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A week in the world of Roots

Issue 51 – August 11, 2006


The Office is the latest NBC show to sign with Roots for custom, co-branded merchandise as the relationship with the New York-based TV network continues to grow

Cast of NBC’s The Office, starring Steve Carell, (seated), who won the 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV Comedy for his role in the popular series.




The Source celebrates its first anniversary

Roots leather goods fly off the shelves

Roots and Indigo promote reading

Issue 51 - August 11, 2006


I N S I D E I S S U E 51 TORONTO NY CONNECTION STRENGTHENS NBC asks Roots to make a collection for its hit TV show The Office

IN AID OF THE AIDS FIGHT Roots is the official outfitter and a sponsor of benchmark AIDS conference

NOTHING LIKE A GREAT BOOK Roots and Indigo come together to promote reading and other good things

ALL IN A NIGHT’S WORK Roots visual guys do a number on major store in Toronto

LIKE A HURRICANE When not on the sales floor, Debbie Barnes is pounding the skins for her band

DRESSED APPROPRIATELY Canadian singer Edwin wears Roots to help launch new album

DENIMS FOR ALL Fresh styles in denim hit Roots stores coast-to-coast.

THE SUMMER OF BAGS Roots leather goods in great demand

KEEPING UP WITH ROSEMARY The latest installment in her coast-tocoast retail marathon

LOOKING GOOD Dressed in Roots, beauty contestant awarded ‘Most Photogenic’ prize



Publishers Michael Budman, Don Green Editor Robert Sarner Editorial Assistant Paulomi Patel

The Source is published every week by Roots Canada Ltd. We welcome letters from readers for publication. Please address all correspondence to The Source , Letters to the Editor, Roots Canada, 1400 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M6B 4CR or by email to Letters may be edited for length and clarity. Each issue of The Source is also available, in an abridged version, on the Roots website at Issue 51 - August 11, 2006

Four front pages from the first year of The Source: Starting clockwise from top left with Issue 1 followed by Issues 42, 47 and 49.


A letter from the Editor on the occasion of The Source’s first anniversary Dear Readers, his week marks exactly one year since the launch of The Source. The first issue was a far cry from what The Source is today. It was a page-and-ahalf of text with no photos, no illustrations, no colour. In a word, austere. Since then, The Source has evolved considerably, both in content and presentation. But its basic raison d’être remains unchanged – to keep people informed about what’s happening at Roots. When I first told people of my plans for The Source, several were skeptical, asking incredulously, “What are you going to write about every


week?” Regular readers now know that has never been a problem. Most weeks we don’t have enough time or space to include everything there is to write about. Such is the dynamic world of Roots and the activities of everyone who works here, starting with Co-Founders Michael Budman and Don Green. Roots may be a business but it’s much more than that. It’s also a community and The Source tries to be, in its own limited way, the equivalent of a community newspaper. During the first year, we published 50 issues, 300 pages, and more than 1,000 articles and other items along with scores of photos and

illustrations. All of them have shared one common denominator. They all have been about Roots in some way, whether it’s a spotlight on a new product, a profile of an exemplary employee, a new charity initiative or celebrity sightings at Roots stores. It all adds up to what is written on the front page beneath the logo of The Source: “A Week in the World of Roots.” The response from readers has been gratifying. Most work at Roots in Canada and the United States. But a growing number receive The Source as part of our Friends of Roots mailing list or read it on-line on our website or in the lobby of our head office. Increasingly, people are writing letters to The Source. Over the past year, we’ve published 65 letters to the editor in our ‘Special Delivery’ section. As we begin our second year of publishing, I want to say how much I appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received for this project. In particular, I want to thank Michael and Don for their constant encouragement and support since Issue One. I also want to thank my Editorial Assistant Paulomi Patel for her hard work and dedication since she began working on The Source in May. We never lose sight that The Source is for and about Roots and the people who make it such a remarkable place. The story of Roots – present, past and future – is a great one. Every week, The Source tries to capture some of the pulse and passion of Roots in the pages of each new issue. We hope you enjoy reading the stories from the world of Roots as much as we enjoy writing them and publishing them in The Source. As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions with the aim of making The Source even better. Robert Sarner, Editor


