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A window into the world of Roots

Issue 110 • January/February 2013

FORGING AHEAD IN CHINA Shirley Ding’s passion for Roots helps fuel brand’s growth in the world’s most populous country

Shirley stands tall at one of the Roots stores in Chengdu

I N S I D E I S S U E 110 THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE Chinese New Year inspires a new collection of apparel for Asian market

DEEP PURPLE Customer’s choice of bag symbolizes a bright future TARGET MEETS ROOTS US company comes to Canada and chooses Roots as its first designer partner A NEW LOOK OUT EAST Halifax welcomes impressive new flagship store GREY CUP AT ROOTS CFL player brings Grey Cup to flagship store in Toronto LOST AND FOUND Local do-gooder returns a lost purse to woman in Nova Scotia BAKED TO PERFECTION Baking through the holidays for charity in North Bay, Ontario


Lauren Chisholm

ROOTING FOR THE RAMS Ryerson and Roots team up to design sportswear for university teams

SPECIAL DELIVERY A selection of recent letters from the world of Roots GLORY OF COREY

My husband and I wish to commend a sales clerk at your Rideau Centre store in Ottawa. I was unsure whether to purchase the Grace bag or the Eva bag. Corey McGown explained to us the benefits of each bag. I felt reassured by his knowledge and chose the Grace bag. While I was speaking with Corey, my husband met another customer who was looking for a bag for his daughter who had recently graduated. With full confidence, my husband recommended the man speak with Corey in order to choose the right product. It’s so nice when you feel confidence in the sales clerks and the brand so that you can recommend them and the products. Quality speaks volumes. Mary and David Tregunno Ottawa HELPING IGNITE CHANGE

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Thank you for your wonderful support of the DAREarts Leadership Awards. With your donation to our auction, we raised $46,000. These funds play a vital role in empowering 10,000 vulnerable children yearly to ignite change in their lives and in their communities. DAREarts invests in the future of Canadian children through sustainable arts programs that build values, confidence, courage and leadership. Now in its 16th year, DAREarts has inspired more than 160,000

vulnerable children to unlock their potential to succeed. With your help, countless more children stand to benefit from our programs. Canada will be a better place.

make it more memorable. We greatly appreciate your generous spirit.

Marilyn Field, DAREarts Palgrave, Ontario



I was pleasantly surprised to see the many admirable charities that Roots supports, based on the list on your website. I would gladly buy from Roots because of this reason alone. I especially appreciate your support of those organizations that help families and children in need. I’ve witnessed the lifechanging influence that charities such as World Vision and Save A Child’s Heart Foundation have on the lives of children enduring hunger or a health crisis. If each of us were to show even a simple gesture of compassion to those who are hurting, in need, or facing medical challenges/ trauma, the impact would be phenomenal. Again, many thanks for going the extra-mile in supporting these worthy organizations. Brittany Bainbridge Alexandra, Virginia THE RIGHT SPIRIT

This letter represents our collective appreciation for your donation of Roots swag bags given to each of our Grade 7 graduating students. They had a wonderful celebration and Roots helped

Caroline Wallbridge Vancouver, BC

I hadn’t been to Roots since my last trip to Canada five years ago. So on my latest visit there, I stopped in to your store in Victoria, BC because I’ve always loved the clothes and wanted to check out the new stuff. The employees were all really helpful and the manager was especially nice. I asked him if Roots still had black lanyard key chains. He said they don’t make them anymore. I mentioned how I used to have one but it was stolen a while ago and I had really liked how it looked. He immediately pulled out his black lanyard from his pocket, took off his keys, and handed it to me and said, “Here you go, you can have this one.” I was so taken back. Is this guy for real? It was just such a nice gesture and I wanted to let others know about the amazing people that work at this store.” Ryan W. Mukiteo, Washington

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FULL STEAM AHEAD IN CHINA With her six successful Roots stores in Chengdu and Chongqing, trailblazer Shirley Ding is helping raise the profile of the brand in an exciting emerging market. By CORINNE IMPEY


hirley Ding is the ultimate Roots champion. Not only does she live the Roots brand, she is also charting new territory for the company in Asia. Shirley, 39, is a Roots franchisee and currently owns and operates six Roots stores in some of China’s biggest cities: Chengdu and Chongqing. Each store, operating in large shopping centres or department stores, offers Asian shoppers an opportunity to buy clothes from Canada’s iconic lifestyle brand. Determined to bring the Roots brand to China, Shirley opened her first location in 2009. Now, four years and six stores later, Shirley is forging ahead with plans to open more Roots stores.

Shirley Ding and her son Jack

With its growing middle class and young demographic, China is an ideal location for Roots to continue expanding. The country’s growing economy has led to an increase in income and living standards among the middle class. Government statistics released by China Market Research Group suggest that in 2010 the average disposable income of urban Chinese households, like those in Chengdu, rose to approximately $3,000 per capita. That’s four times higher than it was in 2000. More so, The Economist magazine predicts that consumer spending will be the main driver for Issue 110 • January - February 2013

Retail staff at a Roots store in Chengdu exude a winning team spirit

growth of the Chinese economy this year. With this increase in disposable income and spending, more Chinese shoppers are receptive to buying from foreign Western brands like Roots. To raise brand awareness of Roots in China, Shirley has independently marketed Roots apparel and leather goods in magazines, on large outdoor promotional screens, and with signs, banners and displays throughout shopping centres. Her team also organized and hosted two fashion shows over the past year, and sponsored a tennis game in Chengdu to raise awareness about Roots. Naturally, there have been challenges launching a Canadian brand in China. But to Shirley, that’s just part of the experience. “I believe no matter what you are doing, you always face challenges,” says Shirley. “There are a lot of challenges in the Chinese retail market. Customers have a lot of choices and they like to buy different things. But this only pushes us to work harder and learn more. My team and I enjoy this.” A great proponent of team spirit in business, Shirley highly values those who have helped her succeed. “I appreciate my team that has been with me for ages,” says Shirley. “At the beginning, we worked so hard to make the Chengdu market accept and

like the Roots brand. Now, we continue to work hard to run the business well.” In addition to her core business team, she says her in-store staff members are top-notch, describing them as young, eager to learn and good at communicating with customers. And her team’s biggest success? Seeing their impact on the streets of Chengdu. “We are so happy to see more and more people wearing Roots on the streets,” says Shirley, calling the brand part of the Canadian DNA. “I always find myself smiling at strangers simply because they are wearing Roots!” Designed at the Roots head office in Toronto, her stores are

between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet and have the same look and feel as Canadian stores. They primarily serve middle-class shoppers who are between 25 and 50-years-old and like stylish casual clothing. Some of their favourite items include the Classic Hoodies and Original Sweatpants. “People like to be relaxed, to look after themselves and to live a high-quality life because they’ve been working so hard,” says Shirley, explaining why Roots clothing is popular in China. The Roots logo and beaver image are new and fresh for customers. According to Shirley, Chinese shoppers are also learning about Canada based on the outdoor images and branding Roots uses. “Because of Roots, some of my customers are even learning that the beaver is the national animal of Canada,” she adds. In addition to apparel, the Roots leather products are a big hit and despite other leather competitors in the market, the quality, function, style and brand image of Roots make these products a success. Even with her committed, energetic team and a strong brand, Shirley’s own experiences, business acumen and leadership are vital to her Continued on next page

Home to 14 million people, Chengdu is one of China’s main financial centres The Source • 3

