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As a child I never settled for the temporary fix of a doodle on a paper-a scribble here or there never quite did it for me. As time went on I realized that I was determined to be an artist. Growing up in a small town on a farm, my family constantly encouraged me to remain creative and become the artist I knew I wanted to be, never letting anyone tell me otherwise. Starting with the joy of painting and imitating Disney drawings, I made art more than a hobby.. I made it my life. Constantly changing, growing, and pushing my abilities I evolved alongside my artistic expression. After obtaining a Fine Arts degree from Westminster, and I still wanted more. My hunger for art left me wanting a way to share what I had with the world. As well as a platform to voice my core beliefs and push the world to see things in a different way. Bringing insight to things like veganism, feminism, and overall mindfulness to everything around us.




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TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 The Biography of a MOXI girl @Mack_doh

9 The Obituary of an Apple Grove 11


The Undergrounding (of self)

Drifiting Meridian 17

18 Soul Starvation @danidphoto

Liberated @rrredanttt


29 The Art Underfoot: Kitten Factory @kittenfactory




Nobody cares what you do or how you look, its all about making the most of your own unique experience and doing it for the

love of being in the moment.



’ll confess, I was initially influenced by the glitz and glamour of it all. Hollywood’s portrayal of burly Roller Derby babes in “Whip It” had me dropping like three hundo on a bunch of seemingly random sports equipment. I’m a sucker for a strong female lead... you know the classic “underdog takes the cup” narrative; you could sell me curling equipment with that rubbish. Thankfully roller skating beat out curling, and I was smitten from the moment I started bruising my butt cheeks. I tried out for the local Roller Derby team and enjoyed an eventful year slamming shoulders with some impressive ladies but quickly realized it wasn’t quite the sport for me. I came across some videos of this gal, aka legend, Estro Jen, totally ripping up skate parks. I was awe struck; that had to be me! Long story short... I took some slams, broke some teeth, and learned a few tricks along the way. Three years later I found myself in the surreal position of being sponsored by Moxi; the same company Estro Jen founded, and rolling alongside a team of inspiring skaters who I can’t believe I am lucky enough to call my friends.

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Front Page: Mack Doh, photo by Rachel Hatch

Front Page Spread: photo by Denae Shanidiin Blosser

Top Left: Mack Doh, photo by Haley Bechard

Top Right: Estro Jen, photo by Mark Cline (the Bearded Snapper)

Bottom Left: Banzai, photo by Mark Cline (the Bearded Snapper)

Bottom Right: Bambi, photo by Cristina Calderon

Artworks by Mack Doh

Ritual Chocolate Factory and Cafe: 1105 Iron Horse Drive Park City, UT 84060

Hours : Mon-Sat (7-6), Sun (8-5)

Factory Tours Thurs/Fri @ 6pm Book : (435) 200-8475

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m m m


The Moxi Skate Team is one of the best things to ever happen to me. We instantly clicked from the moment we first met in Long Beach, CA; Moxi’s headquarters. I felt I had found my tribe. The Moxi Skate Team is a bunch of girls (and one guy) from around the world who share a passion for roller skating. We even had the opportunity to meet up and skate in Barcelona! I love my team so much; they helped me realize the importance of having a crew to inspire and motivate you to progress, and to help you laugh along the way. Back in Salt Lake City I realized I was missing the enjoyments of skating alongside a team. I was feeling semi isolated without a crew to roll with and decided I needed to find a way to unite local girl skaters who were in a similar predicament. I was truly fortunate to have the support of a local skateboarder who hooked me up with this gem of an indoor ramp. Consequently, “Ladies Night” originated. It was at these weekly skate meetups where I became friends with some talented women who motivate each other to keep progressing and whom otherwise would have remained strangers. There should be more of this! I mean, more of these connections being made between female rippers. Don’t get me wrong, the guys are great too, but the dynamic between women is motivating in its own unique way. I hope to combine my passion for roller skating and art to create a brand that helps encourage these connections. Not necessarily a “roller skate brand” but more of a scene, girls who skate can identify with; like a blog, or a zine. So anyway, that is where my head is right now; finding a creative way to cultivate the bond between the female skating community. When it all breaks down there is nothing better than a sunny day at the skate park. It doesn’t matter if you show up with a crew or fly solo. It doesn’t matter if you fall on your face or land a new trick you’ve been day dreaming about for weeks. You’re bound to make friends when everyone’s stoked. It’s just about that little bit of air you catch off the hip, and that confidence you gain once you land, and that new friend you make who hands you a beer, or even that homeless guy who gives you “knucks.” Skaters, bikers, scooter kids, old guys, shredder girls, it doesn’t matter, it’s all a part of the fun. There are some days I roll up to the park in my Moxis, and I still feel like a bit of an outcast but I just have to remind myself to push through the awkwardness because in reality nobody cares what you do or how you look, it’s all about making the most of your own unique experience and doing it for the love of being in the moment.