TORONTO-NEW YORK CONNECTION GETS EVEN STRONGER NBC asks Roots to make a collection for its hit TV show The Office


nknown to most Roots customers in Canada, and even to some company employees, Roots has a highly successful, ongoing relationship with NBC Television in New York. Initiated in the early 1990s with the Roots/Saturday Night Live collection, the collaboration has grown over the years and, just this month, became even stronger when NBC signed a deal with Roots for a special line of merchandise for the hit series The Office.

Starring Steve Carell (from The 40-Year Old Virgin) and based on the original British series of the same name, NBC’s American version of The Office is just about to launch its second season after capturing high ratings in its first year. In addition to the products made for NBC, Roots also has a strong retail presence at the NBC Experience Store in New York’s famous Rockefeller Center where Roots has its own branded section. NBC carries a number of co-branded collecIssue 51 - August 11, 2006

tions produced by Roots (and mostly made in Canada) including the US Olympic Team line; a New York Citythemed collection, a Saturday Night Live collection, and now a line for The Office, many of them also available on their website Currently, Roots is in the process of developing a new youth product line for NBC. “We’re grateful for the on-going support and commitment from Judith Dutch, [Vice President Retail Operations and Consumer Marketing, NBC Universal] for her excellent work in continuing and growing our relationship,” says Melinda McDonald, Wholesale and

Part of the apparel collection made by Roots for The Office

Business Development. “We look forward to collaborating with Judith and NBC Universal on other projects in the future.” Also key to the success of the relationship with NBC is the work of the Wholesale Department at Roots, particularly Account Representative Patricia MacInnis and Mary Jane Saliba, Senior Product Coordinator. As part of its relationship with NBC, Roots has held a number of press conferences at NBC’s headquarters in

New York including the official launch of Roots Team USA Olympic collections in 2004 and 2006. NBC is also a sponsor of the US Olympic Team. In 2004, NBC and Vivendi Universal Entertainment joined forces, becoming NBC Universal. Today, it’s one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.

IN AID OF THE AIDS FIGHT Roots is the official outfitter and a sponsor of benchmark AIDS conference


inal preparations are now almost complete for this weekend’s opening of the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto where Roots will be highly visible. As reported previously in The Source (Issue 47), Roots is the official outfitter and a sponsor of this major event, considered the most important gathering of AIDS-specialists in the world. At the initiative of Roots Co-Founder Don Green in support of the bi-annual gathering, Roots is subsidizing the costs of the merchandise supplied to organizers. Roots is providing T-shirts for volunteers, souvenir T-shirts, caps and yoga mats for the conference. In addition, Roots is also producing slogan tees for the youth wing of the AIDS gathering. All T-shirts will also come with a special 15% off Roots discount card redeemable at the Roots flagship store on Bloor Street, Roots Central in the Eaton Centre and the Roots store on Queen Street. A portion of proceeds of the sales to delegates will help pay for staging the conference. The August 13-18 meeting is expected to draw more than 25,000 participants from around the world including scientists, health care providers, educators, policy makers, AIDS service organizations, community leaders and people living with HIV/AIDS. 3

NOTHING LIKE A GREAT BOOK Roots and Indigo come together to promote reading and other good things


ater this month, Roots and Indigo Bookstores will team up for a major cross-promotional Canada-wide campaign. Set to begin on August 21, the month-long “Smarten Up” initiative will encourage reading and promote Canadian literature. It will also help officially launch the Roots Canadian on-line store and on-line Campfire Community section. As part of this promotion, Roots customers will receive a complimentary $10 Indigo Bookstores gift card when they purchase items worth $75 or more (before tax) at any Roots store. The gift card can be redeemed at any Indigo, Chapters or Coles store in Canada. The campaign runs in conjunction with the soon-to-

launch Roots Back to School sweat promotion and a special initiative involving Noah Richler’s new book featuring Canadian writers entitled This Is My Country, What’s Yours? The aim of these actions is in part to further literacy, something that Roots has long promoted. In addition, shoppers can also log on to to enter an on-line contest where they can visit the upcoming Campfire Community section and win prizes that include a trip on Via Rail, a Roots shopping spree and Canada-related books from Indigo. In a parallel campaign, customers at Indigo, Chapters and Coles bookstores will receive 15% off Roots discount cards redeemable at Roots stores, outlets and online at