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progress. In the past, she has operated Burberry stores and in addition to Roots, is currently a franchisee of Lancel, a luxury accessory brand from Paris and Transparenze, a hosiery brand from Italy. With years of retail experience, strong store development contacts, and a deep love for the Roots brand, Shirley is the ideal franchisee, according to Melinda McDonald, Vice-President of Wholesale and Business Development at Roots. Roots and LF Asia, the company’s partner for development in Asia, are extremely proud of Shirley. “Shirley has successfully pioneered the Roots brand in a new foreign market where Roots awareness did not previously exist,” says Melinda. Melinda has worked with Shirley since 2009 and in early January, traveled to Chengdu to see Shirley’s newest stores and visit her future locations. “Team Chengdu operates at a very high standard so when visiting this market you can't help but get excited for the future and potential growth ahead,” says Melinda. Syd Beder, Senior Director of Merchandising, who accompanied Melinda on the trip to China, was equally impressed by Shirley and her achievement there. “I admire what Shirley has done with Roots in China,” says Syd. “She clearly understands the brand and how to promote it. I was quite impressed by her dedication. And what’s more, she was an incredible host to Melinda and me.” Currently, Roots has 90 stores in Asia, with 76 stores in Taiwan and 14 in China, six of

which are Shirley’s franchises. And thanks to people like Shirley, Roots expansion in China is off to a great start. “We’re very fortunate to have Shirley in the Roots universe,” says Roots Co-Founder Don Green. “She brings a special energy, taste and dedication to our brand. With her background in Canada, she fully understands the DNA of Roots and loves the brand. We look forward to the expansion of Roots in China and having Shirley involved in it.” For all her impact in the

One of two Roots fashion shows hosted by Shirley and her team

business world and success with Roots, Shirley rejects the “business woman” label, saying her priority is to find a balance between her work and her motherhood. “As a mom, my working hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to make sure I can send my son to school in the morning and ask him ‘how was your day?’ when he gets home,” says Shirley. In fact, her son played a large role in her decision to open a Roots franchise in the first place. The story dates back more than 12 years. From 2000 to 2009, Shirley’s

Roots in the Renhe Spring Department Store in Chengdu 4 • The Source

family lived in Vancouver where they raised their son Jack. At the time, Shirley, originally from Chengdu, was a stay-at-home mom. In 2009, the Ding family decided to move back to China to be closer to her husband’s business projects. Her husband works in real estate and owns a number of department stores and a boutique hotel in China. The family relocated to Chengdu, a city of 14 million people, where she now runs the majority of her business. As the capital city of Sichuan province, Chengdu is an important finan-

cial hub in southwest China. It’s also a famous tourist destination because it has a breeding sanctuary for the near-extinct giant panda and a green and temperate climate that helped earn the city the nickname “country in heaven.” Although at the time Shirley’s family was sad to leave their Canadian home, she was determined to find a way to bring a piece of Canada with her. Opening a Roots store seemed like the perfect opportunity. “I knew the Roots brand since 2000 when we lived in Vancouver,” says Shirley. “I

Shirley Ding with Don Green, (left), and Michael Budman

like the design because it’s very Canadian. I knew it was a serious brand.” More so, the brand was important to her because it was familiar to her son Jack. He had grown up in Canada and was seven when the family moved back to China. “It made Jack feel better to know his mom would be working with a Canadian style company,” says Shirley. “He’s proud of it. As a mom, I feel good when I see that my son is proud of me.” Aside from the pride it gives her, Shirley also loves Roots because of the freedom the clothing brings. “When we are out of the office and away from work, we wear these casual, stylish and comfortable clothes and can really feel the freedom it brings,” she says. “No restrictions, no limits, just yourself.” In addition to Shirley, there is also an opportunity for other people to own and operate Roots stores in the emerging market of China. And with the significant development potential in the country and much room to expand, the presence of Roots in the Chinese retail sector is sure to grow.

Shirley sponsored a tennis match to promote Roots and raise brand awareness Issue 110 • January - February 2013

A SNAKY CHALLENGE New collection for Asia helps usher in the Chinese New Year in style


he year 2013 is about change, mobility, and planning. At least so says the Chinese zodiac. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, marked on February 10, Roots has created a special apparel collection honouring this year’s zodiac sign, the snake. Made up of men’s and women’s styles, it includes full zip hoodies, pullover kanga hoodies, crew neck pullovers, graphic T-shirts and sweat pants. “The items represent the best selling and favourite pieces of our Taiwan customers,” says Ling Chow, Product Manager for Franchise Asia at Roots. Ling was one of the technicians working on the collection and says it’s special because it has

a goal of celebrating and fusing together two cultures: Canadian and Asian. David Young, Special Products Designer at Roots, was the lead designer on the project. He says there were some initial challenges coming up with a creative way to visually celebrate an animal that isn’t particularly glamorous. “In the end, we took an abstract approach to the snake by using gold colours and putting a street-fashion spin on it,” he says. “We wanted it to cater to a consumer who wants something that looks fresh and new.” Available in early January in China and Taiwan, the collection was a year in the making. As the second annual Chinese New Year collection for Roots, the team has high hopes for its success. “Last year was the year of the dragon,” says Ling. “It was our first [Chinese New Year] collection but was also one of our best received collections in Taiwan.” Chinese New Year is said to be the longest and most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. It’s celebrated in many

places across the globe including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines. With more than 80 stores in Asia, (China and Taiwan), Roots is committed to developing quality, customized apparel for Asian shoppers, and making these items available alongside other Roots merchandise. Linda Calero, Supervisor of Wholesale Operations at Roots,

is closely connected to the collection. “This collection is special because it’s tailored to such an important time of the year for all of Asia,” says Linda. “There is no other collection like this in Asia that we put out year after year.” Now, with the 2013 snake collection in stores, David is already starting to think up creative designs for the 2014 zodiac…the year of the horse.

A glimpse at the Chinese New Year collection available in Asia

THE STORY OF ALL OF US The Globe and Mail hosts event at Roots about evolution of human civilization


ver wonder what life was like thousands of years ago, what people ate or how society evolved into what it is today? The History Channel’s television documentary series Mankind: The Story of All of Us answers these questions and a lot more.

To celebrate the DVD release of Mankind: The Story of All of Us, the Globe and Mail hosted an event at Roots for subscribers in late January, as part of its Globe Recognition program. Speaking at the soiree at the flagship store on Toronto’s Bloor Street were Ivan Semeniuk,

Justin Jennings, (left), and Ivan Semeniuk at Mankind event Issue 110 • January - February 2013

the Globe and Mail’s science reporter, and Justin Jennings, Associate Curator at the Royal Ontario Museum. The two led discussions about the science behind the human species, the speed of change and what we are discovering now, as well as the popular “cave-man” diet, known as the Paleo diet. The theme of the evening was evolution, as the TV series focuses on the history of human civilization and how people have overcome critical and harsh challenges to their survival. Ivan engaged the crowd by speaking about history, civilization and how the world is constantly changing through scientific discoveries and technological innovation. For his part, Justin discussed health, and ritual change over time, touching on the Paleo diet that is based on

natural foods that hunter-gatherers ate prior to the Agricultural Revolution. After the presentation, guests were encouraged to ask questions while many stayed behind after the event to further discuss these topics. Staying true to the theme of evolution, Daniel & Daniel catered the hors d’oeuvres, serving food from the The Paleo Diet Cookbook. Total Cleanse supplied fresh juice samples of lemonade and coconut water that are meant to provide natural energy and nutrients when consumed. All guests received 20% off any purchases made during the evening but no one left empty handed. Upon arrival, each guest received a swag bag that included a DVD of the documentary as well as its companion book, The Paleo Diet Cookbook, and a gift from Roots. The Source • 5