An Obituary for an apple grove

The following are portraits of each member of the 1st generation of Huber Groves in MIdway, UT. These trees settled with the original community that first populated the Midway Valley over 120 years ago. Their existence helped to manifest synergy here. The trees provided shade, the people provided company. The trees provided fruit, the people provided mouths. The trees provided space, the people provided place. As these ancestors of the valley thaw into their final summer, these images will transcend to carry on their legacy. In their aged faces lies the reminder that their roots anchored them in a space, that then provided a place.








13 To explain myself a bit before I get into it, I have lived a

life of solitude in many ways. Living reclusively had me unsure of where I was headed but I felt myself being pulled very magnetically. Now I’m back down in the beautiful avenues of Salt Lake City; I’m 24 and have never felt so sure about where I am going. Surprising too that I feel like this, because like many people our age, plans I’ve had for the past 5 years flew out the window when I realized what really wanted to create. ...I recently got over my fear of the dark. You really gotta feel it, that’s how you know.

New World presents started as something really small: a party featuring the art and music choices of all our friends at Photo Collective Studios. We wanted to create something that didn’t exist… integrating a dream world within 'reality.’ To be honest, I feel like one of the reasons why what we do is so successful: the community is hungry for it. Not only that, we have a really specific intention going into everything. One thing lead to another and now is there is this clear aesthetic and unstoppable vision for the future. What is the intention you ask? A user experience guiding all the senses towards harmony, community, and connection. Our spaces are curated with this in mind, while our resident DJs also cultivate this in the music being shared. A celebration truly fit for this crazy spaceship-Earth. Our parties aren’t just parties slammed with alcohol and techno… No no, these are watering holes for consciousness filled with carefully articulated realms in which you are welcomed to explore. It was easy slipping into this new way of belonging to ourselves and the world; after we dropped our egos, seeing the truth of this vision being much larger than any one of us. For some reason we have this really dynamic energy within our group, it’s truly humbling to be apart of and experience. So much more than we had imagined, has emerged from this gathering of art and music.

Emerging from the underground, we found ourselves.



When I first started creating with New World Presents, I had no idea this would bea a platform for self discovery or self recovery for that matter I had no idea these people that I was creating these transformative parties with would feel more akin to me than my blood bound relatives

I had no idea... the same people I would get out of my mind with. @robertbradfordhatch86 My life is truly a dream. There are times when I don’t dream for weeks, and I think it’s because I don’t need to… Waking life has all the answers I seek. Yet sometimes I flounder in this physical reality, my dreams like lifeboats carrying me to the shores of self understanding. Taking my dreams further I write songs about them… The chords seem to unravel further meaning that I would never had garnered. DJ’ing and producing seemed to come to me as a gift. Almost like a parachute of supplies right when I needed it to fall in my lap. Life catapulted me into this reality through DJing with a friend on a whim at our first party ‘Project Space’. For the first time in my life, I was doing something I could lose myself in.