GUESS WHO JUST DROPPED IN… Taking attendance of special guests at Roots

ALL IN A NIGHT’S WORK Roots visual guys do a number on major store in Toronto


his week, the Roots Visual Team, comprised of Peter Paquette, Senior Visual Merchant and James Wilford, Field Visual Merchant, gave the Roots store in Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall a great new look with an overnight makeover. Both Peter and James, with the help of Store Manager Nancy Nasralla and her team, refurbished the leather department with new floor fixtures. The rest of the store was also revamped with some fresh paint and reorganizing the layout. The quick flip began on Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock and was completed the next morning by 6 a.m. The store staff arrived at 8 a.m. and at 10 o’clock were welcoming customers who marveled at the store’s new appearance.

ON THE MOVE Celebrities have long made a point of shopping at Roots. Here are the latest sightings of prominent figures from the world of entertainment and fashion who visited Roots stores recently: · Toronto (100 Bloor Street) – Canadian-born J.D. Fortune, lead singer of the popular rock band INXS, shopped at the Roots flagship store. · Aspen (Colorado) – Fashion designer Ralph Lauren was at the Roots store in the ski town. Issue 51 - August 11, 2006

New appointments and promotions at Roots (in alphabetical order) Matthieu Brazeau promoted to full-time Keyholder, South Keys, Ottawa Joey Tanga promoted to Assistant Manager, South Keys, Ottawa Katie Williams promoted to Assistant Manager, Rideau Centre, Ottawa 4


A selection of coverage of Roots in the media

LIKE A HURRICANE When not on the sales floor, Debbie Barnes is pounding the skins for her band


Here are some recent sightings of Roots in the pages of newspapers and magazines: Mariage Quebec magazine, October issue: Roots Candles and Leather Tray, available at Roots Home, figure prominently in photo-spread. Fashion magazine, September issue: Spotlight on Roots Café Bag in tan and the Melinda Bag in black flex leather and red. In addition to mentioning the new Fall bags, including the Village Pack, the Fashion Shops section highlights other successful Roots bags from the recent past including The Emily and South Beach bags. The National Post, Aug 8: Column features the just-released Roots of Reggae CD, produced by Michael Budman in conjunction with Universal Music, and mentions the previous involvement of Roots in supporting Jamaican-related culture, such as sponsoring the annual Bob Marley Day. Daily Miner & News (Kenora, ON), The Recorder and Times (Brockville, ON), Aug 3: In coverage of Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati’s lawsuit against CTV for defamation of character, his work representing Roots is cited. New York Daily News, Aug 2: In front page article about famous model Christie Brinkley and her environmental work, it reports that she has Stop Global Warming bracelets made by Roots. Geraldton-Longlac Times Star (Geraldton, ON), July 19: Mentions Crocs being available at Roots stores.

oots employees are an impressive bunch of highly talented, multitasking individuals. Take Debbie Barnes for example. When she is not selling at the Roots Robson Kids store in Vancouver, this Store Manager plays drums in the pop punk band Hurricane Kitty. Founded in 2002, the three-member, all-girls group is now recording its first album. The band recently took centre stage at a benefit show held to raise funds for the Terminal City Roller Girls, a Vancouver Roller Derby League making waves on the West Coast. Debbie, who is celebrating her ninth anniversary at Roots next week, has been part of the Robson Kids store since 2001. Prior to this she worked as the Manager of the store in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre.