GO RAMS GO! Toronto’s Ryerson University celebrates its sports teams with expanded Roots collection


alk about a natural fit. Sports, university students, athletic wear – and Roots. It all goes together so seamlessly, as illustrated by the collaboration between Roots and Ryerson University in Toronto. Creating products for the school since 2011, Roots is now developing a new line of apparel for their sports teams following the recent opening of the university’s new athletic centre. Last fall, Ryerson inaugurated the Mattamy Athletic Centre in Maple Leaf Gardens. It followed a three-year renovation of the fabled building that was the former longtime home of the Toronto Maple Leafs and now hosts the Ryerson Rams sports teams. The facility includes a full-size hockey rink, a multipurpose sports court, a fitness centre and a café. In celebration of this new athletic centre, Roots has once again partnered with

The Ryerson Rams logo that was redesigned in 2011

the university to create a new line of clothes. Roots began working with Ryerson two years ago when the university wanted a collection of athletic hoodies with their school logo on it. Sold at the campus bookstore, the success of the sweatshirts led to a broader selection of Ryerson clothes a year later. Now, taking it one step further, Roots is creating

apparel with the Ryerson Rams logo on it. Although the Rams clothing collection is still in development, the initial designs have been created. “The Ryerson colours, blue and gold, are the main focus,” says Sean Vicary, Senior Graphic Designer. “We’re looking at classic Roots sweats and some performance pieces

branded with the Ryerson Athletic marks. The collection is being developed to compliment the new Mattamy Athletic Centre.” The new line of apparel will be available this fall in the Ryerson bookstore and the athletic centre. A mobile retail cart will travel to all events within the athletic centre, making it easy for visitors to pick up a souvenir anytime during a game. “We’re so excited about the Rams,” says Patricia MacInnis, Manager, Business to Business. “Given the longtime Roots support of sports, this a perfect fit. We’re looking forward to developing this line of clothes.” Already creating apparel for Ryerson and the University of Toronto, Roots is teaming up with the University of British Columbia in the fall for a similar collaboration, and hopes to do work with other universities in the future.

A PASSION ENERGY BLAST Store Manager Janet Braam initiates workshop to promote healthy living and a sense of community


lthough, many of your New Year resolutions may already be forsaken by now, that’s no reason to give up your vow to get fit and stay healthy. In keeping with its longtime commitment to health and wellness, Roots organizes various initiatives promoting this core value. In early February, the Roots Lodge store in Toronto hosted the first-ever Roots Passion Energy Blast to encourage healthy living and relationship building. Janet Braam, Store Manager of The Lodge, invited a fitness instructor and yoga teacher to conduct a workshop in the store. To begin the evening, yoga instructor Lisa Agrarnove and personal trainer Garfield Watson did a short introduction explaining how to put together a healthy workout routine. The overall goal of the night was to bring people together and instill a sense of commufdkk

6 • The Source

nity while embracing the culture of Roots. “We hope that the store can be a part of the central neighbourhood,” says Janet. “We want The Lodge to be a destination not just for people to shop but to feel like they are a part of something much bigger.” At the event, the guests were split into two groups spending 30 minutes with each trainer. Garfield led one group in his

five-minute exercise blasts, each focusing on a different part of the body. Lisa led the second group, teaching 10 yoga poses with a focus on pranayama, a type of breathing exercise. After the workout, complimentary fruit drinks and food were offered to participants. As part of the Active Athletics Program that began in October promoting Roots athletic apparel, seven stores including

Guests participating in five-minute energy blast at The Lodge in Toronto

The Lodge were chosen to promote the line in their respective neighbourhoods. Janet visited every fitness centre near her store, dropping off applications to recruit personal trainers and yoga instructors for the program. After receiving responses from many candidates, Janet met with each applicant for an interview. “Initially, I didn’t know precisely what we were looking for,” said Janet. “But when Lisa and Garfield walked in, I had a gut feeling right away that they were a good fit for the program.” During their yoga and fitness classes, both Lisa and Garfield wear pieces from the Roots athletic line to promote the brand. The clothing will soon make its TV debut when Garfield takes part in an upcoming episode of the well-known Canadian reality TV series, Dragons’ Den. Dressed in Roots apparel, Garfield will be seen teaching Bruce Crawtin, a current dragon on the show workout tips including boxing drills. Issue 110 • January - February 2013

WARM BODIES ON VIEW Select stores take part in promotion of new box office smash


rom the Toronto International Film Festival to the Canadian Film Centre, to supporting musicians and other creative folks, Roots has long been involved in the arts and entertainment industry. It was no surprise then when this winter, Roots partnered with eOne Films to promote a quirky new zombie movie called Warm Bodies. On a Saturday in midJanuary, as temperatures dipped below zero, staff at 10 select Roots stores across Canada gave out postcards about the movie launch and hot chocolate to help warm up winter shoppers. A handful of lucky customers also had a chance to win free passes to the Montreal-filmed movie courtesy of eOne Films and Roots. Shoppers could also enter an online contest hosted at www. The grand prizes included a trip to Mexico courtesy of iTravel2000 and Sunquest Vacations or a private

Warm Bodies screening for two and complete his and hers Roots outfits. Daniela Santibanez, Assistant Manager at Roots on Bloor Street, says shoppers love events like the Warm Bodies promotion. “These events help us attract people to the store to learn more about our brand and make purchases and shoppers have a chance to win free stuff,” says

Daniela. “Overall, it’s a big hit.” Released on February 1, 2013, Warm Bodies proved a success at the box office. It tells the story of a zombie who becomes romantically involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims. Their romance sets in motion a sequence of events that might transform the entire lifeless world. See the trailer online at

Movie representatives at Bloor St. store

Customers enjoy hot chocolate and free giveaways

DEEP PURPLE When a certain colour can make all the difference in the world...


etting to know one’s customers is an important part of any successful retail business. At Roots, store staff take pride in making customers feel welcome and at ease. As part of being attentive to customers, employees try to get to know each shopper’s lifestyle before recommending certain products. For Carly Teillet, Manager of the Kitslano store in Vancouver and a Roots employee since 2008, it’s this interaction with people that makes every day stimulating and satisfying. In mid-October, Carly met a customer who changed the way she viewed her career and reminded her of why she enjoys coming to work at Roots. After battling breast cancer for almost nine years, firsttime customer and Vancouver resident Rhea Lazar, 52, came into the Kitslano store as a way to celebrate beating the disease. Having admired the company’s leather bags for many years, Issue 110 • January - February 2013

Rhea Lazar is proud to grow old wearing purple

Rhea thought it would be an appropriate gift to treat herself to. Immediately drawn to the purple Londoner Bag, she was unsure of the practicality of a purple purse. After much deliberation, she decided to custom-order the purse in brown. Later that night, Rhea remembered a book her friend had sent her when she was first diagnosed with cancer. Given to her as a way to make her smile and let her know that she could beat cancer, and grow

old. The book included a poem, titled Warning written by Jenny Joseph. It expressed the perks of aging and how many old people often wear purple. Inspired by the poem, Rhea went back to the store the next day to change her order from a brown purse to a purple one. Cured of cancer, she felt as if she was being given the chance to grow old, and she wanted to do it wearing purple. It wasn’t until several weeks later when Rhea saw Carly again at the store that she decided to share her story about why she originally changed her mind on the colour of the bag. “I’m not usually the kind of person that shares stuff like this with strangers,” says Rhea. “Carly was great, not pushy at all and genuinely trying to help me with my decision. At first, I didn’t tell her why I changed my mind, but when she remembered me a month later, it just seemed like the right time. I wanted her to know that she makes a difference in people’s lives. Every

time I look at my purse, I’m reminded of what it symbolizes.” Although Carly has often had customers share with her their stories about Roots products, their families and friends, no one has ever made an impact on her quite like Rhea. “Every aspect of her story moved me,” says Carly. “It was how she described her journey and how she had beat cancer. Her story reminded me of what we often take for granted, the chance to grow old and our interactions with one another.” Although retail work can be quite demanding at times, it’s customers like Rhea who make the job gratifying. “November through January are always really hectic,” says Carly. “Sometimes you feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions and you can lose sight of why you work so hard. Rhea let us all know what our help meant to her, and that her bag and Roots were part of a great moment in her life.” The Source • 7

