue 72 - June 2007

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