DRESSED APPROPRIATELY Canadian singer Edwin wears Roots to help launch new album


n its latest initiative in support of Canadian performers, Roots has outfitted and donated apparel to alternative rock singer Edwin for his recent photo shoot. The images will figure prominently in the ad campaign for his soon-to-be-released album Better Days. The ads, featuring the Roots logo alongside Edwin wearing Roots apparel, will appear in various magazines such as Chart, Faze, Teen, Movie Entertainment, Famous, Scene and Access. The Toronto-based Edwin launched his solo career in 1997 after being the lead vocalist in the popular band Mother Earth. His new album will come out in October. Issue 51 - August 11, 2006


THE SUMMER OF BAGS Roots leather goods in great demand


ne of the big stories in Roots stores over the summer has been the success of earth-toned leather bags. In fact, the demand for camo, naturals, greens and flats was such that in many places it far outweighed the supply. The collection features hands-free designs in natural leathers that are great for traveling and can easily be paired with a larger handbag. The flat bags are extremely functional with pockets for cell phones, Blackberrys, iPods and other items. Due to

the success of the bags, the Roots leather factory in Toronto has been inundated with orders from customers wanting to purchase their own body-hugging bag. “We’ve evolved from the Emily Bag into something even bigger,” says Jennifer Taylor Weeks, Merchandise Planning Manager for Leather. Certain designs have been particularly hot: the Village Pack, the small and large Venetian Bag and the Molly Bag “They’re functional, they look great, and you can dress them up or dress them down,” says Michael Budman, Roots CoFounder, who along with his wife Diane Bald and Denyse Green, wife of CoFounder Don Green, work closely on the design of Roots bags with Karl

Kowalewski, resident leather maven. Not only has the practicality of the bags been a huge factor in their success, but also their design, craftsmanship and exceptional Italian vegetable tanned leather. “This collection is all about the leather,” says Karl who directs the leather program at the Roots factory. “These leathers are from the finest tanneries in the world which also have the strictest environmental standards.” Jennifer says customers should keep an eye out for the next Roots bags in new leathers like the black Tribe leather coming soon to Roots stores. – Sarah Foster

SPREADING THE WORD Guide to new ads appearing this week and next Sat., August 12 – Globe and Mail will run a half-page vertical black-and-white ad in the Style section featuring The Roots Flats including The Village Pack, Village Bag, small Venetian Bag, large Venetian Bag and the Venetian Village Bag. Sat., August 12 – National Post will run a fullpage colour ad on the outside back cover of the Toronto section featuring the Anatomy of a Great Sweat. Sat., August 19 – National Post will run a fullpage colour ad on the outside back cover of the Toronto supplement featuring current Roots products.


LOOKING GOOD Dressed in Roots, beauty contestant awarded ‘Most Photogenic’ prize

Saluting those who go the distance



ou never know what Roots will get in volved in next when it comes to helping people. Recently, a young lady in London, Ontario contacted her local Roots store with a request to Manager Phil Papadopoulos for assistance. A few weeks earlier, Simin Bagheri had won the title of Miss London 2006 and was one of 30 finalists competing for the title of Miss World Canada and wanted to know if Roots would sponsor her apparel. With the approval of Field Business Manager Sanjiv Khanna, Peter, along with Assistant Store Manager Melanie Cole, outfitted Simin from head to toe in Roots Yoga and other prodIssue 51 - August 11, 2006

Simin Bagheri, all smiles with Roots support

ucts for the athletic portions of the event held in Toronto. Although she did not win the crown, Simin did receive the Miss World Canada Photogenic Award. “I am grateful for your generous sponsorship which aided me in preparation and participation in the Miss World competition,” Simin wrote to Roots a few days after the event. “I would not have been able to succeed with your help.” In the lead-up to the event, Simin raised several thousand dollars for charity. Born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Simin, 21, moved to Canada in 1993. She currently lives in London and attends the University of Western Ontario.

his month, various Roots employees marked major anniversaries of their time at the company. By ‘major’, we mean benchmark achievements as in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years spent at Roots. We invite anyone celebrating such an anniversary at Roots to send the relevant information to The Source. Congratulations to Johanne Chute, Store Manager, South Park Edmonton Outlet, AB for completing 10 years at Roots this week. Congratulations also to Kuo-tsai Yang, Material Handler, Distribution Centre, Toronto on completing five years at Roots. 6