RIGHT ON TARGET US iconic brand chooses Roots as its first designer partner in Canada


his spring, Roots is collaborating with Target as the iconic US retailer opens stores across Canada. As part of Target’s selection of Roots as its first designer partner in Canada, an exclusive collection was created for the launch of the muchanticipated stores in March. The Roots Outfitters collection, designed for the whole family, will be available only at Target and is comprised of the timeless athletic classics Roots is known for. With pieces including sweatshirts, sweat pants and graphic tees, the collection reflects a well-established passion

for sports. It will be available on a time-limited basis, from March to June. “The collection celebrates the athletic heritage and culture of our company while respecting the quality craftsmanship and comfortable styling of our brand,” said Roots Co-Founders Michael Budman and Don Green in an email announcement to all Roots employees. The collection was unveiled at a special media event at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto in late January where Target announced its Canadian design partners. Along with

(L to R) Nate Berkus, Sonia Kashuk, Giada De Laurentiis, John Morioka, (Target Canada), Kate Young, Michael Budman and Don Green

Models on skates show off the Roots Outfitters collection

Target executives, Michael and Don presented the Roots Outfitters collection to scores of print, online and broadcast journalists. The preview included a fashion show on ice as figure skating models wore the Roots designs as they glided gracefully on the small rink. “Roots is really an iconic part of the Canadian culture,” John Morioka, Target Canada Senior Vice-President of Merchandising told journalists at the event. “It was a natural fit as we started to look at the brands that

we were most familiar with.” At the base of the partnership was a mutual respect between the two companies. “Ever since we began working with Target on this project, we’ve been impressed by what an incredible organization it is,” said Michael at the launch event. “One thing that resonated strongly with us was Target’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility and environmental innovation.” The timing of the Roots Outfitters launch holds additional significance as it coincides with the 40th anniversary of Roots, marked in 2013. “Our collaboration with Target will clearly be one of the highlights of this anniversary year,” said Don. Don and Michael also extended special thanks to Melinda McDonald, Ling Chow and David Young for their work on the collection and the collaboration with Target. Target will open its first Canadian stores in March and plans to have between 125 and 135 locations across the country by next year.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE Roots hosts screening of charity’s AIDS awareness film


hroughout the year, the Roots flagship store in Toronto hosts a wide variety of events that collectively touch on diverse topics. In late November, the store teamed up with the Canadian charity, Hope In The Fight Against AIDS, for a screening of its most recent film. The documentary Start With Us chronicles the journey of 12 Canadian students in Lesotho, Africa, where they see firsthand how AIDS has ravaged the population. Those involved in the production were touched by the local residents and their determination to succeed despite the hardship they endure. Roots sales associate and Athletic Ambassador Anne Goad organized the screening in the store’s second floor lounge, which attracted 70 people. Admission was 20 dollars per person and all proceeds went

8 • The Source

Moviegoers support the fight against AIDS

to Hope In The Fight Against AIDS. In 2007, six high school students founded the organization in Guelph, 100 km west of Toronto. Originally known as Student Reach International, the charity re-launched last year as Hope In The Fight Against

AIDS. Through documentary films, mission trips, media coverage, fundraisers and other activities, the charity educates Canadian youth on the scourge of AIDS and its prevention. It’s estimated that more than 33 million people worldwide are now living with HIV/AIDS,

a shocking number which Abid Virani, CEO of the charity, hopes to see eliminated in future generations. “Ultimately, our goal is to inspire our generation to think about AIDS differently,” says Abid. “It’s important to bring back the urgency and fight against the disease until we see an AIDS-free generation.” This is the third time Roots has worked with this charity. Last September, it made a video of a flash mob at the Bloor Street store and filmed Dragonette’s performance in November at the same location. Following the screening of Start With Us, Anne hopes to continue collaborating with the organization in the future. “I work with the charity and I love working for Roots,” says Anne. “Both have so many talented people.” Issue 110 • January - February 2013

SISTERS IN STYLE Siblings Laura and Lindsay show themselves as exemplary customers


or a retail company, there’s nothing like a loyal customer. Roots has always been fortunate to attract such patrons, even within the same family. Sisters Laura Villemaire and Lindsay Myshrall are a fairly recent example. Laura, who has been shopping at Roots since 2010, says she has too many items to count, while Lindsay, who began buying early last year, claims she has already amassed more than 25 items. Their affinity for the brand extends beyond clothing into both leather and home décor items. They’ve become regulars at the store in Cambridge, Ontario where they’ve purchased the entirety of their collection. Laura, 31, who is the manager of a tattoo studio, discovered Roots while she was looking for a shirt she could wear to go hiking. She bought her first item, the Essential Tunic. Since then, she’s found that Roots clothing suits her taste and lifestyle. As a result, Laura wears at least one Roots item per day, and says her favourite article is the Rollover Boots. Lindsay’s experience is similar, having discovered a passion for Roots after a hoody caught her eye. This was her first purchase in 2012 after which

Roots devotees Laura Villemaire, (left), and Lindsay Myshrall

she began to acquire more items. Her Roots wardrobe grew more quickly a few months ago with the launch of the cabin sock line of clothing. She says the socks themselves are her favourite item. “They are the best and extremely comfortable,” says Lindsay, 21, who is a hairstylist. “The hoody and slouchy beanie are a very close second. I don't think a day goes by when I’m not wearing one of these. Sometimes all three depending on the season.” Both sisters continue to shop at Roots because the clothing is functional and matches their tastes. Laura also cites the products’ longevity as another reason.

“I keep going back to Roots because the items I buy never let me down,” says Laura. “They’re made to last which is something hard to find these days. Buying from a Canadian company is also an important factor for me.” Beyond the products, the sisters revel in the retail experience at the Cambridge store where they’ve developed a strong relationship with the staff. “I’m a business owner myself and I hate shopping at stores where employees neglect the customers,” says Laura. “The staff at the Cambridge store provide an amazing customer experience, from the greeting through to the closing of the sale. And they remember you and the purchases you’ve made

in the past. They have a great talent for building customer relationships.” The feeling is clearly mutual. The Cambridge store team is always in high spirits when Lindsay and Laura drop in. “They come in and everyone’s excited and happy,” says store manager Claire St. Aubin. “It’s like a party when they’re here, like your friends came to visit. They make us smile.” Laura also shops online, but says that she prefers going into the store because of the superior customer service she always receives. In December, the pair decided to bake pastries for the staff to encourage them during the busy holiday season, and to show their appreciation for the team’s hard work. “I work in the service industry and know how difficult the holidays can be,” says Lindsay. “The Roots staff helped me out a lot and whenever I went in they were helpful to other customers. Laura and I just wanted to do something that showed them it means something to us when they take the time to help us.” The sisters’ kind gesture took the staff by surprise, and demonstrated to them that their efforts for customers don’t go unnoticed.