Not eating, sleeping, blinking at times…


Passion aside, people these days are confused as to what music is anymore. Some think it’s simply another way to sell themselves, or an idea, or even a product. Some think it’s an avenue to stardom… infinite glory and feeding of the ego. Many have forgotten that the ancestral roots of music in that it was a means to express an internal feeling of something that could not be conveyed by any other means. What’s interesting to me is that music (especially performance music), seemed to surge back into my life, right when my heart was being shattered again and again. The depth of heartbreak I experienced, catalyzed me into the oceans of exploring my emotions… which turns out to be the perfect recipe for cultivating an artistic practice. Yet even through something as emotional as losing my mother to suicide, I was able to navigate safely by channeling this emotion through music. It was like music was the paddle to keep me moving forwardly afloat… directing this energy into something healthy. Emotion- Energy in motion


How do you create a new world? 1. Respect your emotional compass (go towards what feels good and true).

2. Incessantly steer the ship in the direction of your most beautiful dream.

3. Presence I have this theory DJs are like shamans in that they are masters of holding space for a feeling to permeate the attention of those experiencing its essence. Just like the shaman rattles and sings his power song to invoke ancestors and magic, the DJ rattles the bones and alters the vibes of people listening, dancing, experiencing… shaping the energy of the listener to be higher and more harmonic, while grounding the body with bass.

We have a huge drag and LGBT community, which brings such an amazing energy to the party. Everyone seems to have this intention of connecting and celebrating with those around them at our shows, rather than escaping reality like what I previously experienced through the “mainstream” electronic music scene here in Salt Lake. We’ve had an entire music community spring forth from our mothership, and its the coolest thing is to see all these people connect.

The mind . is the bridge your will is the builder That’s what we’re learning about New World… The parties are what get people there… you know… all those big name DJ’s and yada yada yada. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as stoked as everyone else when we’re bringing out these people who are respected in the music community… But more importantly, we’re creating an environment condusive to people opening up their senses; they really let themselves explore all their different inherent identities through that.

Albert Einstein once mentioned that a solution cannot be created for a problem, using the same method of thinking that created the problem. Through allowing ourselves to fully feel, what we truly feel, and be who we truly are, we heal so many generations of lacking self love and emotional illiteracy. Through allowing ourselves to feel, we heal. @robertbradfordhatch86



Four corners concrete Jackson, WY @Andrewaldridge paintings and sculptures

Downhload CD for free @

Booking: Blues, country, Rock n’roll



Drfiting Meridian

A mermaid among shipwrecks of the deep. Gliding in currents treacherous and mystic. She looks not for the average treasure of gold, jewels, nor ivory. Instead she is interested in something of the highest value. She glances ship names young and old, searching for that right vessel. Commodores, captains, rapscallions and vigilantes of all times, lay scattered in their final home. A shallow sandy grave and a wavy teal sun. Shedding what little aquatic warmth it has. At last, she has found her ship. Small, broken, forgotten. Overshadowed by galleons and tankers. She swoops below deck to uncover her prize, And what she finds is more than she ever hoped for. In a room halfway down the hall on the left. Two forms. Seemingly embraced forever in a sea of loss and sorrow. The maid Searching solitude. She looks feeling so

lays at the base of the bed with her eyes closed, the room for senses thought lost through years of silence and back to a memory she never had, to a place never seen, to a distantly familiar.

She quaffs this sensation and bathes in it, As her heart moves from wilted to vivacious. For a moment she is above the waves, through clouds, and cast about through whirling winds of atmosphere into space and stars. She mingles in the sublime until she must give it up for breath. She takes an inhale through her gills, Stars fade, Pink is back to red, The sea is shadowed again. And in front of her lay a pile of chalk-white bones in a dilapidated room. She sighs and swims on. She has had her time. Until the next moment of ecstasy, she will wait, float, and wander, But wonders if her heart will know when to stay or to keep moving yonder. artwork by @ashesbardole

18 18

Soul Starvation


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22 22

When the soul is starved, beaten, bruised... you lose all creative thoughts. You lose yourself. To escape from this, you decided to hitchike from Tokyo to Osaka. Approximately 500km. You didn’t tell him. You decided to shoot film photographs with your toy camera. Experimenting as much as you can... starving for creativity. Once you were back from your journey, you developed your film and your soul felt good again, temporarily.