KEEPING UP WITH ROSEMARY The latest installment in her coast-to-coast retail marathon


hen we last checked in with Rosemary Eisenhut, Director of Retail, and her plan to personally visit all 125 Roots stores in Canada this year, she had just returned from a trip to stores in Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia. That was back in late June and she still had 17 more locations to hit before she’d be able to say she’d seen them all. Today, true to form, Rosemary is on the road heading to Windsor, Ontario to visit the Roots stores just across the border from Detroit. With her irrepressible energy, Rosemary racks up more miles than a politician on the campaign trail. She completes itineraries that would reduce most travelers to mush. It’s only a week ago that she returned from yet another daunting trip. This one was to Western Canada during which she visited 18 stores including four she’d never seen before. For those of you envious of people who travel for their work, the following account may take away some of the allure of business travel. On Friday, July 28, Rosemary began her journey with an evening flight from Toronto arriving in Victoria at midnight local time, (3 a.m. on her body clock). Early the next morning, Rosemary met Issue 51 - August 11, 2006

up with Pauline Landriault, Director of Visual Planning and Store Development, and together they visited one of two Roots stores in Victoria, meeting with Senior Manager Lea Weir. From there, they headed across town to the Mayfair Mall store and spoke with Manager Bob Heyes. Then, they went straight to the West Coast Air Terminal to take a water plane to Vancouver where they were met by Lyn Frankel, Roots Corporate Sponsorship and Sales Manager in Western Canada. Lyn drove Rosemary and Pauline downtown to the Robson Street store where they met up with Store Manager Mark Farr and his team along with Roots Co-Founder Michael Budman. Next, they toured the nearby Roots Kids store on Robson, meeting with Manager Debbie Barnes and her team. Barely catching their breath, they walked over to the Pacific Centre to visit the Roots store there and met with Manager Aimee Guido. The day ended with dinner at The Lift on the Wharf with Pauline and Lyn. The next morning, Rosemary and Pauline were on the road early en route to Whistler with Lyn at the wheel. There they met with Store Manager J.M. Ogden.

From there it was back to Vancouver to meet up with Michael to check out possible new locations for Roots stores. Then, they checked out the stores at Park Royal and Grandview where they met with Manager Daniela Bosa. Next stop was Metrotown store before returning to Robson to meet up with Roots Home Design Creative Director Diane Bald to talk about store design ahead of going to the Lift for drinks with Diane, Michael and their daughter Alex. The next day began with a rendezvous with Michael and Diane at the Pacific Centre, followed by a pit-stop at the Richmond Mall store and then off to the airport to fly to Kamloops. After visiting the Kamloops store and meeting with manager Darlene Thorne, Rosemary and Pauline drove to Kelowna (in a Mustang GT convertible), looking like a 2006 Roots version of Thelma and Louise). On Tuesday morning, they met with Kelowna store manager Lindsay Kern and her team and then headed to Vancouver Airport. (Pauline flew back to Toronto) Rosemary flew to Edmonton where she was met by Regional Manager, Western Canada, Samara Snyder who took her to the Kingsway Mall store just in time for the re-opening in the new location. Rosemary met with Manager Sheila Brisson and her team along with James Wilford, Field Visual Merchant, Toronto, and Colin MacDonald, Field Visual Merchant, Western Canada, who were working their visual magic. Then it was off to check into the hotel. Up early on Wednesday, Rosemary met with Field Business Manager Ross Shafer and then preceded to the new West Edmonton Mall store for most of the day before returning to Kingsway. [The week before, Pauline had been there to direct the merchandising ahead of the store’s July 29 opening]. Thursday, Rosemary had a breakfast meeting with Ross and then visited West Edmonton, Mayfield Outlet and South Park Outlet with Samara, Ross, and Colin before leaving for the airport in the afternoon. Rosemary touched down in Toronto at 2 o’clock Friday morning. By 9 a.m., she was back in the Head Office, as exuberant and fired-up as ever. With only 13 stores left that she’s not yet seen, Rosemary is clearly on track to make good on her vow made in January. 7