LOOKING GOOD OUT EAST New flagship store opens in Halifax staying true to the local aesthetic


n mid-January, Roots opened a new Maritimes flagship store in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Located on Spring Garden Road, just blocks away from the original Roots store in the city, the new location is in an impressive historical building that’s been restored to its former beauty. Inside, the store was designed to have an open, spacious feel to better showcase the Roots brand while integrating various East Coast architectural elements. Weathered cedar boards along with whitewashed reclaimed wood boards help in the exhibiting of Roots products. Kudos to District Manager Kim Anderson and Store Manager Ryan Lillington for carrying out a flawless move. Issue 110 • January - February 2013

Likewise hats off to Senior Director of Visual Planning and Store Development Pauline Landriault and Visual Team members Kelsey Parker and Heather Collet for creating such a great looking and welcoming retail environment.

The outside of the new Halifax flagship store

An interior view of Halifax store

Showcasing leather goods The Source • 9

THE PUCK HAS DROPPED Welcoming our favorite NHL teams back on the ice

Canadiens T, Navy Melange, $40

Red Wings T, Deep Red Melange, $40

Leafs Property T, Streaky Grey, $40 10 10 •• The The Source Source

Flyers T, Black, $40

Black Hawks T, Streaky Black, $40

Flames T, Streaky Black, $40

Senators T, Deep Red Melange, $40

Canucks Property T, Streaky Grey, $40

Oilers T, Navy Melange, $40

Bruins T, Black, $40

Nordiques T, Streaky Black, $40

Jets T, Navy Melange, $40 Issue 110 • January - February Issue 106 • May - June2013 2012

A WINNING COLLABORATION TAKES FLIGHT Air Canada engages Roots to help celebrate its 75th anniversary


hen two leading Canadian brands work together, great things are bound to happen. In celebration of Air Canada’s 75th anniversary, Roots has created a collection of specially designed, limitededition leather merchandise. Reflecting the airline’s heritage, the products incorporate the company’s original logo and name, Trans-Canada Airline (TCA). The initiative began last August when Air Canada contacted Roots as part of an effort to showcase its brand during this milestone year. Melinda McDonald, Vice-President, Wholesale and Business Development, met with the airline and helped bring the project to fruition. The collection features customized versions of venerable Roots staples: the Aviator Award Jacket, Cassidy Ranger Deer Jacket, the small Banff Bag, the Athletic Bag, luggage tags and passport holders. Sean Vicary, Senior Graphic Designer, came up with the initial design by incorporating TCA’s original graphics. Using vintage provincial crests and flags as designs on the leather, his work was inspired by advertising for the airline from the 1940s and 50s. Karl Kowalewski, Director of Leather

the most customized collections Roots has designed, incorporating numerous patches and crests as opposed to a single logo. The products are available in select Roots stores and online at the Air Canada e-boutique and Roots website. Due to the initial sales and positive feedback, Air Canada has ordered more products and will keep them in stores longer than originally planned. “This collaboration was a natural fit,” says Patricia MacInnis, Manager, Roots Business-to-Business. “They were the most wonderful group of people, and were thrilled with how the collection turned out. We have a great relationship with the airline and will continue to work together beyond this project.”

Product Development and Design, further enhanced Sean’s initial designs. “The idea behind this project was to resurrect Air Canada’s original branding of Trans-Canada Airlines as part of its 75th an-

niversary,” says Sean. “They had some great logos and branding from the golden age of air travel that were aimed at connecting Canadians with each other, and the rest of the world.” The TCA collection is one of

Inspiration behind TCA patches

LEAVING A SWEET TASTE North Bay store takes the initiative to help raise funds for charity


t’s hard to say no to a sweet treat during the holiday season, especially when it’s for a good cause. As part of their holiday spirit, the staff at the Roots store in North Bay, Ontario (nearly 300 km north of Toronto) decided to raise money for charity while satisfying that sweet tooth craving. In mid-December, the team sold baked goods inside the store to help raise money for the local Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) organization. At the store’s annual holiday staff meeting, Manager Heidi Gallagher, who has been with Roots since 2002, proposed hosting a charity bake sale. Everyone agreed to help raise money for BBBS, which Roots has supported on numerous oc-

Issue 110 • January - February 2013

Raising money for Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization

casions in the past. “We decided it was the easiest and most fun way to raise money,” says Taesha Andrews, a sales associate who joined Roots last summer. “The entire team helped out, and even those who weren’t scheduled to work

came in to drop off baked goods, or to promote the event.” The staff baked more than 100 items including homemade chocolate lollipops, red velvet cupcakes, pudding-stuffed cupcakes, gingerbread cookies and cookies shaped as moose, foxes

and beavers. With the aim of informing shoppers and passers-by about the local BBBS chapter, Roots employees helped promote the event through Facebook, wordof-mouth and emails to friends and family. “Everyone was excited about this fundraiser, as it benefits a local charity,” says Heidi. “It’s really important for us to be active in the community as it’s so small. Getting involved lets people know we are here.” Selling baked goods for 50 cents to one dollar each, the North Bay team raised $106. The experience has inspired the store to host other initiatives for the local BBBS in the near future. The Source • 11

HEALTH TIP #71 Easy ways to help stay healthy

FEEL GOOD THIS WINTER: With spring not far off, and with some of the extra pounds you put on during the Christmas/New Year holiday still in place, now is a good time to get back into shape. To start a healthy lifestyle, and to purify your body of toxins consumed in food, consider doing an all-natural cleanse. · Eliminate the junk - By removing things like processed foods, sugar and refined carbs from your diet, you’ll have more energy throughout the day. Take it a step further by eliminating gluten, dairy, caffeine and alcohol for two weeks. Chances are you’ll feel less weighed down and more clear-headed. · Eat clean - Having removed all bad food from your diet, it’s now time to start eating things that are fresh, organic and whole. Fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and grass-fed organic proteins are filled with nutrients and free of preservatives and chemicals. This makes them ideal foods to improve overall health. Eating a diet of foods with a variety of colours ensures your body is getting an intake of different vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. · Get rest - Sleeping and eating right are both important for detoxing your body. In order to get a good night’s sleep, make sure not to eat at least two hours before bedtime, and keep electronics off and out of the room. Once you wake up, take part in activities like yoga that will keep you calm and centred. · Keep active - Exercise not only helps with weight loss, but also increases energy, boosts mood, helps prevent disease and improves thinking. After a period of over-indulgence, exercise is the best way to make you look and feel better. · Stay hydrated - The most important aspect in any cleanse is to drink a lot of water. A hydrated body always has a well functioning digestive system and liver, both of which help rid the body of waste and toxins. · Source: http://www.fitsugar. com/Natural-Ways-Detox-21277120? 12 • The Source

LOST AND FOUND The unlikely reunion between a woman and her purloined Roots bag


uana Moreland has more reason than most people to feel attached to her Roots Venetian Village Tribe bag. It also often reminds her of the importance of giving back to her community. It all stems from one afternoon last November when she opened the front door of her North Sydney, Nova Scotia home and was greeted with an unexpected surprise. Standing before her was Richard Penny, a well-known local do-gooder, holding a lost possession she never thought she’d see again. One month earlier, Juana’s Roots leather purse, with her credit cards, driver's license, health card, chequebook and wallet, was stolen from her home. She assumed it was gone for good. Luckily for her, while picking up debris from the shoreline in town, Richard came across a plastic bag floating in the Atlantic Ocean. It contained a leather purse. When he opened it, he was surprised to find important documents, including personal ID, inside. He knew he had to return it to its rightful owner. That’s how he landed at Juana’s front door. “I was surprised that anyone would find the bag in the first place,” says Juana, 66, grateful to have had it returned. But she says if anyone was going to find her bag, it would be Richard.