2165 S Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 16 W Center St, Provo, UT 84601

Find us:

$5 off any class

Coupon code ROOTPM Expires: 11-15-16



“We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality.” #liberated -Emily Ratajkowski













(385) 229-4077


The Art Underfoot

How was the Kitten Factory born?


itten Factory became an actual company in 2012 but we go back quite a few years beyond that. Calvin Hawley began building skis in his New York garage for a high school project when he was 16. In 2007 Calvin, Jeff Scott, Norman Butler and myself all migrated from various parts of the east coast to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah. We were all skiers / snowboarders in the engineering program, which are few and far between, so we became friends pretty quickly and eventually moved into a house together. Elated to finally be out of the dorms and have some garage space, we got to ski-building immediately. Our first press in Salt Lake was actually constructed from square tubing we had gotten for free from an art department project when we were walking home from class during the first week of school. We then bought a welder from craigslist and threw together a fairly terrifying piece of equipment. I can’t believe it lasted as long as it did and never actually failed during the first year of garage building. We made a few pairs of skis for ourselves that year and definitely got addicted to designing and riding our own creations. There is no greater feeling than riding something you built. Throughout our college years we kept investing all of our money into new equipment. I built a new, and much more structurally sound, press that we are still using today. Calvin built a CNC router that started allowing us to much more easily experiment with new shapes and designs. Jeff started designing some graphics. It just all came together very nicely. At this point, we still had no intentions of ever starting a ski company.



itten Factory started as purely a hobby 30 that combined our passion for skiing with 30 things we were learning in our engineering classes. We then graduated in 2012 and got jobs in various areas of the engineering industry. I decided to move the ski building equipment out of our garage into a little 1,800 sqft shop space down the road from our house. Calvin and myself met there everyday after work and kept designing, building, and testing skis and we were putting out a product that was unique to the market. There were two other bigger companies making carbon skis at the time but being younger and growing up skiing the east coast parks, we were the only people making more “new school” progressive shapes with a carbon construction. At that point we talked it over and decided that we might as well give the ski company thing a shot. We were young and had very few responsibilities, so if there was a time to give the ski company thing a shot, it was then.

“ There is no greater feeling than riding something you built.”

Who are the members of the kitten pack?

Calvin and myself are both mechanical engineers. Calvin handles most of the ski design work.  I’m moderately more responsible, so I get stuck dealing with a lot of the business things.  Both of us, along with Patrick Moore and Tanner Boudreau handle all of the day to day ski building.  Local artist Jeffrey Alan Scott handles all of our graphic design and website needs. How does a ski come to life?

All skis start as a computer drawing. From there we make all the molds and templates for that particular shape.  For each pair of skis, there is about five hours of machining, layup, and finishing that goes into it before it is ready to put on the shelves.     What does kitten Factory bring to the ski community that differs from other ski companies?

KF offers a more fun variety of carbon ski shapes. Most carbon skis have very spoony tips, narrow pin tails, a short sidecut radius, and are designed to be mounted far back from ski center.  Our skis tend to be more symmetrical with a longer sidecut radius, which in our opinion offers a much more enjoyable ride.   What are you most excited for in the up and coming Kitten Factory line?

We are most excited about our A-Sender touring adapter for alpine bindings. It allows you to transform all of your skis mounted with pivot bindings into a pin-tech touring binding for the uphill without the need of additional plates mounted on your skis.  It’s a real improvement for anybody looking to use a trusted alpine binding in the backcountry.  


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ROOT issue #3: Issue of Independence  

ROOT issue #3: Issue of Independence