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS Our weekly spotlight on new positions at Roots


ere is a list of current job openings at Roots along with the appropriate contact person. For more information, please refer to the separate email notices sent out recently about each position: • All Positions, new ‘Roots 73’ store, Fanshaw, London, ON. Email your resume to the attention of Rosemary Eisenhut at Deadline: Saturday, August 19. • Assistant Store Manager, Colossus Outlet, Woodbridge, ON (Platinum level store). Email your resume to the attention of Rosemary Eisenhut at Deadline: Saturday, August 12. • Full Time Keyholder, Colossus Outlet, Woodbridge, ON (Platinum level store). Email your resume to the attention of Rosemary Eisenhut at Deadline: Saturday, August 12. • Full Time Keyholders & Full Time/Part Time Associates, new Brossard Outlet, QC. Email your resume to the attention of Rosemary Eisenhut at Deadline: Monday, August 21. • Jr. Field Visual Merchant , 4 positions in Ontario, 2 positions in Western Canada. Email your resume to quoting File# IP922-Aug/06. Deadline: Thursday, August 17. • Yoga Instructor, for Roots Yoga Studio at new Roots Natural store opening later this month in mid-town Toronto. Email your resume to the attention of Laura Clark at Deadline: Wednesday, August 30. • Editorial Intern, for The Source at the Head Office in Toronto. Full or part-time, unpaid internship working on the Roots weekly newsletter. Ideal for someone interested in communication, journalism and publishing. Good writing skills required. Email your resume to Robert Sarner at

GREEN TIP # 17 HEALTH TIP # 14 The latest in our series of easy ways to help the environment

The latest in our series of easy ways to help you stay healthy

All dried up: What’s better — paper towels or electric dryers? There’s no contest, and it’s not what you probably think. Did you know electric dryers are twice as energyefficient as paper towels, even towels made from recycled paper? Although the production of the electricity that powers electric dryers generates greenhouse gases, the production of paper towels is twice as energy-intensive and creates more greenhouse gases overall. Also, the manufacture of paper towels emits pollutants, including chlorine, and many paper towels are made from virgin wood rather than recycled material.

If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it. These days, foods are often prepared with additives and other chemicals that didn’t exist 50 or even 10 years ago. We evolved by eating real, whole food. This has not changed. We haven’t suddenly acquired the capacity to be healthy by consuming all these nonnutrient chemicals just because they are in the food we buy. When it comes to food, “go real or go home!”

- Provided by Zerofootprint, an innovative Toronto-based organization that helps companies and organizations reduce their environmental impact. See Issue 51 - August 11, 2006

- Provided by Jeff Hirst, a professional trainer, co-owner of Training Zone, and a former Olympic diver. Jeff is an acclaimed sports instructor (who was the captain of the University of Toronto swim team) and is highly knowledgeable about health and fitness. He can be reached at

SPECIAL DELIVERY Recent letters from the world of Roots FOR THE KIDS On behalf of the Sick Kids Foundation, I would like to thank Roots for the kind donation, which helped make our Banana Bash a great success. Through the support of friends like Roots and the events you support, our skilled professionals are able to focus their creativity and innovation on meeting the immediate needs of the children who come to us everyday. Because your giving is so generous, they are able to undertake important research that will yield results in years to come. Research is integral to our mission to improve the health of children. And thanks to donors like you, our physicians and scientists are able to continue to concentrate on the development of new knowledge. Thank you for helping us address some of the most difficult health questions facing today’s children. Thank you for helping us to enrich the services and treatments we provide to those children. Eva Avramis Development Coordinator, Community Involvement Sick Kids Foundation, Toronto