Juana Moreland believes it’s her turn to do a good deed

A familiar sight in this Cape Breton community of 6,000 people, he is known for his commitment to helping keep the streets clean and has been recognized in the past by the regional municipality for his volunteer work. Returning Juana’s purse was just another good deed for Richard. To thank him for his efforts, Juana gave Richard a small monetary reward and took him out for a coffee. Shortly after, their good news story was featured in The Cape Breton Post, a local newspaper. For Juana, her returned purse meant a lot. As it was her first Roots bag, and a gift from her sister that came all the way from Toronto two years prior, it has sentimental value for her. “I love the purse because of the compartments, the look and

the durability,” says Juana. But it wasn’t until she tried to repair her purse after it had been sitting in seawater for nearly a month, that she discovered just how durable it was. She started by washing it out and hanging it on the outdoor laundry line for two days, hoping to get rid of the salty smell. Slowly but surely, it worked. Then, by using a little leather cleaner, her bag was almost as good as new. Happy to have her bag back and grateful to Richard for his help, Juana reflected on the experience. “I am so grateful to the man who delivered it to my door,” she says. “Because of his actions, I learned to appreciate what I have and to hopefully give back.” Now, Juana says, it’s her turn to do a good deed of her own.

DÉJÀ VU A voyage back in a time to a vintage Roots moment 17 years ago T

he Roots Varsity Jacket has been worn by many big names over the years. In 1996, while filming Good Will Hunting in Toronto, actors Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Minnie Driver did a photo-shoot featuring the jackets. Well-known, LA-based photographer Greg Gorman, a friend of Roots Co-Founders Michael Budman and Don Green, who was in Toronto at the time, ended up shooting the pictures that were later used in a memorable ad campaign for Roots. Good Will Hunting proved both a critical and box office success. It was nominated for nine Academy Awards (of which it won two, along with a Golden Globe Award). Issue 110 • January - February 2013

IN THE CARDS Sue Kupka spreads holiday cheer and connects her store teams


lthough the retail staff from all the different stores at Roots are members of the same team, they often don’t have a chance to meet each other. This realization inspired Sue Kupka, Senior Manager of Retail Marketing. Using an online printing service, she created a holiday card that featured group photos from all the stores she oversees. When the cards were finished, Sue hand-wrote a holiday message and delivered them to three stores, having the remainder shipped. Her main purpose was to let the stores know they were all connected and appreciated. “It was important for me to send this between the stores

Card helped bring retail team members together over the holidays

so they got a sense of team spirit,” says Sue, who has been at Roots since 2011. “Many displayed them at their cash desks and customers were also interested in looking at the cards and photos. It brought us together. It was not a generic card but something they were a

part of making, just like they are a part of a larger whole as a store within a district.” Sue got the idea for the card when her store managers had a regional meeting in mid-October. She realized having the managers meet face-to-face after speaking over the phone made a signifi-

cant difference in their working relationship, and she wanted to do the same for the rest of the staff. Every December, Sue sends a card with a picture of her children to her family for the holidays, and decided that doing the same thing for the stores was a fun way to have the staff make a connection with one another. Sue invited all the stores in her district to send her a picture of their respective teams. She received 10 and then designed the cards before printing them and sending them to 15 stores in total. The staff enjoyed seeing how many people worked at each store. Based on the response she received, Sue hopes to make this an annual tradition.

ALL IN GOOD CHEER Factory staff come together for Christmas luncheon


elebrating a successful 2012 and in preparation for 2013, the Roots Leather Factory in Toronto hosted an end-of-the-year holiday luncheon for employees in late December. It’s been an annual fixture on the factory calendar for as long as anyone can remember. True to tradition, Roots CoFounders Michael Budman and Don Green hosted the festive event, along with their respective wives Diane and Denyse and some of their children. Also in attendance were the four Kowalewski brothers – Karl, Henry, Stan and Richard – all of whom have played a prominent role in the factory since the inception of Roots 40 years ago. The afternoon began with a

tasty lunch, made up of Portuguese chicken, salad, potatoes, rice and Gelato Fresco for dessert. The main highlight was the annual raffle that featured more than 40 prizes including TVs, bikes, a GPS, leather bags and much more.

Kartika Sari and Anh Nguyen getting in the Chirstmas spirit

Offensive Tackle Tony Washington brings the Grey Cup to Roots

GREY CUP VISITS BLOOR Argos player stops by Roots with hands full


oots employees Daniela Santibanez, (left), Assistant Manager, and Emilia Turano (centre), Leather Specialist, pose with an iconic piece of Canadian sports history at the Bloor Street store. Tony Washington, (at right), offensive tackle for the Toronto Argonauts, came to the store in mid-January with the Canadian Football League’s highest honour, the Grey Cup. Creating quite a buzz, Tony shook hands and posed for photographs with shoppers for over an hour. The Argos won the 100th Grey Cup championship game last November. Issue Issue 106 110 • May January - June - February 2012 2013

Leather factory staff celebrate the holidays with food and prizes The TheSource Source ••13 13

NEW & NOTEWORTHY A guide to just-launched Roots products

Cardinal Safari Jacket, Moonbeam, $78

Ikat Owl V-neck Tee, Indigo, $24

Breton Crinkle Stripe LS Tee, Acid Coral, $34

Haze Striped Sweater, Carrera, $70

Robinson Dress, Black Mix, $68

Keaton Trench, Indigo Blue, $178

Bandana Square, Midnight Blue, $58

Zip Around Wallet Tuscan, Evening Blue & Red, 158

Women’s Shearling Après Yoga Shoe, Brown, $188 14 • The Source

Issue 110 • January - February 2013

NEW & NOTEWORTHY A guide to just-launched Roots products

Greenville Henley Sweater, Flaxseed Mix, $74

Kitsilano Softshell, Storm, $158

Maple Leaf T, True Red, $24

Roots Heritage Sweatpant, Salt & Pepper, $64

French Terry Shirt, Indigo, $68

Slim Fleece Trouser, Black Mix, $68

Small Raiders Pack, Ranger, $228

Men’s Chukka Boot - Tribe, Africa, $158

Soft Cuff Toque, Jersey Blue Mix, $20

Issue 110 • January - February 2013

The Source • 15

FINE PRINT A selection of coverage of Roots in the media Here are some recent sightings of Roots in newspapers, magazines and online:

· Chatelaine: Jan issue. New shearing coat featured in ‘Sport A Jazzy Jacket’ article. · Toronto Star: Jan 16. Sloan Bag pictured in article that features purses for spring. · The Closet: Jan 14. Spotlights red Anna Clutch Prince in blog. · Stephanie Sterjovski blog: Jan 14. Previews 2013 spring/summer handbag collection. · Post City: Dec. Style maven Jeanne Beker recommends the Alana Jacket. · Canadian Living: Dec. Cabin Cardigan mentioned in the Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Moms. · LouLou: Dec. American Express Holiday Hotlist includes: Small Grace Bag, Business Bag, Miss Ellie Cardigan, Preloved Mitts, Women’s Aspen Sheepskin Boot, and Men’s Cabin Cardigan. · The Souls of My Shoes: Dec 20. Highlights the Oxblood Brogue shoe as the shoe of the moment. · Huffington Post: Dec 14. Roots Western Satchel is cited in Stylish Gifts for Women article. · Metro: Dec 14. Cabin Hooded Scarf, Preloved Mitts, Lumber Earflap hat and the Aspen Sheepskin Boots featured. · National Post: Dec 8. Men’s Cabin Cardigan included in Holiday Guide For Gents. · 24 Hours: Dec 7. Spotlights the Canadiana Sweater and Leather Dress in Canadian Gift Guide. · Toronto Star: Dec 7. Recommends the Icons of Canada Puzzle when hosting overnight guests. · Dec 3. Spotlights Shearling Earflap Hat in Winter Accessories Worth The Investment. · Now: Dec 4. Aspen Sheepskin Boot included in Gift Ideas For The Fashionista. · National Post: Dec 1. Aspen sheepskin boots cited in wish list for women’s gifts. · Marilyn Denis Show: Dec 1. I-Envelope Sleeve featured as part of 10 days of giveaways. · Huffington Post: Nov 30. TCA Small Banff Bag and Men’s Tuffer Boots mentioned as perfect stylish gifts for men. · Metro: Nov 30. Cabin Sock Tin featured in Hot Holiday Finds for the Hostess article. · Global TV: Nov 28. The Morning Show showcases Explorer Bag in Tan Ranger as gift idea for guys. · Hello Canada: Nov 26. Raider’s Pack in Charcoal Tribe featured in Holiday Gift Guide. · The Morning Show: Nov 19. Roots by Preloved hood and Line Knitwear Sweater cited as gift suggestions. 16 • The Source

BON VOYAGE Taking things with you to and from your destination just got better


n the eternal quest to make modern travel easier and more comfortable, luggage plays a big role. With that in mind, Roots designed a new, modern carry-on travel bag that was launched in December. The idea came from Diane Bald, Creative Director for Roots, who felt there was a need for a rolling suitcase small enough to use as hand luggage yet big enough to hold a week’s worth of items. The challenge was to create a lightweight carry-on that’s easy to maneuver, durable, and meets the measurement regulations to fit in a plane’s overhead compartment. “I’m so excited about this

A carry-on perfect for a weeklong getaway

new piece we came up with,” says Diane. “Although it’s relatively small, don’t let its size mislead you. It can hold a lot of clothes and shoes. It also has the advantage of expanding a little if you come home with more than you left with.” Available at 58 Roots stores across North America (at a retail price of $130), the mini carryon took about a year to perfect and put into production. Diane teamed up with Rima Biback, Director of Roots Home and Licensing, to design the suitcase, in collaboration with the licensee, Holiday Luggage, that manufactured it. “During the design process,

The tie-down strap helps keep all items in place

we picked different parts of various pieces of luggage that fit the description we were looking for,” says Rima. “There were only two prototypes made before we settled on our current design.” Mobility was a top priority. It had to be light to carry and easily transportable. The suitcase has eight wheels, two at each corner, allowing the bag to move freely in every direction. This black carry-on comes with an attached lock that can be programmed with any combination. It also includes a retractable handle, an interior tie-down strap to keep all packed items in place and a 10-year warranty. “It represents a new innovation for Roots,” says Rima. “Most people probably don’t expect Roots to make luggage, but many of our customers do a lot of travel, and are looking for an item that has style and functionality.” Based on the carry-on’s positive response so far, the Roots team is already thinking about its next luggage creation. While considering making the mini carry-on in other colours, both Rima and Diane plan to design a set of suitcases to accommodate those who need different sizes.

GREAT MOMENTS IN RETAIL Spotlighting the top performing Roots stores based on their sales results hortly before we went to press, we received the final S sales figures for recent months. Taking the top spot for company stores in January was the store in Mt.Tremblant, Quebec and in December was the store in Cambridge, Ontario. As for the Roots 73/Outlet category, the store in Milton, Ontario captured top spot in January and the Avalon Mall store in St.John’s, Newfoundland (pictured) won in December. Congratulations to Carolyne Dupras, Manager of the Mt.Tremblant store; Claire St. Aubin, Manager of the Cambridge store; Matt Di Biasio, Manager of the Milton Store; Alice Francis, Manager of the Avalon Mall store and to their respective teams for their winning performances. Hats off to all of the other stores that surpassed their sales goals in January and December.

Avalon Mall team, L to R : Alice Francis, Monica Mills, Sally Payne Heidi Morris. Absent: Staci White, Monica Gregory, Tiffany Kearley, Tara Young, Alisha McDonald, Jared Eason, Hope March, Samantha Thistle, Kayla Hawkins. Issue 110 • January - February 2013



Easy ways to help the environment

Initiative by Bloor Street store employee leaves customers with a good taste

KEEPING WARM: While staying inside and keeping warm is popular among most people during this time of year, 40% to 70% of energy used to heat homes is wasted. By using more efficient appliances and by taking measures that save energy, you can cut this waste in half. Here are a few useful tips: · Cover your air conditioner – If it can’t be removed, cover any outdoor and indoor air conditioners. Doing so will preserve the unit itself as well as keep cold air from entering the house through the space in the air conditioner. · Use caulking – Sealing any holes around windows, pipes and wires prevents drafts that waste energy and helps the heating system to be more efficient. · Block drafts – Install foam plates called draft blockers behind all electrical outlets and switches to reduce drafts that come through those spaces. · Install heat reflectors – Use these thin sheets of aluminium behind radiators to reflect heat away from the wall into each room to maximize the radiator’s efficiency. · Upgrade your thermostat – Having a digital thermostat means controlling the temperature of the house, even when you’re not home. Keep the heat low when you’re away and program it so the heat will increase before you return home. · Reflective window film – Put these sheets on the inside of windowpanes and glass doors to reflect indoor heat back into your home and stop it from escaping outdoors. · Weather-stripping – Use these strips to create a tight seal around all windows and doorframes to reduce the amount of heat that escapes. · Source: http://www.earthshare. org/2008/09/button-up-your.html

EXPRESS YOURSELF We invite you to send us your letters and/or your most creative photos or illustrations for publication in The Source. Please send your submissions to Issue 110 • January - February 2013


ew things make waiting in line more palatable than savouring a yummy treat. That certainly was evident during the recent holiday period when Toronto sales associate, Noel Mastine from the Bloor Street store baked homemade cake balls for customers getting in some last-minute gift shopping. People welcomed the treats (made of cake and icing, mixed together into a ball and placed on a stick), so much so that Noel has been asked to bake a similar batch for Valentines Day in midFebruary. After coming up with the idea in November, Noel asked Store Manager Cody Sellers

who agreed it would be a nice touch and help create a warm atmosphere for customers. During the 10-day period leading up to Christmas, the Bloor Street team

Cake balls a big hit with customers

handed out more than 600 cake balls to shoppers who chose between vanilla and chocolate flavours. “Everyone was super excited,” says Noel, who’s worked at Roots since 2006. “As it was crazy busy during the holiday hours, customers appreciated having something to nibble on as they waited in line to cash out.” Noel, 23, enjoys baking so much that she has started her own out-of-home baking company called Sweet Treats which will draw on her experience catering weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. She plans to bake cake balls for February 14, in honour of the day most associated with romantic love.