STOP GLOBAL WARMING On behalf of The Century Foundation, I would like to thank Roots for donating the Stop Global Warming bracelets to our recent intern policy forum, Drop It Like It’s Hot: The Politics of Global Warming that took place in New York. Thank you for providing materials for our guests to take home to remind them of our discussion and the importance of global warming as a pressing issue. Our event was very successful, with a thought-provoking conversation and more than 60 interns in attendance. TCF’s series of lunchtime panel discussions strive to inform interns about current political issues, and this was well done at our event, thanks to your help. Once again, The Century Foundation is appreciative of your generosity. Sarah Welch The Century Foundation, Office of Public Affairs New York, New York 8

NEW & NOTEWORTHY PANTS FOR ALL Fresh styles in denim hit Roots stores coast-to-coast A range of denims have recently hit stores as part of the early fall jeans line for men and women.

For Women

For Men

Designed by Julie Power, Designer, Women’s wear, the denims for women come in different washed and unwashed styles.

The new clean cut and stylish Roots Echo Jeans, set to hit stores next week, are designed to add Echo Lake Jeans classic style to the fashion denim line for men in stores now. Created by Menswear Designer Rita Shulman , the pants are made from 100% cotton denim fabric. The design includes classic straight cut leg and clean back pockets with no ornamentation. The jeans also come with a large classic leather patch on the back and are currently available in a medium-darkcoloured wash. More choices in washes are expected in the upcoming fall months. The Echo Lake Jeans will be available in all Roots stores in Canada and select stores in the US. Made in sizes 28-38, they are sold at $88

Made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex, goodquality stretch denim fabric, the pants come different styles spanning the new style trends of the fall season.

Featured below are the styles that hit stores recently:

VENUS JEAN Aphrodite Jeans

This slim fit women’s jeans style Venus Jeans is made from stretch APHRODITE denim and comes with a straight leg. It JEAN - This triple features a medium dark women’s denim low rise and a subtle (meaning extra dark colour, no wash) features wash giving it a distressed look. a slim fit. These details It includes narrow make this style a cut legs, and is often great alternative to referred to as the Roots the super skinny ‘skinny fit jean’. Aphrodite jean. The style comes Available in with a low rise and is sold select stores in in select Roots stores Canada, the Athena across Canada. Retail Jean is sold at retail Price: $88 price: $88


Athena Jeans Issue 51 - August 11, 2006

These medium dark rinse women’s jeans pants come with a subtle wash, a boot cut flare and a relaxed easy fit suiting all body types. It features a medium rise and is made from stretch denim. Sold in select stores across Canada, the Athena Jean is available for: $88


THE HOT LIST A fast look at what’s flying off the shelves at Roots Based on the latest sales figures from all Roots stores in Canada and the United States, here are the 20 top-selling products: 1. Men’s Elk Island Polo 2. Women’s Printed Thermal Kanga T-shirt 3. Men’s Logan Mélange Ringer 4. Women’s Classic Fleece Kanga Hoody 5. Women’s Natural Graphic Tee 6. Women’s Classic Fleece Zip Hoody 7. Girls Beaver Short Sleeve T 8. Boys Crocs 9. Girls Crocs 10. Boy’s Mason T-shirt

11. Baby’s Warm Up Hoody 12. Baby’s Yaz Colour Block Tshirt 13. Baby’s Phys Ed Hoody 14. Roots Bottled Water 355 ml 15. Beaver Canvas Tote 16. Steffy BB Cap 17. Havaiana Flip Flops 18. Crocs Beach Clogs 19. Village Pack Tribe Leather Bag 20. Village Pack Prince Leather Bag

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD The Source wants to hear from you. In addition to reporting on new developments at Roots, The Source also serves as a forum for ideas and commentary from readers. Please send your letters to for publication in our Special Delivery section. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

FALL PREVIEW These images of Aida, taken from this week’s photo shoot by Senior Art Director Ilich Mejia, will soon be seen in ads and posters promoting the new Roots fall collection.

Issue 51 - August 11, 2006


August 11, 2006  

A Window into the World of Roots. Serious Business - Issue 51

August 11, 2006  

A Window into the World of Roots. Serious Business - Issue 51