GUESS WHO JUST DROPPED IN... Taking attendance of special guests at Roots


elebrities have long made a point of shopping at Roots and developing friendly ties with the brand. Here are the latest sightings of prominent figures in the entertainment industry and sports world who recently visited the company’s stores, the head office, factory or were seen wearing Roots. (Stores listed alphabetically)

· Aspen, CO – Actor Kurt Russell purchased a Hippy Bag for girlfriend Goldie Hawn. · Aspen, CO – Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright bought Terry Shawl Pullovers for her grandsons. · Aspen, CO – Actor Rob Lowe stopped by the store to browse. · Aspen, CO – Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom dropped by in early January. · Beverly Hills, CA – Musician/singer and former leader of The Band Robbie Robertson stopped by. · Beverly Hills, CA – Actress and SCTV alumnus Catherine O’Hara paid a visit. · Beverly Hills, CA – Actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger came in during December, picking up a Banff Bag. · Bloor St., Toronto – Homeland actress Claire Danes dropped by the store during

December, picking up a Raiders Pack and some sweatpants. · Bloor St., Toronto – Actor Michael Keaton came in twice during December to buy gifts for his family. · Bloor St., Toronto – Rookie Blue star Missy Peregrym stopped in to buy some high top boots, a leather jacket, a hoody, a purse and some sweats. · Bloor St., Toronto – Indigo founder and CEO Heather Reisman paid a visit and custom ordered four leather jackets. · Bloor St., Toronto – Socialite Taylor Thomson purchased several leather bags. · Bloor St., Toronto – Former NBA player Jamaal Magloire came in during December. · Centreville, Montreal – Dog trainer and star of Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan dropped by in November, treating himself to some classic T-shirts.

Jaamal Magloire

Claire Danes

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Orlando Bloom The Source • 17

STAYING POWER Saluting those who go the distance hroughout January and February, several Roots employees are celebrating benchmark anniversaries with the company. Congratulations to the following people for their huge contribution and enduring loyalty to Roots:


Richard Duquette, Shoemaker, Leather Factory, 35 years Jose Calero, International Logistic Coordinator, 15 years Thi Ghung Nguyen, Sewing Machine Operator, Factory, 15 years Maria Soares, Sewing Machine Operator, Factory, 15 years Sarah DiFolca, Website Designer, 5 years Vikram Hundal, Keyholder, Woodbridge, ON, 5 years Beth McGee, Keyholder, LaSalle, ON, 5 years Sandy Medeiros, Financial Analyst, 5 years Kashish Patel, Store Manager, Mississauga, ON, 5 years Audrey Thomas, Merchandise Flow Analyst, 5 years

STARTING LINEUP Introducing the people who make it happen at Roots stores As part of our continuing series of team pictures of all the stores in the Roots retail family, this issue of The Source is shining the spotlight on the Prince George store in British Columbia. From left to right: Grace Anderson, Nicki Danyluk, Theresa Billy, Susie Ramsay, Megan Pawluk, Sydney Head. Absent: Derae Truman

ON THE MOVE New appointments at Roots Lisa Boodhoo, Customer Care Specialist, Retail Operations Sergio Gomez, Director, Information Technology Kalam Han, Designer, Roots 73 Susan Kalbfleisch, Director, Retail Operations Goli Monsef, Merchandise Flow Analyst, Roots 73 Tam Nguyen, Technician, Franchise Asia Raoul Vivero, Mailroom Coordinator, Resource Protection

Zachary Stengler, 5, Regina, Saskatchewan Joshua Lerner, 21, London, Ontario


Jackson (11), Declan (9) and Carson (6) Scallen, Sammamish, Washington

SPEAK TO MY AGENT Little – and not so little – customers show their Roots

W They love good news...and we love publishing it. Please send us details of recent births, marriages, graduations and any other positive developments in the lives of Roots people and we’ll be glad to feature it in The Source. Send all the info to 18 • The Source

Edith McGregor, 3 months, Toronto

e often receive unsolicited photos from people eager to show us pictures of their children, cousins, grandchildren, or even pets, wearing Roots. Sometimes the senders ask if we could use the photos in a future advertising campaign for Roots. While we can’t promise that, we are happy to publish them in The Source. Over the years, Speak To My Agent has become one of the most popular items in our

magazine because it showcases everyday people wearing Roots. Everyone is welcome to submit their favourite shots to be considered for publication. Please send your pictures to Be sure to include the name and age of each child or pet in the photo, where it was taken, place of residence and a sentence stating that you agree for the photos to be used in The Source. Issue 110 • January - February 2013

MUSICAL ROOTS This time, we spotlight Canadian singer/songwriters Tegan and Sara


usic must run in the family for two identical twin sisters who both play keyboards and constitute a distinctive and increasingly popular Canadian indie rock band. Originally known as Sara and Tegan, they reversed the order of their names because they believed it was easier to pronounce. Releasing their 7th album, Heartthrob in late January, the duo shows no sign of slowing down and continues to climb the music charts. This year, they’re nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, joining fellow nominees U2 and Esperanza Spalding among others. Having sold more than one

million albums worldwide, many of Tegan and Sara’s songs have been used in TV shows and films. They have toured with The Killers, Paramore, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds, City and Colour and performed at festivals and arenas worldwide. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Tegan Quin and Sara Quin started their music career in the late 1990s. The sisters, now 32, began playing the guitar and writing songs at age 15. A few years later, they used their school’s recording studio to make two demo albums. In 1999, they independently released their first full-length album, Under Feet Like Ours. The album caught the attention

of Neil Young and his manager who signed them to Young’s record label, Vapor Records. Although the sisters tour together and have a close relationship, they live separate lives. Both reside in different cities with their partners; Tegan lives in Vancouver while Sara lives in Montreal. They have previously been nominated for several Juno Awards and the Polaris Prize. In mid-February, they will be embarking on a tour across North America and Australia. · Tune into Roots Radio to hear the latest Tegan and Sarah songs or for more information go to - Davin Bujalski


BEAT Roots is hosting weekly hip-hop classes in Toronto with MTV’s DEUCEnDIP Where: Roots, 100 Bloor St., Toronto When: Feb. 5 – Mar. 26, 2013 Time: 8 – 9 pm Cost: $10 per class Classes are for beginner/intermediate dancers, so don’t be shy and come ready to work up a sweat. Refreshments will be served and dancers will receive a 20% discount on Roots clothing.

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now at http://deucendiproots. Tel: 416-323-3289 Tegan and Sara outdo themselves on Heartthrob, their seventh album in 14 years

CHEF’S CORNER Roots-friendly recipes for a healthy diet and to bring pleasure to your palate SOUTHWEST BEAN AND CHICKEN CHILI: Find-

ing a hearty, balanced, and nutritious dinner for the entire family doesn’t have to be a challenge. Packed with protein, this filling dish will leave you full until morning. Easy enough to prepare for any weekday meal, the leftovers can be frozen and reheated for those winter nights when you just don’t feel like cooking. Black beans are known to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Each serving is high in protein, 250 calories and contains only 5g of fat, leaving you feeling guilt free, and full enough to avoid late night snacks. Issue 110 • January - February 2013

Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 38 minutes Serves: 8 people Ingredients: 2 tsp vegetable oil 1 ½ cups chopped onion 1 cup canned corn kernels, drained 2 tsp minced fresh garlic 8 oz ground chicken 1 ½ cups canned black beans, drained and rinsed 2 ½ cups tomato-based pasta sauce ¼ cup chopped parsley 4 tsp chili powder 2 ½ tsp dried basil 1 ½ tsp dried oregano 1 ½ tsp brown sugar 1 tsp minced seeded jalapeno pepper

¾ cup diced sun-dried tomatoes ¾ cup chicken or beef stock ¼ cup shredded light old cheddar cheese Preparation: 1. Spray a non-stick skillet with cooking oil, add vegetable oil and place over medium heat.

2. Add onion and cook until soft, stirring frequently, for about five minutes. 3. Stir in corn and garlic; continue to cook and stir for eight minutes or until the corn is browned. 4. Add chicken and cook for five minutes. 5. Stir in beans, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, stock, chili powder, basil, oregano, sugar and jalapenos. 6. Bring to boil, reduce heat and cover for 20 minutes. 7. Serve in bowls and garnish with cilantro and cheese. Source: The Source • 19

Jan / Feb 2013  

Forging Ahead In China - Issue 110

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